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Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

Lisp Packages

raspberryLisp Programming Language

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Buster, the previouse version was Stretch. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Buster(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Buster
Stretch(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Stretch
Buster & Stretch(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 19 September, 2021

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  • A

  • anthy-el

    Buster:(1:0.3-8.1) Stretch:(9100h-25) Japanese kana-kanji conversion - elisp frontend www
  • anything-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.287-2.1) open anything / QuickSilver-like candidate-selection framework www
  • aplus-fsf-el

    Buster:(4.22.1-10) Stretch:(4.22.1-9) XEmacs lisp for A+ development
  • auto-complete-el

    Buster:(1.5.1-0.1) Stretch:(1.3.1-2+deb9u1) transitional package for elpa-auto-complete www
  • auto-install-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.58-1) Auto install elisp file www
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  • B

  • buildapp

    Buster:(1.5.6-2) Stretch:(1.5.6-1) application to create common lisp images www
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  • C

  • chezscheme

    Buster:(9.5+dfsg-6) Reliable, high performance Scheme compiler www
  • chicken-bin

    Buster:(4.13.0-1) Stretch:(4.11.0-1) Practical and portable Scheme system - compiler www
  • cl-abnf

    Buster & Stretch:(20150608-1) Common Lisp ABNF parser generator www
  • cl-acl-compat

    Buster:(20150826.git39b1324+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1.2) Compatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp www
  • cl-actionlib

    Buster:(1.11.15-1+deb10u1) Stretch:(1.11.7-1+deb9u1) Robot OS actionlib library - LISP interface www
  • cl-actionlib-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS actionlib, LISP interface www
  • cl-alexandria

    Buster:(20181203.gitd44f543-1) Stretch:(20161031-1) collection of portable Common Lisp utilities www
  • cl-anaphora

    Buster:(20180228-1) Stretch:(0.9.4-1) Common Lisp Anaphoric Macro Collection www
  • cl-asdf

    Buster:(2:3.3.2-1) Stretch:(2:3.1.7-1) Another System Definition Facility www
  • cl-asdf-finalizers

    Buster:(20170403-1) Stretch:(20150608-1) Enforced finalization of ASDF Common Lisp components
  • cl-asdf-flv

    Buster:(2.1-1) file-local variables through Common Lisp's ASDF www
  • cl-asdf-system-connections

    Buster:(20170124-1) Stretch:(20140211-1) Allows for ASDF system to be connected so that auto-loading may occur www
  • cl-aserve

    Buster:(20150826.git39b1324+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1.2) Portable Aserve www
  • cl-awk

    Buster & Stretch:(1-4) Common Lisp package with the features of AWK and more
  • cl-babel

    Buster:(20171213.git546fa82-1) Stretch:(0.3.0+20091229-1.1) charset encoding/decoding library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-base64

    Buster & Stretch:(3.3.4-1) Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support www
  • cl-bond

    Buster:(1.8.3-1) Stretch:(1.7.18-2) Messages related to Robot OS bond_core - LISP www
  • cl-bordeaux-threads

    Buster:(0.8.6-1) Stretch:(0.8.5-1) Portable threads library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-brlapi

    Buster:(5.6-10+deb10u1) Stretch:(5.4-7+deb9u1) Common Lisp bindings for BrlAPI www
  • cl-cffi

    Buster:(1:0.20.0-1) Stretch:(1:0.18.0-1+deb9u1) Common Foreign Function Interface for Common Lisp www
  • cl-chipz

    Buster:(20180328-1) Stretch:(20160318-1) library for decompressing DEFLATE and BZIP2 data www
  • cl-chunga

    Buster:(20180131-1) Stretch:(1.1.6-1) Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp www
  • cl-closer-mop

    Buster:(2:20190127.git22858cb-1) Stretch:(2:0.6-1) Cross Implementation AMOP library www
  • cl-closure-common

    Buster & Stretch:(20101107-1) Shared code for Closure XML and Closure HTML www
  • cl-cluck

    Buster & Stretch:(0.1.3-2) Common Lisp Microcontroller Clock Calculator www
  • cl-clx-sbcl

    Buster:( Stretch:( X11 Common Lisp client library for SBCL
  • cl-command-line-arguments

    Buster & Stretch:(20151218-1) get command line arguments in Common Lisp www
  • cl-containers

    Buster:(20170403-1) Stretch:(20150923-1) Common Lisp containers data structures www
  • cl-contextl

    Buster:(1:20160313.git5894fba-1) Stretch:(1:0.61-1) context orientation for Common Lisp www
  • cl-csv

    Buster:(20180712.git3eba29c-1) Stretch:(20150608-1.1) Common Lisp library providing easy CSV reading and writing www
  • cl-curry-compose-reader-macros

    Buster:(20171227-1) Stretch:(20160318-1) Reader macros for function partial application and composition. www
  • cl-cxml

    Buster & Stretch:(20110619-2) XML parser written in Common Lisp www
  • cl-daemon

    Buster:(20170403-1) Stretch:(20150608-1) make lisp process daemonize on unix like platform www
  • cl-db3

    Buster & Stretch:(20150302-1) Common Lisp lib to read dbf files version 3 www
  • cl-diagnostic-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS diagnostic, LISP interface www
  • cl-drakma

    Buster:(2.0.4-1) Stretch:(2.0.2-1) Common Lisp HTTP client www
  • cl-dynamic-classes

    Buster & Stretch:(20130128-2) Common Lisp Dynamic Classes www
  • cl-dynamic-reconfigure

    Buster:(1.6.0-1) Stretch:(1.5.46-1) Robot OS dynamic-reconfigure library - LISP bindings www
  • cl-esrap

    Buster:(20180430-1) Stretch:(20161031-1) Packrat Parsing library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-fad

    Buster:(20180430-3) Stretch:(0.7.4-1) portable pathname library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-fftw3

    Buster & Stretch:(1.0-1) Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library www
  • cl-fiveam

    Buster:(1.4.1-2) Stretch:(1.3-1) simple regression testing framework for Common Lisp www
  • cl-flexi-streams

    Buster:(20181214.git0fd872a-1) Stretch:(1.0.7-2) Flexi-streams: Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp www
  • cl-flexichain

    Buster & Stretch:(1.5.1.dfsg.1-3) An efficient gap buffer with a well-defined external protocol www
  • cl-ftp

    Buster:(1.6.0-1) Stretch:(1.3.3-3) Common Lisp FTP library www
  • cl-garbage-pools

    Buster & Stretch:(20130720-1) implementation the APR Pools for resource management www
  • cl-geometry-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS geometry, LISP interface www
  • cl-getopt

    Buster & Stretch:(1.2.0-3) Common Lisp utility for command-line processing www
  • cl-github-v3

    Buster & Stretch:(20130312-1) Common Lisp interface to the github V3 API www
  • cl-graph

    Buster:(20180131-1) Stretch:(20161031-1) simple graph data structure and algorithms www
  • cl-htmlgen

    Buster:(20150826.git39b1324+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1.2) HTML generation library for Common Lisp programs www
  • cl-hunchentoot

    Buster:(1.2.38-1) Stretch:(1.2.35-1) Common Lisp web server formerly known as TBNL www
  • cl-hyperobject

    Buster & Stretch:(2.12.0-1) Common Lisp library for hyperobjects www
  • cl-ieee-floats

    Buster:(20170830-1) Stretch:(20160318-1) Common Lisp IEEE-754 float en- and decoding www
  • cl-interpol

    Buster:(20180509.git1fd288d-1) Stretch:(0.2.6-1) String interpolation for Common Lisp www
  • cl-irc

    Buster:(1:0.9.2+dfsg1-2) Stretch:(1:0.9.2+dfsg1-1) Common Lisp Internet Relay Chat Library www
  • cl-irc-logger

    Buster & Stretch:(0.9.4-3) Internet Relay Channel Logger www
  • cl-ironclad

    Buster:(0.45-1) Stretch:(0.33.0-53-gf5d1699-1) cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp www
  • cl-iterate

    Buster:(20180228-1) Stretch:(20160825-1) Jonathan Amsterdam's Common Lisp iterator/gatherer/accumulator facility www
  • cl-ixf

    Buster:(20180228-1) Stretch:(20160929-1) Common Lisp library to parse IBM IXF file format. www
  • cl-kmrcl

    Buster & Stretch:(1.109-1) General Utilities for Common Lisp Programs www
  • cl-launch

    Buster & Stretch:(4.1.4-1) uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell www
  • cl-lexer

    Buster & Stretch:(1-5) Lexical-analyzer-generator package for Common Lisp
  • cl-lml

    Buster & Stretch:(2.5.7-4) Lisp Markup Language www
  • cl-lml2

    Buster & Stretch:(1.6.6-4) Lisp Markup Language www
  • cl-local-time

    Buster:(20180228-1) Stretch:(20160628-1) Common Lisp library for date and time manipulations www
  • cl-log

    Buster & Stretch:(1.0.1-1) general purpose Common Lisp logging utility www
  • cl-lparallel

    Buster & Stretch:(20160825-1) parallel programming in Common Lisp www
  • cl-lw-compat

    Buster:(20160228.gitaabfe28-1) Stretch:(0.23-1) LispWorks Compatibility Library www
  • cl-map-msgs

    Buster:(1.13.0-8) Stretch:(1.13.0-5) LISP code for map-related ROS Messages www
  • cl-markdown

    Buster & Stretch:(20101006-2) Common Lisp rewrite of Markdown www
  • cl-mcclim

    Buster:(0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-3) Stretch:(0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-2) Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit www
  • cl-mcclim-examples

    Buster:(0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-3) Stretch:(0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-2) Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit www
  • cl-md5

    Buster:(1:20180224.gitb141260-1) Stretch:(1:20150804-1) Common Lisp package for MD5 Message Digests www
  • cl-memstore

    Buster & Stretch:(1.1.0-1) Memstore library for Common Lisp Programs www
  • cl-metabang-bind

    Buster:(20171130-1) Stretch:(20141106-1) Common Lisp flexible pattern matching www
  • cl-metatilities-base

    Buster:(20170403-1) Stretch:(20120909-1) Common Lisp set of utilities from Metabang www
  • cl-modlisp

    Buster & Stretch:(0.6-7) Common Lisp interface to the Apache mod-lisp module
  • cl-move-base-msgs

    Buster:(1.13.0-8) Stretch:(1.13.0-5) LISP code for move-base-related ROS Messages www
  • cl-mssql

    Buster:(20180228-1) Stretch:(20131003-1) Common Lisp interface to MS SQL Server www
  • cl-mustache

    Buster:(0.12.1-9-g684f227-1) Common Lisp Mustache Template Renderer www
  • cl-named-readtables

    Buster:(20180121.git985b162-1) Common Lisp library that creates namespaces for named readtables www
  • cl-nav-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS nav, LISP interface www
  • cl-nibbles

    Buster:(20180822.gitfb9d55b-1) Stretch:(20150709-1) Common Lisp library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data www
  • cl-nodelet

    Buster:(1.9.16-1) Stretch:(1.9.8-1) Robot OS nodelet library - service files - LISP www
  • cl-opencv-apps

    Buster:(1.12.0-2) opencv_apps Robot OS package - LISP bindings www
  • cl-parse-number

    Buster:(1.7-1) Stretch:(1.4-1) parse a string into one of the standard Common Lisp number types www
  • cl-pcl-msgs

    Buster:(0.2.0-8) Stretch:(0.2.0-6) LISP code for PCL-related Robot OS Messages www
  • cl-pg

    Buster:(1:20061216-6) Stretch:(1:20061216-5) Common Lisp library that provides a socket level postgresql interface www
  • cl-photo

    Buster & Stretch:(0.14-4) photographic calculator in Common Lisp www
  • cl-pipes

    Buster & Stretch:(1.2.1-5) Common Lisp library for pipes or streams www
  • cl-plplot

    Buster & Stretch:(0.6.0-3) CFFI based interface to the PLplot scientific plotting library www
  • cl-plus-ssl

    Buster:(20190204.gitab6fc5d-1) Stretch:(20160421-2) Common Lisp interface to OpenSSL www
  • cl-polled-camera

    Buster:(1.11.13-3) Stretch:(1.11.11-2) Robot OS polled_camera package - LISP www
  • cl-postgres

    Buster:(20180430-1) Stretch:(20161031-2) Low-level client library for PosgreSQL www
  • cl-postmodern

    Buster:(20180430-1) Stretch:(20161031-2) Common Lisp library for interacting with PostgreSQL databases www
  • cl-postoffice

    Buster & Stretch:( SMTP, POP, & IMAP interface library for Common Lisp Programs www
  • cl-ppcre

    Buster:(20180805.git2115632-1) Stretch:(2.0.3-1) Portable Perl-compatible regular expressions for Common Lisp www
  • cl-ptester

    Buster:(20160829.gitfe69fde-1) Stretch:(2.1.2-6) Test suite for Common Lisp programs www
  • cl-pubmed

    Buster & Stretch:(2.1.3-5) Common Lisp package to query Pubmed medical literature database www
  • cl-puri

    Buster & Stretch:(1:1.5.6-1) Common Lisp Portable URI Library www
  • cl-py-configparser

    Buster:(20170830-1) Stretch:(20131003-1) implements the ConfigParser Python module functionality in Common Lisp www
  • cl-qmynd

    Buster:(20180131-1) Stretch:(20160208-1) MySQL Native Driver for Common Lisp www
  • cl-quicklisp

    Buster:(20150128-1) Stretch:(1.0-1) library manager for Common Lisp www
  • cl-quri

    Buster & Stretch:(20150804-1) Yet another URI library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-regex

    Buster:(1-4.1) Stretch:(1-4) Common Lisp regular expression compiler/matcher
  • cl-reversi

    Buster & Stretch:(1.0.15-1) Reversi game for Common Lisp www
  • cl-rfc2388

    Buster & Stretch:(20130720+dfsg-1) implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp www
  • cl-rlc

    Buster & Stretch:(0.1.3-3) Common Lisp RLC Circuit Simulator www
  • cl-roscpp-msg

    Buster:(1.14.3+ds1-5+deb10u2) Header for roscpp messages, LISP www
  • cl-rosgraph-msgs

    Buster:(1.11.2-9) Stretch:(1.11.2-5) Messages relating to the Robot OS Computation Graph, LISP bindings www
  • cl-rsm-mod

    Buster & Stretch:(1.4) McIntire's Common Lisp Modular Arithmetic Library
  • cl-rss

    Buster & Stretch:(0.9.1-1) Common Lisp RSS processor www
  • cl-rt

    Buster:(20090812.gita6a7503-1) Stretch:(20040621-4) Common Lisp regression tester from MIT www
  • cl-s-sql

    Buster:(20180430-1) Stretch:(20161031-2) lispy syntax for SQL queries www
  • cl-salza

    Buster & Stretch:(0.7.4-1) Common Lisp package to write compressed data www
  • cl-salza2

    Buster & Stretch:(2.0.9-1) Create compressed data from Common Lisp www
  • cl-sensor-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS sensor, LISP interface www
  • cl-shape-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS shape, LISP interface www
  • cl-simple-date

    Buster:(20180430-1) Stretch:(20161031-2) Common Lisp types for dates, timestamps, and intervals www
  • cl-spatial-trees

    Buster & Stretch:(0.2-6) Spatial trees Common Lisp library www
  • cl-speech-dispatcher

    Buster:(0.9.0-5+deb10u1) Stretch:(0.8.6-4+deb9u1) Common Lisp interface to Speech Dispatcher www
  • cl-split-sequence

    Buster:(1:1.5.0-1) Stretch:(20050802-3) Common Lisp package to split a sequence of objects www
  • cl-sql

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) SQL Interface for Common Lisp www
  • cl-sql-aodbc

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, AODBC www
  • cl-sql-mysql

    Buster:(6.7.0-1.1+b1) Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, MySQL www
  • cl-sql-odbc

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, ODBC www
  • cl-sql-oracle

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, Oracle www
  • cl-sql-postgresql

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via library www
  • cl-sql-postgresql-socket

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via sockets www
  • cl-sql-sqlite

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, SQLite www
  • cl-sql-sqlite3

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) CLSQL database backend, SQLite3 www
  • cl-sql-tests

    Buster & Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) Testing suite for CLSQL www
  • cl-sql-uffi

    Buster:(6.7.0-1.1+b1) Stretch:(6.7.0-1.1) Common UFFI functions for CLSQL database backends www
  • cl-sqlite

    Buster & Stretch:(20130615-2) Common Lisp interface to SQLite www
  • cl-std-msgs

    Buster:(0.5.11-5) Stretch:(0.5.10-4) LISP interface for Standard Robot OS Messages www
  • cl-std-srvs

    Buster:(1.11.2-9) Stretch:(1.11.2-5) Common service definitions, LISP bindings www
  • cl-stereo-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS stereo, LISP interface www
  • cl-swank

    Buster:(2:2.23+dfsg-2) Stretch:(2:2.18-1) Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs (Lisp-side server) www
  • cl-tf

    Buster:(1.12.0-5) Stretch:(1.11.8-4) Robot OS tf transform library -- LISP interface www
  • cl-tf2-msgs

    Buster:(0.6.5-3) Stretch:(0.5.13-5) Robot OS tf2 transform library messages - LISP www
  • cl-tf2-srvs

    Buster:(0.6.5-3) Stretch:(0.5.13-5) Robot OS tf2 transform library services - LISP www
  • cl-topic-tools

    Buster:(1.14.3+ds1-5+deb10u2) Stretch:(1.12.6-2+deb9u2) LISP library for working with Robot OS topics www
  • cl-trajectory-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS trajectory, LISP interface www
  • cl-trivial-backtrace

    Buster & Stretch:(20160531-1) generate a Common Lisp backtrace portably www
  • cl-trivial-features

    Buster:(20161107.git29ab1da-2) Stretch:(0.6-1.1) abstraction layer for the *FEATURES* across Common Lisp implementations www
  • cl-trivial-garbage

    Buster:(20180913.gitb1f7571-1) Stretch:(20150113-1) portable garbage collector-related APIs for Common Lisp www
  • cl-trivial-gray-streams

    Buster:(20180909.gitebd59b1-1) Stretch:(20091021-1) thin compatibility layer for Common Lisp gray streams www
  • cl-trivial-utf-8

    Buster & Stretch:(20111001-1) small Common Lisp library for doing UTF-8-based in- and output www
  • cl-uffi

    Buster & Stretch:(2.1.2-1) Universal Foreign Function Library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-uffi-tests

    Buster & Stretch:(2.1.2-1) Regression tests for UFFI Common Lisp Library www
  • cl-umlisp

    Buster & Stretch:(1:2007ac.2-6) Common Lisp interface for the Unified Medical Language System www
  • cl-umlisp-orf

    Buster & Stretch:(3.3.2-3) Common Lisp Unified Medical Language System Interface, ORF www
  • cl-unicode

    Buster:(20180328-2) Stretch:(0.1.5-3) portable Unicode library for Common Lisp www
  • cl-usocket

    Buster:(0.8-1) Stretch:( Common Lisp socket library www
  • cl-utilities

    Buster & Stretch:(1.2.4-3.1) collection of Common Lisp utilities www
  • cl-uuid

    Buster & Stretch:(20130813-1) Common Lisp librabry for generation of UUIDs as described by RFC 4122 www
  • cl-visualization-msgs

    Buster:(1.12.7-1) Stretch:(1.12.5-2) Messages relating to Robot OS visualization, LISP interface www
  • cl-webactions

    Buster:(20150826.git39b1324+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1.2) HTTP dispatch library for cl-aserve www
  • cl-who

    Buster:(20171130-1) Stretch:(1.1.4-1) Yet another Lisp markup language www
  • cl-xlunit

    Buster & Stretch:(0.6.3-2) Common Lisp eXtreme Lisp Unit Testing Package www
  • cl-xmls

    Buster:(3.0.2-1) Stretch:(1.7.1-1) XML Simple Parser for Common Lisp www
  • cl-xptest

    Buster & Stretch:(1.2.4-3) Extreme programming test suite for Common Lisp package
  • cl-yason

    Buster & Stretch:(0.7.6-1) JSON encoder/decoder for Common Lisp www
  • cl-zip

    Buster & Stretch:(20150608-1) Common Lisp HTTP client www
  • cl-zpb-ttf

    Buster & Stretch:(0.7-2) TTF parser
  • cl-zs3

    Buster:(1.3.1-1) Stretch:(1.3-1) Amazon S3 and CloudFront from Common Lisp www
  • clisp

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) Stretch:(1:2.49-8.2+b1) GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation www
  • clisp-module-berkeley-db

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) Stretch:(1:2.49-8.2+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to Berkeley DB www
  • clisp-module-clx

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) Stretch:(1:2.49-8.2+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds X11 bindings www
  • clisp-module-dbus

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to D-Bus www
  • clisp-module-gdbm

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) Stretch:(1:2.49-8.2+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to GNU DBM www
  • clisp-module-pcre

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) Stretch:(1:2.49-8.2+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds libpcre support www
  • clisp-module-postgresql

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds a PostgreSQL interface www
  • clisp-module-zlib

    Buster:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b1) GNU CLISP module that adds zlib support for vectors www
  • cmucl-docs

    Buster:(21d-1) Stretch:(21a-4) CMUCL documentation www
  • cmucl-source

    Buster:(21d-1) Stretch:(21a-4) CMUCL lisp sources www
  • cmuscheme48-el

    Buster:(1.9.2-1) Stretch:(1.9-5) Emacs mode specialized for Scheme48 www
  • common-lisp-controller

    Buster:(7.11) Stretch:(7.10) Common Lisp source and compiler manager
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  • D

  • darcsum

    Buster:(1.10+20120116-2) Stretch:(1.10+20120116-1) Transition package, darcsum to elpa-darcsum www
  • dash-el

    Buster:(2.14.1+dfsg-1) Stretch:(2.13.0+dfsg-0.1) transitional dummy package for elpa-dash www
  • debian-el

    Buster:(37.8) Stretch:(36.3+nmu1) Transition package, debian-el to elpa-debian-el
  • develock-el

    Buster:(0.47-3) Stretch:(0.47-2) additional font-lock keywords for the developers on Emacs www
  • devscripts-el

    Buster:(40.3) Stretch:(36.3+nmu1) Transition package, devscripts-el to elpa-devscripts
  • dh-lisp

    Buster:(0.7.2) Stretch:(0.7.1+nmu1) Debhelper to support Common Lisp related packages
  • dictionary-el

    Buster:(1.10+git20190107-2) Stretch:(1.10-3) transitional dummy package, dictionary-el to elpa-dictionary www
  • dpkg-dev-el

    Buster:(37.7) Stretch:(36.3+nmu1) Transition package, dpkg-dev-el to elpa-dpkg-dev-el
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  • E

  • e2wm

    Buster:(1.4-2) Stretch:(1.3+git20150609-2) simple window manager for emacs www
  • ecasound-el

    Buster & Stretch:(2.9.1-7) multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (emacs) www
  • ecl

    Buster:(16.1.3+ds-2) Stretch:(15.3.7+dfsg1-2+deb9u1) Embeddable Common-Lisp: has an interpreter and can compile to C www
  • edb

    Buster & Stretch:(1.31-3) database program for GNU Emacs www
  • edict-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.06-11) Emacs interface to Edict
  • elib

    Buster & Stretch:(1.0-11.2) Library of commonly-used Emacs functions
  • elpa-ace-link

    Buster:(0.5.0-2) Stretch:(0.4.0-1) selecting a link to jump to www
  • elpa-ace-popup-menu

    Buster:(0.2.1-2) replace GUI popup menu with something more efficient www
  • elpa-ace-window

    Buster:(0.9.0-3) Stretch:(0.9.0-2) selecting a window to switch to www
  • elpa-aggressive-indent

    Buster:(1.9.0-1) Stretch:(1.8.3-1) Emacs minor mode that reindents code after every change www
  • elpa-anzu

    Buster:(0.62-2) Stretch:(0.62-1) show number of matches in mode-line while searching www
  • elpa-apiwrap

    Buster:(0.5-2) api-wrapping macros www
  • elpa-assess

    Buster:(0.5-1) test support functions for Emacs www
  • elpa-async

    Buster:(1.9.3-1) Stretch:(1.9-2) simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs www
  • elpa-ats2-mode

    Buster:(0.3.11-2) ATS version 2 programming language emacs mode www
  • elpa-auto-complete

    Buster:(1.5.1-0.1) intelligent auto-completion extension for GNU Emacs www
  • elpa-auto-dictionary

    Buster:(1.1-1) automatic dictionary switcher for Emacs spell checking www
  • elpa-avy

    Buster:(0.4.0+git20190328.85b5d574-1) Stretch:(0.4.0-2) jump to things in Emacs tree-style www
  • elpa-avy-menu

    Buster:(0.1.1-2) library providing avy-powered popup menu www
  • elpa-bar-cursor

    Buster:(2.0-1) switch Emacs block cursor to a bar www
  • elpa-beacon

    Buster:(1.3.3-2) Stretch:(1.3.2-1) highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls www
  • elpa-beginend

    Buster:(2.0.0-3) redefine M- for some modes to get to meaningful locations www
  • elpa-bind-chord

    Buster:(2.4-2) key-chord binding helper for use-package-chords www
  • elpa-bind-key

    Buster:(2.4-2) Stretch:(1.0+repack-1) simple way to manage personal keybindings www
  • elpa-bind-map

    Buster:(1.1.1-2) bind personal keymaps in multiple locations www
  • elpa-bm

    Buster:(201808-1) visual bookmarks for GNU Emacs www
  • elpa-boxquote

    Buster:(2.1-2) quote text in Emacs with a semi-box. www
  • elpa-browse-kill-ring

    Buster:(2.0.0-2) interactively insert items from kill-ring www
  • elpa-bug-hunter

    Buster:(1.3.1+repack-2) automatically debug and bisect your init.el or .emacs file www
  • elpa-buttercup

    Buster:(1.16-1) Stretch:(1.5-2) behaviour-driven testing for Emacs Lisp packages www
  • elpa-char-menu

    Buster:(0.1.1-1) create your own menu for fast insertion of arbitrary symbols www
  • elpa-cider

    Buster:(0.19.0+dfsg-2) Clojure IDE for Emacs www
  • elpa-clojure-mode

    Buster:(5.10.0-1) Emacs major mode for Clojure code www
  • elpa-clojure-mode-extra-font-locking

    Buster:(5.10.0-1) extra font-locking for clojure-mode www
  • elpa-clues-theme

    Buster:(1.0.1-1.1) Stretch:(1.0.1-1) cream/brown/orange color theme for Emacs www
  • elpa-company

    Buster:(0.9.9-2) Stretch:(0.8.12-6) Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs www
  • elpa-company-go

    Buster:(20170907-3) company-mode backend for Go code www
  • elpa-company-lsp

    Buster:(2.1.0-1) Company completion backend for emacs lsp-mode. www
  • elpa-concurrent

    Buster:(0.5.1-2) Stretch:(0.5.0-1) higher level library for concurrent tasks www
  • elpa-counsel

    Buster:(0.11.0+dfsg-1) collection of Ivy-enhanced versions of common Emacs commands www
  • elpa-csv-mode

    Buster:(1.7-1) Emacs major mode for editing comma/char separated values www
  • elpa-ctable

    Buster:(0.1.2-3) Stretch:(0.1.2-2) table component for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-cycle-quotes

    Buster:(0.1-2) Emacs command to cycle between quotation marks www
  • elpa-darcsum

    Buster:(1.10+20120116-2) pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches www
  • elpa-dash

    Buster:(2.14.1+dfsg-1) Modern list manipulation library for Emacs www
  • elpa-dash-functional

    Buster:(1.2.0+dfsg-5) collection of functional combinators for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-db

    Buster:(0.0.6+git20140421.b3a423f-1) database interface for Emacs Lisp
  • elpa-debian-el

    Buster:(37.8) Emacs helpers specific to Debian users
  • elpa-debpaste

    Buster:(0.1.5-2) client for Emacs www
  • elpa-deferred

    Buster:(0.5.1-2) Stretch:(0.5.0-1) simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-deft

    Buster:(0.8-1) Emacs mode to browse, filter, and edit plain text notes www
  • elpa-devscripts

    Buster:(40.3) Emacs wrappers for the commands in devscripts
  • elpa-dictionary

    Buster:(1.10+git20190107-2) dictionary client for Emacs www
  • elpa-diff-hl

    Buster:(1.8.6-1) highlight uncommitted changes using VC www
  • elpa-diffview

    Buster:(1.0-2) view diffs in side-by-side format www
  • elpa-diminish

    Buster:(0.45-2) Stretch:(0.45-1) hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays of minor-modes www
  • elpa-dired-du

    Buster:(0.5.1-1) dired with recursive directory sizes www
  • elpa-dired-quick-sort

    Buster:(0.1-3) persistent quick sorting of dired buffers in various ways www
  • elpa-dired-rsync

    Buster:(0.4-1) support for rsync from Emacs dired buffers www
  • elpa-discover-my-major

    Buster:(1.0-2) Stretch:(1.0-1) discover key bindings and their meaning for the current Emacs major mode www
  • elpa-dpkg-dev-el

    Buster:(37.7) Emacs helpers specific to Debian development
  • elpa-dumb-jump

    Buster:(0.5.2-2) jump to definition for multiple languages without configuration www
  • elpa-ebib

    Buster:(2.15.4-1) Stretch:(2.10.1-1) BibTeX database manager for Emacs www
  • elpa-ediprolog

    Buster:(1.2-2) Emacs Does Interactive Prolog www
  • elpa-el-mock

    Buster:(1.25.1-3) tiny mock and stub framework for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-el-x

    Buster:(0.3.1-2) Emacs Lisp extensions www
  • elpa-elfeed

    Buster:(3.1.0-1) Stretch:(2.0.1-1) Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader www
  • elpa-elfeed-web

    Buster:(3.1.0-1) Stretch:(2.0.1-1) Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader - web interface www
  • elpa-elisp-refs

    Buster:(1.3-1) find callers of elisp functions or macros www
  • elpa-elisp-slime-nav

    Buster:(0.9-2) Stretch:(0.9-1) Emacs extension that provide Emacs Lisp code navigation www
  • elpa-elpy

    Buster:(1.28.0-2) Emacs Python Development Environment www
  • elpa-engine-mode

    Buster:(2.0.0-2) define and query search engines from within Emacs www
  • elpa-epc

    Buster:(0.1.1-3) Stretch:(0.1.1-2) RPC stack for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-epl

    Buster:(0.9-1) Stretch:(0.8-1) Emacs Package Library www
  • elpa-ert-async

    Buster:(0.1.2-2) Stretch:(0.1.2-1) asynchronous tests for the Emacs ERT testing framework www
  • elpa-ert-expectations

    Buster:(0.2-2) very simple unit test framework for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-esh-help

    Buster:(1.0.1-2) add some help functions and support for Eshell www
  • elpa-eshell-bookmark

    Buster:(2.0.0-2) integrate bookmarks with Eshell www
  • elpa-eshell-git-prompt

    Buster:(0.1.2-2) Eshell prompt themes for Git users www
  • elpa-eshell-prompt-extras

    Buster:(0.96-2) display extra information in your Eshell prompt www
  • elpa-eshell-up

    Buster:(0.0.3-2) Stretch:(0.0.3-1) quickly go to a specific parent directory in eshell www
  • elpa-esxml

    Buster:(0.3.4-1) XML, ESXML and SXML library for Emacs Lisp
  • elpa-evil

    Buster:(1.2.12-3) Stretch:(1.2.12-2) extensible vi layer for Emacs www
  • elpa-evil-paredit

    Buster:(0.0.2-2) Stretch:(0.0.2-1) emacs extension, integrating evil and paredit www
  • elpa-eyebrowse

    Buster:(0.7.7-1) simple-minded way of managing window configs in Emacs www
  • elpa-f

    Buster:(0.20.0-1) Stretch:(0.19.0-1) modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-faceup

    Buster:(0.0.4-3) Regression test system for font-lock www
  • elpa-fill-column-indicator

    Buster:(1.90-2) Stretch:(1.87-2) graphically indicate the fill column www
  • elpa-find-file-in-project

    Buster:(5.7.3-1) quick access to project files in Emacs www
  • elpa-flx

    Buster:(0.6.1-2) Stretch:(0.6.1-1) sorting algorithm for fuzzy matching in Emacs www
  • elpa-flx-ido

    Buster:(0.6.1-2) Stretch:(0.6.1-1) allows Emacs Ido to use the flx sorting algorithm www
  • elpa-flycheck

    Buster:(31-3) Stretch:(30-3) modern on-the-fly syntax checking for Emacs www
  • elpa-flycheck-package

    Buster:(0.12-2) flycheck checker for Elisp package authors www
  • elpa-folding

    Buster:(0+20170925.1538-2) folding-editor minor mode for Emacs www
  • elpa-fountain-mode

    Buster:(2.6.1-1) Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain markup www
  • elpa-fsm

    Buster:(0.2.1-2) Stretch:(0.2.1-1) state machine library www
  • elpa-geiser

    Buster:(0.8.1-4) Stretch:(0.8.1-2) enhanced Scheme interaction mode for Emacs www
  • elpa-ghub

    Buster:(3.2.0-1) minuscule client for the Github API www
  • elpa-ghub+

    Buster:(0.3-2) thick GitHub API client built on ghub www
  • elpa-git-annex

    Buster:(1.1-2) Emacs integration for git-annex www
  • elpa-git-messenger

    Buster:(0.18-3) pop up last commit information of current line www
  • elpa-git-modes

    Buster:(1.2.8-1) major modes for editing Git configuration files www
  • elpa-git-timemachine

    Buster:(4.8-1) Stretch:(3.0-1) walk through git revisions of a file www
  • elpa-gitattributes-mode

    Buster:(1.2.8-1) major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitattributes) www
  • elpa-gitconfig-mode

    Buster:(1.2.8-1) major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitconfig and gitmodules) www
  • elpa-gitignore-mode

    Buster:(1.2.8-1) major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitignore) www
  • elpa-gitlab-ci-mode

    Buster:(20190213.1-1) Emacs mode for editing GitLab CI files www
  • elpa-gnuplot-mode

    Buster:(1:0.7.0-2014-12-31-1) Gnuplot mode for Emacs www
  • elpa-go-autocomplete

    Buster:(20170907-3) auto-complete-mode backend for Go code www
  • elpa-go-mode

    Buster:(3:1.5.0-2) Emacs mode for editing Go code www
  • elpa-golden-ratio

    Buster:(1.0-3) automatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio www
  • elpa-goo

    Buster:(0.155-17) generic object-orientator (Emacs support) www
  • elpa-goto-chg

    Buster:(1.6-2) Stretch:(1.6-1) navigate the point to the most recent edit in the buffer
  • elpa-graphql

    Buster:(0.1.1-3) GraphQL utilities www
  • elpa-graphviz-dot-mode

    Buster:(0.4+41+gc456a2b-1) Emacs mode for the dot-language used by graphviz.
  • elpa-haskell-mode

    Buster:(16.1-6) major mode for editing Haskell in Emacs www
  • elpa-helm

    Buster:(3.0-1) Stretch:(2.5.0-1) Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework www
  • elpa-helm-ag

    Buster:(0.58-1) Silver Searcher integration with Emacs Helm www
  • elpa-helm-core

    Buster:(3.0-1) Stretch:(2.5.0-1) Emacs Helm library files www
  • elpa-helm-projectile

    Buster:(0.14.0-3) Stretch:(0.14.0-1) Helm integration for Projectile www
  • elpa-helm-virtualenvwrapper

    Buster:(0.1.0-2) helm-source for virtualenvwrapper.el www
  • elpa-helpful

    Buster:(0.15-1) better *help* buffer www
  • elpa-highlight-indentation

    Buster:(0.7.0-3) Stretch:(0.7.0-1) highlight the indentation level in Emacs buffers www
  • elpa-highlight-numbers

    Buster:(0.2.3-3) highlight numbers in source code www
  • elpa-hl-todo

    Buster:(2.2.0-1) highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings www
  • elpa-ht

    Buster:(2.2-2) hash table library for Emacs www
  • elpa-htmlize

    Buster:(1.54-1) convert buffer text and decorations to HTML www
  • elpa-hungry-delete

    Buster:(1.1.5-4) enable hungry deletion in all modes www
  • elpa-hydra

    Buster:(0.14-3) Stretch:(0.13.6-1) make Emacs bindings that stick around www
  • elpa-ibuffer-projectile

    Buster:(0.2-3) Stretch:(0.2-1) group buffers in ibuffer list by Projectile project www
  • elpa-ibuffer-vc

    Buster:(0.10-2) Stretch:(0.10-1) group ibuffer list by VC project and show VC status www
  • elpa-ido-completing-read+

    Buster:(4.11-1) Stretch:(3.14-1) completing-read-function using ido www
  • elpa-ido-ubiquitous

    Buster:(4.11-1) Stretch:(3.14-1) transitional package for elpa-ido-completing-read+ www
  • elpa-ido-vertical-mode

    Buster:(0.1.6-2) Stretch:(0.1.6-1) make ido-mode display vertically www
  • elpa-iedit

    Buster:( Stretch:( edit multiple regions in the same way simultaneously www
  • elpa-imenu-list

    Buster:(0.8-1) show the current Emacs buffer's imenu entries in a separate window www
  • elpa-initsplit

    Buster:(1.8+3+gc941d43-1) code to split customizations into different files www
  • elpa-irony

    Buster:(1.3.1-1) Emacs C/C++ minor mode powered by libclang www
  • elpa-ivy

    Buster:(0.11.0+dfsg-1) generic completion mechanism for Emacs www
  • elpa-ivy-hydra

    Buster:(0.11.0+dfsg-1) additional key bindings for Emacs Ivy www
  • elpa-jedi

    Buster:(0.2.7-1) Python auto-completion for Emacs www
  • elpa-jedi-core

    Buster:(0.2.7-1) common code of jedi.el and company-jedi.el www
  • elpa-jinja2-mode

    Buster:(0.2-2) Emacs major mode for editing jinja2 code www
  • elpa-key-chord

    Buster:(0.6-2) map pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commands
  • elpa-kv

    Buster:(0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-2) key/value data structure functions for Emacs Lisp
  • elpa-lbdb

    Buster:(0.48.1) Little Brother's DataBase Emacs extensions www
  • elpa-let-alist

    Buster:(1.0.5-3) Stretch:(1.0.4-1) let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names in Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-linum-relative

    Buster:(0.6-2) Stretch:(0.4-1) display relative line number in Emacs www
  • elpa-load-relative

    Buster:(1.3+repack-2) relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package) www
  • elpa-loop

    Buster:(1.3-2) friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-lsp-haskell

    Buster:(1.0.20190211-1) Haskell support for lsp-mode www
  • elpa-lsp-mode

    Buster:(6.0-1) Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol www
  • elpa-lsp-ui

    Buster:(6.0-2) UI modules for lsp-mode www
  • elpa-lua-mode

    Buster:(20151025-3) Emacs major-mode for editing Lua programs www
  • elpa-m-buffer

    Buster:(0.15-2) list-oriented, functional buffer manipulation www
  • elpa-magit-annex

    Buster:(1.7.1-1) git-annex subcommands for magit www
  • elpa-magithub

    Buster:(0.1.7-1) Magit interfaces for GitHub www
  • elpa-makey

    Buster:(0.3-2) Stretch:(0.3-1) flexible context menu system www
  • elpa-markdown-mode

    Buster:(2.3+154-2) Stretch:(2.1-1) mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files in GNU Emacs. www
  • elpa-markdown-toc

    Buster:(0.1.2-1) Emacs TOC (table of contents) generator for markdown files www
  • elpa-memoize

    Buster:(1.1-2) memoization functions www
  • elpa-meson-mode

    Buster:(0.1-3) Major mode for the Meson build system files www
  • elpa-message-templ

    Buster:(0.3.20161104-1) templates for Emacs message-mode
  • elpa-migemo

    Buster:(1.9.1-4) Japanese incremental search with Romaji on Emacsen www
  • elpa-minimap

    Buster:(1.2-2) sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer www
  • elpa-mocker

    Buster:(0.3.1-2) mocking framework for Emacs www
  • elpa-monokai-theme

    Buster:(3.5.3-1) Stretch:(3.2.1-1) fruity color theme for Emacs www
  • elpa-move-text

    Buster:(2.0.8-2) move current line or region up and down www
  • elpa-mutt-alias

    Buster:(1.5-2) Emacs package to lookup and insert expanded Mutt mail aliases www
  • elpa-muttrc-mode

    Buster:(1.2.1-1) Emacs major mode for editing muttrc www
  • elpa-no-littering

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) help keeping ~/.emacs.d clean www
  • elpa-noflet

    Buster:(0.0.15-3) Stretch:(0.0.15-1) Emacs Lisp noflet macro for dynamic, local advice www
  • elpa-nose

    Buster:(0.1.1-3) easy Python test running in Emacs www
  • elpa-nov

    Buster:(0.2.7-1) Featureful EPUB reader mode www
  • elpa-olivetti

    Buster:(1.6.1-1) Emacs minor mode to more comfortably write prose www
  • elpa-openwith

    Buster:(0.8g-3) seamlessly open files in external programs with Emacs
  • elpa-org

    Buster:(9.1.14+dfsg-3) Keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs www
  • elpa-org-bullets

    Buster:(0.2.4-3) Stretch:(0.2.4-1) show bullets in Org-mode as UTF-8 characters www
  • elpa-package-lint

    Buster:(0.7-1) linting library for Elisp package authors www
  • elpa-package-lint-flymake

    Buster:(0.7-1) package-lint Flymake backend www
  • elpa-paredit

    Buster:(24-3) Stretch:(24-1) Emacs minor mode for structurally editing Lisp code www
  • elpa-paredit-everywhere

    Buster:(0.4-2) cut-down version of paredit for non-lisp buffers www
  • elpa-parent-mode

    Buster:(2.3-3) get major mode's parent modes www
  • elpa-parsebib

    Buster:(2.3.1-2) Stretch:(1.0.5-1) Emacs Lisp library for parsing .bib files www
  • elpa-pcre2el

    Buster:(1.8-1) Emacsmode to convert between PCRE, Emacs and rx regexp syntax www
  • elpa-persp-projectile

    Buster:(1:0.2.0-2) Stretch:(1:0.2.0-1) integrate perspective.el with projectile www
  • elpa-perspective

    Buster:(2.2-1) Stretch:(1.12+git20160216.add7942-1) tagged workspaces in Emacs www
  • elpa-php-mode

    Buster:(1.21.0-1) PHP Mode for GNU Emacs www
  • elpa-pip-requirements

    Buster:(0.5-1) major mode for editing pip requirements files www
  • elpa-pkg-info

    Buster:(0.6-4) Stretch:(0.6-2) provide information about Emacs packages www
  • elpa-pointback

    Buster:(0.2-2) restore window points when returning to buffers www
  • elpa-popup

    Buster:(0.5.3-2) Stretch:(0.5.3-1) visual popup user interface library for Emacs www
  • elpa-powerline

    Buster:(2.4-2) Stretch:(2.4-1) Emacs version of the Vim powerline www
  • elpa-projectile

    Buster:(2.0.0-2) Stretch:(0.14.0-1) project interaction library for Emacs www
  • elpa-ps-ccrypt

    Buster:(1.11-1) Emacs addon for working with files encrypted with ccrypt www
  • elpa-py-autopep8

    Buster:(2016.1-2) use autopep8 to beautify a Python buffer www
  • elpa-py-isort

    Buster:(2016.1-3) use isort to sort the imports in a Python buffer www
  • elpa-python-environment

    Buster:(0.0.2-3) Stretch:(0.0.2-1) virtualenv API for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-pyvenv

    Buster:(1.20-1) Python virtual environment interface www
  • elpa-qml-mode

    Buster:(0.4-2) Emacs major mode for editing QT Declarative (QML) code www
  • elpa-queue

    Buster:(0.2-1) queue data structure for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-racket-mode

    Buster:(20181003git0-2) emacs support for editing and running racket code www
  • elpa-rainbow-delimiters

    Buster:(2.1.3-3) Stretch:(2.1.3-1) Emacs mode to colour-code delimiters according to their depth www
  • elpa-rainbow-identifiers

    Buster:(0.2.2-3) highlight identifiers according to their names www
  • elpa-rainbow-mode

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) Stretch:(0.12-1) colorize color names in buffers www
  • elpa-recursive-narrow

    Buster:(20140811.1546-2) Stretch:(20140811.1546-1) narrow-to-region that operates recursively www
  • elpa-redtick

    Buster:(00.01.02+git20170220.e6d2e9b+dfsg-2) tiny pomodoro timer for Emacs www
  • elpa-restart-emacs

    Buster:(0.1.1-2) Stretch:(0.1.1-1) restart emacs from within emacs www
  • elpa-rich-minority

    Buster:(1.0.2-2) clean-up and beautify the list of minor-modes in Emacs' mode-line www
  • elpa-s

    Buster:(1.12.0-2) string manipulation library for Emacs www
  • elpa-seq

    Buster:(2.20-2) Stretch:(2.19-1) sequence manipulation functions for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-sesman

    Buster:(0.3.3-1) session manager for Emacs IDEs www
  • elpa-session

    Buster:(2.4b-1) use variables, registers and buffer places across sessions www
  • elpa-shut-up

    Buster:(0.3.2-2) Stretch:(0.3.2-1) Emacs Lisp macros to quieten Emacs www
  • elpa-simple-httpd

    Buster:(1.5.1-2) Stretch:(1.4.6-2) pure elisp HTTP server www
  • elpa-smart-mode-line

    Buster:(2.12.0-1) powerful and beautiful mode-line for Emacs www
  • elpa-smart-mode-line-powerline-theme

    Buster:(2.12.0-1) Smart Mode Line themes that use Emacs Powerline www
  • elpa-smeargle

    Buster:(0.03-2) highlight region by last updated time www
  • elpa-smex

    Buster:(3.0-4) Stretch:(3.0-1) M-x interface with Ido-style fuzzy matching www
  • elpa-solarized-theme

    Buster:(1.2.2-4) Stretch:(1.2.2-1) port of Solarized theme to Emacs www
  • elpa-spinner

    Buster:(1.7.3-1) spinner for the Emacs modeline for operations in progress www
  • elpa-suggest

    Buster:(0.7-1) discover Emacs Lisp functions based on examples www
  • elpa-super-save

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) auto-save buffers, based on your activity www
  • elpa-swiper

    Buster:(0.11.0+dfsg-1) alternative to Emacs' isearch, with an overview www
  • elpa-system-packages

    Buster:(1.0.10-1) functions to manage system packages www
  • elpa-systemd

    Buster:(1.6-2) major mode for editing systemd units www
  • elpa-tablist

    Buster:(0.70-3) Stretch:(0.70-2) tablist adds maks and filters to tabulated-list-mode www
  • elpa-transmission

    Buster:(0.12.1-1) Emacs interface to a Transmission session www
  • elpa-treepy

    Buster:(0.1.1-1) Generic tree traversal tools www
  • elpa-undercover

    Buster:(0.6.1-2) test coverage library for Emacs Lisp www
  • elpa-undo-tree

    Buster:(0.6.4-3) Stretch:(0.6.4-1) Emacs minor mode for handling undo history as tree www
  • elpa-use-package

    Buster:(2.4-2) Stretch:(2.3+repack-1) configuration macro for simplifying your .emacs www
  • elpa-use-package-chords

    Buster:(2.4-2) key-chord keyword for use-package www
  • elpa-use-package-ensure-system-package

    Buster:(2.4-2) autoinstall system packages www
  • elpa-uuid

    Buster:(0.0.3~git20120910.1519bfe-1) UUID/GUID library for Emacs Lisp
  • elpa-vc-fossil

    Buster:(2018.02.15-2) Emacs VC backend for the Fossil Version Control system www
  • elpa-verbiste

    Buster:(0.1.45-5) French and Italian conjugator - emacs extension www
  • elpa-vimish-fold

    Buster:(0.2.3-3) Stretch:(0.2.2-1) fold text in GNU Emacs like in Vim www
  • elpa-virtualenvwrapper

    Buster:(0.1.0-2) featureful virtualenv tool for Emacs www
  • elpa-visual-fill-column

    Buster:(1.11-3) Emacs mode that wraps visual-line-mode buffers at fill-column www
  • elpa-visual-regexp

    Buster:(1.1.1-2) in-buffer visual feedback while using Emacs regexps www
  • elpa-wc-mode

    Buster:(1.3-3) display a word count in the Emacs modeline www
  • elpa-web-mode

    Buster:(16.0.21-1) major emacs mode for editing web templates www
  • elpa-weechat

    Buster:(0.5.0-2) Chat via WeeChat's relay protocol in Emacs. www
  • elpa-which-key

    Buster:(3.3.1-1) display available keybindings in popup www
  • elpa-with-simulated-input

    Buster:(2.2-1) macro to simulate user input non-interactively www
  • elpa-world-time-mode

    Buster:(0.0.6-2) Emacs mode to compare timezones throughout the day www
  • elpa-writegood-mode

    Buster:(2.0.3-1) minor mode for Emacs to improve English writing www
  • elpa-ws-butler

    Buster:(0.6-2) Stretch:(0.6-1) unobtrusively remove trailing whitespace in Emacs www
  • elpa-xml-rpc

    Buster:(1.6.12-2) Emacs Lisp XML-RPC client www
  • elpa-yasnippet

    Buster:(0.13.0-2) Stretch:(0.11.0-2) template system for Emacs www
  • elpa-yasnippet-snippets

    Buster:(0.9-1) Andrea Crotti's official YASnippet snippets www
  • elpa-zenburn-theme

    Buster:(2.6-1) Stretch:(2.4-1) low contrast color theme for Emacs www
  • elpa-ztree

    Buster:(1.0.5-2) Stretch:(1.0.5-1) text mode directory tree www
  • elpa-zzz-to-char

    Buster:(0.1.3-2) Stretch:(0.1.1-1) fancy version of `zap-to-char' command www
  • emacs-calfw

    Buster:(1.6+git20180118-1) Stretch:(1.5+git20160303-2) calendar framework for Emacs www
  • emacs-calfw-howm

    Buster:(1.6+git20180118-1) Stretch:(1.5+git20160303-2) calendar framework for Emacs (howm add-on) www
  • emacs-goodies-el

    Buster:(42.2) Stretch:(36.3+nmu1) Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
  • emacs-window-layout

    Buster:(1.4-2) Stretch:(1.3+git20150717-2) window layout manager for emacs www
  • evernote-mode

    Buster & Stretch:(0.41-3.1) Emacs major mode for editing Evernote directly www
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  • G

  • g-wrap

    Buster:(1.9.15-3) Stretch:(1.9.15-0.1) scripting interface generator for C www
  • gauche

    Buster:(0.9.6-10) Stretch:(0.9.5-1) Scheme script engine www
  • gauche-c-wrapper

    Buster:(0.6.1-11) Stretch:(0.6.1-8) Foreign function interface for Gauche to C libraries www
  • gauche-dev

    Buster:(0.9.6-10) Stretch:(0.9.5-1) Development files for Gauche www
  • gauche-gdbm

    Buster:(0.9.6-10) Stretch:(0.9.5-1) gdbm binding for Gauche www
  • gauche-gl

    Buster:(0.6-4) Stretch:(0.6-2) Gauche bindings for OpenGL www
  • gauche-gtk

    Buster:(0.6+git20160927-3) Stretch:(0.6+git20160927-1) Gauche bindings for GTK+ GUI Toolkit www
  • gauche-zlib

    Buster:(0.9.6-10) Stretch:(0.9.5-1) zlib binding for Gauche www
  • gcl

    Buster:(2.6.12-83+rpi1) Stretch:(2.6.12-47) GNU Common Lisp compiler www
  • geiser

    Buster:(0.8.1-4) Stretch:(0.8.1-2) Transition Package, geiser to elpa-geiser www
  • gettext-el

    Buster:( Stretch:( Emacs po-mode for editing gettext .po files www
  • gnu-smalltalk-el

    Buster:(3.2.5-1.1) Stretch:(3.2.5-1) GNU Smalltalk Emacs front-end www
  • goo

    Buster:(0.155-17) Stretch:(0.155-15) generic object-orientator (programming language) www
  • gri-el

    Buster:(2.12.26-1) Stretch:(2.12.23-10) Emacs major-mode for gri, a language for scientific graphics www
  • guile-2.0

    Buster:(2.0.13+1-5.1) Stretch:(2.0.13+1-4) GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter www
  • guile-2.0-dev

    Buster:(2.0.13+1-5.1) Stretch:(2.0.13+1-4) Development files for Guile 2.0 www
  • guile-2.0-libs

    Buster:(2.0.13+1-5.1) Stretch:(2.0.13+1-4) Core Guile libraries www
  • guile-2.2

    Buster:(2.2.4+1-2+deb10u1) GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter www
  • guile-2.2-dev

    Buster:(2.2.4+1-2+deb10u1) Development files for Guile 2.2 www
  • guile-2.2-libs

    Buster:(2.2.4+1-2+deb10u1) Core Guile libraries www
  • guile-cairo

    Buster:(1.10.0-5) Stretch:(1.4.0-3.1) Guile bindings for Cairo www
  • guile-g-wrap

    Buster:(1.9.15-3) Stretch:(1.9.15-0.1) scripting interface generator for C - Guile runtime www
  • guile-gnome2-glib

    Buster:(2.16.5-2) Stretch:(2.16.4-1) Guile bindings for GLib www
  • guile-gnome2-gtk

    Buster:(2.16.5-2) Stretch:(2.16.4-1) Guile bindings for GTK+, libglade, Pango and ATK www
  • guile-json

    Buster & Stretch:(0.4.0-1) JSON module for Guile www
  • guile-library

    Buster:( Stretch:(0.2.2-0.2) Library of useful Guile modules www
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  • H

  • haml-elisp

    Buster & Stretch:(1:3.1.0-3.1) Emacs Lisp mode for the Haml markup language www
  • howm

    Buster:(1.4.4-3) Stretch:(1.4.3-1) Note-taking tool on Emacs www
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  • I

  • idl-font-lock-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.5-9) OMG IDL font-locking for Emacs
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  • L

  • libthemedsupport

    Buster:(1.1.15-1) Theme-D support library www
  • lookup-el

    Buster:(1.4.1-18) Stretch:(1.4.1-14) emacsen interface to electronic dictionaries www
  • lush-library

    Buster & Stretch:(1.2.1-9+cvs20110227+nmu1.1) Lisp Universal Shell Library www
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  • M

  • mpg123-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1:1.58-1) front-end to mpg321/ogg321 media players for Emacs www
  • mu4e

    Buster:(1.0-6) Stretch:(0.9.18-1) e-mail client for Emacs based on mu (maildir-utils) www
  • muse-el

    Buster:(3.20+dfsg-4) Stretch:(3.20+dfsg-1) Transition Package, muse-el to elpa-muse www
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  • N

  • navi2ch

    Buster & Stretch:(2.0.0~git20120331-1) 2channel Navigator for Emacs www
  • nethack-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1:0.9.5-3) Emacs major-mode for playing NetHack www
  • newlisp

    Buster:(10.7.1-1) Stretch:(10.7.0-4) LISP like, general purpose scripting language www
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  • O

  • oaklisp

    Buster:(1.3.7-2) Stretch:(1.3.6-2) Object-oriented dialect of Scheme www
  • oneliner-el

    Buster:(0.3.6-8) Stretch:(0.3.6-7.1) extensions of Emacs standard shell-mode
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  • P

  • paredit-el

    Buster:(24-3) Stretch:(24-1) transitional dummy package for elpa-paredit www
  • php-elisp

    Buster:(1.21.0-1) Stretch:(1.13.5-3) transitional package, php-elisp to elpa-php-mode www
  • picolisp

    Buster:(18.12-1) Stretch:(16.12-1) Lisp interpreter and application server framework www
  • planner-el

    Buster & Stretch:(3.43~20140112-2) personal information manager for Emacs
  • prolog-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.25-2) Emacs major mode for editing Prolog code www
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  • R

  • r6rs-nanopass-dev

    Buster:(1.9+git20160429.g1f7e80b-2) embedded DSL for writing compilers in Scheme www
  • racket

    Buster:(7.2+dfsg1-2) Stretch:(6.7-3) extensible programming language in the Scheme family www
  • racket-common

    Buster:(7.2+dfsg1-2) Stretch:(6.7-3) extensible programming language in the Scheme family (shared files) www
  • rail

    Buster:(1.2.12-1) Stretch:(1.2.11-3) Replace Agent-string Internal Library www
  • remember-el

    Buster & Stretch:(1.9-1.1) remember text within Emacs
  • rep

    Buster:(0.92.5-3+b2) Stretch:(0.92.5-3) lisp command interpreter www
  • rep-gtk

    Buster & Stretch:(1: GTK+ binding for librep www
  • roslisp

    Buster:(1.9.22-1) Stretch:(1.9.20-1) Lisp client library for Robot OS www
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  • S

  • s-el

    Buster:(1.12.0-2) Stretch:(1.11.0-1.1) transitional dummy package, s-el to elpa-s www
  • sass-elisp

    Buster:(3.0.15-4.2) Stretch:(3.0.15-4.1) Emacs Lisp mode for the Sass markup language www
  • sawfish-lisp-source

    Buster:(1:1.11.90-1.1) Stretch:(1:1.11.90-1) sawfish lisp files www
  • sbcl

    Buster:(2:1.4.16-2) Stretch:(2:1.3.7-1) Common Lisp compiler and development system www
  • sbcl-source

    Buster:(2:1.4.16-2) Stretch:(2:1.3.7-1) Source code files for SBCL www
  • scheme2c

    Buster & Stretch:(2012.10.14-1) Joel Bartlett's fabled Scheme->C system www
  • scheme48

    Buster:(1.9.2-1) Stretch:(1.9-5) simple, modular, and lightweight Scheme implementation www
  • scheme9

    Buster:(2018.12.05-1) Stretch:(2016.12.06-2) Scheme 9 from Empty Space R4RS Scheme interpreter www
  • scsh

    Buster & Stretch:( A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs (default version)
  • scsh-common-0.6

    Buster & Stretch:(0.6.7-8) A `scheme' interpreter designed for writing system programs www
  • scsh-install-lib

    Buster & Stretch:(1.3.0-1) scsh package installer
  • sigscheme

    Buster:(0.9.0-1) Stretch:(0.8.5-5) Scheme Interpreter to be embedded www
  • sigscheme-runtime

    Buster:(0.9.0-1) Stretch:(0.8.5-5) Runtime for sigscheme Scheme interpreter www
  • silversearcher-ag-el

    Buster:(0.47-2.1) Stretch:(0.47-1) transitional dummy package, silversearcher-ag-el to elpa-ag www
  • slib

    Buster & Stretch:(3b1-5) Portable Scheme library www
  • slime

    Buster:(2:2.23+dfsg-2) Stretch:(2:2.18-1) Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs (client) www
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  • T

  • th-scheme-utilities

    Buster:(1.1.15-1) TH Scheme Utilities library www
  • theme-d-gnome

    Buster:(0.7.5-2) GNOME library for programming language Theme-D www
  • theme-d-rte

    Buster:(1.1.15-1) Theme-D runtime environment www
  • theme-d-stdlib

    Buster:(1.1.15-1) Theme-D Standard Library www
  • theme-d-translator

    Buster:(1.1.15-1) Programming language extending Scheme with static typing www
  • tiarra-conf-el

    Buster:(20100212+r39209-7) Stretch:(20100212+r39209-1) edit mode for tiarra.conf www
  • timidity-el

    Buster:(2.14.0-8) Stretch:(2.13.2-40.5) Emacs front end to Timidity++ www
  • twittering-mode

    Buster:(3.1.0-1.1) Stretch:(3.1.0-1) Twitter client for Emacs www
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  • U

  • uim-el

    Buster:(1:1.8.8-4+deb10u5) Stretch:(1:1.8.6+gh20161003.0.d63dadd-2) Universal Input Method - Emacs front end www
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  • V

  • verbiste-el

    Buster:(0.1.45-5) Stretch:(0.1.44-1) transitional package, verbiste-el to elpa-verbiste www
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  • W

  • w3m-el

    Buster:(1.4.569+0.20170110-5) Stretch:(1.4.538+0.20141022-5) simple Emacs interface of w3m www
  • w3m-el-snapshot

    Buster:(1.4.632+0.20181112-2) Stretch:(1.4.569+0.20170110-1) simple Emacs interface of w3m (development version) www
  • wget-el

    Buster & Stretch:(0.5.0-8) interface for wget on Emacsen www
  • windows-el

    Buster & Stretch:(2.48-3) window manager for GNU Emacs
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  • X

  • x-face-el

    Buster:( Stretch:( utility for displaying X-Face on emacsen www
  • x-pgp-sig-el

    Buster & Stretch:( X-PGP-Sig mail and news header utility for Emacs
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  • Y

  • yasnippet

    Buster:(0.13.0-2) Stretch:(0.11.0-2) transition Package, yasnippet to elpa-yasnippet www
  • yasnippet-snippets

    Buster:(0.9-1) Stretch:(0~git20161123-1) transition package, yasnippet-snippets to elpa-yasnippet-snippets www
  • yc-el

    Buster:(5.0.0-8+b20) Stretch:(5.0.0-6) Yet another Canna client for Emacsen
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  • Z

  • zenlisp

    Buster & Stretch:(2013.11.22-2) Interpreter for purely symbolic, pure, lexically scoped dialect of LISP www