Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

Shells Packages

raspberryCommunication Packages for Raspbian

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Bookworm, the previouse version was Bullseye. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Bookworm(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm
Bullseye(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye
Bookworm & Bullseye(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 17 March, 2024

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  • A

  • ash

    Bookworm:(0.5.12-2) Bullseye:(0.5.11+git20200708+dd9ef66-5) compatibility package for dash www
  • autojump

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(22.5.1-1.1) shell extension to jump to frequently used directories www
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  • B

  • bash

    Bookworm:(5.2.15-2) Bullseye:(5.1-2+deb11u1) GNU Bourne Again SHell www
  • bash-completion

    Bookworm:(1:2.11-6) Bullseye:(1:2.11-2) programmable completion for the bash shell www
  • bash-static

    Bookworm:(5.2.15-2) Bullseye:(5.1-2+deb11u1) GNU Bourne Again SHell (static version) www
  • bats

    Bookworm:(1.8.2-1) Bullseye:(1.2.1-3) bash automated testing system www
  • busybox-static

    Bookworm:(1:1.35.0-4) Bullseye:(1:1.30.1-6) Standalone rescue shell with tons of builtin utilities www
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  • C

  • cleo

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-3) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations www
  • csh

    Bookworm:(20110502-7) Bullseye:(20110502-6) Shell with C-like syntax www
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  • D

  • dash

    Bookworm:(0.5.12-2) Bullseye:(0.5.11+git20200708+dd9ef66-5) POSIX-compliant shell www
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  • E

  • elvish

    Bookworm:(0.19.2-1) Bullseye:(0.15.0-1) Expressive programming language and versatile interactive shell www
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  • F

  • fdclone

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.01j-1) console-base lightweight file manager www
  • fish

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.1.2-3+deb11u1) friendly interactive shell www
  • fish-common

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.1.2-3+deb11u1) friendly interactive shell (architecture-independent files) www
  • fizsh

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.9-1) Friendly Interactive ZSHell www
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  • K

  • ksh

    Bookworm:(20230128) Bullseye:(2020.0.0+really93u+20120801-9) transitional package www
  • ksh93u+m

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-3) AT&T KornShell www
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  • L

  • lshell

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.18-2) restricts a user's shell environment to limited sets of commands www
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  • M

  • mksh

    Bookworm:(59c-28) Bullseye:(59c-9) MirBSD Korn Shell www
  • mono-csharp-shell

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( interactive C# shell www
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  • P

  • pdmenu

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.4) simple console menu program www
  • posh

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14.1) Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell
  • powerline

    Bookworm:(2.8.3-4) Bullseye:(2.8.1-4) prompt and statusline utility www
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  • R

  • rc

    Bookworm:(1.7.4+97.gceb59bb-5) Bullseye:(1.7.4+97.gceb59bb-4) implementation of the AT&T Plan 9 shell www
  • rush

    Bookworm:(2.3-1) Bullseye:(1.8+dfsg-1.1) restricted user shell www
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  • S

  • sash

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.8-5) Stand-alone shell www
  • screenie

    Bookworm:(20120406-2) Bullseye:(20120406-1.1) Lightweight GNU screen(1) wrapper www
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  • T

  • tcsh

    Bookworm:(6.24.07-1) Bullseye:(6.21.00-1.1) TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh www
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  • X

  • xonsh

    Bookworm:(0.13.4+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.9.25+dfsg-1) Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell www
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  • Y

  • yash

    Bookworm:(2.52-2) Bullseye:(2.50-1) yet another shell www
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  • Z

  • zgen

    Bookworm:(0~20150919-4) Bullseye:(0~20150919-3.1) Lightweight plugin manager for ZSH inspired by Antigen www
  • zplug

    Bookworm:(2.4.2-2) Bullseye:(2.4.2-1) next-generation plugin manager for zsh www
  • zsh

    Bookworm:(5.9-4) Bullseye:(5.8-6+deb11u1) shell with lots of features www
  • zsh-antigen

    Bookworm:(2.2.3-5) Bullseye:(2.2.3-4) manage your zsh plugins www
  • zsh-autosuggestions

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-1) Bullseye:(0.6.4-1) Fish-like fast/unobtrusive autosuggestions for zsh www
  • zsh-common

    Bookworm:(5.9-4) Bullseye:(5.8-6+deb11u1) architecture independent files for Zsh www
  • zsh-static

    Bookworm:(5.9-4) Bullseye:(5.8-6+deb11u1) shell with lots of features (static link) www
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.1-2) Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh www