Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

Perl Packages

perl logoPackages for the Perl programming language

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Bookworm, the previouse version was Bullseye. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Bookworm(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm
Bullseye(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye
Bookworm & Bullseye(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 17 March, 2024

  • :Constants lists all the constants defined in a certain package. This

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1) module to list constants defined in a package www
  • :DeprecationManager allows you to manage a set of deprecations for

    Bookworm:(0.18-1) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) module for managing deprecation warnings for Perl distributions www
  • :Locator only looks at the index files for each repository, and those

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-2.1) module to find a package among CPAN-like repositories www
  • :New::Dump.

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) simple base package from which to inherit www
  • :Pkg is a Perl module that provides several utility functions useful

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0020-1.1) collection of package manipulation utilities www
  • :Stash is a Perl module that provides an interface for manipulating

    Bookworm:(0.40-1) Bullseye:(0.39-1) module providing routines for manipulating stashes www
  • :Stash::XS provides the faster and more correct XS implementation.

    Bookworm:(0.30-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.29-1+b2) Perl module providing routines for manipulating stashes (XS version) www
  • :Variant allows you to build a variable package that contains a

    Bookworm:(1.003002-2) Bullseye:(1.003002-1.1) parameterizable packages www
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  • A

  • alice

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.19-2) Web browser (WebKit or Gecko) based IRC client www
  • all-knowing-dns

    Bookworm:(1.7-4) Bullseye:(1.7-3) tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS www
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  • B

  • biber

    Bookworm:(2.18-1) Bullseye:(2.16-1) Much-augmented BibTeX replacement for BibLaTeX users www
  • bio-tradis

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.5+dfsg2-1) analyse the output from TraDIS analyses of genomic sequences www
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  • C

  • carton

    Bookworm:(1.0.35-1) Bullseye:(1.0.34-3) Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl) www
  • chado-utils

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.31-6) tools to add/extract data from Chado www
  • cil

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07.00-12) command line issue tracker www
  • cipux-cat-web

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( user and resource management framework CipUX - web-based admin tools www
  • cipux-object-tools

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Commandline object-related tools for CipUX www
  • cipux-passwd

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( simple XML-RPC client to set your own password www
  • cipux-rpc-tools

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Commandline helper tools for XML-RPC server www
  • cipux-rpcd

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( XML-RPC server for CipUX www
  • cipux-storage-tools

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Commandline storage-related tools for CipUX www
  • cipux-task-tools

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( commandline task interface for CipUX www
  • circle-backend

    Bookworm:(0.173320-3) Bullseye:(0.173320-2) server backend for the Circle IRC client www
  • circle-term

    Bookworm:(0.222060-2) terminal frontend for the Circle application host www
  • cme

    Bookworm:(1.038-1) Bullseye:(1.032-1) Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model www
  • cpan-listchanges

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) package change history notification tool www
  • cpanminus

    Bookworm:(1.7046-1) Bullseye:(1.7044-2) script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN www
  • cpanoutdated

    Bookworm:(0.32-2) Bullseye:(0.32-1.1) script to detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment www
  • cpants-lint

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-5.1) commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse - tool www
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  • D

  • dh-make-perl

    Bookworm:(0.122) Bullseye:(0.116) helper for creating Debian packages from perl modules
  • dh-strip-nondeterminism

    Bookworm:(1.13.1-1) Bullseye:(1.12.0-1) file non-deterministic information stripper — Debhelper add-on www
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  • E

  • eekboek

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.04-1) Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses www
  • eekboek-db-postgresql

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.04-1) PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek www
  • eekboek-gui

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.04-1) Graphical User Interface for EekBoek www
  • erlsvc

    Bookworm:(1.02-3+b8) Bullseye:(1.02-3) Command line interface for managing Erlang nodes www
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  • F

  • feersum

    Bookworm:(1.410-2) Bullseye:(1.410-1) PSGI engine for Perl based on EV/libev www
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  • G

  • gearman-server

    Bookworm:(1.130.1-2) Bullseye:(1.130.1-1) Gearman distributed job server and Perl interface www
  • gitalist-common

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003006+dfsg-2) modern Git web viewer www
  • gitalist-fastcgi

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003006+dfsg-2) modern Git web viewer - FastCGI support www
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  • H

  • hostfiles

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) simple script to manage multiple sets of hostfiles www
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  • I

  • inotify-hookable

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2) blocking command-line interface to inotify www
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  • J

  • jifty

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10518+dfsg-3) perl web MVC framework www
  • jirc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-1) an IRC to Jabber bridge bot www
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  • K

  • kephra

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( gui text editor along Perl alike Paradigms www
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  • L

  • lemonldap-ng

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) OpenID-Connect, CAS and SAML compatible Web-SSO system www
  • lemonldap-ng-handler

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG handler part www
  • libaccessors-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) Perl module to create accessor methods in caller's package www
  • libace-perl

    Bookworm:(1.92-11+b5) Bullseye:(1.92-10) Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases www
  • libacme-bleach-perl

    Bookworm:(1.150-4) Bullseye:(1.150-2.1) Perl module for really clean programs www
  • libacme-brainfck-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1-2.1) Embed Brainf*ck in your perl code www
  • libacme-constant-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-3) Bullseye:(0.1.3-1.1) module that makes inconstant constants, except actually not www
  • libacme-damn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.08-1+b5) Perl module to unbless objects www
  • libacme-eyedrops-perl

    Bookworm:(1.62-3) Bullseye:(1.62-1.1) funny way for visual programming in Perl www
  • libacme-poe-knee-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-4) Bullseye:(1.12-2) Time sliced pony race using the POE event loop www
  • libafs-pag-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.02-2+b3) Perl bindings for AFS PAG manipulation www
  • libai-decisiontree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.11-1+b3) module to create decision trees from training data www
  • libai-fann-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-5+b3) Bullseye:(0.10-5+b1) Perl wrapper for the FANN library www
  • libalgorithm-backoff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-3) modules providing various backoff strategies for retry www
  • libalgorithm-c3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm www
  • libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3.6-2) Bullseye:(0.50-1.1) Perl extension to generate and test check digits www
  • libalgorithm-combinatorics-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.27-2+b7) module for the efficient generation of combinatorial sequences www
  • libalgorithm-dependency-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.110-1.2) Base class for implementing various dependency trees in Perl www
  • libalgorithm-diff-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.201-1) module to find differences between files www
  • libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-8+b1) Bullseye:(0.04-6+b1) module to find differences between files (XS accelerated) www
  • libalgorithm-hyperloglog-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) implementation of the HyperLogLog cardinality estimation algorithm www
  • libalgorithm-lbfgs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.16-2+b7) Perl interface to an L-BFGS non-linear optimization algorithm www
  • libalgorithm-merge-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-5) Bullseye:(0.08-3) Perl module for three-way merge of textual data www
  • libalgorithm-munkres-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-5) Bullseye:(0.08-3) extension for Munkres' solution to Assignment problem www
  • libalgorithm-naivebayes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) module to make bayesian prediction of categories www
  • libalgorithm-numerical-sample-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2010011201-2) Draw samples from a set www
  • libalgorithm-permute-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1+b3) module to perform permutations with object oriented interface www
  • libalgorithm-svm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.13-2+b5) bindings for the libsvm Support Vector Machine library www
  • libalias-perl

    Bookworm:(2.32-12+b1) Bullseye:(2.32-11+b7) module for accessing perl variables through aliases www
  • libaliased-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-1.1) Perl module to provide aliases of class names www
  • libalien-gnuplot-perl

    Bookworm:(1.034-1) Bullseye:(1.033-1) module to find and validate the gnuplot executable www
  • libalien-sdl-dev-perl

    Bookworm:(1.446-4) Bullseye:(1.446-3.1) helper to build Perl program using SDL libraries www
  • libalien-sdl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.446-4) Bullseye:(1.446-3.1) helper to get, build and use SDL libraries www
  • libalien-wxwidgets-perl

    Bookworm:(0.69+dfsg-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.69+dfsg-3+b3) Perl module for locating wxWidgets binaries www
  • liballelecount-perl

    Bookworm:(4.3.0-2) Bullseye:(4.2.1-1) Perl interface to NGS copy number algorithms www
  • libalt-alien-ffi-system-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.23-1) simplified alternative to Alien::FFI that uses system libffi www
  • libalt-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-5) Bullseye:(0.2-3.1) base class for alternate modules www
  • libalt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-4) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) namespace for alternate module implementations www
  • libalzabo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-6) Bullseye:(0.92-4.1) Data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper www
  • libamazon-s3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.60-1) Bullseye:(0.45-2) portable client interface to Amazon Simple Storage System (S3) www
  • libamazon-sqs-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.07-1.1) Perl module for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue www
  • libany-moose-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-3) Bullseye:(0.27-2) module to use either Moose or Mouse, based on availability www
  • libany-template-processdir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-3) Perl module for processing a directory of templates www
  • libany-uri-escape-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-3) module to load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape www
  • libanydata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) simple tied hash interface for files and data structures www
  • libanyevent-aggressiveidle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Aggressive idle processes for AnyEvent. www
  • libanyevent-aio-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-2) Perl module to seamlessly integrate IO::AIO into AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-cachedns-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) simple DNS resolver with caching for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-callback-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) callback aggregator for AnyEvent watchers www
  • libanyevent-connection-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-6) Bullseye:(0.06-5) base class for TCP clients www
  • libanyevent-connector-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) tcp_connect with transparent proxy handling www
  • libanyevent-dbd-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-6) Bullseye:(0.03-5) AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg's async interface www
  • libanyevent-dbi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.04-1.1) module supporting asynchronous DBI access www
  • libanyevent-fcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Perl non-blocking FastCGI server www
  • libanyevent-feed-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3-2) Perl module to retrieve new entries in an RSS/Atom feed www
  • libanyevent-fork-perl

    Bookworm:(1.32-1) Bullseye:(1.31-1.1) module to create new processes www
  • libanyevent-forkmanager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) simple parallel processing fork manager with AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-forkobject-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) fork jail for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-gearman-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-3) asynchronous Gearman client/worker module for AnyEvent applications www
  • libanyevent-handle-udp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.050-3) Bullseye:(0.050-1) client/server UDP handles for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-http-perl

    Bookworm:(2.25-2) Bullseye:(2.25-1) simple non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client www
  • libanyevent-http-scopedclient-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.5-3) Bullseye:(0.0.5-2) AnyEvent::HTTP based scoped client www
  • libanyevent-httpd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.93-6) Bullseye:(0.93-5) simple lightweight event based web (application) server www
  • libanyevent-i3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1) Perl module to communicate with the i3 window manager www
  • libanyevent-irc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.97-3) Bullseye:(0.97-2) Perl module for handling IRC connections www
  • libanyevent-memcached-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) AnyEvent memcached client www
  • libanyevent-perl

    Bookworm:(7.170-2+b3) Bullseye:(7.170-2+b1) event loop framework with multiple implementations www
  • libanyevent-processor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1) class for AnyEvent tasks that may be interrupted www
  • libanyevent-rabbitmq-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22~dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.19+dfsg-2) asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client www
  • libanyevent-redis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-3) Bullseye:(0.24-2) Perl module that implements a non-blocking Redis client www
  • libanyevent-serialize-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-1.2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) serializer and deserializer for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-termkey-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3) module for terminal key input using libtermkey with AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-tools-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) instrument collection for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-websocket-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.54-1) Perl WebSocket client for AnyEvent www
  • libanyevent-xmpp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-6) Bullseye:(0.55-5) implementation of the XMPP Protocol www
  • libanyevent-yubico-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.3-2) Perl module for validating YubiKey OTPs in AnyEvent applications www
  • libapache-admin-config-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-3) Bullseye:(0.95-2) module to read/write Apache like configuration files www
  • libapache-asp-perl

    Bookworm:(2.63-2) Bullseye:(2.63-1) perl Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl www
  • libapache-authenhook-perl

    Bookworm:(2.00-04+pristine-8+b1) Bullseye:(2.00-04+pristine-7+b2) Perl API for Apache 2.1 authentication www
  • libapache-authznetldap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-7) Bullseye:(0.07-6) Apache-Perl module that enables to authorize a user with LDAP attributes www
  • libapache-db-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) Bullseye:(0.18-1+b2) module to run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl www
  • libapache-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-2) interface connecting Apache server to database via perl's DBI www
  • libapache-dbilogger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.93-14) Bullseye:(0.93-13.1) Perl module for tracking what's being transferred in a DBI database www
  • libapache-gallery-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-5.1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-5) Apache module to create image galleries on-the-fly
  • libapache-htgroup-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-3) Bullseye:(1.23-2.1) interface to Apache authentication group files www
  • libapache-htpasswd-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-3) Bullseye:(1.9-1) module to manage Unix crypt-style password file www
  • libapache-logformat-compiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Perl module to pre-compile a LogFormat string www
  • libapache-session-browseable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3.11-3) Bullseye:(1.3.8-1) module adding index and search methods to Apache::Session www
  • libapache-session-ldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-1) LDAP implementation of Apache::Session www
  • libapache-session-memcached-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-3) Perl module for storing persistent data using memcached www
  • libapache-session-mongodb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2) implementation of Apache::Session www
  • libapache-session-perl

    Bookworm:(1.94-2) Bullseye:(1.94-1) modules for keeping persistent user data across HTTP requests www
  • libapache-session-sqlite3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) SQLite3 implementation of Apache::Session www
  • libapache-session-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-4) Bullseye:(0.34-3) simple wrapper around Apache::Session www
  • libapache-sessionx-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.01-5) extended persistence framework for session data www
  • libapache-singleton-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1) Singleton class for mod_perl www
  • libapache-ssllookup-perl

    Bookworm:(2.00-04-4+b1) Bullseye:(2.00-04-3+b2) glue layer between Perl handlers and the mod_ssl public API www
  • libapache2-authcassimple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-3) Apache2 module to authenticate trough a CAS server www
  • libapache2-authcookie-perl

    Bookworm:(3.31-1) Bullseye:(3.30-1) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies www
  • libapache2-authenntlm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-8+b26) Bullseye:(0.02-8+b20) module for Microsoft NTLM and Basic User Authentication www
  • libapache2-reload-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4) Bullseye:(0.13-3) module for reloading Perl modules when changed on disk www
  • libapache2-request-perl

    Bookworm:(2.13-7+b4) Bullseye:(2.13-7+deb11u1) generic Apache request library - Perl modules
  • libapache2-sitecontrol-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.05-2) perl web site authentication/authorization system www
  • libapi-gitforge-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) generic interface to APIs of sites like GitHub, GitLab etc. www
  • libapp-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-3) Bullseye:(0.37-2.1) perl library for easy application-level caching www
  • libapp-cell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.231-1) Bullseye:(0.229-1) configuration, error-handling, localization, and logging "framework" www
  • libapp-cli-perl

    Bookworm:(0.313-4) Bullseye:(0.313-2) Dispatcher module for command line interface programs www
  • libapp-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.335-1) Bullseye:(0.331-1) Perl interface to write command line apps with less suffering www
  • libapp-cmd-plugin-prompt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006-1) Bullseye:(1.005-3.1) plug prompting routines into your commands www
  • libapp-control-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-1) Bullseye:(1.02-3) Perl module for apachectl style control of another executable www
  • libapp-cpants-lint-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-5.1) commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse - library www
  • libapp-daemon-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-3) Perl module to start an Application as a Daemon www
  • libapp-fatpacker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010008-2) Bullseye:(0.010008-1) module to pack dependencies onto script files www
  • libapp-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.57-4) Bullseye:(0.57-3) module to provide metadata about software packages installed www
  • libapp-nopaste-perl

    Bookworm:(1.013-2) Bullseye:(1.013-1) application for easy access to any pastebin www
  • libapp-options-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-2) command-line option values processing system www
  • libapp-perlrdf-command-query-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-2) SPARQL extension for App-perlrdf www
  • libapp-rad-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-4) Bullseye:(1.05-2) Perl module for rapid and easy creation of command line applications www
  • libapp-repl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.012-3) Bullseye:(0.012-2.1) container for functions for the iperl program www
  • libapp-st-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.4-7) Bullseye:(1.1.4-5) perl module to mathematical calculations www
  • libapp-termcast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4) Bullseye:(0.13-3) termcasting module and client www
  • libappconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(1.71-2.2) Bullseye:(1.71-2.1) Perl module for configuration file and command line handling
  • libappconfig-std-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) Perl module for standard app configuration www
  • libapt-pkg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.40+b4) Bullseye:(0.1.39) Perl interface to libapt-pkg
  • libarch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5.2-3) Bullseye:(0.5.2-2) high-level interface to GNU Arch www
  • libarchive-any-create-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-3) Bullseye:(0.3-2) abstract API to create tar/tar.gz/zip archives www
  • libarchive-any-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-1) simple CPAN package extractor www
  • libarchive-any-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0946-1) Perl module to deal with file archives in any format www
  • libarchive-ar-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-4) Bullseye:(2.02-2) Perl interface for manipulating ar archives www
  • libarchive-cpio-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) module for manipulations of cpio archives www
  • libarchive-extract-perl

    Bookworm:(0.88-1) Bullseye:(0.86-1) generic archive extracting module www
  • libarchive-peek-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-1) Bullseye:(0.35-2) Perl module for peeking into archives without extracting them www
  • libarchive-tar-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-3) Bullseye:(0.38-1) API wrapper around the 'tar' utility www
  • libarchive-zip-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.68-1) Perl module for manipulation of ZIP archives www
  • libarray-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.006-3+b1) array index offseting www
  • libarray-compare-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.8-1) Perl module to easily compare arrays www
  • libarray-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl module to find the differences between two arrays www
  • libarray-group-perl

    Bookworm:(4.2-3) Bullseye:(4.2-1) module that converts an array into array of arrayrefs of uniform size N www
  • libarray-intspan-perl

    Bookworm:(2.004-2) Bullseye:(2.004-1) Handles arrays of scalars or objects using integer ranges as index www
  • libarray-iterator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.131-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1) simple class to provide iterators over Perl arrays www
  • libarray-printcols-perl

    Bookworm:(2.6-4) Bullseye:(2.6-2.1) Perl module to print array elements vertically www
  • libarray-refelem-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00+ds-3) Bullseye:(1.00+ds-1+b5) module to set up array elements as aliases www
  • libarray-unique-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) Tie-able array that allows only unique values www
  • libarray-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-3) Bullseye:(0.5-1.1) collection of small utils for array manipulation www
  • libasa-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-1) Perl module for expanding a class or object's list of base classes www
  • libaspect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) module for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Perl www
  • libasterisk-agi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.08-1) Collections of Perl modules to be used with Asterisk PBX AGI www
  • libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-1) Bullseye:(1.15-1+b1) Perl extension for using the cfitsio library www
  • libastro-fits-header-perl

    Bookworm:(3.09-1) Bullseye:(3.07-2.1) module for reading, modifying and writing FITS headers www
  • libasync-interrupt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-1+b3) Bullseye:(1.26-1+b1) module to allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl www
  • libasync-mergepoint-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Perl module to resynchronize multiple control flows www
  • libatombus-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0405-6) Bullseye:(1.0405-5.1) AtomPub server for messaging www
  • libatompub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.7-5) Bullseye:(0.3.7-3) implementation of Atom Publishing Protocol www
  • libattean-perl

    Bookworm:(0.033-1) Bullseye:(0.030-2) semantic web framework www
  • libatteanx-compatibility-trine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-4) Bullseye:(0.002-3) compatibility layer between RDF::Trine and Attean www
  • libatteanx-endpoint-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-6) Bullseye:(0.002-5) SPARQL 1.1 Protocol Endpoint www
  • libatteanx-parser-jsonld-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-4) Bullseye:(0.001-3) JSON-LD RDF parser www
  • libatteanx-serializer-rdfa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.110-2) Bullseye:(0.110-1) RDFa Serializer for Attean www
  • libatteanx-store-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-3) Bullseye:(0.002-2) DBI-based quad-store for Attean www
  • libatteanx-store-ldf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Linked Data Fragment RDF store www
  • libatteanx-store-lmdb-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.001-2) LMDB-backed persistent quad-store for Attean www
  • libatteanx-store-sparql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.012-2) Bullseye:(0.012-1) Attean SPARQL triple store www
  • libattribute-storage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.09-1+b4) declare and retrieve named attributes about CODE www
  • libaudio-cd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-12+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-11+b4) library to handle CDDB and low-level cd io calls www
  • libaudio-ecasound-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-5+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-4+b3) Perl binding to the ecasound sampler, recorder, fx-processor www
  • libaudio-file-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-5) Bullseye:(0.11-4.1) Perl audio file abstraction library www
  • libaudio-flac-decoder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3+dfsg-4+b2) Bullseye:(0.3+dfsg-3+b3) Perl module providing an object-oriented FLAC decoder www
  • libaudio-flac-header-perl

    Bookworm:(2.4-5) Bullseye:(2.4-3+b4) Perl interface to FLAC file header metadata www
  • libaudio-mixer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-8+b2) Bullseye:(0.7-7+b7) perl extension for Sound Mixer control www
  • libaudio-moosic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-3) Moosic client library for Perl www
  • libaudio-mpd-common-perl

    Bookworm:(2.003-3) Bullseye:(2.003-2) collection of common perl helper classes for MPD www
  • libaudio-mpd-perl

    Bookworm:(2.004-3) Bullseye:(2.004-2) module to communicate with MPD servers www
  • libaudio-musepack-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-3) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2.1) object-oriented interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields www
  • libaudio-rpld-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) module to communicate with RoarAudio PlayList Daemon www
  • libaudio-scan-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-1+b4) module for reading metadata from common audio file formats www
  • libaudio-scrobbler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2.4) Bullseye:(0.01-2.3) perl interface to audioscrobbler.com/last.fm www
  • libaudio-wav-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-5) Bullseye:(0.14-2.1) modules for manipulating WAV Audio files www
  • libaudio-wma-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-3) perl extension for reading WMA/ASF Metadata www
  • libauth-googleauth-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.03-1) Google Authenticator TOTP Abstraction www
  • libauth-yubikey-decrypter-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) yubikey token output decryptor www
  • libauth-yubikey-webclient-perl

    Bookworm:(4.02-3) Bullseye:(4.02-1) Perl module to authenticate a Yubikey against the Yubico Web API www
  • libauthcas-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7-1.1) Client library for CAS 2.0 www
  • libauthen-bitcard-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.90-2.1) Perl module providing authentication using the Bitcard service www
  • libauthen-captcha-perl

    Bookworm:(1.024-3) Bullseye:(1.024-2) Perl extension for creating captcha's www
  • libauthen-cas-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Perl module for authentication using CAS www
  • libauthen-dechpwd-perl

    Bookworm:(2.007-1~2+b1) Bullseye:(2.007-1~1+b3) Perl module for DEC VMS password hashing www
  • libauthen-htpasswd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.171-3) Bullseye:(0.171-2) Perl module to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files www
  • libauthen-krb5-admin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.17-1+b13) Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface www
  • libauthen-krb5-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-6+b1) Bullseye:(1.9-5+b6) Perl interface to Kerberos 5 API www
  • libauthen-krb5-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.43-2+b9) Perl module for authentication using Kerberos 5 www
  • libauthen-libwrap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.23-1+b5) module providing access to the TCP Wrappers library www
  • libauthen-ntlm-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.09-1.1) authentication module for NTLM www
  • libauthen-oath-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) Perl module for OATH One Time Passwords www
  • libauthen-pam-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.16-3+b8) Perl interface to PAM library www
  • libauthen-passphrase-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-3) Bullseye:(0.008-2.1) Perl module encapsulating hashed passwords/passphrases as objects www
  • libauthen-radius-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.32-1) module to authenticate users using RADIUS www
  • libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-server-13+b1) Bullseye:(0.13-server-11+b1) Perl extension for Cyrus SASL library www
  • libauthen-sasl-perl

    Bookworm:(2.1600-3) Bullseye:(2.1600-1.1) Authen::SASL - SASL Authentication framework www
  • libauthen-sasl-saslprep-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100-4) Bullseye:(1.100-1) Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwords (RFC 4013) www
  • libauthen-scram-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RFC 5802) www
  • libauthen-simple-cdbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2-3.1) Simple CDBI authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2-3.1) Simple DBI authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-dbm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-5) Bullseye:(0.2-4.1) module to allow simple DBM authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-6) Bullseye:(0.2-5.1) module to allow the use of simple HTTP authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-6) Bullseye:(0.1-5.1) module to allow the use of simple Kerberos authentication methods www
  • libauthen-simple-ldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3-1.1) module for simple LDAP authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-net-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-6) Bullseye:(0.2-5.1) module to use simple NET authentication methods www
  • libauthen-simple-pam-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-5) Bullseye:(0.2-4.1) simple PAM authentication module www
  • libauthen-simple-passwd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-5) Bullseye:(0.6-4.1) Simple Passwd authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-1.1) simple and consistent perl framework for authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-radius-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-4) Bullseye:(0.1-3.1) Simple RADIUS authentication www
  • libauthen-simple-smb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-5) Bullseye:(0.1-4.1) Simple SMB authentication www
  • libauthen-smb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-7+b1) Bullseye:(0.91-6+b8) SMB authentication module for Perl www
  • libauthen-tacacsplus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1+b1) Perl module for authentication using TACACS+ server www
  • libauthen-u2f-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) pure Perl FIDO U2F server library www
  • libauthen-u2f-tester-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1) FIDO/U2F Authentication Test Client www
  • libauthen-webauthn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) library to add Web Authentication support to server applications www
  • libauthority-shared-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.006-1) multi-AUTHORITY method for your classes www
  • libautobox-core-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-2) Bullseye:(1.33-1) module providing automatic methods for core functions www
  • libautobox-dump-perl

    Bookworm:(20090426.1746-5) Bullseye:(20090426.1746-3.1) Perl module that display results in a Human/perl readable form www
  • libautobox-junctions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1) module providing autoboxified junction-style operators www
  • libautobox-list-util-perl

    Bookworm:(20090629-4) Bullseye:(20090629-3.1) Perl module providing List::Util functions as methods on arrays www
  • libautobox-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2+b1) Bullseye:(3.0.1-1+b4) Perl pragma for method calls on native types www
  • libautobox-transform-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.035-1) set of autobox methods to transform arrays and hashes www
  • libautodie-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.29-2) Perl pragma to make certain failures fatal www
  • libautovivification-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.18-1+b4) pragma for lexically disabling autovivification www
  • libaws-signature4-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) module to create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services www
  • libaxtlsp-perl

    Bookworm:(2.1.5+ds-1+b3) Bullseye:(2.1.5+ds-1+b1) Highly configurable client/server TLSv1.2 library (Perl binding) www
  • libb-compiling-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.06-1+b6) Perl module for expose PL_compiling to perl www
  • libb-cow-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.004-1+b1) additional B helpers to check COW status www
  • libb-debug-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-3) Bullseye:(1.26-2) module to print debug info about perl ops www
  • libb-hooks-endofscope-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-1) Bullseye:(0.24-1.1) module for executing code after a scope finished compilation www
  • libb-hooks-op-annotation-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.44-2+b8) module to allow annotation and delegation of hooked OPs www
  • libb-hooks-op-check-entersubforcv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b3) Invoke callbacks on construction of entersub OPs for certain CVs www
  • libb-hooks-op-check-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.22-1+b4) Perl wrapper for OP check callbacks www
  • libb-hooks-op-ppaddr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.06-1+b4) C API to hook into Perl opcode execution www
  • libb-hooks-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.21-1+b2) module providing an interface to Perl's parser variables www
  • libb-keywords-perl

    Bookworm:(1.24-2) Bullseye:(1.22-1) lists of internal perl keywords www
  • libb-lint-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-3) Bullseye:(1.22-1) Perl lint www
  • libb-perlreq-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-7+b1) Bullseye:(0.82-5+b5) Perl module to determine Perl module dependencies www
  • libb-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.27-1+b7) Perl module assisting with op tree manipulation www
  • libbackuppc-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.62-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.62-1+b1) Perl module with C backend for BackupPC 4 www
  • libbarcode-code128-perl

    Bookworm:(2.21-3) Bullseye:(2.21-2) Perl library to generate CODE 128 bar codes www
  • libbarcode-datamatrix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) generator for Data Matrix barcodes www
  • libbarcode-datamatrix-png-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) generator of PNG Data Matrix barcodes www
  • libbarcode-zbar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23.92-7+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.23.90-1+deb11u1) QR code / bar code scanner and decoder (Perl bindings) www
  • libbareword-filehandles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.007-1+b2) Perl pragma to disable bareword filehandles www
  • libbenchmark-apps-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1) simple module to benchmark applications www
  • libbenchmark-progressbar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.00001-3) Bullseye:(0.00001-2) Perl module that displays progress bar during benchmarking www
  • libbenchmark-timer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7112-2) Bullseye:(0.7112-1.1) benchmarking module with statistical confidence www
  • libbencode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.502-1) Bullseye:(1.501-1.1) Perl module for BitTorrent serialisation format www
  • libberkeleydb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.64-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.64-1+b1) use Berkeley DB databases from Perl www
  • libbest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3) Bullseye:(0.15-2) fallbackable module loader www
  • libbiblio-citation-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.10+dfsg-2.1) citation parsing framework www
  • libbiblio-counter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) modules for handling COUNTER reports www
  • libbiblio-endnotestyle-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1) Perl module to format bibliographic references using Endnote-like templates www
  • libbiblio-isis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-1.4) Bullseye:(0.24-1.3) Perl module which reads ISIS databases www
  • libbiblio-lcc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) module to parse and normalize LC-style call numbers www
  • libbiblio-sici-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) methods for assembling, parsing, manipulating and serialising SICIs www
  • libbiblio-thesaurus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-3) Bullseye:(0.43-2.1) Perl extension for managing ISO thesaurus www
  • libbibtex-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03+dfsg-2) pure Perl BibTeX parser www
  • libbind-config-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) parser for BIND Config files www
  • libbind-confparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-6) Bullseye:(0.95-5) parser class for BIND configuration files www
  • libbio-alignio-stockholm-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-2) stockholm sequence input/output stream www
  • libbio-asn1-entrezgene-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.730-2) parser for NCBI Entrez Gene and NCBI Sequence records www
  • libbio-chado-schema-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20000-3) DBIx::Class layer for the Chado database schema www
  • libbio-cluster-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.3-6) Bullseye:(1.7.3-5) BioPerl cluster modules www
  • libbio-coordinate-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.1-4) BioPerl modules for working with biological coordinates www
  • libbio-das-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.11-8) implementation of the BioDas protocol www
  • libbio-db-ace-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-2) Database object interface to ACeDB servers www
  • libbio-db-biofetch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-4) Database object interface to BioFetch retrieval www
  • libbio-db-embl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-4) Database object interface for EMBL entry retrieval www
  • libbio-db-gff-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-1) Storage and retrieval of sequence annotation data www
  • libbio-db-ncbihelper-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.7-1) Bullseye:(1.7.6-4) collection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databases www
  • libbio-db-refseq-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-1) Database object interface for RefSeq retrieval www
  • libbio-db-seqfeature-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.4-2) Bullseye:(1.7.4-1) Normalized feature for use with Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store www
  • libbio-db-swissprot-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-1) Database object interface to SwissProt retrieval www
  • libbio-eutilities-perl

    Bookworm:(1.77-2) Bullseye:(1.77-1) BioPerl interface to the Entrez Programming Utilities (E-utilities) www
  • libbio-featureio-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.905-2) Modules for reading, writing, and manipulating sequence features www
  • libbio-graphics-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.40-6) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects www
  • libbio-mage-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20030502.3-6) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: MAGE www
  • libbio-mage-utils-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20030502.0-5) Extra modules for classes in the MAGE package: MAGE www
  • libbio-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.8-1) Bullseye:(1.7.7-2) BioPerl core perl modules www
  • libbio-perl-run-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.3-9) Bullseye:(1.7.3-6) BioPerl wrappers: modules www
  • libbio-primerdesigner-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-8) Perl module to design PCR primers using primer3 and epcr www
  • libbio-procedural-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-2) Simple low-dependency procedural interfaces to BioPerl www
  • libbio-samtools-perl

    Bookworm:(1.43-3+b3) Bullseye:(1.43-3+b1) Perl interface to SamTools library for DNA sequencing www
  • libbio-scf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-6+b1) Bullseye:(1.03-5+b1) Perl extension for reading and writing SCF sequence files www
  • libbio-searchio-hmmer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-2) perl parser for HMMER2 and HMMER3 output (hmmscan, hmmsearch, hmmpfam) www
  • libbio-tools-run-remoteblast-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-3) Object for remote execution of the NCBI Blast via HTTP www
  • libbio-variation-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.5-3) Bullseye:(1.7.5-2) BioPerl variation-related functionality www
  • libbit-vector-minimal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-6) Bullseye:(1.3-5.1) object-oriented wrapper around vec() www
  • libbit-vector-perl

    Bookworm:(7.4-2+b1) Bullseye:(7.4-1+b7) Perl module for bit vectors and more www
  • libbloom-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-4) Bullseye:(1.2-2.1) Bloom filter implemented in Perl www
  • libboolean-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-3) Bullseye:(0.46-1) module providing transparent support for booleans www
  • libboost-geometry-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.15-2+b8) Perl module providing bindings to the Boost Geometry library www
  • libbot-basicbot-perl

    Bookworm:(0.93-2) Bullseye:(0.93-1) simple IRC bot baseclass www
  • libbot-basicbot-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-1) extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules www
  • libbot-training-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-2) text training material for bots www
  • libboulder-perl

    Bookworm:(1.30-6) Bullseye:(1.30-5.1) Perl module for hierarchical tag/value structures www
  • libbread-board-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-2) Bullseye:(0.37-1) solderless way to wire up your application components www
  • libbrowser-open-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Perl module to open a browser in a given URL www
  • libbsd-arc4random-perl

    Bookworm:(1.50-8+b1) Bullseye:(1.50-6+b8) CPAN's BSD::arc4random -- Perl bindings for arc4random www
  • libbsd-resource-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2911-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.2911-1+b5) BSD process resource limit and priority functions www
  • libbson-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12.2-1) BSON serialization and deserialization for Perl www
  • libbson-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8.4-2) Bullseye:(0.8.4-1+b1) Perl XS implementation of MongoDB's BSON serialization www
  • libbssolv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-4) Bullseye:(0.17-3) module to compute package dependencies (for Open Build Service backend) www
  • libbusiness-br-ids-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0022-3) Bullseye:(0.0022-1.1) modules for dealing with Brazilian identification codes (CPF, CNPJ, ...) www
  • libbusiness-creditcard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-2) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Perl module to validate or generate credit card checksums and names www
  • libbusiness-edi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) class for generating U.N. EDI interchange objects www
  • libbusiness-edifact-interchange-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) module to parse Edifact messages for book ordering www
  • libbusiness-hours-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) Perl module to calculate business hours in a time period www
  • libbusiness-isbn-data-perl

    Bookworm:(20210112.006-2) Bullseye:(20210112.001-1) data pack for Business::ISBN www
  • libbusiness-isbn-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.006-1) Perl library to work with International Standard Book Numbers www
  • libbusiness-isin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3) Bullseye:(0.20-2) module to validate International Securities Identification Numbers www
  • libbusiness-ismn-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.202-1) module for International Standard Music Numbers www
  • libbusiness-issn-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-2) Bullseye:(1.004-1) Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN) www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-authorizenet-perl

    Bookworm:(3.23-2) Bullseye:(3.23-1) AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-ippay-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Bullseye:(0.09-2) backend for IPPay in Business::OnlinePayment framework www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-openecho-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-4) ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-payconnect-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3) PaymentOne PayConnect backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-payflowpro-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-5) Bullseye:(1.01-4.1) PayPal Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-paymentech-perl

    Bookworm:(2.07-2) Bullseye:(2.07-1.1) Chase Paymentech backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-perl

    Bookworm:(3.05-2) Bullseye:(3.05-1) Perl extension for online payment processing www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.03-5) TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-transactioncentral-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-5) Bullseye:(0.06-4) Transaction Central backend module for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-onlinepayment-viaklix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) viaKLIX backend for Business::OnlinePayment www
  • libbusiness-paypal-api-perl

    Bookworm:(0.77-2) Bullseye:(0.77-1) module providing access to the PayPal API www
  • libbusiness-tax-vat-validation-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-1) Bullseye:(1.12-1) library for European VAT numbers validation www
  • libbusiness-us-usps-webtools-perl

    Bookworm:(1.125-2) Bullseye:(1.125-1) Perl module enabling use of USPS Web Tools services www
  • libbytes-random-secure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-1) Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes www
  • libcache-bdb-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) object caching wrapper around BerkeleyDB www
  • libcache-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-2) Managed caches of persistent information www
  • libcache-fastmmap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.57-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.56-1) Perl module providing a mmap'ed cache www
  • libcache-historical-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) simple data caching service with time history www
  • libcache-lru-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) simple, fast implementation of LRU cache www
  • libcache-memcached-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.25-1+b3) Perl client for memcached, in C language www
  • libcache-memcached-fast-safe-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Cache::Memcached::Fast with sanitizing keys and fork-safe www
  • libcache-memcached-getparserxs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.01-2+b3) C/XS implementation of Cache::Memcached::GetParser www
  • libcache-memcached-libmemcached-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04001-3) Bullseye:(0.04001-2) cache interface to Memcached::libmemcached www
  • libcache-memcached-managed-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.26-1) API for managing cached information www
  • libcache-memcached-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.30-1.1) Perl module for using memcached servers www
  • libcache-mmap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.11-3+b8) module to provide a shared data cache using memory mapped files www
  • libcache-perl

    Bookworm:(2.11-2) Bullseye:(2.11-1.1) Cache interface www
  • libcache-ref-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Perl module for caching references in memory www
  • libcache-simple-timedexpiry-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-3.1) Bullseye:(0.27-3) Perl module to cache and expire key/value pairs www
  • libcairo-gobject-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-4) Bullseye:(1.005-2+b2) integrate Cairo into the Glib type system in Perl www
  • libcairo-perl

    Bookworm:(1.109-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.109-1) Perl interface to the Cairo graphics library www
  • libcal-dav-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-4) Bullseye:(0.6-3.1) CalDAV client library www
  • libcalendar-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) module for producing simple calendars www
  • libcall-context-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) module to sanity-check calling context www
  • libcam-pdf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-5) Bullseye:(1.60-3) PDF manipulation library www
  • libcanary-stability-perl

    Bookworm:(2006-4) Bullseye:(2006-2) canary to check perl compatibility for schmorp's modules www
  • libcaptcha-recaptcha-perl

    Bookworm:(0.98+ds-3) Bullseye:(0.98+ds-1) perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API www
  • libcapture-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.48-2) Bullseye:(0.48-1) module to capture STDOUT and STDERR www
  • libcarp-always-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16-1) Perl module to make warn and die noisy with stack backtraces www
  • libcarp-assert-more-perl

    Bookworm:(2.2.0-1) Bullseye:(1.26-1) set of convenient assertions easier to use than libcarp-assert-perl www
  • libcarp-assert-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-3) Bullseye:(0.21-1.1) Carp::Assert - executable comments for perl www
  • libcarp-clan-perl

    Bookworm:(6.08-2) Bullseye:(6.08-1) Perl enhancement to Carp error logging facilities www
  • libcarp-clan-share-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-3) Bullseye:(0.013-2.1) Perl module enabling sharing of Carp::Clan settings www
  • libcarp-datum-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.1.3-9) Bullseye:(1:0.1.3-8) Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module (for perl) www
  • libcarp-fix-1-25-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000001-4) Bullseye:(1.000001-2.1) Perl module to smooth over incompatible changes in Carp 1.25 www
  • libcatalyst-action-renderview-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) Sensible default end action for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-action-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1) module for automatic REST method dispatching www
  • libcatalyst-action-serialize-data-serializer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-2.1) serializing module for Catalyst::Action::REST using Data::Serializer www
  • libcatalyst-actionrole-acl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Catalyst ActionRole for user role-based authorization www
  • libcatalyst-actionrole-checktrailingslash-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) Test URI path for trailing slash and redirect if needed www
  • libcatalyst-actionrole-requiressl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1) Force an action to be (in)secure only www
  • libcatalyst-authentication-credential-authen-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-4) Bullseye:(0.09-3.1) Catalyst plugin for verifying credentials with the Authen::Simple framework www
  • libcatalyst-authentication-credential-http-perl

    Bookworm:(1.018-2) Bullseye:(1.018-1) HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-authentication-store-dbix-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1506-5) Bullseye:(0.1506-4) Catalyst authentication storage via DBIx::Class www
  • libcatalyst-authentication-store-htpasswd-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006-3) Bullseye:(1.006-2) Authen::Htpasswd based user storage/authentication www
  • libcatalyst-component-instancepercontext-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001001-3) Bullseye:(0.001001-2.1) Single per-request instances of Catalyst components www
  • libcatalyst-controller-actionrole-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.17-2) module for applying roles to action instances www
  • libcatalyst-controller-formbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2.1) Catalyst FormBuilder base controller www
  • libcatalyst-controller-html-formfu-perl

    Bookworm:(2.04-2) Bullseye:(2.04-1.1) Catalyst integration for HTML::FormFu www
  • libcatalyst-devel-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.42-1) collection of development tools for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-dispatchtype-regex-perl

    Bookworm:(5.90035-2) Bullseye:(5.90035-1.1) Regex DispatchType for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-engine-apache-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-2.1) Catalyst engine for Apache 1.x and 2.x www
  • libcatalyst-engine-psgi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.13+dfsg-2) Catalyst engine for the PSGI protocol www
  • libcatalyst-log-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-5) Bullseye:(1.06-3.1) logging module for Catalyst (deprecated) www
  • libcatalyst-manual-perl

    Bookworm:(5.9011-2) Bullseye:(5.9011-1) developer's manual for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-model-adaptor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-2.1) glue for Catalyst model modules www
  • libcatalyst-model-cdbi-crud-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-3.1) deprecated Catalyst module www
  • libcatalyst-model-cdbi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) CDBI Model Class for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-model-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-2.1) Database model class for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-model-dbic-schema-perl

    Bookworm:(0.65-3) Bullseye:(0.65-2) DBIx::Class::Schema-based database model for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl

    Bookworm:(10) Bullseye:(9+nmu1) extra modules for Catalyst (metapackage)
  • libcatalyst-modules-perl

    Bookworm:(49) Bullseye:(48+nmu1) modules for Catalyst (metapackage)
  • libcatalyst-perl

    Bookworm:(5.90130-1) Bullseye:(5.90128-1) elegant Model-View-Controller Web Application Framework www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-authentication-credential-openid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03+rp-4) Bullseye:(0.03+rp-3.1) OpenID credential for Catalyst::Auth framework www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-authentication-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10023-4) Bullseye:(0.10023-3) Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-authorization-acl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) ACL support for Catalyst applications www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-authorization-roles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-4) Bullseye:(0.09-3) Role based authorization plugin for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) flexible caching support for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-cache-store-fastmmap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-6) Bullseye:(0.02-4) (deprecated) FastMmap cache store plugin for Catalyst::Plugin::Cache www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-captcha-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-3) create and validate Captcha for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-compress-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-1.1) Catalyst plugin to compress the response www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-configloader-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.35-1) Catalyst plugin for loading configuration files www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-customerrormessage-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-2.2) Catalyst plugin to have more "cute" error message. www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-email-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-1) module to send emails with Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-fillinform-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) module providing Fill-In-Form for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-i18n-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-5) Bullseye:(0.10-3.1) I18N for Catalyst web application framework www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-log-dispatch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.121-3) Bullseye:(0.121-2.1) Catalyst log module that uses Log::Dispatch www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-redirect-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) Catalyst plugin for easy redirects www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-scheduler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-2) Catalyst plugin for scheduling events to run in a cron-like fashion www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-1) Bullseye:(0.41-1) generic Session plugin for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-state-cookie-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.18-1) Catalyst plugin for maintaining session IDs using cookies www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Catalyst plugin for storing session data in the cache www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-dbi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16-3) DBI session storage plugin for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-dbic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-4) Bullseye:(0.14-3.1) DBIx::Class-based session storage plugin for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-delegate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-2.1) delegated Catalyst session storage helper www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-fastmmap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) Catalyst session storage plugin backed by Cache::FastMMap www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-file-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-2.1) File storage backend for Catalyst session data www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-session-store-redis-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.900-1) Redis Session store for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-setenv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-3.1) set up the environment from Catalyst's config file www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-smarturi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.041-2) Bullseye:(0.041-1) module providing configurable URIs for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-stacktrace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4) Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) Catalyst plugin for displaying a stack trace on the debug screen www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-static-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-1) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Catalyst plugin for easy serving of static pages www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-subrequest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1.1) deprecated Catalyst plugin for making subrequests to actions www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-unicode-encoding-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8-1) Unicode aware Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-plugin-unicode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.93-4) Bullseye:(0.93-3.1) Unicode support for Catalyst (old style) www
  • libcatalyst-view-component-subinclude-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-3) Use subincludes in your Catalyst views www
  • libcatalyst-view-csv-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8-1) CSV view class for the Catalyst web framework www
  • libcatalyst-view-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Catalyst module for sending email www
  • libcatalyst-view-excel-template-plus-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3-2.2) Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus www
  • libcatalyst-view-gd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1-1.2) Catalyst View for GD images www
  • libcatalyst-view-json-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-2) Bullseye:(0.37-1) JSON view plugin for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-view-mason-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) Mason view component for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-view-pdf-reuse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-2.1) Create PDF files from Catalyst using Template Toolkit templates www
  • libcatalyst-view-petal-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Petal View Class for Catalyst www
  • libcatalyst-view-tt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-1) Bullseye:(0.45-1) Template View Class for Catalyst www
  • libcatalystx-component-traits-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-3) Bullseye:(0.19-2.1) Automatic Trait Loading and Resolution for Catalyst Components www
  • libcatalystx-injectcomponent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.025-2) Bullseye:(0.025-1.1) module for injecting components into Catalyst applications www
  • libcatalystx-leakchecker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2.1) module for detecting memory leaks in Catalyst applications www
  • libcatalystx-simplelogin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1) simple and reusable login controller www
  • libcatmandu-aat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Catmandu library to retrieve items from the AAT www
  • libcatmandu-alephx-perl

    Bookworm:(1.073-2) low level client for Aleph X-Services www
  • libcatmandu-atom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) modules for handling Atom feeds within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-bibtex-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Catmandu modules for working with BibTeX data www
  • libcatmandu-blacklight-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Catmandu module for working with Blacklight catalogs www
  • libcatmandu-breaker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.141-2) Catmandu modules that export data in a Breaker format www
  • libcatmandu-cmd-repl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) interactive shell for Catmandu www
  • libcatmandu-crossref-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-2) Catmandu modules to import data from the CrossRef API www
  • libcatmandu-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Catmandu tools to communicate with DBI based interfaces www
  • libcatmandu-exporter-table-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-3) Catmandu modules for exporting data in tabular MultiMarkdown format www
  • libcatmandu-fedoracommons-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-2) low level Catmandu interface to the Fedora Commons REST API www
  • libcatmandu-filestore-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-2) Bullseye:(1.16-1) modules to make files persistent within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-fix-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0201-2) Catmandu module that pipes data to be 'fixed' through an external process www
  • libcatmandu-fix-datahub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Catmandu utility functions and generic fixes for the Datahub project www
  • libcatmandu-i18n-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) modules for handling text localisation within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-identifier-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) namespace for handling identifiers within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-importer-getjson-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2) Bullseye:(0.52-1) load JSON-encoded data from a server using a GET HTTP request www
  • libcatmandu-inspire-perl

    Bookworm:(0.300-2) modules for working with Inspire data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-ldap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0105-2) modules for working with LDAP directories within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-mab2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1) modules for working with MAB2 data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-marc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.281-1) Bullseye:(1.241-1) modules for working with MARC data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-markdown-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) modules for handling markdown data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-mediawiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.021-2) Catmandu modules for interfacing with MediaWiki www
  • libcatmandu-mendeley-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) modules wrapping the Mendeley API within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-mods-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-3) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) modules for working with MODS data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-oai-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) modules for working with OAI repositories within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2020-1) Bullseye:(1.2012-2) metadata toolkit www
  • libcatmandu-plos-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) modules for working with PLoS data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-pubmed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) modules for working with PubMed data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-pure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Catmandu modules for working with data from Pure www
  • libcatmandu-rdf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-2) modules for handling RDF data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-ris-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) modules for handling RIS data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-solr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0304-2) Catmandu modules for working with SOLR endpoints www
  • libcatmandu-sru-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43.0-2) Bullseye:(0.42.8-1) modules for working with SRU data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-stat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Catmandu modules for working with statistical data www
  • libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0202-2) Bullseye:(1.0202-1) searchable store backed by Elasticsearch www
  • libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0806-1) Bullseye:(0.0803-1) searchable store backed by MongoDB www
  • libcatmandu-template-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-1) Bullseye:(0.13-1) modules for working with templates within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-viaf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Catmandu modules for retrieving items from VIAF authority files www
  • libcatmandu-wikidata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) import from Wikidata for processing with Catmandu www
  • libcatmandu-xls-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.09-1) modules for working with Excel files within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) modules for handling XML data within the Catmandu framework www
  • libcatmandu-xsd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) modules for handling XML data with XSD compilation www
  • libcatmandu-z3950-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Catmandu module for working with Z3950 data www
  • libcatmandu-zotero-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Catmandu modules for working with Zotero web www
  • libcbor-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.86-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.83-1) module for manipulating CBOR-formatted data (C/XS-accelerated) www
  • libcdb-file-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.05-1) module to access cdb databases from Perl www
  • libcddb-file-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) Parse a CDDB/freedb data file www
  • libcddb-get-perl

    Bookworm:(2.28-4) Bullseye:(2.28-3) Perl interface to read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive www
  • libcddb-perl

    Bookworm:(1.222-3) Bullseye:(1.222-1.1) module to query CDDB and freedb servers www
  • libcdk-perl

    Bookworm:(20230205-1) Bullseye:(20150928-1+b8) Perl interface for a curses widget library www
  • libcgi-ajax-perl

    Bookworm:(0.707-3) Bullseye:(0.707-2) Perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications www
  • libcgi-application-basic-plugin-bundle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9) bundle of basic plugins for CGI::Application
  • libcgi-application-dispatch-perl

    Bookworm:(3.12-3) Bullseye:(3.12-2.1) request dispatcher for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-extra-plugin-bundle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7) bundle of extra CGI::Application plugins
  • libcgi-application-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.61+~1.21+~1.00+~1.01-1) framework for building reusable web-applications www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-actiondispatch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.99-3) Bullseye:(0.99-2.1) attribute extension for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-anytemplate-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.18-3) module supporting any templating system in CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23+~cs0.5-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1) authentication framework for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-authorization-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07+~cs0.1-1) authorization framework for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-autorunmode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-2.1) CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-captcha-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) module providing CAPTCHA support in CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-config-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) module providing Config::Simple support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-configauto-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-3) Bullseye:(1.33-2.1) plugin that adds Config::Auto support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-dbh-perl

    Bookworm:(4.04-4) Bullseye:(4.04-2) plugin adding database support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-dbiprofile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) plugin providing database profiling support www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-debugscreen-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-2) debugging tool for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-devpopup-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.08+~cs2.4-1) debugging framework for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-fillinform-perl

    Bookworm:(1.15-3) Bullseye:(1.15-2.1) plugin for CGI::Application to fill in forms www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-formstate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) plugin to store form state without hidden fields www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-forward-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-3) Bullseye:(1.06-2.1) plugin to allow one run mode pass control to another www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-json-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-4) Bullseye:(1.02-3.1) plugin to facilitate manipulation of JSON headers www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-linkintegrity-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-3.1) plugin to make tamper-resisistent links in CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-logdispatch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-2.1) plugin that adds Log::Dispatch support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-messagestack-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-5) Bullseye:(0.34-4) message passing plugin for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-protectcsrf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) plugin to generate and verify anti-CSRF challenges www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-ratelimit-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-4) Bullseye:(1.0-3.1) Perl module for limiting the runmode call rate per user www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-requiressl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) plugin enforcing that certain run modes must be SSL secured www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-session-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) plugin that adds session support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-stream-perl

    Bookworm:(2.12-2) Bullseye:(2.12-1.1) plugin that adds file streaming support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-tt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05+~cs1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.05+~cs1.2-1) plugin that adds Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-validaterm-perl

    Bookworm:(2.52-1) Bullseye:(2.5-3.1) plugin for validating form data using Data::FormValidator www
  • libcgi-application-plugin-viewcode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-6) Bullseye:(1.02-5) debugging tool for CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-application-server-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.063-4) simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application www
  • libcgi-auth-foaf-ssl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.002-1) authentication using WebID www
  • libcgi-compile-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.25-1) module for compiling .cgi scripts to a code reference www
  • libcgi-compress-gzip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) module to allow automatically compressed CGI output www
  • libcgi-cookie-splitter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) module for splitting big cookies into smaller ones www
  • libcgi-emulate-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1) PSGI adapter for CGI www
  • libcgi-expand-perl

    Bookworm:(2.05-6) Bullseye:(2.05-4) convert flat hash to nested data using TT2's dot convention www
  • libcgi-fast-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:2.15-1) CGI subclass for work with FCGI www
  • libcgi-formalware-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-4) Bullseye:(1.16-2.1) Perl module for converting an XML file into a suite of CGI forms www
  • libcgi-formbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(3.10-6) Bullseye:(3.10-4) Easily generate and process stateful CGI forms www
  • libcgi-formbuilder-source-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module to initialize FormBuilder applications from Perl files www
  • libcgi-formbuilder-source-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.8-5) Bullseye:(1.0.8-4.1) module to initialize FormBuilder applications from YAML files www
  • libcgi-github-webhook-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Easily write CGI-based GitHub webhooks in Perl www
  • libcgi-pm-perl

    Bookworm:(4.55-1) Bullseye:(4.51-1) module for Common Gateway Interface applications www
  • libcgi-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3) Bullseye:(0.15-2.1) Adapt CGI.pm to the PSGI protocol www
  • libcgi-session-driver-chi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-3) Bullseye:(1.0.3-2) driver for CGI::Session to use CHI as a session store www
  • libcgi-session-driver-memcached-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Perl module to allow CGI sessions to be stored in memcache www
  • libcgi-session-expiresessions-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-1) Bullseye:(1.13-2.1) automatic deletion of expired CGI sessions www
  • libcgi-session-perl

    Bookworm:(4.48-4) Bullseye:(4.48-3) persistent session data in CGI applications www
  • libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(4.26-4) Bullseye:(4.26-3) YAML and YAML::Syck support for CGI::Session's serializers www
  • libcgi-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.280-2) Bullseye:(1.115-2) simple CGI.pm compatible OO CGI interface www
  • libcgi-ssi-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.2) parse Apache server-side includes directives www
  • libcgi-ssi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-6) Bullseye:(0.92-5.1) Perl module to use SSI from CGI scripts www
  • libcgi-struct-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2+b6) Perl module to build structures from CGI data, XS version www
  • libcgi-test-perl

    Bookworm:(1.111-2) Bullseye:(1.111-1.1) CGI regression test framework www
  • libcgi-untaint-date-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-4) Bullseye:(1.00-3.1) CGI::Untaint input handler for date validation www
  • libcgi-untaint-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-3.1) input handler for CGI::Untaint to validate an email address www
  • libcgi-untaint-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-8) Bullseye:(1.26-7) module to process CGI input parameters www
  • libcgi-uploader-perl

    Bookworm:(2.18-3) Bullseye:(2.18-2.1) module for managing CGI uploads using an SQL database www
  • libcgi-validop-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.56-2) module for validating CGI parameters www
  • libcgi-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-16) Bullseye:(0.1-15.1) perl module for converting CGI variables from/to XML www
  • libcgi-xmlapplication-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.5-2) Bullseye:(1.1.5-1) perl module for creating XML-DOM and OO based CGI scripts www
  • libcgi-xmlform-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-16) Bullseye:(0.10-15.1) perl module for reading/generating formatted XML www
  • libchado-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.31-6) database schema and tools for genomic data www
  • libchart-clicker-perl

    Bookworm:(2.90-3) Bullseye:(2.90-1) module for creating attractive charts and graphs www
  • libchart-gnuplot-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) module for generating two- and three-dimensional plots www
  • libchart-perl

    Bookworm:(2.403.9-1) Bullseye:(2.4.10ds1-2.1) Chart library for Perl www
  • libchart-strip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-5) Bullseye:(1.08-4) Draw strip chart type graphs www
  • libchatbot-eliza-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-1.1) clone of the classic Eliza program www
  • libcheck-isa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) Perl module for correct checking of an object's class www
  • libchemistry-elements-perl

    Bookworm:(1.075-2) Bullseye:(1.074-1) Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements www
  • libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-1) MDL molfile/SDF (V2000) reader/writer www
  • libchemistry-formula-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.1-1.3) enumerate elements in a chemical formula www
  • libchemistry-isotope-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) table of the isotopes exact mass data www
  • libchemistry-mol-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-1) Molecule object toolkit www
  • libchemistry-openbabel-perl

    Bookworm:(3.1.1+dfsg-9+b2) Bullseye:(3.1.1+dfsg-6) Chemical toolbox library (perl bindings) www
  • libchemistry-opensmiles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8.5-1) Bullseye:(0.4.3-2) OpenSMILES format reader and writer www
  • libchemistry-ring-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-1) Represent a ring as a substructure of a molecule www
  • libchi-driver-memcached-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Memcached driver for CHI, the unified cache handling interface www
  • libchi-driver-redis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-3) CHI driver that uses Redis to store the data www
  • libchi-memoize-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-2) memoization implementation backed by CHI www
  • libchi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.61-1) Bullseye:(0.60-4) Unified Cache Handling Interface www
  • libchild-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-3) Bullseye:(0.013-1.1) Object Oriented simple interface to fork() www
  • libcipux-cat-web-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( user and resource management framework CipUX - web-based admin tools www
  • libcipux-dog-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( command execution hook for CipUX www
  • libcipux-object-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( object layer of CipUX www
  • libcipux-passwd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( routines for cipux-passwd www
  • libcipux-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( user and resource management framework CipUX - base library www
  • libcipux-rbac-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( simple role-based access control functions for CipUX www
  • libcipux-rpc-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( base class for CipUX XML-RPC clients www
  • libcipux-rpc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( XML-RPC routines for perl-based CipUX XML-RPC applications www
  • libcipux-storage-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( storage abstraction layer for CipUX www
  • libcipux-task-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( task library for CipUX www
  • libclamav-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2.1) Perl client for the ClamAV virus scanner daemon www
  • libclang-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.09-4+b7) Perl bindings to the Clang compiler's indexing interface www
  • libclass-accessor-chained-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01.1~debian-5) Bullseye:(0.01.1~debian-4) Perl module providing chained accessors www
  • libclass-accessor-children-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) perl module for automated child-class/accessor generation www
  • libclass-accessor-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.504-1) Bullseye:(0.503-2.1) simple class variable accessors www
  • libclass-accessor-classy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-4) Bullseye:(0.9.1-2.1) Perl module providing minimalist, fast accessors www
  • libclass-accessor-grouped-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10014-2) Bullseye:(0.10014-1) Perl module to build groups of accessors www
  • libclass-accessor-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor www
  • libclass-accessor-lvalue-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-5) Bullseye:(0.11-4.1) module to create Lvalue accessors www
  • libclass-accessor-named-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1) module to better profiling output for Class::Accessor www
  • libclass-accessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-2) Bullseye:(0.51-1) Perl module that automatically generates accessors www
  • libclass-adapter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2) Bullseye:(1.09-1) Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern www
  • libclass-autoloadcan-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) module managing conflict between AUTOLOAD, can and inheritance www
  • libclass-autouse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.01-1.1) module for deferring loading ('use'ing) of a class until run time www
  • libclass-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) useful base class for deriving other modules www
  • libclass-c3-adopt-next-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) drop-in replacement for NEXT, using Class::C3 to do the hard work www
  • libclass-c3-componentised-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001002-2) Bullseye:(1.001002-1) module to load mix-ins or components to C3-based classes www
  • libclass-c3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-2) Bullseye:(0.35-1) pragma for using the C3 method resolution order www
  • libclass-c3-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-1+b3) Bullseye:(0.15-1+b1) Perl module to accelerate Class::C3 www
  • libclass-container-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) Perl module to glue object frameworks together transparently www
  • libclass-contract-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-9) Bullseye:(1.14-8.1) Perl Design-by-Contract OO module www
  • libclass-csv-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-2.3) Bullseye:(1.03-2.2) Class based CSV parser/writer www
  • libclass-data-accessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04004-4) Bullseye:(0.04004-2) Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation www
  • libclass-data-inheritable-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-3) Perl module to create accessors to class data www
  • libclass-date-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.17-2) Bullseye:(1.1.17-1) Perl module for easy date and time manipulation www
  • libclass-dbi-abstractsearch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-4.1) Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract www
  • libclass-dbi-asform-perl

    Bookworm:(2.42-8) Bullseye:(2.42-7) module to produce HTML form elements for database columns using Class::DBI www
  • libclass-dbi-fromcgi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-5.1) Perl module to update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint www
  • libclass-dbi-fromform-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-3.1) Perl module to update Class::DBI data using Data::FormValidator www
  • libclass-dbi-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.033-1) lightweight ORM for Perl www
  • libclass-dbi-loader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-4) Bullseye:(0.34-3.1) Perl module for dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes www
  • libclass-dbi-loader-relationship-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.2-6) Bullseye:(1:1.2-5.1) Easier relationship specification in Class::DBI::Loader www
  • libclass-dbi-mysql-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-5) Bullseye:(1.00-4.1) extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL www
  • libclass-dbi-pager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-6) Bullseye:(0.08-5) pager utility for Class::DBI www
  • libclass-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.17-5) Bullseye:(3.0.17-4.1) convenient abstraction layer to a database www
  • libclass-dbi-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-6) Bullseye:(0.09-5.1) Class::DBI extension for Postgres www
  • libclass-dbi-plugin-abstractcount-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) Class::DBI plugin to get COUNT(*) results with abstract SQL www
  • libclass-dbi-plugin-pager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.566-4) Bullseye:(0.566-2.1) Perl extension for paging SQL results www
  • libclass-dbi-plugin-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-6.1) abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins www
  • libclass-dbi-plugin-retrieveall-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-5) Bullseye:(1.04-4.1) Class::DBI plugin providing a more complex retrieve_all() method www
  • libclass-dbi-plugin-type-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-10) Bullseye:(0.02-9) Class::DBI plugin to determine type information for table columns www
  • libclass-dbi-sqlite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-6) Bullseye:(0.11-5.1) extension to Class::DBI for sqlite www
  • libclass-dbi-sweet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Perl module providing a sweeter Class::DBI www
  • libclass-default-perl

    Bookworm:(1.51-5) Bullseye:(1.51-3) Perl module to make static calls apply to a default instantiation www
  • libclass-delegator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-6) Bullseye:(0.09-4.1) Perl module for a simple and fast object-oriented delegation www
  • libclass-ehierarchy-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-3) Bullseye:(2.01-1) module that provides a base class for hierarchally ordered objects www
  • libclass-errorhandler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Base class for error handling www
  • libclass-factory-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-5) Bullseye:(1.06-3.1) Base class for dynamic factory classes www
  • libclass-factory-util-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7-5) Bullseye:(1.7-3.1) utility method for factory classes www
  • libclass-field-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1) accessor cenerator for class fields and consts www
  • libclass-forward-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.100006-2) class dispatcher that handles namespaces like paths www
  • libclass-gomor-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-1) class and object builder www
  • libclass-handle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-5) Bullseye:(1.07-3) module to create objects which are handles to classes www
  • libclass-inner-perl

    Bookworm:(0.200001-4) Bullseye:(0.200001-2) module providing Java-like inner classes www
  • libclass-insideout-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-3) Bullseye:(1.14-2) safe, simple inside-out object construction kit www
  • libclass-inspector-perl

    Bookworm:(1.36-3) Bullseye:(1.36-1) Perl module that provides information about classes www
  • libclass-isa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-7) Bullseye:(0.36-6) report the search path for a class's ISA tree www
  • libclass-load-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) module for loading modules by name www
  • libclass-load-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b4) XS implementation of parts of Class::Load www
  • libclass-loader-perl

    Bookworm:(2.03-4) Bullseye:(2.03-2) module to load modules and create objects on command www
  • libclass-makemethods-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-7) Bullseye:(1.01-5) Perl module for generating common types of methods www
  • libclass-measure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Perl module to create, compare, and convert units of measurement www
  • libclass-meta-perl

    Bookworm:(0.66-3) Bullseye:(0.66-2.1) class automation, introspection, and data validation module www
  • libclass-method-modifiers-perl

    Bookworm:(2.14-1) Bullseye:(2.13-1) Perl module providing method modifiers www
  • libclass-methodmaker-perl

    Bookworm:(2.24-2+b3) Bullseye:(2.24-2+b1) Perl module for creating generic methods www
  • libclass-mix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1) Perl module for dynamic class mixing www
  • libclass-mixinfactory-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-5) Bullseye:(0.92-3.1) Class Factory with Selection of Mixins www
  • libclass-multimethods-perl

    Bookworm:(1.701-3) Bullseye:(1.701-1.1) Support multimethods and subroutine overloading in Perl www
  • libclass-objecttemplate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-9) Bullseye:(0.7-8.1) Perl extension for an optimized template builder base class www
  • libclass-ooorno-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-3) Bullseye:(0.011-2.1) Give your module classic AND OO interfaces www
  • libclass-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.7-2) Bullseye:(1.00-3) module providing aliases for __PACKAGE__ www
  • libclass-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.022-2.2) Bullseye:(0.022-2.1) Simple pluggable class. www
  • libclass-prototyped-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-4) Bullseye:(1.13-2.1) module for fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl www
  • libclass-refresh-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-2) module for refreshing classes during runtime www
  • libclass-returnvalue-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-4) Bullseye:(0.55-2.1) return-value object that can be treated as boolean, array or object www
  • libclass-singleton-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6-2) Bullseye:(1.6-1) implementation of a "Singleton" class www
  • libclass-spiffy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-3.1) Spiffy Perl interface framework www
  • libclass-std-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.8-4) Bullseye:(0.0.8-2.1) faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std www
  • libclass-std-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-3) Bullseye:(0.013-1.1) module for creating standard "inside-out" classes www
  • libclass-std-storable-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.1-2.1) Support for creating serializable "inside-out" classes www
  • libclass-std-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-3) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2.1) utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects www
  • libclass-throwable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-1) minimal lightweight exception class www
  • libclass-tiny-antlers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.024-3) Moose-like sugar for Class::Tiny www
  • libclass-tiny-chained-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) minimalist class construction module with chained attributes www
  • libclass-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.008-2) Bullseye:(1.008-1) minimalist class construction module for Perl www
  • libclass-trigger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) Mix-in to add/call inheritable triggers www
  • libclass-type-enum-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2) module to build enum-like classes www
  • libclass-unload-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl module to unload a class at runtime www
  • libclass-virtual-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-1) base class for virtual base classes www
  • libclass-whitehole-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-9) Bullseye:(0.04-7) base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors www
  • libclass-xsaccessor-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.19-3+b17) Perl module providing fast XS accessors www
  • libclearsilver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10.5-4+b7) Bullseye:(0.10.5-4+b3) Perl bindings for clearsilver www
  • libcli-framework-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) standardized, flexible, testable CLI applications framework for Perl www
  • libcli-osprey-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) module to assist in writing commandline applications with OO modules www
  • libclipboard-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.27-1) module to use X selections (clipboard) from Perl www
  • libclone-choose-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1) Choose appropriate clone utility (Perl library) www
  • libclone-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-1) Bullseye:(0.45-1+b1) module for recursively copying Perl datatypes www
  • libclone-pp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-2) Bullseye:(1.08-1) module to recursively copy Perl datatypes www
  • libcloudflare-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.55.4-1.1) object-orientated interface to the CloudFlare client API www
  • libclutter-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.110-6) perl bindings for an Open GL based interactive canvas library www
  • libcod-tools-perl

    Bookworm:(3.7.0+dfsg-1+b3) Bullseye:(3.1.0+dfsg-3) tools for manipulating CIF format files - Perl modules www
  • libcode-tidyall-perl

    Bookworm:(0.83~ds-1) Bullseye:(0.78~ds-1) your all-in-one code tidier and validator www
  • libcode-tidyall-plugin-clangformat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-2) module to run clang-format using Code::TidyAll www
  • libcode-tidyall-plugin-sortlines-naturally-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000003-3) Bullseye:(0.000003-1.1) sort lines of a file using Unicode::Collate::Locale www
  • libcode-tidyall-plugin-uniquelines-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000003-2) Bullseye:(0.000003-1.1) module to remove duplicate lines from files www
  • libcode-tidyall-plugin-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000001-2) Bullseye:(0.000001-1.1) module to tidy YAML documents www
  • libcode-tidyall-plugin-yamlfrontmatter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000003-2) Bullseye:(1.000003-1) module to validate YAML front matter www
  • libcolor-ansi-util-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.164-1) routines for dealing with ANSI colors www
  • libcolor-calc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.074-2) module for simple calculations with RGB colors www
  • libcolor-library-perl

    Bookworm:(0.021-5) Bullseye:(0.021-3) comprehensive named-colour library www
  • libcolor-palette-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100004-1) Bullseye:(0.100003-1.1) module to manipulate sets of named colours www
  • libcolor-rgb-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.606-1) Bullseye:(0.604-1) set of utilities related to RGB colors www
  • libcolor-scheme-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-1) Bullseye:(1.07-1.1) Perl module to generate pleasant color schemes www
  • libcolor-spectrum-multi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) simple Color::Spectrum wrapper to handle fading www
  • libcolor-spectrum-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-2) Perl module for generating HTML colors www
  • libcommandable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-1) utilities for commandline-based programs www
  • libcommon-sense-perl

    Bookworm:(3.75-3) Bullseye:(3.75-1+b4) module that implements some sane defaults for Perl programs www
  • libcommonmark-perl

    Bookworm:(0.290000-2+b6) Bullseye:(0.290000-2+b1) interface to the CommonMark C library www
  • libcompiler-lexer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.23-2+b1) Lexical Analyzer for Perl5 www
  • libcompress-bzip2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.28-1+b3) Bullseye:(2.28-1+b1) Perl interface to Bzip2 compression library www
  • libcompress-lz4-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25+ds-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.25+ds-1+b4) Perl interface to the LZ4 (de)compressor www
  • libcompress-raw-bzip2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.204-1) Bullseye:(2.101-1) low-level interface to bzip2 compression library www
  • libcompress-raw-lzma-perl

    Bookworm:(2.204-1) Bullseye:(2.101-1) low-level interface to lzma compression library www
  • libcompress-raw-zlib-perl

    Bookworm:(2.204-1) Bullseye:(2.101-1) low-level interface to zlib compression library www
  • libcompress-snappy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24+ds-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.24+ds-2+b3) Perl interface to Google's Snappy (de)compressor www
  • libconfig-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-1) module to load configuration from different file formats www
  • libconfig-apacheformat-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-6) Bullseye:(1.2-5.1) Perl module to parse Apache format config files www
  • libconfig-augeas-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.000-2+b7) module for manipulating configuration files through Augeas www
  • libconfig-auto-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-2) Bullseye:(0.44-1.1) magical config file parser www
  • libconfig-autoconf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.320-1) Bullseye:(0.319-1) Perl module to implement some of AutoConf's macros in pure Perl www
  • libconfig-crontab-perl

    Bookworm:(1.45-3) Bullseye:(1.45-1) module to read/write Vixie-compatible crontab(5) files www
  • libconfig-file-perl

    Bookworm:(1.54-2) Bullseye:(1.54-1) simple configuration file parsing module www
  • libconfig-find-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-3) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) module to search configuration files using OS dependent heuristics www
  • libconfig-general-perl

    Bookworm:(2.65-2) Bullseye:(2.63-1) generic configuration module www
  • libconfig-gitlike-perl

    Bookworm:(1.18-2) Bullseye:(1.18-1) Perl module for Git-compatible config file parsing www
  • libconfig-grammar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-5) Bullseye:(1.13-3) grammar-based user-friendly config parser www
  • libconfig-identity-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0019-3) Bullseye:(0.0019-2) module to load (and optionally decrypt) user/pass identity information www
  • libconfig-ini-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.029-1) Bullseye:(1:0.025-1.1) Perl module for reading and writing .ini files www
  • libconfig-ini-reader-ordered-perl

    Bookworm:(0.022-1) Bullseye:(0.020-1.1) .ini-file parser that returns sections in order www
  • libconfig-inifiles-perl

    Bookworm:(3.000003-2) Bullseye:(3.000003-1) read .ini-style configuration files www
  • libconfig-inihash-perl

    Bookworm:(3.01.01-6) Bullseye:(3.01.01-4) Perl extension for reading and writing INI files www
  • libconfig-jfdi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.065-2) Perl module to load any configuration files www
  • libconfig-json-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5202-2) Bullseye:(1.5202-1.1) parser for JSON-based configuration files www
  • libconfig-merge-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) umbrella interface to configuration modules www
  • libconfig-methodproxy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-3) Perl module for specifying method calls in a static configuration www
  • libconfig-model-approx-perl

    Bookworm:(1.012-2) Bullseye:(1.012-1) Approx proxy server configuration editor www
  • libconfig-model-backend-augeas-perl

    Bookworm:(0.126-1) Bullseye:(0.125-1) config-model reader and writer powered by Augeas www
  • libconfig-model-backend-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(2.134-2) Bullseye:(2.134-1) Read and write config as a YAML data structure www
  • libconfig-model-cursesui-perl

    Bookworm:(1.107-2) Bullseye:(1.107-1) curses interface to edit config data through Config::Model www
  • libconfig-model-dpkg-perl

    Bookworm:(2.165) Bullseye:(2.143) editor for Dpkg source files with validation
  • libconfig-model-itself-perl

    Bookworm:(2.023-1) Bullseye:(2.022-1) graphical model or schema editor for Config::Model www
  • libconfig-model-lcdproc-perl

    Bookworm:(2.053-2) Bullseye:(2.053-1) module to edit and validate LcdProc configuration file www
  • libconfig-model-openssh-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( configuration editor for OpenSsh www
  • libconfig-model-perl

    Bookworm:(2.152-1) Bullseye:(2.141-1) module for describing and editing configuration data www
  • libconfig-model-systemd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.252.2-1) Bullseye:(0.247.1-1) editor and validator for systemd configuration files www
  • libconfig-model-tester-perl

    Bookworm:(4.007-2) Bullseye:(4.006-1) Test framework for Config::Model www
  • libconfig-model-tkui-perl

    Bookworm:(1.376-1) Bullseye:(1.373-1) Tk GUI to edit config data through Config::Model www
  • libconfig-mvp-perl

    Bookworm:(2.200013-1) Bullseye:(2.200012-1) multivalue-property package-oriented configuration module www
  • libconfig-mvp-reader-ini-perl

    Bookworm:(2.101465-1) Bullseye:(2.101463-1.1) Perl module providing a MVP config reader for .ini files www
  • libconfig-mvp-slicer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.303-2) Bullseye:(0.303-1) module to extract embedded plugin config from parent config www
  • libconfig-onion-perl

    Bookworm:(1.007-2) Bullseye:(1.007-1.1) layered configuration www
  • libconfig-pit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Perl module for Manage settings www
  • libconfig-properties-perl

    Bookworm:(1.80-3) Bullseye:(1.80-1.1) Perl module to read and write Java-style property files www
  • libconfig-record-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-4) Bullseye:(1.1.2-2) Perl module for configuration file access www
  • libconfig-scoped-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-4) Bullseye:(0.22-2.1) Feature rich configuration file parser www
  • libconfig-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.59-6.1) simple configuration file class www
  • libconfig-std-perl

    Bookworm:(0.903-3) Bullseye:(0.903-1) Load and save configuration files in a standard format www
  • libconfig-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(2.28-2) Bullseye:(2.26-1) Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible www
  • libconfig-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.42-4) Bullseye:(1.42-3.1) module for manipulating YAML-based configuration files www
  • libconfig-zomg-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.000000-1.1) yet another Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any www
  • libconfigreader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-7) Bullseye:(0.5-5.1) Perl module for reading configuration files www
  • libconfigreader-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.295-2) Bullseye:(1.294-1) simple configuration file parser www
  • libconst-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2) Bullseye:(0.014-1.1) facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes www
  • libconstant-defer-perl

    Bookworm:(6-3) Bullseye:(6-1.1) Perl module providing constant subs with deferred value calculation www
  • libconstant-generate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) Perl module providing useful utilities for handling symbolic constants www
  • libcontext-preserve-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1) Perl module to preserve calling context www
  • libcontextual-return-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004014-4) Bullseye:(0.004014-2) module for creating context-sensitive return values www
  • libconvert-ascii-armour-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-3) Bullseye:(1.4-2.1) module to convert binary into ASCII-armoured messages www
  • libconvert-ascii85-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module for encoding and decoding of ascii85/base85 strings www
  • libconvert-asn1-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-1) Bullseye:(0.27-3) Perl module for encoding and decoding ASN.1 data structures www
  • libconvert-base32-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) module for encoding and decoding of base32 strings www
  • libconvert-basen-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-2) perl module for encoding and decoding of base{2,4,8,16,32,64} strings www
  • libconvert-ber-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3200-5) Bullseye:(1.3200-3.1) Perl implementation of Basic Encoding Rules (BER) www
  • libconvert-binary-c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.84-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.84-1) Binary Data Conversion using C Types www
  • libconvert-binhex-perl

    Bookworm:(1.125-3) Bullseye:(1.125-1) Perl5 module for extracting data from macintosh BinHex files www
  • libconvert-color-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.11-2.1) Perl module for color space conversions and named lookups www
  • libconvert-color-xterm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) module for indexed colors used by XTerm www
  • libconvert-nls-date-format-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1) module for converting Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT <-> strftime Format Strings www
  • libconvert-pem-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) Perl module for reading/writing encrypted ASN.1 PEM files www
  • libconvert-scalar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.12-1+b4) module to convert between different representations of perl scalars www
  • libconvert-tnef-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.18-1.1) Perl module to read TNEF files www
  • libconvert-units-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.43-11) Perl module for performing unit conversions
  • libconvert-uulib-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.8+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1:1.5~dfsg-1+b4) Perl interface to the uulib library (a.k.a. uudeview/uuenview) www
  • libconvert-ytext-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2-2.1) Perl module to quote strings suitably for RFC2822 local parts www
  • libcookie-baker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-1) simple cookie string generator and parser www
  • libcookie-baker-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.11-1+b3) module to boost Cookie::Baker's crush_cookie www
  • libcoro-perl

    Bookworm:(6.570-3+b1) Bullseye:(6.570-1+b1) Perl framework implementing coroutines www
  • libcoro-twiggy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Coro interface for Twiggy www
  • libcorona-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1004-5) Bullseye:(0.1004-4) Coro based PSGI web server www
  • libcourriel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-1) Bullseye:(0.48-1) high level email parsing and manipulation module www
  • libcoy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-10) Bullseye:(0.06-9) replace perl error messages with haiku www
  • libcpan-audit-perl

    Bookworm:(20230309.004-1) Bullseye:(0.15-2) module to audit CPAN distributions for known vulnerabilities www
  • libcpan-changes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.400002-3) Bullseye:(0.400002-1.1) module for reading and writing CPAN Changes files www
  • libcpan-checksums-perl

    Bookworm:(2.14-1) Bullseye:(2.12-1) Perl module to write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN www
  • libcpan-common-index-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1.1) common library for searching CPAN modules, authors, and distributions www
  • libcpan-distnameinfo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) module to extract distribution name and version from a filename www
  • libcpan-inject-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.14-1.1) module for injecting distributions into CPAN sources www
  • libcpan-meta-check-perl

    Bookworm:(0.017-1) Bullseye:(0.014-1) verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object www
  • libcpan-meta-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.150010-2) Perl module to access CPAN distributions metadata www
  • libcpan-meta-requirements-perl

    Bookworm:(2.140-2) Bullseye:(2.140-1) set of version requirements for a CPAN dist www
  • libcpan-meta-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.018-2) Bullseye:(0.018-1) reimplementation of a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files www
  • libcpan-mini-inject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-5) Bullseye:(0.35-1) module to inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror www
  • libcpan-mini-perl

    Bookworm:(1.111016-4) Bullseye:(1.111016-1.1) module for creating a minimal mirror of CPAN www
  • libcpan-perl-releases-perl

    Bookworm:(5.20230220-1) Bullseye:(5.20210320-1) module for mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs www
  • libcpan-reporter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2018-2) Bullseye:(1.2018-1) module which adds CPAN Testers reporting to CPAN.pm www
  • libcpan-reporter-smoker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-1) turnkey CPAN Testers smoking module www
  • libcpan-sqlite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.220-1) Bullseye:(0.219-1) module to maintain a minimal CPAN database with SQLite www
  • libcpan-uploader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.103018-1) Bullseye:(0.103015-1) module to upload packages to the CPAN www
  • libcpandb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-2) Perl module for working with the unified CPAN database www
  • libcpanel-json-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(4.35-1) Bullseye:(4.25-1+b1) module for fast and correct serialising to JSON www
  • libcpanplus-dist-build-perl

    Bookworm:(0.90-2) Bullseye:(0.90-1) CPANPLUS plugin to install packages that use Build.PL www
  • libcpanplus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9914-1) Bullseye:(0.9910-1) API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors www
  • libcps-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) module to manage flow of control in Continuation Passing Style www
  • libcql-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-2) Bullseye:(1.13-1) Common Query Language parser www
  • libcriticism-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-2.1) Perl pragma to enforce coding standards and best-practices www
  • libcrypt-argon2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-1) Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions www
  • libcrypt-bcrypt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-1) modern bcrypt implementation www
  • libcrypt-blowfish-perl

    Bookworm:(2.14-3+b1) Bullseye:(2.14-1+b8) Blowfish cryptography for Perl www
  • libcrypt-cast5-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-2+b3) CAST5 block cipher www
  • libcrypt-cbc-perl

    Bookworm:(3.04-3) Bullseye:(2.33-2) implementation of cipher block chaining (CBC) mode www
  • libcrypt-cracklib-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.7-2+b8) Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib www
  • libcrypt-des-ede3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2) Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption for perl www
  • libcrypt-des-perl

    Bookworm:(2.07-4+b2) Bullseye:(2.07-3+b2) Perl DES encryption module www
  • libcrypt-dh-gmp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.00012-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.00012-1+b8) Crypt::DH replacement that uses GMP directly www
  • libcrypt-dh-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Diffie-Hellman key exchange system implemented in Perl www
  • libcrypt-dsa-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-5) Bullseye:(1.17-4) Perl module for DSA Signatures and Key Generation www
  • libcrypt-ecb-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.22-1) Perl library to encrypt data using ECB mode www
  • libcrypt-eksblowfish-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.009-2+b7) Perl module implementing the Eksblowfish block cipher www
  • libcrypt-format-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) Perl interface to conversion utilities for encryption applications www
  • libcrypt-gcrypt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-6+b1) Bullseye:(1.26-5+b5) Perl interface to the GNU Cryptographic library www
  • libcrypt-generatepassword-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1) perl module to generate secure passwords www
  • libcrypt-gpg-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.52-1.1) An Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG
  • libcrypt-hcesha-perl

    Bookworm:(0.75-3) Bullseye:(0.75-1) Perl extension for one way hash chaining encryption using SHA www
  • libcrypt-jwt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.034-1) Bullseye:(0.032-1) JSON Web Token support for Perl www
  • libcrypt-mysql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-7+b1) Bullseye:(0.04-6+b6) Perl module to emulate the MySQL PASSWORD() function www
  • libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.09-1+b4) Perl module to access OpenSSL multiprecision integer arithmetic libraries www
  • libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3) Bullseye:(0.19-2) module which implements the DSA signature verification system www
  • libcrypt-openssl-ec-perl

    Bookworm:(1.32-1+b4) Bullseye:(1.32-1+b1) Perl extension for OpenSSL EC (Elliptic Curves) library www
  • libcrypt-openssl-guess-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) module for guessing OpenSSL include path www
  • libcrypt-openssl-pkcs10-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.16-3+b3) Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS10 API www
  • libcrypt-openssl-random-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.15-2+b1) module to access the OpenSSL pseudo-random number generator www
  • libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.31-1+b3) module for RSA encryption using OpenSSL www
  • libcrypt-openssl-x509-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9.14-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.9.02-1) Perl extension to OpenSSL's X509 API www
  • libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl

    Bookworm:(1.42-2) Bullseye:(1.41-1) interoperable MD5-based crypt() for Perl www
  • libcrypt-pbkdf2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.161520-2) Bullseye:(0.161520-1) Perl implementation of PBKDF2 password hash www
  • libcrypt-random-seed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Perl module providing strong randomness for seeding www
  • libcrypt-random-source-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) get weak or strong random data from pluggable sources www
  • libcrypt-rc4-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-5) Bullseye:(2.02-3) Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm www
  • libcrypt-rijndael-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.15-1+b1) Perl module implementing the Rijndael algorithm www
  • libcrypt-rsa-parse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.044-2) Bullseye:(0.044-1) Perl module to parse RSA keys www
  • libcrypt-saltedhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module for handling salted hashes www
  • libcrypt-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-8) Bullseye:(0.06-7.1) Perl library to encrypt stuff simply www
  • libcrypt-smbhash-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-4.1) generate LM/NT hash of a password for samba www
  • libcrypt-smime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-1+b3) Bullseye:(0.27-1+b1) S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption module www
  • libcrypt-ssleay-perl

    Bookworm:(0.73.06-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.73.06-1+b4) OpenSSL support for LWP www
  • libcrypt-twofish-perl

    Bookworm:(2.18-1+b2) Bullseye:(2.18-1) Perl module for Twofish Encryption Algorithm www
  • libcrypt-u2f-server-perl

    Bookworm:(0.45-3) Bullseye:(0.45-1+b2) Perl module to register and authenticate U2F compatible devices www
  • libcrypt-unixcrypt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-8) Bullseye:(1.0-7.1) Perl-only implementation of the crypt(3) function www
  • libcrypt-unixcrypt-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.11-1+b5) Perl XS interface that implements crypt() function www
  • libcrypt-urandom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-1.1) module that provides non blocking randomness www
  • libcrypt-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-3.1) lightweight Crypt/Digest convenience API www
  • libcrypt-x509-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-1) Bullseye:(0.53-1) Parse X.509 certificates with Perl www
  • libcryptx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.077-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.069-1+b1) Perl module that provides a self-contained cryptographic toolkit www
  • libcss-compressor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) Perl extension for CSS minification www
  • libcss-dom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1) interface to the Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets www
  • libcss-lessp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.86-3) Bullseye:(0.86-1.1) LESS for Perl www
  • libcss-minifier-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Perl extension for minifying CSS www
  • libcss-minifier-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) XS based CSS minifier www
  • libcss-packer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.08-1) fast pure perl CSS cleaner www
  • libcss-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.09-1.1) object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) www
  • libcss-squish-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-1) module to compact many CSS files into one big file www
  • libcss-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-1) Perl module to read/write .css files with as little code as possible www
  • libcurry-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000001-2) Bullseye:(1.001000-1.1) module to create automatic curried method call closures for any class or object www
  • libcurses-perl

    Bookworm:(1.43-1) Bullseye:(1.37-1+b1) Curses interface for Perl www
  • libcurses-ui-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9609-1.1) curses-based OO user interface framework for Perl www
  • libcurses-widgets-perl

    Bookworm:(1.997-8) Bullseye:(1.997-7) Curses widget interface for Perl www
  • libcvs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-4.1) object oriented Perl interface to the CVS command www
  • libcwd-guard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-1) module for temporarily changing working directory (chdir) www
  • libcyrus-imap-perl

    Bookworm:(3.6.1-4+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.2.6-2+deb11u2) Interface to Cyrus imap client imclient library www
  • libdaemon-control-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.001010-1) module for creating init scripts in Perl www
  • libdaemon-generic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.85-2) Bullseye:(0.85-1) framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon www
  • libdancer-logger-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-3) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2.1) PSGI Log handler for Dancer www
  • libdancer-logger-syslog-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-3) Bullseye:(0.6-1.1) Dancer logger engine for Sys::Syslog www
  • libdancer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3521+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.3513+dfsg-1) effortless web application framework www
  • libdancer-plugin-auth-extensible-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-1) module providing extensible authentication framework for Dancer apps www
  • libdancer-plugin-catmandu-oai-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0508-3) OAI-PMH provider backed by a searchable Catmandu::Store www
  • libdancer-plugin-database-core-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3) Bullseye:(0.20-1) shared core library for Dancer and Dancer2 database plugins www
  • libdancer-plugin-database-perl

    Bookworm:(2.13-2) Bullseye:(2.13-1.1) Dancer plugin providing easy database connections www
  • libdancer-plugin-dbic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2104-3) Bullseye:(0.2104-1.1) DBIx::Class interface for Dancer applications www
  • libdancer-plugin-email-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0400-2) Bullseye:(1.0400-1.1) Simple email sending plugin for Dancer applications www
  • libdancer-plugin-flashmessage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.314-4) Bullseye:(0.314-2.1) Dancer plugin to display temporary, so called "flash messages" www
  • libdancer-plugin-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-3.1) REST plugin for Dancer www
  • libdancer-session-cookie-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-4) Bullseye:(0.30-2.1) encrypted cookie-based session backend for Dancer www
  • libdancer-session-memcached-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2020-3) Bullseye:(0.2020-2.1) Memcached-based session backend for Dancer www
  • libdancer2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.400001+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.300005+dfsg-1) lightweight yet powerful web application framework www
  • libdancer2-plugin-ajax-perl

    Bookworm:(0.400000-2) Bullseye:(0.400000-1.1) Dancer2 plugin for adding Ajax route handlers www
  • libdancer2-plugin-database-perl

    Bookworm:(2.17-2) Bullseye:(2.17-1) module for easy database connections for Dancer2 applications www
  • libdancer2-plugin-passphrase-perl

    Bookworm:(3.4.1-1) Bullseye:(3.3.4-1) passphrases and passwords as objects for Dancer2 www
  • libdanga-socket-perl

    Bookworm:(1.62-2) Bullseye:(1.62-1) event loop and event-driven async socket base class www
  • libdansguardian-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-2.1) Simple module for administer dansguardian's control files www
  • libdata-alias-perl

    Bookworm:(1.28-1) Bullseye:(1.21-1+rpi1) module to create aliases instead of copies www
  • libdata-amf-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09+dfsg-2) Perl module for serialize / deserialize AMF data www
  • libdata-binary-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module for detection of binary versus text in strings www
  • libdata-bitmask-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-4) Bullseye:(0.91-2.1) bitmask manipulation class www
  • libdata-buffer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Read/write buffer class for perl www
  • libdata-clone-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-2+b3) Perl module for polymorphic data cloning www
  • libdata-compare-perl

    Bookworm:(1.27-3) Bullseye:(1.27-1) perl module to compare perl data structures recursively www
  • libdata-dmp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.242-2) Bullseye:(0.240-1) Perl module that dumps Perl data structures as Perl code www
  • libdata-downsample-largesttrianglethreebuckets-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) Perl module for downsampling time series for visual representation www
  • libdata-dpath-perl

    Bookworm:(0.58-2) Bullseye:(0.58-1) DPath is like XPath but for Perl data structures www
  • libdata-dump-oneline-perl

    Bookworm:(0.080-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Perl module that dumps data structures as single-line strings www
  • libdata-dump-perl

    Bookworm:(1.25-1) Bullseye:(1.23-1.1) Perl module to help dump data structures www
  • libdata-dump-streamer-perl

    Bookworm:(2.42-1) Bullseye:(2.40-1+b5) module for serializing a data structure as Perl code www
  • libdata-dumper-compact-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006000-1) Bullseye:(0.005002-1) vertically compact width-limited data formatter www
  • libdata-dumper-concise-perl

    Bookworm:(2.023-3) Bullseye:(2.023-1) module for more shorter Data::Dumper-like output www
  • libdata-dumper-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-7) Bullseye:(0.11-5.1) Easily dump variables together with their names (Data::Dumper-like) www
  • libdata-dumpxml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-3) Bullseye:(1.06-2) module to dump arbitrary Perl data structures as XML www
  • libdata-entropy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-4) Bullseye:(0.007-3.1) Perl module for entropy (randomness) management www
  • libdata-faker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-2) Perl extension for generating fake data www
  • libdata-float-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-3) Bullseye:(0.013-1.1) Perl module encapsulating the floating point data type www
  • libdata-flow-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-4) Bullseye:(1.02-2) Perl extension for simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data www
  • libdata-format-html-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.1-2) Perl module for dumping Perl objects to HTML www
  • libdata-formvalidator-constraints-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-4) Bullseye:(1.11-3.1) date and time constraint plugin for Data::FormValidator www
  • libdata-formvalidator-perl

    Bookworm:(4.88-2) Bullseye:(4.88-1) module to validate user input, mainly for HTML forms www
  • libdata-guid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.051-1) Bullseye:(0.049-1) globally unique identifiers www
  • libdata-hal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-2) Bullseye:(1.001-1) module implementing the HAL data format www
  • libdata-hexdump-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) hexadecimal dumper www
  • libdata-hexdumper-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0001-1.1) module for formatting binary data in a human-readable way www
  • libdata-ical-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-3) convenience methods for using Data::ICal with DateTime www
  • libdata-ical-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.24+dfsg-1) Perl module for manipulating iCalendar (RFC2445) files www
  • libdata-ieee754-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) Perl module to pack and unpack big-endian IEEE754 floats and doubles www
  • libdata-integer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) Perl modules handling details of the native integer data type www
  • libdata-javascript-anon-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-2.2) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) Dump big dumb Perl structs to anonymous JavaScript structs www
  • libdata-javascript-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15-1) module to dump perl data structures into JavaScript code www
  • libdata-messagepack-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.00-4+b1) MessagePack serializing/deserializing www
  • libdata-messagepack-stream-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05+ds-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.04+ds-1+b3) streaming deserializer for MessagePack www
  • libdata-methodproxy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1) module to inject dynamic data into static data www
  • libdata-miscellany-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100850-3) Bullseye:(1.100850-2.1) collection of miscellaneous subroutines www
  • libdata-munge-perl

    Bookworm:(0.097-3) Bullseye:(0.097-1) collection of various utility functions www
  • libdata-objectdriver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) simple, transparent data interface, with caching www
  • libdata-optlist-perl

    Bookworm:(0.113-1) Bullseye:(0.110-1.1) module to parse and validate simple name/value option pairs www
  • libdata-page-pageset-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) condense long Data::Page lists into groups www
  • libdata-page-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.03-1) Perl module providing support for paging through result sets www
  • libdata-pageset-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-2) Perl module for page numbering and page sets www
  • libdata-paginator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) pagination module for Moose www
  • libdata-parsebinary-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.31~dfsg-1.1) yet another parser for binary structures www
  • libdata-password-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-1.1) Perl extension for assessing password quality www
  • libdata-password-zxcvbn-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-1) Bullseye:(1.0.4-2) Perl module of Dropbox's password estimation logic www
  • libdata-peek-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-1) Bullseye:(0.50-1) module providing low-level manipulation of Perl data www
  • libdata-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002011-2) Bullseye:(0.002011-1) classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types www
  • libdata-phrasebook-loader-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-2) loader class for Data::Phrasebook using YAML www
  • libdata-phrasebook-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-3) Bullseye:(0.35-1.1) perl implementation of the phrasebook paradigm www
  • libdata-pond-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.005-1+b3) Perl-based open notation for data module www
  • libdata-printer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001000-1) Bullseye:(1.000001-1) colored pretty-printer of Perl data structures and objects www
  • libdata-random-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.13-1) Perl module to generate random data www
  • libdata-record-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-6) Bullseye:(0.02-4.1) "split" on steroids www
  • libdata-report-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-2) Bullseye:(1.001-1) Framework for flexible reporting www
  • libdata-rmap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.65-3) Bullseye:(0.65-1) Perl module implementing a recursive map, applying a block to a data structure www
  • libdata-sah-normalize-perl

    Bookworm:(0.051-2) Bullseye:(0.050-1) Perl module to normalize Sah schema www
  • libdata-section-perl

    Bookworm:(0.200008-1) Bullseye:(0.200007-1) module to read chunks of data from a module's DATA section www
  • libdata-section-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Perl module for reading data from __DATA__ section of the file www
  • libdata-serializer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.65-2) Bullseye:(0.65-1) module that serializes data structures www
  • libdata-serializer-sereal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2) bridge between Data::Serializer and Sereal www
  • libdata-show-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002004-2) Bullseye:(0.002004-1) Perl module to dump data structures with name and point-of-origin www
  • libdata-showtable-perl

    Bookworm:(4.6-4) Bullseye:(4.6-1.1) Perl module to print arrays of data in a formatted listing www
  • libdata-sorting-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9-6) Bullseye:(0.9-5.1) Perl module for multi-key sort using function results www
  • libdata-stag-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-2) module to manipulate Structured Tags datastructures www
  • libdata-stream-bulk-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) N at a time iteration API www
  • libdata-streamdeserializer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1.1+b13) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1+b9) non-blocking deserializer www
  • libdata-streamserializer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-1+b14) Bullseye:(0.07-1+b10) non-blocking serializer www
  • libdata-structure-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.16-1+b7) module to change nature of data within a data structure www
  • libdata-swap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.08-1+b5) Perl module to swap type and contents of variables www
  • libdata-table-perl

    Bookworm:(1.78-3) Bullseye:(1.78-1) module to manipulate data tables in perl (as in R) www
  • libdata-tablereader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) locate and read records from human-edited data tables www
  • libdata-transformer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Perl module to traverse data structures, altering them in place www
  • libdata-treedumper-oo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) Object-oriented interface to Data::TreeDumper www
  • libdata-treedumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-5) Bullseye:(0.40-3) module for dumping data structures in various formats www
  • libdata-treedumper-renderer-dhtml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-2.1) simple Perl DHTML renderer for Data::TreeDumper www
  • libdata-types-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.17-1) module for validating and converting data types www
  • libdata-uniqid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) Perl extension for simple generating of unique id's www
  • libdata-uriencode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-2) module to encode and decode data structures for use in URI's www
  • libdata-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.67-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.66-1+b3) selection of utilities for data and data types www
  • libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-3+b4) uuid.h based UUID generation module www
  • libdata-uuid-mt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-2) fast random UUID generator using the Mersenne Twister algorithm www
  • libdata-uuid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.226-3) Bullseye:(1.226-1+b1) globally/universally unique identifiers (GUIDs/UUIDs) www
  • libdata-validate-domain-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) perl domain name validation functions
  • libdata-validate-email-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-2) validator for email addresses written in Perl www
  • libdata-validate-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-1) Bullseye:(0.30-1) Perl module for IP validation www
  • libdata-validate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module providing common data validation routines for strings/numbers www
  • libdata-validate-struct-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.1-1.1) module to validate recursive hash structures www
  • libdata-validate-type-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-2) Data type validation functions www
  • libdata-validate-uri-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) common URI validation methods www
  • libdata-visitor-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.31-1) Visitor implementation for Perl data structures www
  • libdata-walk-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-2) Bullseye:(2.01-1) module to traverse Perl data structures www
  • libdata-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.7-3) Bullseye:(0.0.7-1.1) Easy YAML serialisation of Perl data structures www
  • libdatabase-dumptruck-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-3) Bullseye:(1.2-2.1) document-oriented interface to a SQLite database www
  • libdatapager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2.3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Data::Pager - flexible data pager www
  • libdate-calc-perl

    Bookworm:(6.4-2) Bullseye:(6.4-1.1) Perl library for accessing dates www
  • libdate-calc-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(6.4-2+b1) Bullseye:(6.4-1+b6) Perl library for accessing dates www
  • libdate-convert-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-7) Bullseye:(0.16-4.1) Convert Between any two Calendrical Formats www
  • libdate-extract-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-1) Bullseye:(0.06-1) module to extract probable dates from strings www
  • libdate-hijri-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl module to convert Gregorian dates to Hijri and vice versa www
  • libdate-holidays-de-perl

    Bookworm:(2.06-1) Bullseye:(2.05-1) module to determine German holiday dates www
  • libdate-iso8601-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-4) Bullseye:(0.005-1) Perl handling of the three ISO 8601 numerical calendars www
  • libdate-jd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-1) conversion between flavours of Julian Date www
  • libdate-leapyear-perl

    Bookworm:(1.72-3) Bullseye:(1.72-2) Perl module to determine whether or not a year is a leapyear www
  • libdate-manip-perl

    Bookworm:(6.91-1) Bullseye:(6.83-1) module for manipulating dates www
  • libdate-pcalc-perl

    Bookworm:(6.1-7+b1) Bullseye:(6.1-6+b4) Perl module for Gregorian calendar date calculations www
  • libdate-pregnancy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Perl module to calculate birthdate and week numbers for a pregnancy www
  • libdate-range-perl

    Bookworm:(1.41-4) Bullseye:(1.41-3) module to work with ranges of dates www
  • libdate-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0300-3+b3) Bullseye:(3.0300-3+b1) simple date object for Perl www
  • libdate-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1.1) date object, with as little code as possible www
  • libdatetime-astro-sunrise-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01.01-3) module for computing the time of sunrise and sunset www
  • libdatetime-calendar-discordian-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-2.1) Perl extension for the Discordian Calendar
  • libdatetime-calendar-julian-perl

    Bookworm:(0.107-1) Bullseye:(0.103-1) Julian calendar complement for DateTime www
  • libdatetime-event-cron-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) DateTime extension for generating recurrence sets from crontab lines and files www
  • libdatetime-event-ical-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) Perl DateTime extension for computing RFC2445 recurrences www
  • libdatetime-event-recurrence-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) Perl module to create recurring DateTime instances www
  • libdatetime-event-sunrise-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0506-2) Bullseye:(0.0506-1) Perl module for calculating sunrise and sunset for a given time and place www
  • libdatetime-format-builder-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8300-1) module to create DateTime parsers www
  • libdatetime-format-datemanip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) module to convert between Date::Manip and DateTime dates and durations www
  • libdatetime-format-dateparse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) Perl module parsing Date::Parse compatible formats www
  • libdatetime-format-db2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-3.1) Parse and format DB2 dates and times www
  • libdatetime-format-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.041-3) Bullseye:(0.041-2.1) abstraction layer for DateTime over some database vendors www
  • libdatetime-format-duration-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03a-1.3) Bullseye:(1.03a-1.2) Format and parse DateTime::Durations objects in perl www
  • libdatetime-format-epoch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) Perl module to convert DateTime objects to or from epoch seconds www
  • libdatetime-format-flexible-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-1) Bullseye:(0.32-1) Perl module to transform strings into DateTime objects www
  • libdatetime-format-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-4) Bullseye:(0.42-2.1) Perl module for date conversion with date formats used by the HTTP protocol www
  • libdatetime-format-human-duration-perl

    Bookworm:(0.64-2) Bullseye:(0.64-1) Perl module to return a locale-specific string describing a DateTime::Duration www
  • libdatetime-format-ical-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-2.1) Perl module to parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings www
  • libdatetime-format-iso8601-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) module to parse ISO8601 date and time formats www
  • libdatetime-format-mail-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4030-3) Bullseye:(0.4030-1.1) module to convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats www
  • libdatetime-format-mysql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07.01-1) Bullseye:(0.06-1) module to parse and format MySQL dates and times www
  • libdatetime-format-natural-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-1) Bullseye:(1.11-1) Perl module for parsing human-readable date/time strings www
  • libdatetime-format-oracle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) module for parsing and formatting Oracle dates and timestamps www
  • libdatetime-format-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16014-1) Bullseye:(0.16013-1) module for parsing and formatting PostgreSQL dates and times www
  • libdatetime-format-rfc3339-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-2) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) module to parse and format RFC3339 datetime strings www
  • libdatetime-format-sqlite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-2) module to parse and format SQLite dates and times www
  • libdatetime-format-strptime-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7900-1) Bullseye:(1.7800-1) Perl module to parse and format strp and strf time patterns www
  • libdatetime-format-w3cdtf-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-1) module to parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings www
  • libdatetime-format-xsd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-2) Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) format DateTime according to xsd:dateTime www
  • libdatetime-hires-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) module for creating DateTime objects with sub-second current time resolution www
  • libdatetime-incomplete-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) library to handle incomplete datetime like January 5 www
  • libdatetime-locale-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.37-1) Bullseye:(1:1.31-1) Perl extension providing localization support for DateTime www
  • libdatetime-perl

    Bookworm:(2:1.59-1) Bullseye:(2:1.54-1) module for manipulating dates, times and timestamps www
  • libdatetime-set-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3900-2) Bullseye:(0.3900-1.1) Datetime sets and set math www
  • libdatetime-timezone-perl

    Bookworm:(1:2.60-1+2024a) Bullseye:(1:2.47-1+2024a) framework exposing the Olson time zone database to Perl www
  • libdatetime-timezone-systemv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1) System V and POSIX timezone strings www
  • libdatetime-timezone-tzfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) Perl handling of tzfile (zoneinfo) timezone files www
  • libdatetime-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1) lightweight datetime object module www
  • libdatetimex-auto-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1) use DateTime without needing to call constructors www
  • libdatetimex-easy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.091-1) Bullseye:(0.089-2) module to parse arbitrary date/time strings www
  • libdb-file-lock-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-4.1) wrapper adding locking for the DB_File module www
  • libdbd-anydata-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-0.1) perl DBI driver for files and data structures www
  • libdbd-csv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6000-1) Bullseye:(0.5800-1) DBI driver for CSV files www
  • libdbd-excel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-8) Bullseye:(0.06-7.1) provides an SQL interface (via DBI) for accessing Excel files www
  • libdbd-firebird-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.32-1+b1) Perl DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server www
  • libdbd-ldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20-1.1) Perl extension for LDAP access via an SQL/Perl DBI interface www
  • libdbd-mariadb-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.21-3) Perl5 database interface to the MariaDB/MySQL databases www
  • libdbd-mock-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.59-1) Mock database driver for testing www
  • libdbd-mysql-perl

    Bookworm:(4.050-5+b1) Bullseye:(4.050-3+b1) Perl5 database interface to the MariaDB/MySQL database www
  • libdbd-odbc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.61-2+b2) Bullseye:(1.61-1+b1) Perl Database Driver implementing ODBC for DBI www
  • libdbd-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(3.16.0-2) Bullseye:(3.14.2-1+b1) Perl DBI driver for the PostgreSQL database server www
  • libdbd-sqlite2-perl

    Bookworm:(2:0.38-2+b2) Bullseye:(2:0.38-1+b3) Perl DBI driver with a self-contained RDBMS (SQLite2 version) www
  • libdbd-sqlite3-perl

    Bookworm:(1.72-1) Bullseye:(1.66-1+b1) Perl DBI driver with a self-contained RDBMS www
  • libdbd-sybase-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-1+b10) Bullseye:(1.14-1+b8) Sybase/MS SQL database driver for the DBI module
  • libdbd-xbase-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.08-2) Bullseye:(1:1.08-1) Perl module to access xbase files (optionally through DBI) www
  • libdbi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.643-4) Bullseye:(1.643-3+b1) Perl Database Interface (DBI) www
  • libdbi-test-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-4) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) test suite for the DBI API www
  • libdbicx-sugar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0200-3) Bullseye:(0.0200-1) syntax sugar for DBIx::Class www
  • libdbicx-testdatabase-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) module for testing a DBIx::Class::Schema www
  • libdbix-abstract-perl

    Bookworm:(1.040-3) Bullseye:(1.040-2) DBI SQL abstraction www
  • libdbix-admin-createtable-perl

    Bookworm:(2.11-2) DBI extension for manipulating tables www
  • libdbix-class-candy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005003-2) Bullseye:(0.005003-1) module providing syntax sugar for DBIx::Class www
  • libdbix-class-cursor-cached-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001004-2) Bullseye:(1.001004-1.1) cursor object with built-in caching support www
  • libdbix-class-datetime-epoch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) extension for creating DateTime objects from columns www
  • libdbix-class-deploymenthandler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002233-2) Bullseye:(0.002233-1) extensible module for DBIx::Class deployment www
  • libdbix-class-dynamicdefault-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) dbix-class extension to automatically set and update fields www
  • libdbix-class-encodedcolumn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.00020-2) Bullseye:(0.00020-1) extension to encode column values automatically www
  • libdbix-class-helpers-perl

    Bookworm:(2.036000-2) Bullseye:(2.036000-1) collection of helpers for DBIx::Class www
  • libdbix-class-htmlwidget-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16-6) DBIx::Class::HTMLWidget perl module www
  • libdbix-class-inflatecolumn-fs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01007-1.1) Inflate/deflate columns to Path::Class::File objects www
  • libdbix-class-inflatecolumn-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02003-2) Bullseye:(0.02003-1.1) extension for creating NetAddr::IP objects from columns www
  • libdbix-class-inflatecolumn-serializer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) DBIx::Class inflator to serialize Perl data structures www
  • libdbix-class-introspectablem2m-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001002-2) Bullseye:(0.001002-1.1) Introspection of many-to-many DBIx::Class relationships www
  • libdbix-class-optimisticlocking-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-6) Bullseye:(0.02-5) Optimistic locking support for DBIx::Class www
  • libdbix-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.082843-1) Bullseye:(0.082841-1) extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper www
  • libdbix-class-resultset-recursiveupdate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-2) Bullseye:(0.42-1) module for recursive updates of DBIx::Class::ResultSets www
  • libdbix-class-schema-config-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001014-2) Bullseye:(0.001013-2) Manage connection credentials for DBIx::Class::Schema www
  • libdbix-class-schema-loader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07051-1) Bullseye:(0.07049-1) module to automate definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema www
  • libdbix-class-schema-populatemore-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) module providing an enhanced 'populate' method to DBIx::Class apps www
  • libdbix-class-timestamp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-2) DBIx::Class extension to update and create date and time based fields www
  • libdbix-class-tree-nestedset-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) module to manage trees of data using the nested set model www
  • libdbix-class-uuidcolumns-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02006-1.1) Implicit uuid columns www
  • libdbix-connector-perl

    Bookworm:(0.58-1) Bullseye:(0.56-1) fast and safe DBI connection and transaction management www
  • libdbix-contextualfetch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-5) Bullseye:(1.03-4.1) module to add context aware fetches to DBI www
  • libdbix-datasource-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-6) Bullseye:(0.02-5) database-independent module to create and drop functions www
  • libdbix-dbschema-perl

    Bookworm:(0.47-1) Bullseye:(0.45-1) Perl module to manipulate schemas independently of databases www
  • libdbix-dbstag-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4) Bullseye:(0.12-2) module providing relational database to hierarchical mapping www
  • libdbix-dr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-2) Bullseye:(0.32-1.1) easy DBI helper www
  • libdbix-easy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.21-1.1) Easy to Use DBI Interface
  • libdbix-fulltextsearch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.73-12) Indexing documents with MySQL as storage www
  • libdbix-introspector-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001005-2) Bullseye:(0.001005-1) module to detect what database code is connected to www
  • libdbix-multistatementdo-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00009-3) Bullseye:(1.00009-2) multiple SQL statements in a single do() call with any DBI driver www
  • libdbix-oo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.9-6) Bullseye:(0.0.9-5) database to Perl objects abstraction layer www
  • libdbix-password-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-3) Bullseye:(1.9-2.1) Perl module for creating a global password file for DB passwords www
  • libdbix-profile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-7) Bullseye:(1.0-5) DBI query profiler www
  • libdbix-recordset-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-4) Bullseye:(0.26-3.1) Perl extension for DBI recordsets www
  • libdbix-runsql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) module to run an SQL file via a DBI handle www
  • libdbix-safe-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.5-3) Bullseye:(1.2.5-2.1) safe wrapper to DBI interface www
  • libdbix-searchbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(1.76-1) Bullseye:(1.69-1) Perl implementation of a simple ORM www
  • libdbix-sequence-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-4) Bullseye:(1.5-3) simple SQL92 ID generator www
  • libdbix-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.37-2) Bullseye:(1.37-1) Perl module implementing an simpler interface to DBI www
  • libdbix-xml-rdb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-13) Bullseye:(0.05-12.1) perl module for creating XML from a DBI datasource www
  • libdbix-xmlmessage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-11) Bullseye:(0.05-10.1) perl module for exchanging XML messages between DBI data sources www
  • libdbm-deep-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0016-2) Bullseye:(2.0016-1) pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM that supports transactions www
  • libdebbugs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.0) modules used by the active Debian BTS www
  • libdebhelper-perl

    Bookworm:(13.11.4) Bullseye:(13.3.4) debhelper perl modules
  • libdebian-copyright-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-6) Bullseye:(0.2-4) perl module to parse, merge and write Debian copyright files www
  • libdebian-dep12-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-3) interface to Debian DEP 12 format www
  • libdebian-dpkgcross-perl

    Bookworm:(2.6.20) Bullseye:(2.6.18+nmu1) functions to aid cross-compiling Debian packages
  • libdebian-package-html-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-3) Bullseye:(0.1-2.1) generates HTML from a Debian source/binary package www
  • libdebian-source-perl

    Bookworm:(0.122) Bullseye:(0.116) collection of Perl modules for handling Debian source packages
  • libdebug-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.29-2) module to debug Perl programs remotely www
  • libdebug-trace-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-2) module to trace Perl subroutine calls www
  • libdeclare-constraints-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module for declarative validation of data structures www
  • libdefhash-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-1) Bullseye:(1.0.12-1) module to define things according to a specification, using hashes www
  • libdelimmatch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06a-7) Bullseye:(1.06a-4.1) Perl module to match delimited substrings www
  • libdeps-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4.2) Bullseye:(0.13-4.1) Dependency Extraction and Processing System
  • libdeps-renderer-dot-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4.2) Bullseye:(0.13-4.1) DEPS renderer plugin using GraphViz/dot
  • libdesktop-notify-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-2) Perl module which communicates with the Desktop Notifications framework www
  • libdevel-argnames-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) module providing access to subroutine variable names www
  • libdevel-autoflush-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) module for setting autoflush from the command line www
  • libdevel-backtrace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-2.1) Object-oriented backtrace www
  • libdevel-callchecker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1+b2) custom op checking attached to subroutines www
  • libdevel-caller-ignorenamespaces-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1-1) module for hiding namespaces from caller() www
  • libdevel-caller-perl

    Bookworm:(2.06-3+b1) Bullseye:(2.06-2+b3) module providing enhanced caller() support www
  • libdevel-callparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.002-4+b4) custom parsing attached to subroutines www
  • libdevel-callsite-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-1+b5) Perl module to get caller return OP address and Perl interpreter context www
  • libdevel-calltrace-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-3) Bullseye:(1.2-2.1) Code tracer to follow function calls www
  • libdevel-checkbin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) module to check that a command is available www
  • libdevel-checkcompiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-1) module for checking compiler availability www
  • libdevel-checklib-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-1) Bullseye:(1.14-2) module for checking the availability of a library www
  • libdevel-confess-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009004-3) Bullseye:(0.009004-1) module to include stack traces on all warnings and errors www
  • libdevel-cover-perl

    Bookworm:(1.38-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.36-2+b1) Perl tool for determining code coverage metrics www
  • libdevel-cover-report-clover-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2) backend for Clover reporting of coverage statistics www
  • libdevel-cycle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.12-1) Perl module to detect memory cycles in Perl objects www
  • libdevel-declare-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.020-2) Bullseye:(0.020-1.1) higher level interface to Devel::Declare www
  • libdevel-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006022-1+b3) Bullseye:(0.006022-1+b1) module to add new syntax to Perl www
  • libdevel-dprof-perl

    Bookworm:(20110802.00-5+b1) Bullseye:(20110802.00-3+b8) deprecated Perl code profiler www
  • libdevel-dumpvar-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1.1) Perl module to dump Perl variables www
  • libdevel-ebug-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.56-1) simple, extensible Perl debugger www
  • libdevel-findperl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.016-2) Bullseye:(0.015-2) Perl module to find the path to the currently running perl www
  • libdevel-gdb-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-6) Bullseye:(2.02-4) module to open and communicate with a gdb session www
  • libdevel-globaldestruction-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-4) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module to expose the flag that marks global destruction www
  • libdevel-hide-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0015-2) Bullseye:(0.0013-1) module for forcing the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) www
  • libdevel-leak-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.03-3+b8) utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed www
  • libdevel-lexalias-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-2+b3) Perl module that provides alias lexical variables www
  • libdevel-mat-dumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.42-3+b1) module to write a heap dump file for later analysis www
  • libdevel-mat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-1) Perl Memory Analysis Tool www
  • libdevel-nytprof-perl

    Bookworm:(6.12+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(6.06+dfsg-1+b3) Perl statement and subroutine code profiler www
  • libdevel-overloadinfo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1) module to introspect overloaded operators www
  • libdevel-overrideglobalrequire-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-4) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) module to safely override CORE::GLOBAL::require www
  • libdevel-partialdump-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) Perl module to dump subroutine parameters concisely www
  • libdevel-patchperl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.08-1) Perl module to patch perl source à la Devel::PPPort's buildperl.pl www
  • libdevel-pragma-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-1+b5) helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas www
  • libdevel-profile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-5) Bullseye:(1.05-3.1) Perl code profiler www
  • libdevel-ptkdb-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1091-3.1) Perl debugger using a Tk GUI www
  • libdevel-refactor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) Perl module for code refactoring www
  • libdevel-refcount-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-2+b7) Perl module to obtain the reference count of a variable www
  • libdevel-repl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.003029-1) Bullseye:(1.003028-1) module for building a modern Perl interactive shell www
  • libdevel-simpletrace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) module to see where your code warns and dies using stack traces www
  • libdevel-size-perl

    Bookworm:(0.83-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.83-1+b3) Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables www
  • libdevel-stacktrace-ashtml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) module to display a stack trace in HTML www
  • libdevel-stacktrace-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0400-2) Bullseye:(2.0400-1) Perl module containing stack trace and related objects www
  • libdevel-stacktrace-withlexicals-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-4) Bullseye:(2.01-2) Perl module for stack traces with access to lexical variables www
  • libdevel-strictmode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) determine whether strict (but slow) tests should be enabled www
  • libdevel-symdump-perl

    Bookworm:(2.18-5) Bullseye:(2.18-4) Perl module for inspecting perl's symbol table www
  • libdevel-trace-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) Perl module to aid debugging by printing out each line before execution www
  • libdevice-cdio-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2+b1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1+b5) CD Input and control library www
  • libdevice-gsm-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.61-3) module to access GSM phones / modems www
  • libdevice-i2c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) module to control and read hardware devices with i2c(SMBus) www
  • libdevice-modem-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.59-1) module to access generic modems (AT-compliant) www
  • libdevice-serialport-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.04-3+b8) emulation of Win32::SerialPort for Linux/POSIX www
  • libdevice-usb-pcsensor-hidtemper-perl

    Bookworm:(2:0.04-2) Bullseye:(2:0.04-1) Perl module to interface to the HidTEMPer thermometers www
  • libdevice-usb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-2) Bullseye:(0.38-1+b1) Perl module to access USB devices using libusb www
  • libdigest-bcrypt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.212-1) Bullseye:(1.209-3) Perl interface to the bcrypt digest algorithm www
  • libdigest-bubblebabble-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) perl module to create bubble-babble fingerprints www
  • libdigest-crc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.22.2-1+b4) Perl module providing generic CRC functions www
  • libdigest-elf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.42-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.42-1+b6) Perl extension for ElfHash www
  • libdigest-hmac-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.03+dfsg-2.1) module for creating standard message integrity checks www
  • libdigest-jhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b5) Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm www
  • libdigest-md2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.04+dfsg-2+b1) Bullseye:(2.04+dfsg-1+b4) MD2 Message Digest for Perl www
  • libdigest-md4-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9+dfsg-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.9+dfsg-2+b4) MD4 Message Digest for Perl www
  • libdigest-md5-file-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls www
  • libdigest-murmurhash3-pureperl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2) pure perl implementation of MurmurHash3 www
  • libdigest-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.17-1) generic interface to message digest modules www
  • libdigest-perl-md5-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-5) Bullseye:(1.9-1.1) Perl Implementation of Rivest's MD5 algorithm www
  • libdigest-sha-perl

    Bookworm:(6.04-1) Bullseye:(6.02-1+b4) Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512, SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 www
  • libdigest-sha3-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.04-1+b5) Perl extension for SHA-3 www
  • libdigest-ssdeep-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.3-2) Pure Perl ssdeep (CTPH) fuzzy hashing www
  • libdigest-whirlpool-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-1.3+b3) Bullseye:(1.09-1.1+b4) A 512-bit, collision-resistant, one-way hash function www
  • libdime-tools-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) modules to parse and generate DIME messages www
  • libdir-purge-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-5) Bullseye:(1.02-3.1) Purge directories to a given number of files www
  • libdir-self-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2) module providing a __DIR__ constant for the directory of the source file www
  • libdirectory-scratch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-1) easy-to-use self-cleaning scratch space www
  • libdirectory-scratch-structured-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) module to create temporary files and directories from a structured description www
  • libdispatch-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) dispatch on the type (class) of an argument www
  • libdist-checkconflicts-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) module for declaring version conflicts for a distribution www
  • libdist-inkt-doap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.110-3) various DOAP-related roles for Dist::Inkt www
  • libdist-inkt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.026-2) Bullseye:(0.025-1) yet another distribution builder www
  • libdist-inkt-profile-tobyink-perl

    Bookworm:(0.024-2) Bullseye:(0.024-1) Dist::Inkt profile for TOBYINK www
  • libdist-inkt-role-git-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) git functions for Dist::Inkt www
  • libdist-inkt-role-hg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) Mercurial-related behaviour for Dist::Inkt www
  • libdist-inkt-role-release-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-2.1) automatically upload a distribution to the CPAN www
  • libdist-inkt-role-test-kwalitee-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1.1) check a distribution's kwalitee at build time www
  • libdist-inkt-role-test-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1.1) run various tests on a distribution at build time www
  • libdist-metadata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.927-2) Bullseye:(0.927-1.1) module for getting information about a perl module distribution www
  • libdist-zilla-app-command-authordebs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) List or install Dist::Zilla authors dependencies as Debian packages www
  • libdist-zilla-app-command-cover-perl

    Bookworm:(1.101001-3) Bullseye:(1.101001-2.1) Run Devel::Cover from within Dist::Zilla www
  • libdist-zilla-config-slicer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.202-1) Bullseye:(0.201-1.1) Config::MVP::Slicer customized for Dist::Zilla www
  • libdist-zilla-localetextdomain-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.91-3) Dist::Zilla plugin that adds support for managing l10n and i18n in Perl modules www
  • libdist-zilla-perl

    Bookworm:(6.030-1) Bullseye:(6.017-1) Perl distribution builder www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-autometaresources-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin to ease filling "resources" metadata www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-bootstrap-lib-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001002-2) Bullseye:(1.001002-1) minimal boot-strapping for Dist::Zilla plugins www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-bugtracker-perl

    Bookworm:(1.111080-2) Bullseye:(1.111080-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin to automatically set the bugtracker URL and mailto www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-changelogfromgit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.017-2) Bullseye:(0.017-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to build a Changes file from a project's git log www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-checkbin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1) Dist::Zilla plugin for checking presence of command at build time www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-checkextratests-perl

    Bookworm:(0.029-3) Bullseye:(0.029-2) dzil command to check xt tests before release www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-config-git-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-3) Bullseye:(0.92-1.1) Dist::Zilla Git plugin configuration settings module www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-emailnotify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1) dzil plugin to send an email on dist release www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-git-perl

    Bookworm:(2.048-1) Bullseye:(2.047-1) Dist::Zilla plugins to update your git repository after release www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-githubmeta-perl

    Bookworm:(0.58-2) Bullseye:(0.58-1) Automatically include GitHub meta information in META.yml www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-installguide-perl

    Bookworm:(1.200014-2) Bullseye:(1.200013-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to generate installation instructions www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-localemsgfmt-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.203-3) Dist::Zilla plugin to compile PO files with Locale::Msgfmt www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-makemaker-awesome-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-1) Bullseye:(0.48-1) Dist::Zilla plugin with more options than [MakeMaker] www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-makemaker-fallback-perl

    Bookworm:(0.032-1) Bullseye:(0.030-1) Dist::Zilla plugin that generates a Makefile.PL with deprecation warnings www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-metaprovides-package-perl

    Bookworm:(2.004003-3) Bullseye:(2.004003-2) Dist::Zilla plugin to extract provides from traditional packages www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-metaprovides-perl

    Bookworm:(2.002004-2) Bullseye:(2.002004-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin generating and populating "provides" in your META.yml www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-minimumperlfast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-1) Bullseye:(0.003-2) Dist::Zilla plugin for detecting the required minimum Perl version www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-modulebuildtiny-fallback-perl

    Bookworm:(0.027-1) Bullseye:(0.025-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin that generates a Build.PL with fallback on Module::Build www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-modulebuildtiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.015-2) Bullseye:(0.015-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin to create a Build.PL that uses Module::Build::Tiny www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-mojibaketests-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-3) Bullseye:(0.8-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin that provides author tests for source encoding www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-ourpkgversion-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.21-2) Bullseye:(1:0.21-1) alternative to DZP::PkgVersion with "our" and no line insertion www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-podspellingtests-perl

    Bookworm:(2.007005-3) Bullseye:(2.007005-1.1) Backward-compatibility wrapper around Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::PodSpelling www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-podweaver-perl

    Bookworm:(4.010-1) Bullseye:(4.008-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin to use Pod::Weaver to generate Pod documentation www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-prepender-perl

    Bookworm:(2.004-3) Bullseye:(2.004-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to prepend lines at the top of your perl files www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-readmefrompod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-2) Bullseye:(0.37-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to generate a README from Pod www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-repository-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to discovery repository URL from svn/svk/Git checkout www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-requiresexternal-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.009-2) Dist::Zilla plugin to declare dependency on command-line tools www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-run-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.048-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to execute external commands www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-signature-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100930-2) sign releases with Module::Signature www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-templatefiles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) plugin that enables the use of templates in a Dist::Zilla distribution www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-compile-perl

    Bookworm:(2.058-2) Bullseye:(2.058-1) common tests to check syntax of your modules, using only core modules www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-eol-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-4) Bullseye:(0.19-3) Dist::Zilla plugin to make sure that correct line endings are used www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-kwalitee-perl

    Bookworm:(2.12-2) Bullseye:(2.12-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin providing a release-time Kwalitee test www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-notabs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-4) Bullseye:(0.15-3) Dist::Zilla plugin to make sure hard tabs are not used www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-perl-critic-perl

    Bookworm:(3.001-3) Bullseye:(3.001-2) Dist::Zilla plugin to check your code with perlcritic www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-podspelling-perl

    Bookworm:(2.007005-3) Bullseye:(2.007005-1.1) Author tests for POD spelling www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-reportprereqs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.029-1) Bullseye:(0.028-1) module to report on prerequisite versions during automated testing www
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-twitter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.026-3) Bullseye:(0.026-2.1) Twitter when you release with Dist::Zilla www
  • libdist-zilla-plugins-cjm-perl

    Bookworm:(6.000-2) Bullseye:(6.000-1) collection of CJM's plugins for Dist::Zilla www
  • libdist-zilla-role-bootstrap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001004-2) Bullseye:(1.001004-1) Shared logic for Dist::Zilla-related bootstrap things www
  • libdist-zilla-role-modulemetadata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-2) role for plugins that use Module::Metadata www
  • libdist-zilla-role-pluginbundle-pluginremover-perl

    Bookworm:(0.105-1) Bullseye:(0.104-1.1) Dist::Zilla plugin to add '-remove' functionality to a bundle www
  • libdist-zilla-util-configdumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003009-3) Bullseye:(0.003009-1.1) simplify extraction of plugin settings for Dist::Zilla plugin authors www
  • libdist-zilla-util-test-kentnl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005014-2) Bullseye:(1.005014-1.1) Module to write tests for Dist::Zilla plugins www
  • libdistro-info-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5) Bullseye:(1.0+deb11u1) information about distributions' releases (Perl module)
  • libdns-zoneparse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10-1.1) Perl extension for parsing and manipulating DNS Zone Files www
  • libdomain-publicsuffix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) module for parsing a domain to determine the public suffix www
  • libdoxygen-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.72-3) Bullseye:(1.72-2.1) Methods for pre-filtering Perl code for Doxygen www
  • libdpkg-log-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.20-2) module for parsing and analysing dpkg log files www
  • libdpkg-parse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) module to parse various dpkg files into Perl Objects www
  • libdpkg-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21.22+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.20.12+rpi1) Dpkg perl modules www
  • libdr-sundown-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-1+b12) Bullseye:(0.02-1+b9) perl bindings for sundown www
  • libdublincore-record-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-3.1) Container for Dublin Core metadata elements www
  • libdynaloader-functions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) deconstructed dynamic C library loading www
  • libebook-tools-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.4-1.3) E-Book manipulation tool and Perl libraries www
  • libelixirfm-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.976-5) Bullseye:(1.1.976-4.1) perl implementation for Functional Arabic Morphology www
  • libemail-abstract-perl

    Bookworm:(3.009-2) Bullseye:(3.008-2) unified interface to mail representations www
  • libemail-address-list-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1) RFC close address list parsing www
  • libemail-address-perl

    Bookworm:(1.913-1) Bullseye:(1.912-1) Perl module for RFC 2822 address parsing and creation www
  • libemail-address-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.04-1+b4) Perl library for RFC 5322 address/group parsing and formatting www
  • libemail-date-format-perl

    Bookworm:(1.008-1) Bullseye:(1.005-1.1) Module to generate RFC-2822-valid date strings www
  • libemail-date-perl

    Bookworm:(1.104-4) Bullseye:(1.104-2) Perl module for correct formatting of dates in emails www
  • libemail-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.035-1) Bullseye:(1.034-1.1) library for creating easy email filters www
  • libemail-find-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.10-dfsg-3.1) module to find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text www
  • libemail-folder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.860-3) Bullseye:(0.860-1) Perl module to read mail from a folder www
  • libemail-foldertype-perl

    Bookworm:(0.813-1.4) Bullseye:(0.813-1.3) determine the type of a mail folder
  • libemail-localdelivery-perl

    Bookworm:(1.201-1) Bullseye:(1.200-1.1) module to deliver a piece of email - simply www
  • libemail-messageid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.408-1) Bullseye:(1.406-1) Perl library for unique mail Message-ID generation www
  • libemail-mime-attachment-stripper-perl

    Bookworm:(1.317-2) Bullseye:(1.317-1.1) module to strip attachments from an email www
  • libemail-mime-contenttype-perl

    Bookworm:(1.028-1) Bullseye:(1.026-1) Perl module to parse a MIME Content-Type header www
  • libemail-mime-createhtml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.042-3) Bullseye:(1.042-2) multipart HTML email builder www
  • libemail-mime-encodings-perl

    Bookworm:(1.317-1) Bullseye:(1.315-2) unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding www
  • libemail-mime-kit-perl

    Bookworm:(3.000007-1) Bullseye:(3.000006-1.1) module to build complete email messages from templates www
  • libemail-mime-perl

    Bookworm:(1.953-1) Bullseye:(1.949-1) module for simple MIME message parsing www
  • libemail-outlook-message-perl

    Bookworm:(0.921-1) Bullseye:(0.920-2) module for reading Outlook .msg files www
  • libemail-received-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) Perl module to parse an email Received: header www
  • libemail-reply-perl

    Bookworm:(1.204-3) Bullseye:(1.204-2) module to reply to an email message www
  • libemail-send-io-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.201-1) Send mail via IO::All www
  • libemail-send-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.198-4) Perl module for simply sending email (deprecated) www
  • libemail-sender-perl

    Bookworm:(2.600-1) Bullseye:(1.300035-1) Perl module for sending email www
  • libemail-sender-transport-smtp-tls-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-1) Perl module for sending email using TLS www
  • libemail-sender-transport-smtps-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1) Perl module for sending mail via SSL/TLS www
  • libemail-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(2.218-1) Bullseye:(2.216-1) module to parse RFC2822 headers and message format www
  • libemail-stuffer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.020-1) Bullseye:(0.018-1) casual approach to creating and sending Email:: emails www
  • libemail-thread-perl

    Bookworm:(0.713-1) Bullseye:(0.712-2) library providing threading for Email::Simple objects www
  • libemail-valid-loose-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-4.1) Email::Valid which allows dot immediately before at mark www
  • libemail-valid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.203-1) Bullseye:(1.202-1) Perl module for checking the validity of Internet email addresses www
  • libemboss-acd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.0-11) perl module to parse EMBOSS ACD files www
  • libembperl-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-17) Bullseye:(2.5.0-15+b1) system for building dynamic websites with Perl www
  • libencode-arabic-perl

    Bookworm:(14.2-3) Bullseye:(14.2-2) perl implementation for Arabic encodings www
  • libencode-base58-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module to shorten numbers using a base58 conversion www
  • libencode-detect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-6+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-5+b4) Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data www
  • libencode-eucjpascii-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-1+b1) Perl module supporting eucJP-ascii character encoding www
  • libencode-eucjpms-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3+b12) Bullseye:(0.07-3+b9) Perl library for Microsoft Compatible Japanese Encodings www
  • libencode-hanextra-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.23-5+b4) perl module providing extra sets of Chinese character encodings www
  • libencode-imaputf7-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) modification of UTF-7 encoding for IMAP www
  • libencode-jis2k-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.03-1+b7) perl module providing JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings www
  • libencode-locale-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-1.1) utility to determine the locale encoding www
  • libencode-perl

    Bookworm:(3.19-1+b1) Bullseye:(3.08-1+deb11u2) module providing interfaces between Perl's strings and the system www
  • libencode-zapcp1252-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-2) Bullseye:(0.40-1) zap Windows Western gremlin characters www
  • libencoding-fixlatin-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) takes mixed encoding input and produces UTF-8 output www
  • libencoding-fixlatin-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-1+b3) Bullseye:(1.01-3+b4) XS implementation layer for Encoding::FixLatin www
  • libend-perl

    Bookworm:(2009110401-3) Bullseye:(2009110401-1.1) Perl interface to execute code at end of scope www
  • libenum-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.11-1) perl module for sets of ordered constants like enums in C www
  • libenv-path-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-4) Bullseye:(0.19-2) Perl module implementing advanced operations on path variables www
  • libenv-ps1-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-2.1) prompt string formatter www
  • libenv-sanctify-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-1.1) Perl module providing lexically scoped environment (%ENV) www
  • liberror-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17029-2) Bullseye:(0.17029-1) Perl module for error/exception handling in an OO-ish way www
  • libev-perl

    Bookworm:(4.33-2) Bullseye:(4.33-1+b1) Perl interface to libev, the high performance event loop www
  • libeval-closure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-1) Perl module to safely and cleanly create closures via string eval www
  • libeval-context-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09.11-5) Bullseye:(0.09.11-3.1) evaluate perl code in context wrapper www
  • libeval-linenumbers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-2) Bullseye:(0.34-1.1) module to add line numbers to eval'ed heredoc blocks www
  • libevent-distributor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1) Bullseye:(0.05-2) simple in-process pub/sub mechanism www
  • libevent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.28-2) Bullseye:(1.27-1+b3) generic Perl event loop module www
  • libevent-rpc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework www
  • libex-monkeypatched-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) experimental API for safe monkey-patching www
  • libexactimage-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-11+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-8+b2) fast image manipulation library (Perl bindings) www
  • libexcel-template-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-2) Perl module for templating Excel files www
  • libexcel-template-plus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) module for testing and comparing Excel files www
  • libexcel-writer-xlsx-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-1) Bullseye:(1.07-1) module to create Excel spreadsheets in xlsx format www
  • libexception-class-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1) exception objects customized for DBI www
  • libexception-class-perl

    Bookworm:(1.45-1) Bullseye:(1.44-1) module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl www
  • libexception-class-trycatch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-2) Bullseye:(1.13-1.1) syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class www
  • libexception-handler-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-3) Bullseye:(1.004-2.1) perl module Exception::Handler www
  • libexpect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.35-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1.1) Perl Expect interface www
  • libexpect-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) wrapper around the Expect module www
  • libexperimental-perl

    Bookworm:(0.031-1) Bullseye:(0.022-1) pragma for making experimental features easy www
  • libexport-attrs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-5) Bullseye:(0.1.0-4) Perl 6 'is export(...)' trait as a Perl 5 attribute www
  • libexporter-autoclean-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module that exports functions only available at compile time www
  • libexporter-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.114-2) Bullseye:(0.114-1.1) perl module for meta-driven exporting www
  • libexporter-easy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-1) perl module to take the drudgery out of Exporting symbols www
  • libexporter-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) lightweight subset of Exporter www
  • libexporter-renaming-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-3) Bullseye:(1.19-2.1) facility to rename symbols when imported www
  • libexporter-tidy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) another way of exporting symbols www
  • libexporter-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006000-1) Bullseye:(1.002002-1) tiny exporter similar to Sub::Exporter www
  • libextutils-autoinstall-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.64-2) module to automatically install dependencies via CPAN www
  • libextutils-cbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.280236-2) Bullseye:(0.280236-1) module to compile and link C code for Perl modules www
  • libextutils-cchecker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) helper module for handling C headers and libraries www
  • libextutils-command-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.17-1) module providing replacements for common UNIX commands www
  • libextutils-config-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-4) Bullseye:(0.008-2) wrapper around Perl's configuration hash www
  • libextutils-cppguess-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) Perl build helper to guess C++ compiler and flags www
  • libextutils-depends-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8001-2) Bullseye:(0.8000-1) Perl module for building extensions that depend on other extensions www
  • libextutils-f77-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.26-1) module to compile and link FORTRAN 77 code for Perl modules www
  • libextutils-hascompiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.023-2) Bullseye:(0.023-1) Perl Module checking the presence of a compiler www
  • libextutils-helpers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.026-4) Bullseye:(0.026-1) various portability utilities for module builders www
  • libextutils-installpaths-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.012-1.1) module to make Build.PL install path logic easy www
  • libextutils-libbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-1) Perl module to compile standard, self-contained C libraries www
  • libextutils-makemaker-cpanfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl module adding cpanfile support to ExtUtils-MakeMaker www
  • libextutils-makemaker-dist-zilla-develop-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) Perl module creating bare-bones Makefile.PL files for use with dzil www
  • libextutils-modulemaker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63-3) Bullseye:(0.63-1) Perl extension to build module from scratch www
  • libextutils-parsexs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.350000-1) utility to process Perl XS code into C code www
  • libextutils-pkgconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-1.1) Perl interface to the pkg-config utility www
  • libextutils-typemap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) ExtUtils::Typemap - Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files www
  • libextutils-typemaps-default-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-5) Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) Perl module providing a set of useful typemaps www
  • libextutils-xsbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-5) Bullseye:(0.28-3) Automatic XS glue code generation www
  • libextutils-xspp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1800-3) Bullseye:(0.1800-2.1) module for using Perl XS with C++ code www
  • libfailures-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) minimalist exception hierarchy generator www
  • libfax-hylafax-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02-3) simple Perl client for HylaFAX fax server www
  • libfcgi-async-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-1.1) FastCGI engine based on IO::Async www
  • libfcgi-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl client library for FastCGI protocol www
  • libfcgi-engine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.22-1.1) flexible engine for running FCGI-based applications www
  • libfcgi-ev-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) module to support FastCGI protocol in EV-based applications www
  • libfcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82+ds-2) Bullseye:(0.79+ds-2) helper module for FastCGI www
  • libfcgi-procmanager-maxrequests-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) restrict max number of requests by each child www
  • libfcgi-procmanager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-3) Bullseye:(0.28-1.1) Perl module to help manage FastCGI applications www
  • libfeature-compat-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-1) make class syntax available www
  • libfeature-compat-try-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-1) make try/catch syntax available www
  • libfeed-find-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-1) Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) Syndication feed auto-discovery www
  • libfennec-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-4) Bullseye:(0.4-2.1) minimalist Fennec implementation www
  • libfennec-perl

    Bookworm:(2.018-2) Bullseye:(2.018-1) Perl module providing RSPEC, Workflows, Parallelization, and Encapsulation www
  • libffi-c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) C data types for FFI www
  • libffi-checklib-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-1) Bullseye:(0.27-1) module to check availability of a library for FFI www
  • libffi-platypus-perl

    Bookworm:(2.05-1) Bullseye:(1.34-1+b1) module to create Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI www
  • libffi-platypus-type-enum-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) custom platypus type for dealing with C enumerated types www
  • libfile-basedir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) Perl module to use the freedesktop basedir specification www
  • libfile-bom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Perl module for handling Byte Order Marks www
  • libfile-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-18) Bullseye:(0.16-15) File::Cache, a filesystem-based object store www
  • libfile-changenotify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1) module to monitor files for changes www
  • libfile-chdir-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1008-1.1) more sensible way to change directories
  • libfile-checktree-perl

    Bookworm:(4.42-4) Bullseye:(4.42-1.1) module for running many filetest checks on a tree www
  • libfile-chmod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-3) Bullseye:(0.42-1) chmod() override with symbolic and ls-style modes www
  • libfile-configdir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.021-2) Bullseye:(0.021-1) get directories of configuration files www
  • libfile-copy-link-perl

    Bookworm:(0.140-4) Bullseye:(0.140-2.1) Perl extension for replacing a link by a copy of the linked file www
  • libfile-copy-recursive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.45-4) Bullseye:(0.45-1) Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories www
  • libfile-copy-recursive-reduced-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) module for recursive copying of files and directories www
  • libfile-counterfile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-7) Bullseye:(1.04-5.1) persistent counter class for Perl www
  • libfile-countlines-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-4) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2.1) module for efficiently counting the number of lines in a file www
  • libfile-data-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-1.1) interface to file data www
  • libfile-desktopentry-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-3) Bullseye:(0.22-2) Perl module to handle freedesktop .desktop files www
  • libfile-dircompare-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7-2) Perl module to compare two directories www
  • libfile-dirlist-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) provide a sorted list of directory content www
  • libfile-dropbox-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-2) Bullseye:(0.7-1.1) convenient and fast Dropbox API abstraction www
  • libfile-extattr-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-5+b5) Bullseye:(1.09-5+b1) Perl interface to file system extended attributes www
  • libfile-fcntllock-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.22-3+b7) Perl module for file locking with fcntl(2) www
  • libfile-find-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.7-1) Bullseye:(0.3.5-1) object oriented File::Find replacement www
  • libfile-find-object-rule-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0313-1) Bullseye:(0.0312-1) alternative interface to File::Find::Object www
  • libfile-find-rule-filesys-virtual-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-4) Bullseye:(1.22-2.1) File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual www
  • libfile-find-rule-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-1) module to search for files based on rules www
  • libfile-find-rule-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-1) Bullseye:(1.15-2) Perl module for searching Perl things www
  • libfile-find-rule-vcs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-2.1) Perl module to exclude files/directories for Version Control Systems www
  • libfile-find-wanted-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) more obvious wrapper around File::Find www
  • libfile-finder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-4) Bullseye:(0.53-2) wrapper for File::Find à la find(1) www
  • libfile-flat-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-1) flat filesystem module for perl www
  • libfile-flock-perl

    Bookworm:(2014.01-3) Bullseye:(2014.01-2.1) file locking with flock www
  • libfile-flock-retry-perl

    Bookworm:(0.632-2) Bullseye:(0.631-1) lightweight OO-only flock perl module with autoretry www
  • libfile-fnmatch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.02-2+b8) Perl module that provides simple filename and pathname matching www
  • libfile-fu-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.8-5) Bullseye:(0.0.8-3) module for manipulating files and directories as objects www
  • libfile-grep-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) module for pattern matching in a series of files www
  • libfile-homedir-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006-2) Bullseye:(1.006-1) Perl module for finding user directories across platforms www
  • libfile-inplace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-4) Bullseye:(0.20-2) Perl module to ease editing a file in-place www
  • libfile-kdbx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.906-2) Perl module to work with KDBX databases www
  • libfile-keepass-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.03-1.1) interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files www
  • libfile-lchown-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.02-2+b7) module to modify attributes of symlinks without dereferencing them www
  • libfile-libmagic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-1+b3) Bullseye:(1.23-1+b1) Perl interface to libmagic for determining file type www
  • libfile-listing-perl

    Bookworm:(6.15-1) Bullseye:(6.14-1) module to parse directory listings www
  • libfile-localizenewlines-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.12-1.1) Perl module to localize the newlines for one or more files www
  • libfile-map-perl

    Bookworm:(0.67-2) Bullseye:(0.67-1+b1) Perl module providing simple and safe memory mapping www
  • libfile-mimeinfo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-1) Bullseye:(0.30-1) Perl module to determine file types www
  • libfile-mmagic-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.30-1.1) Perl module to guess file type www
  • libfile-mmagic-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09008-4+b2) Bullseye:(0.09008-3) Perl module to guess file type (à la mod_mime_magic) www
  • libfile-modified-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-1) module to check if files have changed www
  • libfile-monitor-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.652003-2) Bullseye:(0.652003-1.1) module for monitoring file creation, deletion, and modification www
  • libfile-monitor-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) module to monitor file and directory changes www
  • libfile-ncopy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-2.1) module for file copying like cp www
  • libfile-next-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.18-1) file-finding iterator www
  • libfile-nfslock-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-2) Bullseye:(1.29-1.1) perl module to do NFS (or not) locking www
  • libfile-path-expand-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-5) Bullseye:(1.02-3.1) expand user directories in filenames www
  • libfile-path-tiny-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-1) recursive version of mkdir() and rmdir() www
  • libfile-pid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) Perl module for pid file manipulation www
  • libfile-policy-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-4) Bullseye:(1.005-2.1) simple policy for file I/O functions www
  • libfile-pushd-perl

    Bookworm:(1.016-2) Bullseye:(1.016-1) module for changing directory temporarily for a limited scope www
  • libfile-queue-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01a-4) Bullseye:(1.01a-2) Perl module providing a persistent FIFO Queue using a file www
  • libfile-read-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0801-7) Bullseye:(0.0801-5.1) interface for reading one or more files www
  • libfile-readbackwards-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.05-2) Perl module for reading a file backwards by lines www
  • libfile-remove-perl

    Bookworm:(1.61-2) Bullseye:(1.60-1) Perl module to remove files or directories www
  • libfile-rename-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20-1) Perl extension for renaming multiple files www
  • libfile-rsync-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-4) Bullseye:(0.49-1) Perl module interface to rsync www
  • libfile-save-home-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl extension to place file safely under user home directory www
  • libfile-scan-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.43-3) Perl module to scan files for viruses www
  • libfile-searchpath-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-2.2) Perl module for searching for a file in a PATH-like variable www
  • libfile-share-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1.1) replacement for File::ShareDir to deal with a development environment www
  • libfile-sharedir-install-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1.1) module for installing read-only data files www
  • libfile-sharedir-par-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) module for handling shared data in PAR archives www
  • libfile-sharedir-perl

    Bookworm:(1.118-3) Bullseye:(1.118-1) module to locate non-code files during run-time www
  • libfile-sharedir-projectdistdir-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000009-2) Bullseye:(1.000009-1) simple set-and-forget use of a share directory in the project root www
  • libfile-slurp-perl

    Bookworm:(9999.32-2) Bullseye:(9999.32-1) single call read & write file routines www
  • libfile-slurp-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1) simple, sane and efficient file slurper www
  • libfile-slurp-unicode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-4) Bullseye:(0.7.1-2.1) Perl module to add Unicode support for the File::Slurp package www
  • libfile-slurper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-1) Bullseye:(0.012-1) simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file www
  • libfile-sort-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2) module to sort a file or merge sort multiple files www
  • libfile-spec-native-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-2) Bullseye:(1.004-1) module for using native OS implementation of File::Spec from a subclass www
  • libfile-stripnondeterminism-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13.1-1) Bullseye:(1.12.0-1) file non-deterministic information stripper — Perl module www
  • libfile-sync-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.11-2+b8) Perl interface to sync() and fsync() www
  • libfile-tail-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-7) Bullseye:(1.3-6) File::Tail perl module www
  • libfile-tee-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Perl module to duplicate streams like the tee unix command www
  • libfile-touch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl interface to touch-like functions www
  • libfile-treecreate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-3) Perl module to recursively create and populate a directory tree www
  • libfile-type-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-5) Bullseye:(0.22-3.1) module to determine file type using magic structure www
  • libfile-type-webimages-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) tool for determining web image file types using magic www
  • libfile-userconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-6) Bullseye:(0.06-4) provides configuration directory for applications www
  • libfile-util-perl

    Bookworm:(4.201720-2) Bullseye:(4.201720-1) Perl extension to handle files easily www
  • libfile-which-perl

    Bookworm:(1.27-2) Bullseye:(1.23-1) Perl module for searching paths for executable programs www
  • libfile-wildcard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-3.1) Enhanced glob processing www
  • libfile-write-rotate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.321-3) Bullseye:(0.321-1) module to deal with files that archive/rotate themselves www
  • libfile-xdg-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) module implementing the XDG base directory specification www
  • libfile-zglob-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) extended globs www
  • libfilehandle-fmode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.14-2+b4) Perl module for checking filehandle status www
  • libfilehandle-unget-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1634-3) Bullseye:(0.1634-1.1) Perl module that allows ungetting of multiple bytes www
  • libfilesys-df-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-7+b1) Bullseye:(0.92-6+b6) Module to obtain filesystem disk space information www
  • libfilesys-diskspace-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-16+nmu2.1) fetch filesystem size and usage information from Perl www
  • libfilesys-notify-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-1) simple file system monitor www
  • libfilesys-smbclient-perl

    Bookworm:(3.2-4+b1) Bullseye:(3.2-3+b4) perl interface to access Samba filesystem www
  • libfilesys-statvfs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.82-3+b8) Perl module for the statvfs system call www
  • libfilesys-virtual-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Perl framework for a virtual filesystem www
  • libfilesys-virtual-plain-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) plain virtual filesystem www
  • libfilter-eof-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-3) module to run a callback after a file has been compiled www
  • libfilter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.64-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.60-1+b1) Perl source filters www
  • libfilter-signatures-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.17-1) compatibility shim for subroutine signatures www
  • libfilter-template-perl

    Bookworm:(1.043-3) Bullseye:(1.043-1.1) source filter for inline code templates (macros) www
  • libfinance-bank-ie-permanenttsb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-4) Bullseye:(0.4-3.1) perl interface to the PermanentTSB Open24 homebanking www
  • libfinance-qif-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.02-1.1) Parse and create Quicken Interchange Format files www
  • libfinance-quote-perl

    Bookworm:(1.54-3) Bullseye:(1.50~rc2-2) Perl module for retrieving stock quotes from a variety of sources www
  • libfinance-quotehist-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.32-1) Perl modules for fetching historical stock quotes from the web www
  • libfinance-streamer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-5) Bullseye:(1.10-3.1) Perl5 module with interface to Datek Streamer www
  • libfinance-yahooquote-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.25) Perl module for retrieving stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance
  • libfind-lib-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) Perl module to intelligently find libraries www
  • libfindbin-libs-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.2-1) Bullseye:(2.190.02-1) Perl module to use a relative path for lib directories www
  • libfirefox-marionette-perl

    Bookworm:(1.35-1+deb12u1) module to automate the Firefox browser with the Marionette protocol www
  • libfko-perl

    Bookworm:(2.6.10-16) Bullseye:(2.6.10-12) FireWall KNock OPerator - Perl module www
  • libflickr-api-perl

    Bookworm:(1.28-3) Bullseye:(1.28-2) Perl interface to the Flickr API www
  • libflickr-upload-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-2) Bullseye:(1.60-1.1) module for uploading images to flickr.com www
  • libfont-afm-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-4) Bullseye:(1.20-3) Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files www
  • libfont-freetype-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1+b1) module to read font files and render glyphs from Perl using FreeType2 www
  • libfont-ttf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.06-1.1) Perl module for TrueType font hacking www
  • libforest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) collection of N-ary tree related modules www
  • libforks-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.36-2+b6) Perl module to emulate threads with fork www
  • libformat-human-bytes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Format a bytecount and make it human readable www
  • libformvalidator-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-2.1) module for validating forms with simple chains of constraints www
  • libfortran-format-perl

    Bookworm:(0.90-3) Bullseye:(0.90-2.1) Package to parse Fortran formats string descriptors in Perl www
  • libfortune-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2+ds-4) Bullseye:(0.2+ds-1.1) Perl module to read fortune (strfile) databases www
  • libfreecontact-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-9+b4) Bullseye:(0.08-8) fast protein contact predictor - binding for Perl www
  • libfreezethaw-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5001-3) Bullseye:(0.5001-2.1) module to serialize and deserialize Perl data structures www
  • libfrontier-rpc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07b4-7.1) Perl module to implement RPC calls using XML requests www
  • libfunction-fallback-coreorpp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.090-2) Bullseye:(0.090-1) set of functions using non-core XS modules with pure-Perl/core fallback www
  • libfunction-parameters-perl

    Bookworm:(2.001005-1) Bullseye:(2.001003-2+b4) module for subroutine definitions with parameter lists www
  • libfurl-perl

    Bookworm:(3.14-2) Bullseye:(3.13-2) lightning-fast URL fetcher www
  • libfuse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16.1+20180422git6becd92d7fce3fc411d7c-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.16.1+20180422git6becd92d7fce3fc411d7c-4+b4) Perl bindings for FUSE (Filesystems in USErland www
  • libfusioninventory-agent-task-netdiscovery-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1-1) Network device discovery for FusionInventory Agent www
  • libfusioninventory-agent-task-ocsdeploy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.8-1) OCS Inventory Software Deployment support for FusionInventory www
  • libfuture-asyncawait-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63-1) Bullseye:(0.49-1) deferred subroutine syntax for futures www
  • libfuture-io-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-1) collection of Future-returning IO methods www
  • libfuture-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-1) Bullseye:(0.47-1) module for operations awaiting completion www
  • libg20-perl

    Bookworm:(0.72-11) Bullseye:(0.72-9+b1) g2 2D graphics library (Perl module) www
  • libgd-barcode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.15-8) Bullseye:(1.15-7) Perl module to create barcode images www
  • libgd-graph-perl

    Bookworm:(1.54~ds-4) Bullseye:(1.54~ds-2) Graph Plotting Module for Perl 5 www
  • libgd-graph3d-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63-10) Bullseye:(0.63-9.1) Create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph www
  • libgd-perl

    Bookworm:(2.76-4+b1) Bullseye:(2.73-1+b1) Perl module wrapper for libgd www
  • libgd-securityimage-perl

    Bookworm:(1.75-2) Bullseye:(1.75-1) security image (captcha) generator www
  • libgd-svg-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.33-3) module to enable SVG output from scripts written using GD www
  • libgd-text-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.86-10) Text utilities for use with GD www
  • libgearman-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.004.015-1) client for the Gearman distributed job system www
  • libgedcom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-2) Bullseye:(1.22-1) interface to genealogy GEDCOM files www
  • libgen-test-rinci-funcresult-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Perl module that generates a test function for a function www
  • libgenders-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-1+b8) Bullseye:(1.22-1+b4) perl interface to the LLNL genders cluster management utilities www
  • libgenome-model-tools-music-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-5) module for finding mutations of significance in cancer www
  • libgenome-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-7) Bullseye:(0.06-6) pipelines, tools, and data management for genomics www
  • libgeo-calc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Simple geo calculator for points and distances www
  • libgeo-coder-googlev3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1) Perl module providing access to Google Maps v3 Geocoding API www
  • libgeo-coder-osm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-3) Geocode addresses with the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API www
  • libgeo-constants-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) standard constants used by Geo perl packages www
  • libgeo-coordinates-itm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) conversion module between lat/lon and Irish Transverse Mercator www
  • libgeo-coordinates-osgb-perl

    Bookworm:(2.20-2) Bullseye:(2.20-1.1) converting module between Lat/Lon and the British National Grid www
  • libgeo-coordinates-transform-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Transform latitude/longitude between coordinate functions www
  • libgeo-coordinates-utm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2) Perl extension for Latitiude Longitude conversions www
  • libgeo-distance-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-3) Bullseye:(0.20-4.1) calculate distances and closest locations www
  • libgeo-ellipsoids-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) standard Geo:: ellipsoid a, b, f and 1/f values www
  • libgeo-functions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-1) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) standard functions for Geo perl modules www
  • libgeo-google-mapobject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-3) module managing the server side of the Google Maps API www
  • libgeo-googleearth-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1) Bullseye:(0.15-2.1) module to generate GoogleEarth Documents www
  • libgeo-gpx-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-1) Bullseye:(0.26-5) Perl module for creating and parsing GPX files www
  • libgeo-hash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Perl module to encode / decode geohash.org locations www
  • libgeo-hash-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.00015-2+b2) Perl XS module to encode and decode geohash.org locations www
  • libgeo-helmerttransform-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-4) Bullseye:(1.14-2) Transformations between coordinates in different datums www
  • libgeo-inverse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-1) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) module to calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair www
  • libgeo-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.51-4) Bullseye:(1.51-2+b1) Perl interface to GeoIP library www
  • libgeo-ipfree-perl

    Bookworm:(1.160000-2) Bullseye:(1.151940-1) module to look up the country of an IPv4 address www
  • libgeo-metar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.15-5) Bullseye:(1.15-2.1) accessing Aviation Weather Information with Perl www
  • libgeo-osm-tiles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-7) Bullseye:(0.04-5) module for calculating tile numbers for OpenStreetMap www
  • libgeo-postcode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.17+dfsg1-1.1) UK Postcode validation and location www
  • libgeo-shapelib-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-6) Bullseye:(0.22-5) Perl extension for reading and writing shapefiles as defined by ESRI www
  • libgeography-countries-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2009041301-2.1) 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries. www
  • libgeography-nationalgrid-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6-10) Class for a point and to transform coordinate systems www
  • libgeoip2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.006002-2) Bullseye:(2.006002-1) Perl API for MaxMind's GeoIP2 web services and databases www
  • libgeometry-primitive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-3) Bullseye:(0.24-2) module to represent geometric entities www
  • libgetargs-long-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1012-5) Bullseye:(1.1012-3) Perl module to parse long function arguments www
  • libgetdata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-6) Bullseye:(0.10.0-10) library to read/write dirfile data - perl bindings www
  • libgetopt-argparse-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.6-2) Bullseye:(1.0.6-1.1) module to parse @ARGV with a richer and more user-friendly API www
  • libgetopt-argvfile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-5) Bullseye:(1.11-3) Perl module for reading script options and parameters from files www
  • libgetopt-complete-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-4) Bullseye:(0.26-2.1) programmable shell completion for Perl apps www
  • libgetopt-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-4) Bullseye:(1.14-3) module for parsing command line arguments www
  • libgetopt-euclid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4.5-4) Bullseye:(0.4.5-3) command line interface dynamically built from the documentation www
  • libgetopt-long-descriptive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.111-1) Bullseye:(0.105-1) module that handles command-line arguments with usage text www
  • libgetopt-lucid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) module for parsing command line arguments www
  • libgetopt-mixed-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.008-10.2) Perl module for processing options in GNU-style (= long and short)
  • libgetopt-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.52-7) Bullseye:(1.52-5.1) provide a simple wrapper around Getopt::Long www
  • libgetopt-tabular-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-4) Bullseye:(0.3-2.1) table-driven argument parsing for Perl 5 www
  • libgetopt-usaginator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0012-3) Bullseye:(0.0012-2.1) syntactic sugar for creating a command line usage function www
  • libgis-distance-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Perl module to calculate geographic distances www
  • libgit-annex-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-1) Bullseye:(0.007-1) Perl interface to git-annex repositories www
  • libgit-objectstore-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.007-2) abstraction layer for Git::Raw and libgit2 www
  • libgit-pure-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.48-2) Pure Perl interface to Git repositories www
  • libgit-pureperl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-2) Bullseye:(0.53-1) Pure Perl interface to Git repositories www
  • libgit-raw-perl

    Bookworm:(0.90+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.87+ds-1+b1) Perl bindings to the Git linkable library (libgit2) www
  • libgit-repository-perl

    Bookworm:(1.325-3) Bullseye:(1.324-2) Perl interface to Git repositories www
  • libgit-repository-plugin-log-perl

    Bookworm:(1.314-2) Bullseye:(1.314-1) Git::Repository plugin adding log items www
  • libgit-sub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.163320-3) Bullseye:(0.163320-2.1) git commands imported as System::Sub subs in the git:: namespace www
  • libgit-version-compare-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-1) Bullseye:(1.004-1) module to compare Git versions www
  • libgit-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.048-2) Bullseye:(0.048-1) Perl module to wrap git command-line interface www
  • libgitlab-api-v4-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-3) Bullseye:(0.26-1) GitLab API v4 module and command-line client www
  • libglib-object-introspection-perl

    Bookworm:(0.049-3) Bullseye:(0.049-1+b1) Perl bindings for gobject-introspection libraries www
  • libglib-perl

    Bookworm:(3:1.329.3-2+b2) Bullseye:(3:1.329.3-1+b1) interface to the GLib and GObject libraries www
  • libgnome2-gconf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.044-6+b8) Bullseye:(1.044-6+b6) Perl interface to the GNOME GConf library www
  • libgnome2-vfs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.082-1+b10) Bullseye:(1.082-1+b8) Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library www
  • libgnupg-interface-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2) Perl interface to GnuPG www
  • libgnupg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-5) Bullseye:(0.19-3) interface to GnuPG 1.4 using its coprocess interface www
  • libgo-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-9) perl modules for GO and other OBO ontologies www
  • libgoocanvas2-cairotypes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2+b1) bridge between GooCanvas2 and Cairo types www
  • libgoocanvas2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) Perl bindings for the goocanvas-2.0 widget using Glib::Object::Introspection www
  • libgoogle-protocolbuffers-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2) simple Perl interface to Google Protocol Buffers www
  • libgosa-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2-2) GOsa and LHM Perl libraries www
  • libgoto-file-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Perl module that allows swapping the currently compiling file for a new one www
  • libgps-point-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-5) Bullseye:(0.20-2.1) module providing an object interface for a GPS point www
  • libgraph-d3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module to create ref/json to show node-edge graph with D3.js www
  • libgraph-easy-as-svg-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.28-1) Perl module to output a Graph::Easy as Scalable Vector Graphics www
  • libgraph-easy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.76-3) Bullseye:(0.76-1) Perl module to convert or render graphs (as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz) www
  • libgraph-maker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) collection of graph-producing Perl packages www
  • libgraph-nauty-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.3.4-1+b1) Perl bindings for nauty www
  • libgraph-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.9726-1) Bullseye:(1:0.9716-2) Perl module for graph data structures and algorithms www
  • libgraph-readwrite-perl

    Bookworm:(2.10-1) Bullseye:(2.09-1.1) module for reading and writing directed graphs www
  • libgraph-writer-dsm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1) Perl module to draw Graph object as a DSM matrix www
  • libgraph-writer-graphviz-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Bullseye:(0.11-2.1) GraphViz Writer for Graph object www
  • libgraphics-color-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) module for manipulating colours in different colour spaces www
  • libgraphics-colornames-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.0-3) defines RGB values for common color names www
  • libgraphics-colornames-www-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.14-1) module defining WWW color names and equivalent RGB values www
  • libgraphics-colorobject-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.0-10) convert color specifications between color spaces www
  • libgraphics-colorutils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-4) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) Perl module to handle colors and color space conversions www
  • libgraphics-gnuplotif-perl

    Bookworm:(1.8-2) Bullseye:(1.8-1) dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot www
  • libgraphics-libplot-perl

    Bookworm:(2.2.3-1+b2) Bullseye:(2.2.2-7+b5) Perl interface to libplot www
  • libgraphics-magick-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4+really1.3.40-4+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.4+really1.3.36+hg16481-2+rpi1+deb11u1) format-independent image processing - perl interface www
  • libgraphics-primitive-driver-cairo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.47-2) Bullseye:(0.47-1) backend providing graphics support using Cairo www
  • libgraphics-primitive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.67-2) Bullseye:(0.67-1) system to portably create and manipulate graphical components www
  • libgraphics-tiff-perl

    Bookworm:(19-1+b2) Bullseye:(7-1+b1) Perl extension for the libtiff library www
  • libgraphics-toolkit-color-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-1) color palette creation helper www
  • libgraphql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.54-1) Perl implementation of GraphQL www
  • libgraphviz-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.24-1) Perl interface to the GraphViz graphing tool www
  • libgravatar-url-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1) Perl interface to make URLs for Gravatars from an email address www
  • libgssapi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.28-3+b4) Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library www
  • libgstreamer1-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003-3) Bindings for GStreamer 1.0, the open source multimedia framework www
  • libgtk3-imageview-perl

    Bookworm:(10-1) Bullseye:(6-1) image viewer widget for Gtk3 www
  • libgtk3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.038-3) Bullseye:(0.038-1) Perl bindings for the GTK+ graphical user interface library www
  • libgtk3-simplelist-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.21-1) Perl simple interface to GTK+ 3's complex MVC list widget www
  • libgtk3-webkit2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-5) Bullseye:(0.06-4) WebKit2 bindings for Perl www
  • libguard-perl

    Bookworm:(1.023-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.023-1+b8) Perl module providing safe cleanup using guard objects www
  • libguestfs-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.48.6-1+rpi1+b1) Bullseye:(1:1.44.0-2+rpi1) guest disk image management system - Perl bindings www
  • libgv-perl

    Bookworm:(2.42.2-7+b2) Bullseye:(2.42.2-5) Perl bindings for graphviz www
  • libham-locator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1000-2) Perl module for converting between Maidenhead locators and latitude/longitude www
  • libhamlib-perl

    Bookworm:(4.5.4-1+b1) Bullseye:(4.0-7) Run-time perl library to control radio transceivers and receivers www
  • libhamlib2-perl

    Bookworm:(4.5.4-1) Bullseye:(4.0-7) Transitional package depending on libhamlib-perl www
  • libhash-asobject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4) Bullseye:(0.13-3) Perl modules to treat hashes as objects www
  • libhash-case-perl

    Bookworm:(1.050-2) Bullseye:(1.050-1) base class for hashes with key-casing requirements www
  • libhash-defhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.072-1) Bullseye:(0.071-2) module to manipulate DefHash www
  • libhash-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1) module for creating the difference between two hashes www
  • libhash-fieldhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.15-1+b3) Perl module implementing a lightweight field hash www
  • libhash-flatten-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-5) Bullseye:(1.19-2) flatten/unflatten complex data hashes www
  • libhash-merge-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.302-1) Perl module for merging arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash www
  • libhash-merge-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.051-3) Bullseye:(0.051-2.1) Perl module to easily merge two or more hashes www
  • libhash-moreutils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1) module with extra hash functions not found in Hash::Util www
  • libhash-multivalue-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1) module for storing multiple values per key in a hash www
  • libhash-safekeys-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-1) Perl module to get hash contents without resetting each iterator www
  • libhash-sharedmem-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-1+b1) efficient shared mutable hash www
  • libhash-storediterator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.008-2+b4) Perl module for accessing a hashes internal iterator www
  • libhash-util-fieldhash-compat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Perl module providing a Hash::Util::FieldHash compatible API www
  • libhash-withdefaults-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults www
  • libhdate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.02-2.1+b4) Bullseye:(1.6.02-2.1+b1) Provides a library that help use Hebrew dates (perl bindings) www
  • libheap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.80-5) Bullseye:(0.80-3) Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted www
  • libheimdal-kadm5-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.08-5+b4) Perl module to administer a Heimdal Kerberos KDC www
  • libhighlight-perl

    Bookworm:(3.41-2+b9) Bullseye:(3.41-2+b4) perl bindings for highlight source code to formatted text converter www
  • libhijk-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) simple perl module for easily accessing HTTP services www
  • libhipi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.88-1) Raspberry Pi GPIO Perl Modules www
  • libhook-lexwrap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2) Bullseye:(0.26-1) module for lexically scoped subroutine wrappers www
  • libhook-wrapsub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) module to wrap subs with pre- and post-call hooks www
  • libhostfile-manager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) manage a hostfile by composing multiple fragments into a whole www
  • libhtml-auto-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module for automatically writing HTML for common elements www
  • libhtml-autopagerize-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) utility to load AutoPagerize SITEINFO stuff www
  • libhtml-calendarmonth-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.04-2) generate and manipulate calandar months in HTML
  • libhtml-calendarmonthsimple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.26-1) Perl module for generating HTML Calendars www
  • libhtml-clean-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-4) Bullseye:(1.4-1) Cleans up HTML code for web browsers, not humans www
  • libhtml-copy-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-2) Bullseye:(1.31-1.1) module to copy a HTML file without breaking links www
  • libhtml-dashboard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-3) module that tries to achieve spreadsheet-like formatting for HTML tables www
  • libhtml-data-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.005-1) parser for data embedded in HTML www
  • libhtml-defang-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1) cleans HTML and CSS of scripting, executable contents and XSS attacks www
  • libhtml-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.600-2) Bullseye:(0.600-1) module for comparing two HTML documents www
  • libhtml-display-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-4) Bullseye:(0.40-2.1) module for displaying HTML locally in a browser www
  • libhtml-element-extended-perl

    Bookworm:(1.18-1.3) Bullseye:(1.18-1.1) extended HTML::Element classes
  • libhtml-element-library-perl

    Bookworm:(5.220000-2) Bullseye:(5.220000-1) Perl module providing HTML::Element convenience methods www
  • libhtml-embedded-turtle-perl

    Bookworm:(0.404-2) Bullseye:(0.404-1) embedding RDF in HTML the crazy way www
  • libhtml-encoding-perl

    Bookworm:(0.61-3) Bullseye:(0.61-2.1) perl module determining the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents www
  • libhtml-entities-numbered-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Conversion of numbered HTML entities www
  • libhtml-escape-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.10-1+b3) provides extremely fast HTML escaping www
  • libhtml-fillinform-perl

    Bookworm:(2.22-1) Bullseye:(2.21-2) module for populating HTML forms with data www
  • libhtml-form-perl

    Bookworm:(6.11-1) Bullseye:(6.07-1) module that represents an HTML form element www
  • libhtml-format-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16-2) Bullseye:(2.12-1.1) module for transforming HTML into various formats www
  • libhtml-formatexternal-perl

    Bookworm:(26-6) Bullseye:(26-3) HTML to text formatting using external programs www
  • libhtml-formattext-withlinks-andtables-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) Perl module to converts HTML to Text with tables intact www
  • libhtml-formattext-withlinks-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) Perl module to convert HTML to text with links as footnotes www
  • libhtml-formfu-model-dbic-perl

    Bookworm:(2.03-3) Bullseye:(2.03-2.1) module to integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class www
  • libhtml-formfu-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.07000-1) HTML form creation, rendering and validation framework www
  • libhtml-formhandler-model-dbic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-1.1) base class that holds DBIC model role www
  • libhtml-formhandler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40068-2) Bullseye:(0.40068-1) form handler written in Moose www
  • libhtml-fromtext-perl

    Bookworm:(2.07-3) Bullseye:(2.07-1.1) module to marks up plain text as HTML www
  • libhtml-gentoc-perl

    Bookworm:(3.20-3) Bullseye:(3.20-2.1) module that generates a Table of Contents for HTML documents www
  • libhtml-gumbo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.18-2+b3) HTML5 parser based on gumbo C library www
  • libhtml-highlight-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-8) Bullseye:(0.20-7.1) Perl module for highlighting words or patterns in HTML documents www
  • libhtml-html5-builder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-2.1) erect some scaffolding for your documents www
  • libhtml-html5-entities-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) module to encode and decode character entities defined in HTML5 www
  • libhtml-html5-microdata-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100-3) Bullseye:(0.100-2) fairly experimental parser for HTML 'microdata' www
  • libhtml-html5-outline-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-4) Bullseye:(0.006-2) implementation of the HTML5 Outline algorithm www
  • libhtml-html5-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.992-2) Bullseye:(0.301-2) parse HTML reliably www
  • libhtml-html5-sanity-perl

    Bookworm:(0.105-5) Bullseye:(0.105-4) make HTML5 DOM trees less insane www
  • libhtml-html5-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.201-3) Bullseye:(0.201-2.1) output a DOM as HTML5 www
  • libhtml-linkextractor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.130-8) Bullseye:(0.130-7) Perl module used to extract links from HTML documents www
  • libhtml-linklist-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1701-3) Bullseye:(0.1701-1) module that creates a 'smart' list of HTML links www
  • libhtml-lint-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.32+dfsg-1.1) checker of HTML errors in strings or files www
  • libhtml-mason-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.59-2) Bullseye:(1:1.59-1) HTML::Mason Perl module www
  • libhtml-mason-psgihandler-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.53-2) PSGI handler for HTML::Mason www
  • libhtml-microformats-perl

    Bookworm:(0.105-6) Bullseye:(0.105-4) parse microformats in HTML www
  • libhtml-packer-perl

    Bookworm:(2.100000-2) Bullseye:(2.100000-1) perl module for cleaning the HTML code www
  • libhtml-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(3.81-1) Bullseye:(3.75-1+b1) collection of modules that parse HTML text documents www
  • libhtml-popuptreeselect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6-7.2) Bullseye:(1.6-7.1) Perl module for HTML popup tree widget www
  • libhtml-prettyprinter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-3.1) module that generates nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees www
  • libhtml-prototype-perl

    Bookworm:(1.48-6) Bullseye:(1.48-5.1) module to generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library www
  • libhtml-quoted-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) extract structure of quoted HTML mail message www
  • libhtml-restrict-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0.0-1) module to strip unwanted HTML tags and attributes www
  • libhtml-rewriteattributes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) Perl extension for HTML attribute rewriting www
  • libhtml-scrubber-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) Perl extension for scrubbing/sanitizing html www
  • libhtml-selector-xpath-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1.1) module for compiling CSS Selectors to XPath www
  • libhtml-simpleparse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-5) Bullseye:(0.12-3.1) bare-bones HTML parser www
  • libhtml-stream-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-3) Bullseye:(1.60-2.1) HTML output stream class, and some markup utilities www
  • libhtml-strip-perl

    Bookworm:(2.10-2+b3) Bullseye:(2.10-2+b1) module to strip HTML markup from text www
  • libhtml-stripscripts-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) module to filter scripts out of HTML www
  • libhtml-stripscripts-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-4) Bullseye:(1.06-1+deb11u1) module for removing scripts from HTML www
  • libhtml-table-perl

    Bookworm:(2.08a-5) Bullseye:(2.08a-4) Perl module for creating HTML tables www
  • libhtml-tableextract-perl

    Bookworm:(2.15-2) Bullseye:(2.15-1.1) module for extracting the content contained in HTML tables www
  • libhtml-tableparser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.43-1) Perl module to extract data from an HTML table www
  • libhtml-tagcloud-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-4) Bullseye:(0.38-2.1) module for generating HTML indexes of popular tags www
  • libhtml-tagfilter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-5) Bullseye:(1.03-4.1) fine-grained HTML-filter, XSS-blocker and mailto-obfuscator www
  • libhtml-tagset-perl

    Bookworm:(3.20-6) Bullseye:(3.20-4) data tables pertaining to HTML www
  • libhtml-tagtree-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-4) Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) module that generates HTML via a tree of tag objects www
  • libhtml-template-compiled-perl

    Bookworm:(1.003-3) Bullseye:(1.003-1) Perl template system compiling HTML::Template files to Perl code www
  • libhtml-template-dumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-4) Bullseye:(0.1-3.1) module to output template data in a test-friendly format www
  • libhtml-template-expr-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-3.1) HTML::Template extension adding expression support www
  • libhtml-template-perl

    Bookworm:(2.97-2) Bullseye:(2.97-1.1) module for using HTML templates with Perl www
  • libhtml-template-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22+~cs0.6-1) Bullseye:(0.17+~cs0.6-1) extension of HTML::Template with plugin support www
  • libhtml-template-pro-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9524-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.9510-2) Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts www
  • libhtml-tidy-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-5+b1) Bullseye:(1.60-4+b2) module for (X)HTML validation www
  • libhtml-tidy5-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.06-1+b1) HTML validation in a Perl object www
  • libhtml-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-2) Bullseye:(1.05-3.1) HTML::Tiny - Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation www
  • libhtml-toc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-2) module for creating and updating an HTML Table of Contents www
  • libhtml-tokeparser-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(3.16-4) Bullseye:(3.16-3) Perl module used to tokenize HTML documents www
  • libhtml-tree-perl

    Bookworm:(5.07-3) Bullseye:(5.07-2) Perl module to represent and create HTML syntax trees www
  • libhtml-treebuilder-libxml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-3) Bullseye:(0.26-1) HTML::TreeBuilder and XPath compatible interface with libxml www
  • libhtml-treebuilder-xpath-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) Perl module to add XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder www
  • libhtml-truncate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3) Bullseye:(0.20-2) Perl module to truncate HTML by percentage or character count www
  • libhtml-widget-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-6) Bullseye:(1.11-5) HTML widget and validation framework www
  • libhtml-widgets-navmenu-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1000-1) Bullseye:(1.0801-1) module for generating HTML navigation menus www
  • libhtml-widgets-selectlayers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-5) Bullseye:(0.07-3) Perl extension for selectable HTML layers www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-dokuwiki-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.53-2.1) HTML to wiki markup converter - DokuWiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-kwiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-3) Bullseye:(0.51-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - Kwiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - Markdown dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-mediawiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.59-3) Bullseye:(0.59-2) Perl module to add MediaWiki markup support to HTML::WikiConverter www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-moinmoin-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.54-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - MoinMoin dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-oddmuse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-3) Bullseye:(0.52-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - Oddmuse dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.68-4) Bullseye:(0.68-3.1) HTML to wiki markup converter www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-phpwiki-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.51-3) HTML to wiki markup converter - PhpWiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-pmwiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-3) Bullseye:(0.51-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - PmWiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-snipsnap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.50-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - SnipSnap dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-tikiwiki-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.50-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - TikiWiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-usemod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.50-4) Bullseye:(0.50-3) HTML to wiki markup converter - UseMod dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-wakkawiki-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.50-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - WakkaWiki dialect www
  • libhtml-wikiconverter-wikkawiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.50-3) Bullseye:(0.50-2) HTML to wiki markup converter - WikkaWiki dialect www
  • libhttp-async-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-3) Bullseye:(0.33-1) module for parallel non-blocking processing of multiple HTTP requests www
  • libhttp-body-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-2) Bullseye:(1.22-1.1) module for processing data from HTTP POST requests www
  • libhttp-browserdetect-perl

    Bookworm:(3.38-1) Bullseye:(3.31-1) module to extract system data from an HTTP User Agent string www
  • libhttp-cache-transparent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-2) Bullseye:(1.4-1) Perl module used to transparently cache HTTP requests www
  • libhttp-cookiejar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-1) Bullseye:(0.010-2) minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar www
  • libhttp-cookiemonster-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) module for easy read/write access to HTTP::Cookies jar www
  • libhttp-cookies-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.10-1) HTTP cookie jars www
  • libhttp-daemon-perl

    Bookworm:(6.16-1) Bullseye:(6.12-1+deb11u1) simple http server class www
  • libhttp-daemon-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-01-5) Bullseye:(1.05-01-2) simple HTTP server class with SSL support www
  • libhttp-date-perl

    Bookworm:(6.05-2) Bullseye:(6.05-1) module of date conversion routines www
  • libhttp-dav-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-3) Bullseye:(0.49-2) WebDAV client library for Perl, and "dave" CLI client www
  • libhttp-entity-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser www
  • libhttp-exception-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04007-1) module for throwing HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions www
  • libhttp-headers-actionpack-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) HTTP Action, Adventure and Excitement www
  • libhttp-headers-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-3) Bullseye:(0.22-1) faster implementation of HTTP::Headers www
  • libhttp-link-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.200-1.1) parse HTTP Link headers www
  • libhttp-link-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3) RFC 5988 web linking www
  • libhttp-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(2.44-3) Bullseye:(2.44-1.1) lightweight HTTP implementation for perl www
  • libhttp-lrdd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.106-3) Bullseye:(0.106-2) link-based resource descriptor discovery www
  • libhttp-message-perl

    Bookworm:(6.44-1) Bullseye:(6.28-1) perl interface to HTTP style messages www
  • libhttp-multipartparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1) HTTP multipart MIME parser www
  • libhttp-negotiate-perl

    Bookworm:(6.01-2) Bullseye:(6.01-1) implementation of content negotiation www
  • libhttp-oai-perl

    Bookworm:(4.12-1) Bullseye:(4.11-1) API for the OAI-PMH www
  • libhttp-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-2) module for parsing HTTP requests and responses www
  • libhttp-parser-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.17-2) simple and fast HTTP request parser www
  • libhttp-proxy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.304-5) Bullseye:(0.304-4) pure Perl HTTP proxy www
  • libhttp-recorder-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) Perl module to record interaction with websites www
  • libhttp-request-ascgi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-4) Bullseye:(1.2-3.1) module to setup a CGI environment from a HTTP::Request www
  • libhttp-request-params-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) Bullseye:(1.02-1) Perl extension for retrieving HTTP request parameters www
  • libhttp-response-encoding-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1) Perl module extending HTTP::Response encoding handling www
  • libhttp-server-simple-authen-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple www
  • libhttp-server-simple-cgi-prefork-perl

    Bookworm:(6-3) Bullseye:(6-1.1) module to make HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI preforking and turn on SSL www
  • libhttp-server-simple-mason-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-2.1) abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server www
  • libhttp-server-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2) Bullseye:(0.52-1.1) simple stand-alone HTTP server www
  • libhttp-server-simple-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) simple HTTP server with PSGI application support www
  • libhttp-server-simple-recorder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) Mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets www
  • libhttp-server-simple-static-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple www
  • libhttp-thin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) Thin Wrapper around HTTP::Tiny to play nice with HTTP::Message www
  • libhttp-throwable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.028-1) Bullseye:(0.026-2.1) strongly-typed, PSGI-friendly HTTP 1.1 exception libraries www
  • libhttp-tiny-multipart-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) module to add post_multipart method to HTTP::Tiny www
  • libhttp-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.082-2) Bullseye:(0.076-1) Perl module that implements a small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client www
  • libhttp-tinyish-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-1) Bullseye:(0.17-1) HTTP::Tiny compatible HTTP client wrappers www
  • libi18n-acceptlanguage-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-6) Bullseye:(1.04-4) module to matches language preference to available languages www
  • libi18n-charset-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.419-1) Perl module for mapping character set names to IANA names www
  • libical-parser-html-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-4) generates HTML calendars from iCalendars www
  • libical-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-3) Bullseye:(1.21-1) module to parse iCalendar files into a data structure www
  • libical-parser-sax-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.09-3) generates SAX events calendars from iCalendars www
  • libicon-famfamfam-silk-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.002001003-1.1) module containing the famous FamFamFam Silk icon theme www
  • libidna-punycode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.100+dfsg-3) module to encode Unicode string in Punycode www
  • libifeffit-perl

    Bookworm:(2:1.2.11d-12.5) Perl extensions for IFEFFIT www
  • libima-dbi-contextual-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.005-1) lightweight DBI handle cache and utility methods www
  • libima-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-3) Bullseye:(0.35-2.1) module for database connection caching and organization www
  • libimage-base-bundle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.7-3.5) Bullseye:(1.0.7-3.3) set of modules for loading, saving and creating xpm and xbm images www
  • libimage-exif-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-2+b1) Bullseye:(2.01-1+b10) Perl module to extract EXIF information from image files www
  • libimage-exiftool-perl

    Bookworm:(12.57+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(12.16+dfsg-2) library and program to read and write meta information in multimedia files www
  • libimage-imlib2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.03-1.1+b2) Bullseye:(2.03-1+b10) perl interface to the imlib2 imaging library
  • libimage-info-perl

    Bookworm:(1.43-1) Bullseye:(1.42-1) allows extraction of meta information from image files www
  • libimage-librsvg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-9+b2) Bullseye:(0.07-8+b8) Perl binding for the GNOME librsvg SVG renderer library www
  • libimage-magick-perl

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: Perl interface to the ImageMagick graphics routines www
  • libimage-magick-q16-perl

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: Perl interface to the ImageMagick graphics routines -- Q16 version www
  • libimage-magick-q16hdri-perl

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: Perl interface to the ImageMagick graphics routines -- Q16HDRI version www
  • libimage-math-constrain-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-2) Perl module performing math used to constrain image sizes www
  • libimage-metadata-jpeg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.159-1) Bullseye:(0.153-1.1) Perl extension for showing/modifying JPEG (meta)data www
  • libimage-png-libpng-perl

    Bookworm:(0.57-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.56-1) Perl interface to libpng www
  • libimage-sane-perl

    Bookworm:(5-1+b3) Bullseye:(5-1+b1) Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project www
  • libimage-scale-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14+dfsg-3) fast, high-quality fixed-point image resizing module www
  • libimage-seek-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.06-2+b5) Perl module to find similar pictures in a library www
  • libimage-size-perl

    Bookworm:(3.300-3) Bullseye:(3.300-1.1) module for determining image sizes in several common formats www
  • libimager-perl

    Bookworm:(1.019+dfsg-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.012+dfsg-1+b2) Perl extension for generating 24-bit images www
  • libimager-qrcode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.033-1.2+b11) Bullseye:(0.033-1.2+b9) Generate QR code with Imager using libqrencode www
  • libimap-admin-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.8-2) Bullseye:(1.6.7-2.1) Perl module for administrating IMAP servers www
  • libimdb-film-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.53-1.1) Perl extension for retrieving movie info from IMDB.com www
  • libimport-into-perl

    Bookworm:(1.002005-2) Bullseye:(1.002005-1) module for importing packages into other packages www
  • libimporter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.026-2) Bullseye:(0.026-1) alternative but compatible interface to modules that export symbols www
  • libimvirt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9.6-11) Bullseye:(0.9.6-8) Perl module for detecting several virtualizations www
  • libindirect-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.39-1+b2) module warning about using the indirect object syntax www
  • libinfluxdb-lineprotocol-perl

    Bookworm:(1.015-1) Bullseye:(1.014-1) write and read InfluxDB LineProtocol www
  • libinline-c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-1) Bullseye:(0.81-1) C Language Support for Inline www
  • libinline-files-perl

    Bookworm:(0.71-2) Bullseye:(0.71-1) module to handle multiple virtual files at the end of your code www
  • libinline-java-perl

    Bookworm:(0.67-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.66-2+b3) write Perl classes in Java www
  • libinline-perl

    Bookworm:(0.86-2) Bullseye:(0.86-1) module for producing simple Foreign Function Interfaces www
  • libinline-python-perl

    Bookworm:(0.57-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.56-2+b2) module to write Perl subs and classes in Python www
  • libinternals-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.1-2+b9) Perl module for write-protecting variables and manipulating refcounts www
  • libintl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-1) Bullseye:(1.26-3+deb11u1) Uniforum message translations system compatible i18n library www
  • libintl-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-1) Bullseye:(1.26-3+deb11u1) XS Uniforum message translations system compatible i18n library www
  • libio-aio-perl

    Bookworm:(4.80-1) Bullseye:(4.75-1) asynchronous IO module for Perl www
  • libio-all-lwp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-2.1) Perl module to use HTTP and FTP URLs with IO::All www
  • libio-all-perl

    Bookworm:(0.87-2) Bullseye:(0.87-1) Perl module for unified IO operations www
  • libio-async-loop-epoll-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) Perl extension for an event loop using epoll www
  • libio-async-loop-glib-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-1) Perl extension for an event loop using GLib www
  • libio-async-loop-mojo-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-1) Perl module to use IO::Async with Mojolicious www
  • libio-async-perl

    Bookworm:(0.802-1) Bullseye:(0.78-1) modules for asynchronous event-driven programming www
  • libio-async-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-1) Bullseye:(0.22-3) module to use SSL/TLS with IO::Async www
  • libio-bufferedselect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-3) Bullseye:(1.0-2.1) Perl module for line-buffered select interface www
  • libio-callback-perl

    Bookworm:(2.00-1) Bullseye:(1.12-3.1) emulate file interface for a code reference www
  • libio-capture-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-4) Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output www
  • libio-captureoutput-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1105-2) Bullseye:(1.1105-1) module for capturing STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS www
  • libio-compress-lzma-perl

    Bookworm:(2.204-1) Bullseye:(2.101-1) modules for reading and writing lzma/xz files/buffers www
  • libio-compress-perl

    Bookworm:(2.204-1) Bullseye:(2.101-1) bundle of IO::Compress modules www
  • libio-digest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Perl module to calculate digests while reading or writing www
  • libio-dirent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-1.1+b3) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b10) Perl module for accessing dirent structs returned by readdir
  • libio-epoll-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.03-2+b9) Perl interface to the Epoll IO Multiplexing subsystem www
  • libio-event-perl

    Bookworm:(0.813-3) Bullseye:(0.813-2) Perl module that ties filehandles for nonblocking IO with object callbacks www
  • libio-fdpass-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.3-1) module to pass a file descriptor over a socket www
  • libio-file-withfilename-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) filehandles that know their origin www
  • libio-file-withpath-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) IO::File extension that keeps the pathname www
  • libio-handle-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-1) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) module providing helper functions for IO::Handle www
  • libio-html-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-3) Bullseye:(1.004-2) open an HTML file with automatic charset detection www
  • libio-interactive-perl

    Bookworm:(1.023-2) Bullseye:(1.023-1) utility module for interactive I/O www
  • libio-interactive-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2-2) minimalist utility module for interactive I/O www
  • libio-interface-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2+b2) Bullseye:(1.09-2) socket methods to get/set interface characteristics www
  • libio-lcdproc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.037-1.1) Perl extension to connect to a LCD display through lcdproc www
  • libio-lockedfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23+d030220-5) Bullseye:(0.23+d030220-4) module providing object methods for locking files www
  • libio-multiplex-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-1.1) object-oriented interface to select() for Perl www
  • libio-pager-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10-1) module to select a pager and pipe text to it www
  • libio-pipely-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) portable way to create pipe() or pipe-like handles www
  • libio-prompt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.997004-2) Bullseye:(0.997004-1) module to interactively prompt for user input www
  • libio-prompt-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-1) module that prompts for user input with a default option www
  • libio-prompter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004015-2) Bullseye:(0.004015-1) Perl module to prompt for input, read it, clean it, return it www
  • libio-pty-easy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) module providing an easy interface to IO::Pty www
  • libio-pty-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.17-1) Bullseye:(1:1.15-2) Perl module for pseudo tty IO www
  • libio-sessiondata-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) set of modules for non-blocking I/O www
  • libio-socket-inet6-perl

    Bookworm:(2.73-1) Bullseye:(2.72-2.1) object interface for AF_INET6 domain sockets www
  • libio-socket-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.41-1) module for using IPv4 and IPv6 sockets in a protocol-independent way www
  • libio-socket-multicast-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.12-2+b7) module for sending and receiving multicast messages www
  • libio-socket-multicast6-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-3) module for sending and receiving IPv4 and IPv6 multicast messages www
  • libio-socket-portstate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) IO::Socket::PortState - checking the status of a port www
  • libio-socket-socks-perl

    Bookworm:(0.74-3) Bullseye:(0.74-1.1) extension to IO::Socket providing SOCKS proxy www
  • libio-socket-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(2.081-2) Bullseye:(2.069-1) Perl module implementing object oriented interface to SSL sockets www
  • libio-socket-timeout-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-1) IO::Socket with read/write timeout www
  • libio-stream-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-3) Bullseye:(2.0.3-2) module that provides non-blocking I/O streams based on EV www
  • libio-string-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-4) Bullseye:(1.08-3.1) Emulate IO::File interface for in-core strings www
  • libio-stringy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.111-3) modules for I/O on in-core objects (strings/arrays) www
  • libio-stty-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1) module to change/print terminal (PTY) line settings www
  • libio-tee-perl

    Bookworm:(0.66-2) Bullseye:(0.66-1) module for multiplexing output to multiple output handles www
  • libio-termios-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-4) module to supply termios methods to IO::Handle objects www
  • libio-tiecombine-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-3) Bullseye:(1.005-1.1) Perl module to collect output via any kind of tied variable www
  • libipc-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.004-2.1) module to filter data through an external process www
  • libipc-pubsub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-4) Bullseye:(0.29-2) Interprocess Publish/Subscribe channels www
  • libipc-run-perl

    Bookworm:(20220807.0-1) Bullseye:(20200505.0-1) Perl module for running processes www
  • libipc-run-safehandles-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Use IPC::Run and IPC::Run3 safely www
  • libipc-run3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.048-3) Bullseye:(0.048-2) run a subprocess with input/output redirection www
  • libipc-shareable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-1) Bullseye:(0.61-2) module to access IPC shared memory segments through perl www
  • libipc-sharedcache-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-10) Bullseye:(1.3-9.1) module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory www
  • libipc-sharelite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-5) Bullseye:(0.17-4+b6) Perl module that provides a simple interface to shared memory www
  • libipc-signal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-10) Bullseye:(1.00-7) utility functions dealing with signals for Perl www
  • libipc-system-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.30-2) Bullseye:(1.30-1) Perl module to run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics www
  • libiptables-chainmgr-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6-2) Perl extension for manipulating iptables policies www
  • libiptables-parse-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6-3) Bullseye:(1.6-2) Perl extension for parsing iptables firewall rulesets www
  • libirc-formatting-html-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.29-1.1) Perl module for converting between HTML and IRC formatting www
  • libirc-utils-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) collection of common utilities for IRC-related tasks www
  • libiri-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) Handle Internationalized Resource Identifiers in Perl www
  • libiterator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03+ds1-2) Bullseye:(0.03+ds1-1.1) Perl implementation of iterators www
  • libiterator-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) simple iterators and utilities www
  • libiterator-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02+ds1-2) Bullseye:(0.02+ds1-1.1) Useful functions for creating and manipulating iterator objects www
  • libjavascript-beautifier-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-3) Bullseye:(0.25-2) Perl module to beautify JavaScript code www
  • libjavascript-minifier-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-2) Bullseye:(1.14-1) Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code www
  • libjavascript-minifier-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) XS based JavaScript minifier www
  • libjavascript-packer-perl

    Bookworm:(2.11+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.06-1) module to compact JavaScript code www
  • libjavascript-rpc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.3) Perl module to process Remote procedure calls from JavaScript
  • libjcode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.13-4.1) Perl library for Japanese character code conversion www
  • libjcode-pm-perl

    Bookworm:(2.06-1.1) Bullseye:(2.06-1+b1) Perl extension interface to convert Japanese text
  • libje-perl

    Bookworm:(0.066-3) Bullseye:(0.066-1.1) Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine www
  • libjellyfish-perl

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-15+b3) Bullseye:(2.3.0-10) count k-mers in DNA sequences (Perl bindings of jellyfish) www
  • libjifty-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.78-3) Bullseye:(0.78-2) object-relational persistence framework for Jifty www
  • libjifty-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10518+dfsg-3) Jifty perl libraries www
  • libjifty-plugin-authentication-bitcard-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.053-1) Bitcard authentication plugin www
  • libjifty-plugin-authentication-cas-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1) JA-SIG CAS authentication plugin for Jifty www
  • libjifty-plugin-authentication-facebook-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.90000-1) Facebook authentication plugin for Jifty www
  • libjifty-plugin-authentication-ldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1) Jifty plugin for authentication using LDAP www
  • libjifty-plugin-authzldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.90000-1) Jifty plugin to a add dynamic ldap authorization www
  • libjifty-plugin-chart-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01+dfsg-2) Jifty plugin providing charting functionality www
  • libjifty-plugin-comment-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-2) module to add comments to any record of your Jifty application www
  • libjifty-plugin-googlemap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1) GoogleMap plugin for Jifty www
  • libjifty-plugin-oauth-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) secure API authorization plugin for Jifty www
  • libjifty-plugin-openid-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02-1) OpenID authentication plugin for Jifty applications www
  • libjifty-plugin-sitenews-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.90000-1) site news plugin for Jifty applications www
  • libjifty-plugin-userpic-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.90000-1) user pictures plugin for Jifty applications www
  • libjifty-plugin-wikitoolbar-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-2) Jifty plugin to add a wiki toolbar to textarea boxes www
  • libjira-client-automated-perl

    Bookworm:(1.90-2) Bullseye:(1.90-1) JIRA REST Client for automated scripts www
  • libjira-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.45-3) Bullseye:(0.45-1.1) Perl interface to JIRA's API www
  • libjira-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.023-1) Bullseye:(0.021-1) thin wrapper around Jira's REST APIs www
  • libjson-any-perl

    Bookworm:(1.39-3) Bullseye:(1.39-2) wrapper class for the various JSON classes www
  • libjson-hyper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-3) Bullseye:(0.011-2) extract links from JSON via a schema www
  • libjson-maybexs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004004-1) Bullseye:(1.004003-1) interface to the best available JSON module www
  • libjson-multivalueordered-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1) module to handle JSON like {"a":1, "a":2} www
  • libjson-parse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.62-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.61-1) module to read JSON into a Perl variable www
  • libjson-path-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:(0.431-1) search nested hashref/arrayref structures using JSONPath www
  • libjson-perl

    Bookworm:(4.10000-1) Bullseye:(4.03000-1) module for manipulating JSON-formatted data www
  • libjson-pointer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) Perl implementation of JSON Pointer (RFC6901) www
  • libjson-pp-perl

    Bookworm:(4.16000-1) Bullseye:(4.06000-1) module for manipulating JSON-formatted data (Pure Perl) www
  • libjson-rpc-common-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-2) transport agnostic JSON RPC helper objects www
  • libjson-rpc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-3) Bullseye:(1.06-2.1) Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0 and 1.1 protocols www
  • libjson-types-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) variable type utility for JSON encoding www
  • libjson-validator-perl

    Bookworm:(5.14+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.14+dfsg-1) module to validate data against a JSON schema www
  • libjson-webtoken-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-2) JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation www
  • libjson-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(4.030-2+b1) Bullseye:(4.030-1+b1) module for manipulating JSON-formatted data (C/XS-accelerated) www
  • libjsonld-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.005-1) Perl toolkit for interacting with JSON-LD data www
  • libkavorka-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.039-3) function signatures with the lure of the animal www
  • libkeyword-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.04-2+b1) Perl module to define new keywords in pure Perl www
  • libkinosearch1-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-5+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-4+b5) Perl library providing search engine features www
  • libkiokudb-backend-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-3) Bullseye:(1.23-2) DBI backend for KiokuDB www
  • libkiokudb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.57-3) Bullseye:(0.57-2) Perl module for object persistence www
  • libkiokux-model-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1) simple application specific wrapper for KiokuDB www
  • libkwargs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) Perl module for simple and clean handling of named arguments www
  • libkwiki-cache-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-2) Kwiki cache plugin www
  • libkwiki-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.39-2) Kwiki Wiki Building Framework www
  • liblasso-perl

    Bookworm:(2.8.1-1) Bullseye:(2.6.1-3) Library for Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols - Perl bindings www
  • liblatex-decode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Perl module to convert LaTeX input to Unicode www
  • liblatex-driver-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) driver module that encapsulates the details of formatting a LaTeX document www
  • liblatex-encode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.092.0-2) Bullseye:(0.092.0-1) Perl module to encode characters for LaTeX formatting www
  • liblatex-table-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.6-4) Bullseye:(1.0.6-3.1) Perl extension for the automatic generation of LaTeX tables www
  • liblatex-tom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-1) Bullseye:(1.03-1) module for parsing, analyzing and manipulating LaTeX documents www
  • liblatex-tounicode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Convert LaTeX commands to Unicode www
  • liblayout-manager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-2) Bullseye:(0.35-1.1) module for managing layout of graphical components www
  • liblchown-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-3+b8) Perl interface to the lchown() system call www
  • liblemonldap-ng-common-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG common files www
  • liblemonldap-ng-handler-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG handler common libraries www
  • liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG manager part www
  • liblemonldap-ng-portal-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG authentication portal part www
  • liblexical-accessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2) Bullseye:(0.013-2) true private attributes for Moose/Moo/Mouse www
  • liblexical-failure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000007-3) Bullseye:(0.000007-2.1) Perl module for user-selectable lexically-scoped failure signaling www
  • liblexical-persistence-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.023-1) module for accessing persistent data through lexical variables www
  • liblexical-sealrequirehints-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.011-4+b4) Perl module to prevent the leakage of lexical hints www
  • liblexical-underscore-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) access your caller's lexical underscore www
  • liblexical-var-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.009-3+b6) Perl module for using static variables without namespace pollution www
  • liblib-abs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-2) Bullseye:(0.95-1) module to make relative path absolute to caller www
  • liblib-relative-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-2) module to add paths relative to the current file to @INC www
  • liblibrary-callnumber-lc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) utility functions to deal with Library-of-Congress call numbers www
  • liblingua-de-ascii-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) convert German umlauts to and from ascii
  • liblingua-en-fathom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-2) Bullseye:(1.22-1.1) Perl module for measuring readability of English text www
  • liblingua-en-findnumber-perl

    Bookworm:(1.32-3) Bullseye:(1.32-1) module for locating (written) numbers in English text www
  • liblingua-en-inflect-number-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-1) Perl module to force number of words to singular or plural www
  • liblingua-en-inflect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.905-2) Bullseye:(1.905-1) Perl module to pluralize English words www
  • liblingua-en-inflect-phrase-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20-1) module for inflecting short English phrases www
  • liblingua-en-namecase-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1) Perl module to fix the case of people's names www
  • liblingua-en-nameparse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.38-1) module for parsing a person's name in free text www
  • liblingua-en-number-isordinal-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) module for detecting English ordinal numbers www
  • liblingua-en-numbers-ordinate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-2) Bullseye:(1.05-1) Perl module to convert from cardinal numbers to ordinal numbers www
  • liblingua-en-sentence-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) Perl module to split text into sentences www
  • liblingua-en-syllable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.310-2) Bullseye:(0.300-1) module to estimate syllable count in English words www
  • liblingua-en-tagger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-3) Bullseye:(0.31-1) part-of-speech tagger for English natural language processing www
  • liblingua-en-words2nums-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-4) Bullseye:(0.19-2.1) convert English text to numbers www
  • liblingua-es-numeros-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-2.1) Perl module to convert numbers to Spanish text www
  • liblingua-ga-gramadoir-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7-4.1) Irish language grammar checker www
  • liblingua-identify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.56-2) Bullseye:(0.56-1.1) language identification module for perl www
  • liblingua-ispell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-8) Bullseye:(0.07-6.1) Perl module encapsulating access to the ispell program www
  • liblingua-preferred-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-5) Bullseye:(0.2.4-4.1) Perl module which allows language content negotiation www
  • liblingua-pt-stemmer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1) Portuguese language stemming www
  • liblingua-sentence-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100-3) Bullseye:(1.100-1.1) Perl extension for breaking text paragraphs into sentences www
  • liblingua-stem-fr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl French stemmer www
  • liblingua-stem-it-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl Italian stemmer www
  • liblingua-stem-perl

    Bookworm:(2.31-1) Bullseye:(2.30-1) module for stemming of words www
  • liblingua-stem-ru-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian (KOI8-R only) www
  • liblingua-stem-snowball-da-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-8) Bullseye:(1.01-5) Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark www
  • liblingua-stem-snowball-perl

    Bookworm:(0.952-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.952-3+b6) Perl interface to Snowball stemmers www
  • liblingua-stopwords-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.09-2) module with stop words for several languages www
  • liblingua-translit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) Perl module that transliterates text between writing systems www
  • liblinux-acl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b5) Perl extension for reading and setting Access Control Lists for files www
  • liblinux-distribution-packages-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-3.1) list all packages on various Linux distributions www
  • liblinux-distribution-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-4) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) module for detecting the running Linux distribution www
  • liblinux-dvb-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3+b2) Bullseye:(1.03-2+b4) interface to (some parts of) the Linux DVB API www
  • liblinux-epoll-perl

    Bookworm:(0.018-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.018-1) perl epoll module for O(1) multiplexing www
  • liblinux-fd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-1) Bullseye:(0.011-2+b3) Linux specific special filehandles www
  • liblinux-inotify2-perl

    Bookworm:(1:2.3-2) Bullseye:(1:2.2-2+b1) scalable directory and file change notification www
  • liblinux-io-prio-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) interface to Linux ioprio_set(2) and ioprio_get(2) www
  • liblinux-kernelsort-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-4) Perl module for sorting Linux Kernel version strings www
  • liblinux-lvm-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-4) Bullseye:(0.17-2.1) Perl module to access LVM status information www
  • liblinux-pid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.04-1+b8) wrapper around the getpid() and getppid() C functions www
  • liblinux-prctl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-4+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.6.0-3+rpi1+b1) Perl extension for controlling process characteristics www
  • liblinux-systemd-perl

    Bookworm:(1.201600-4+b1) Perl module with bindings for systemd APIs www
  • liblinux-termios2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2+b4) Bullseye:(0.01-2+b1) Perl module for accessing the termios2 structure and ioctl www
  • liblinux-usermod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.69-4) Bullseye:(0.69-2.1) module to modify user and group accounts www
  • liblist-allutils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-1) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Perl wrapper for modules List::Util and List::MoreUtils www
  • liblist-compare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-2) Bullseye:(0.55-1) Perl module for comparing elements of two or more lists www
  • liblist-keywords-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-1) selection of list utility keywords www
  • liblist-maker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-4) Bullseye:(0.005-2.1) Perl module to generate more sophisticated lists than just $a..$b www
  • liblist-moreutils-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.430-2) Perl module with additional list functions not found in List::Util www
  • liblist-moreutils-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.430-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.430-2) Perl module providing compiled List::MoreUtils functions www
  • liblist-objects-withutils-perl

    Bookworm:(2.028003-4) Bullseye:(2.028003-2) list objects, kitchen sink included www
  • liblist-rotation-cycle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.009-3) Bullseye:(1.009-1.1) module that cycles through a list of values www
  • liblist-someutils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.59-1) Bullseye:(0.58-1) module that provides the stuff missing in List::Util www
  • liblist-someutils-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.58-3) Bullseye:(0.58-2+b1) module providing XS implementation for List::SomeUtils www
  • liblist-utilsby-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) higher-order list utility functions www
  • liblist-utilsby-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b3) XS implementation of List::UtilsBy www
  • liblivejournal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-7) Bullseye:(1.3-6.1) Perl implementation of the LiveJournal protocol
  • liblmdb-file-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4+b3) Bullseye:(0.12-4) tie to LMDB www
  • libload-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-1) pragma for controlling when subroutines will be loaded www
  • liblocal-lib-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000029-1) Bullseye:(2.000024-1) module to use a local path for Perl modules www
  • liblocale-codes-perl

    Bookworm:(3.73-1) Bullseye:(3.66-1) collection of Perl modules for handling of locale codes www
  • liblocale-currency-format-perl

    Bookworm:(1.35-3) Bullseye:(1.35-1) Perl functions for formatting monetary values www
  • liblocale-gettext-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-5) Bullseye:(1.07-4+b1) module using libc functions for internationalization in Perl www
  • liblocale-hebrew-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.05-1+b8) module providing bidirectional Hebrew support www
  • liblocale-maketext-extract-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) module to extract translation keys from a database www
  • liblocale-maketext-fuzzy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-2) Maketext from already interpolated strings www
  • liblocale-maketext-gettext-perl

    Bookworm:(1.32-3) Bullseye:(1.32-1) Perl module bridging gettext and Maketext localization frameworks www
  • liblocale-maketext-lexicon-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) lexicon-handling backends for Locale::Maketext www
  • liblocale-maketext-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.21-1) simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon www
  • liblocale-msgfmt-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-2) pure Perl reimplementation of msgfmt www
  • liblocale-po-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.27-2) Perl module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext www
  • liblocale-subcountry-perl

    Bookworm:(2.07-1) Bullseye:(2.06-1) module for converting state/province names to/from code www
  • liblocale-us-perl

    Bookworm:(3.04-3) Bullseye:(3.04-1.1) module for United States state identification www
  • liblocale-xgettext-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-2) extract strings from arbitrary formats into PO files www
  • liblocales-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34+ds-3) Bullseye:(0.34+ds-1) object-oriented access to localized CLDR information www
  • liblockfile-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.208-1.1) Perl module for simple advisory file locking www
  • liblog-agent-logger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.201-1) Bullseye:(0.200-1) extension for Log::Agent providing an application-level logging API www
  • liblog-agent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-2) Bullseye:(1.004-1) Perl module providing helper logging routines www
  • liblog-agent-rotate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.201-1) Bullseye:(1.200-1) extension for Log::Agent providing file-rotating features www
  • liblog-any-adapter-callback-perl

    Bookworm:(0.101-2) Bullseye:(0.101-1) module to send Log::Any logs to a subroutine www
  • liblog-any-adapter-dispatch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) adapter to use Log::Dispatch with Log::Any www
  • liblog-any-adapter-filehandle-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-3) Bullseye:(0.010-1.1) basic Log::Any::Adapter to forward messages to a filehandle www
  • liblog-any-adapter-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) adapter to use Log::Log4perl with Log::Any www
  • liblog-any-adapter-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1) class methods to tell Log::Any where to send its logs www
  • liblog-any-adapter-screen-perl

    Bookworm:(0.140-2) Bullseye:(0.140-1) send logs to screen, with colors and some other features www
  • liblog-any-adapter-screencoloredlevel-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-1) send logs to screen with colorized messages according to level www
  • liblog-any-adapter-tap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-2) Bullseye:(0.3.3-1.1) logging adapter suitable for use in TAP testcases www
  • liblog-any-perl

    Bookworm:(1.713-1) Bullseye:(1.709-1) Perl module to log messages safely and efficiently www
  • liblog-contextual-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008001-2) Bullseye:(0.008001-1) module for simple contextual logging www
  • liblog-dispatch-array-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-1) Bullseye:(1.003-1) module to log events to an array (reference) www
  • liblog-dispatch-config-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2) Log4j for Perl www
  • liblog-dispatch-configurator-any-perl

    Bookworm:(1.122640-2) Bullseye:(1.122640-1.1) configurator implementation with Config::Any www
  • liblog-dispatch-dir-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.160-1) module to log messages to separate files in a directory www
  • liblog-dispatch-filerotate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-1.2) Bullseye:(1.19-1.1) Log to files that archive/rotate themselves www
  • liblog-dispatch-filewriterotate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.062-1) Bullseye:(0.060-1) module to log to files that archive/rotate themselves www
  • liblog-dispatch-message-passing-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-5) Bullseye:(0.009-4) log events to Message::Passing www
  • liblog-dispatch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.70-1) message dispatcher to multiple Log::Dispatch::* objects www
  • liblog-dispatch-perl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) Use core Perl functions for logging with Log::Dispatch www
  • liblog-dispatchouli-perl

    Bookworm:(3.002-1) Bullseye:(2.022-1) simple wrapper around Log::Dispatch www
  • liblog-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) fast and flexible logger www
  • liblog-handler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.90-2) Bullseye:(0.90-1) module to handle output destined for log files www
  • liblog-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.57-1) Bullseye:(1.54-1) Perl port of the widely popular log4j logging package www
  • liblog-loglite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-9) Bullseye:(0.82-8.1) Perl module that facilitates lightweight logging www
  • liblog-message-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-3) Bullseye:(0.8-1.1) powerful and flexible message logging mechanism www
  • liblog-message-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-3) simplified interface to Log::Message www
  • liblog-report-lexicon-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-2) Bullseye:(1.11-1) module for Log::Report translation table management www
  • liblog-report-optional-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1) wrapper around Log::Report and Log::Report::Minimal www
  • liblog-report-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-1) Bullseye:(1.32-1) Perl module to report problems, with pluggable handlers and language support www
  • liblog-trace-perl

    Bookworm:(1.070-5) Bullseye:(1.070-3) Perl module to provide a unified approach to tracing www
  • liblog-tracemessages-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-6) Bullseye:(1.4-5) Perl module to allow for trace messages in Perl code www
  • liblogfile-rotate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-7) Bullseye:(1.04-4.1) Perl module to rotate logfiles
  • liblogger-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-1.1) Simran-Log-Log and Simran-Error-Error modules www
  • liblogger-syslog-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-5) Bullseye:(1.1-3.1) Logger::Syslog -- a simple wrapper over Sys::Syslog for Perl www
  • liblong-jump-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000001-2) mechanism for returning to a specific point from a deeply nested stack www
  • liblucene-queryparser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-6) Bullseye:(1.04-3) Turn a Lucene query into a Perl data structure www
  • liblv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-4) Bullseye:(0.006-3) lvalue subroutines for Perl www
  • liblwp-authen-negotiate-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-3) Perl module for GSSAPI based Authentication Plugin for LWP www
  • liblwp-authen-oauth-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) OAuth authentication plugin for LWP www
  • liblwp-authen-oauth2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-1) Bullseye:(0.18-1) module enabling OAuth 2 requests via LWP www
  • liblwp-authen-wsse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-3) library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP www
  • liblwp-mediatypes-perl

    Bookworm:(6.04-2) Bullseye:(6.04-1) module to guess media type for a file or a URL www
  • liblwp-online-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-2.1) module to check if there is Internet access www
  • liblwp-protocol-http-socketunix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3.1) Perl module to speak http through unix sockets www
  • liblwp-protocol-https-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.10-1) HTTPS driver for LWP::UserAgent www
  • liblwp-protocol-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) override LWP's HTTP/HTTPS backend with your own PSGI application www
  • liblwp-protocol-socks-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7-2) Bullseye:(1.7-1.1) SOCKS proxy support for LWP www
  • liblwp-useragent-chicaching-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) LWP::UserAgent with caching based on CHI www
  • liblwp-useragent-determined-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-3) Bullseye:(1.07-1.1) LWP useragent that retries errors www
  • liblwp-useragent-progressbar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100810-3) Bullseye:(1.100810-2) LWP user agent that can display a progress bar www
  • liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-1) "paranoid" subclass of LWP::UserAgent www
  • libmagpie-perl

    Bookworm:(1.163200-4) Bullseye:(1.163200-1) RESTful Web Framework for Perl5 www
  • libmail-authenticationresults-perl

    Bookworm:(2.20230112-1) Bullseye:(2.20210112-1) object oriented Authentication-Results headers www
  • libmail-box-imap4-perl

    Bookworm:(3.007-2) Bullseye:(3.007-1) perl module for handling of IMAP4 folders as client www
  • libmail-box-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.009-1) message-folder management module www
  • libmail-box-pop3-perl

    Bookworm:(3.005-2) Bullseye:(3.005-1) POP3 handler for Mail::Box www
  • libmail-bulkmail-perl

    Bookworm:(3.12-7) Bullseye:(3.12-5.1) Platform independent mailing list module www
  • libmail-checkuser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.24-2) Bullseye:(1.24-1) Perl module for checking email addresses for validity www
  • libmail-chimp3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) interface to mailchimp.com's RESTful Web API v3 www
  • libmail-deliverystatus-bounceparser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.543+repacked-1) module for analyzing bounce messages www
  • libmail-dkim-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20230212-1) Bullseye:(1.20200907-1) module to cryptographically identify the sender of email www
  • libmail-dmarc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20211209-4) Perl implementation of DMARC www
  • libmail-field-received-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.26-1.1) mostly RFC822-compliant parser of Received headers www
  • libmail-gnupg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3) Bullseye:(0.23-2) Perl module for processing email with GPG www
  • libmail-imapclient-perl

    Bookworm:(3.43-1) Bullseye:(3.42-1) Perl library for manipulating IMAP mail stores www
  • libmail-imaptalk-perl

    Bookworm:(4.04-2) Bullseye:(4.04-1.1) IMAP client interface with lots of features www
  • libmail-listdetector-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.04+dfsg-1) module for detecting mailing list messages www
  • libmail-mbox-messageparser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5111-2) Perl module for processing mbox folders www
  • libmail-mboxparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-5) Bullseye:(0.55-4.1) module providing read-only access to UNIX mailboxes www
  • libmail-message-perl

    Bookworm:(3.012-1) Bullseye:(3.010-1) generic class representing mail messages (perl library) www
  • libmail-milter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) Perl extension modules for mail filtering via milter
  • libmail-pop3client-perl

    Bookworm:(2.21-2) Bullseye:(2.19-1.1) POP3 client module for perl www
  • libmail-rbl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-3) Bullseye:(1.10-2) Perl extension to access RBL-style host verification services www
  • libmail-rfc822-address-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-3) Bullseye:(0.4-1.1) Perl extension for validating email addresses www
  • libmail-sendeasy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-2.1) Perl module to send plain/html e-mails through SMTP servers www
  • libmail-sender-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.16-2) Perl Module for sending mails with attachments
  • libmail-sendmail-perl

    Bookworm:(0.80-3) Bullseye:(0.80-1.1) simple way to send email from a perl script www
  • libmail-spf-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.9.0-5) Perl implementation of Sender Policy Framework and Sender ID www
  • libmail-spf-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.10-7.2+b3) Bullseye:(1.2.10-7.1~deb11u1) library for validating mail senders with SPF - Perl bindings www
  • libmail-srs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-9) Bullseye:(0.31-6) interface to Sender Rewriting Scheme www
  • libmail-thread-perl

    Bookworm:(2.55-3) Bullseye:(2.55-2.1) library for threading email by In-Reply-To and References www
  • libmail-transport-perl

    Bookworm:(3.005-2) Bullseye:(3.005-1) perl library for sending email www
  • libmail-verify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-7) Bullseye:(0.02-5.1) Utility to verify an email address
  • libmail-verp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.06+dfsg-2.1) Variable Envelope Return Paths (VERP) address encoder/decoder www
  • libmailtools-perl

    Bookworm:(2.21-2) Bullseye:(2.21-1) modules to manipulate email in perl programs www
  • libmakefile-dom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-3) Bullseye:(0.008-2) Perl DOM implementation for Makefiles www
  • libmakefile-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.215-2) simple Perl Makefile parser www
  • libmango-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.30-2) Pure-Perl non-blocking I/O MongoDB client www
  • libmapscript-perl

    Bookworm:(8.0.0-3+b3) Bullseye:(7.6.2-1) Perl MapServer module www
  • libmarc-charset-perl

    Bookworm:(1.35-4) Bullseye:(1.35-3) Perl module for bidirectional MARC-8 <-> Unicode conversion www
  • libmarc-crosswalk-dublincore-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3.1) Convert data between MARC and Dublin Core www
  • libmarc-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) fast implementation of MARC database reader www
  • libmarc-file-marcmaker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) work with MARCMaker/MARCBreaker records www
  • libmarc-file-mij-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) read newline-delimited marc-in-json files www
  • libmarc-lint-perl

    Bookworm:(1.53-2) Bullseye:(1.53-1) Perl extension for checking validity of MARC records www
  • libmarc-loader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004001-2) Perl module for creating MARC record from a hash www
  • libmarc-loop-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) mechanism to process a batch of MARC21 records www
  • libmarc-mir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-2) specification for in-memory representation of a MARC record www
  • libmarc-parser-raw-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1) parser for ISO 2709 encoded MARC records www
  • libmarc-parser-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) parser for MARC XML records www
  • libmarc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-8) Bullseye:(1.07-6.1) Perl extension to manipulate MAchine Readable Cataloging records www
  • libmarc-record-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.7-3) Bullseye:(2.0.7-1) Perl extension for handling MARC records www
  • libmarc-schema-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-1) specification of the MARC21 format as Perl data structures www
  • libmarc-spec-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-2) Bullseye:(2.0.3-1) MARCspec parser and builder www
  • libmarc-transform-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003009-1) Perl module to transform a MARC record with a yaml configuration file www
  • libmarc-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-2) Bullseye:(1.0.5-1) Perl library to access MARC data encoded as XML www
  • libmarisa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.6-13) Bullseye:(0.2.6-2) Perl bindings for MARISA www
  • libmarkdent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-1) Bullseye:(0.39-1) event-based Markdown parser toolkit www
  • libmarpa-r2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.086000~dfsg-8+b1) Bullseye:(2.086000~dfsg-7) BNF grammar parser www
  • libmason-perl

    Bookworm:(2.24-2) Bullseye:(2.24-1.1) powerful, high-performance templating for the web and beyond www
  • libmason-plugin-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) component cache object and filter for Mason www
  • libmason-plugin-htmlfilters-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) HTML generation filter plugin for Mason www
  • libmason-plugin-routersimple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Mason plugin to specify routes for page components with Router::Simple www
  • libmasonx-interp-withcallbacks-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-4) Bullseye:(1.19-3.1) Mason callback support via Params::CallbackRequest www
  • libmasonx-processdir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl module to process a directory of Mason 2 templates www
  • libmasonx-request-withapachesession-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-3) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) Session handler in the Mason Request object www
  • libmastodon-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.017-2) Mastodon API perl bindings www
  • libmatch-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-3) Bullseye:(0.010-1.1) simplified clone of smartmatch operator www
  • libmatch-simple-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.001-2+b7) XS backend for match::simple www
  • libmath-algebra-symbols-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.21-1) Symbolic Algebra in Pure Perl www
  • libmath-amoeba-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Numerical optimization by Downhill Simplex method www
  • libmath-base-convert-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2) module for very fast base to base conversion www
  • libmath-base36-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) Perl module for encoding and decoding of base36 strings www
  • libmath-base85-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.5+dfsg-1) Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924 www
  • libmath-basecalc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.019-3) Bullseye:(1.019-1) module for numeric base conversion www
  • libmath-basecnv-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-3) Bullseye:(1.14-1) set of fast functions to convert between number bases www
  • libmath-bezier-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Perl module for the solution of Bezier Curves www
  • libmath-bigint-gmp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6011-4) Bullseye:(1.6007-1+b1) module for arbitrary precision arithmetic using GMP www
  • libmath-bigint-perl

    Bookworm:(1.999838-1) Bullseye:(1.999818-1) arbitrary size integer/float math package www
  • libmath-calc-units-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-2.1) Human-readable unit-aware calculator www
  • libmath-calculus-differentiate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-4) Bullseye:(0.3-2.1) Algebraic Differentiation Engine www
  • libmath-calculus-expression-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.2.ds-4) Bullseye:(0.2.2.ds-2.1) Algebraic Calculus Tools Expression Class www
  • libmath-calculus-newtonraphson-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-4) Bullseye:(0.1-2.1) Algebraic Newton Raphson Implementation www
  • libmath-cartesian-product-perl

    Bookworm:(1.009-3) Bullseye:(1.009-1.1) generate the Cartesian product of zero or more lists www
  • libmath-cephes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5305-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.5305-4) perl interface to the math cephes library www
  • libmath-clipper-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.29-1+b3) Perl module for Polygon clipping in 2D www
  • libmath-combinatorics-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-6) Bullseye:(0.09-5.1) module for performing combinations and permutations on lists www
  • libmath-complex-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.59-1) complex numbers and associated mathematical functions www
  • libmath-convexhull-monotonechain-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.1-1+b9) Perl module to calculate a convex hull using Andrew's monotone chain algorithm www
  • libmath-convexhull-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1.1) Perl module to calculate convex hulls using Graham's scan (n*log(n)) www
  • libmath-derivative-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) Perl package for numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation www
  • libmath-fibonacci-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-7) Bullseye:(1.5-5.1) Fibonacci numbers calculations Perl module www
  • libmath-geometry-voronoi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.3-3+b3) Perl module to compute Voronoi diagrams from sets of points www
  • libmath-gmp-perl

    Bookworm:(2.25-1+b1) Bullseye:(2.20-1+b1) high speed arbitrary size integer math for perl www
  • libmath-gradient-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-2) module for calculating smooth numerical transitions www
  • libmath-gsl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.42-1+b1) interface to the GNU Scientific Library using SWIG www
  • libmath-int64-perl

    Bookworm:(0.54-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.54-1+b6) module to manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl www
  • libmath-libm-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.0-1+b9) Perl extension for the C math library, libm www
  • libmath-matrix-maybegsl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-1) Uniform use of Math::MatrixReal and Math::GSL::Matrix www
  • libmath-matrixreal-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.13-2) module to manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers www
  • libmath-mpfr-perl

    Bookworm:(4.25-1) Bullseye:(4.14-1+b1) perl interface to the MPFR (floating point) library www
  • libmath-nocarry-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.113-1) Perl module for no carry arithmetic www
  • libmath-numbercruncher-perl

    Bookworm:(5.00-14) Bullseye:(5.00-10) Perl5 module with commonly needed Maths and Stats functions www
  • libmath-planepath-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(129-1) Perl module to calculate mathematical paths through a 2-D plane www
  • libmath-polygon-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-3) Bullseye:(1.10-1) Perl module for Polygon calculations www
  • libmath-prime-util-gmp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.52-1+b1) utilities related to prime numbers, using GMP www
  • libmath-prime-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.73-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.73-1+b2) utilities related to prime numbers, including fast sieves and factoring www
  • libmath-quaternion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Perl routines to handle operations on quaternions www
  • libmath-random-free-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-2) Free drop-in replacement for Math::Random www
  • libmath-random-isaac-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-2) Bullseye:(1.004-1.1) Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG Algorithm www
  • libmath-random-isaac-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.004-2+b6) Perl implementation of the ISAAC PRNG (C/XS Accelerated) www
  • libmath-random-mt-auto-perl

    Bookworm:(6.23-2) Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs www
  • libmath-random-mt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.17-1+b7) Perl implementation of the Mersenne Twister algorithm www
  • libmath-random-oo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-3) Bullseye:(0.22-2) consistent object-oriented interface for generating random numbers www
  • libmath-random-secure-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.080001-1.1) cryptographically-secure, cross-platform replacement for rand() www
  • libmath-random-tt800-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-3+b8) Perl module implementing the TT800 algorithm www
  • libmath-randomorg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-7) Bullseye:(0.04-5.1) Perl module to retrieve random numbers and data from random.org www
  • libmath-round-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Perl extension for rounding numbers www
  • libmath-sparsematrix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) Provides a sparse matrix class for perl www
  • libmath-sparsevector-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) Provides a sparse vector class for perl www
  • libmath-spline-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2) module providing cubic spline interpolation of data www
  • libmath-symbolic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.612-3) Bullseye:(0.612-2.1) module for performing symbolic calculations www
  • libmath-tamuanova-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-2+b8) Perl extension for the tamuanova library www
  • libmath-units-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-2) Perl module for measurement unit conversion www
  • libmath-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-2) Bullseye:(1.14-1) collection of useful mathematical functions not in Perl www
  • libmath-vec-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-5) Bullseye:(1.01-3.1) Object-Oriented Vector Math Methods in Perl www
  • libmath-vecstat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) module providing some basic numeric stats on vectors www
  • libmath-vector-real-kdtree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) kd-Tree implementation for Perl on top of Math::Vector::Real www
  • libmath-vector-real-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Perl module for real number vector arithmetic www
  • libmath-vector-real-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b7) Perl module for real vector arithmetic in fast XS www
  • libmath-vectorreal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Module to handle 3D Vector Mathematics www
  • libmaxmind-db-common-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.040001-1.1) collection of common code for the MaxMind DB Perl modules www
  • libmaxmind-db-reader-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000014-2) Bullseye:(1.000014-1) Perl module to read MaxMind DB files and look up IP addresses www
  • libmce-perl

    Bookworm:(1.884-1) Bullseye:(1.874-1) Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities www
  • libmecab-perl

    Bookworm:(0.996-14+b5) Bullseye:(0.996-14+b1) Mecab binding for Perl www
  • libmedia-convert-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-3) Generate ffmpeg command lines from OO perl
  • libmedia-scan-perl

    Bookworm:(0~20220401.git.34fc2d-3) module for reading metadata from multi-media files www
  • libmediawiki-api-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2) Bullseye:(0.52-1) Perl interface to the MediaWiki API www
  • libmediawiki-bot-perl

    Bookworm:(5.007000-1) Bullseye:(5.006003-1) high-level bot framework for interacting with MediaWiki wikis www
  • libmediawiki-dumpfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-2) Bullseye:(0.2.2-1.1) Perl module to parse MediaWiki dump files www
  • libmemcached-libmemcached-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001801+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.001801+dfsg-2+b6) thin, fast, full interface to the libmemcached client API www
  • libmemoize-expirelru-perl

    Bookworm:(0.56-3) Bullseye:(0.56-1.1) Expiry plug-in for Memoize that adds LRU cache expiration www
  • libmemoize-memcached-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1) implementation of Memoize using memcached for storage www
  • libmemory-usage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.201-4) Bullseye:(0.201-3) Determine actual memory usage of Perl programs www
  • libmenlo-legacy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9022-1.1) legacy internal and client support for Menlo www
  • libmenlo-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9019-2) Bullseye:(1.9019-1.1) CPAN client backend www
  • libmessage-passing-amqp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.007-1) input and output message-pass messages via AMQP www
  • libmessage-passing-filter-regexp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) regexp capture filter For Message::Passing www
  • libmessage-passing-perl

    Bookworm:(0.117-1) Bullseye:(0.116-4) simple way of doing messaging www
  • libmessage-passing-zeromq-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-3) Bullseye:(0.010-2) input and output messages to ZeroMQ www
  • libmeta-builder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1) tool for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics www
  • libmetabase-fact-perl

    Bookworm:(0.025-4) Bullseye:(0.025-2) base class for Metabase Facts www
  • libmetacpan-client-perl

    Bookworm:(2.030000-2) Bullseye:(2.029000-1) MetaCPAN API client www
  • libmethod-alias-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-4) Bullseye:(1.03-2) module to create method aliases www
  • libmethod-autoload-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) autoloads methods from a list of packages into the current package www
  • libmethod-signatures-perl

    Bookworm:(20170211-3) Bullseye:(20170211-2) method and function declarations with signatures and no source filter www
  • libmethod-signatures-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1.1) module for basic method declarations with signatures www
  • libmetrics-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-1) Bullseye:(0.06-1) abstract collection of monitoring metrics www
  • libmidi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.83-3) Bullseye:(0.83-1) module to read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files in Perl www
  • libmime-base32-perl

    Bookworm:(1.303-3) Bullseye:(1.303-1.1) Base32 encoder/decoder www
  • libmime-base64-urlsafe-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-5) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Perl version of Python's URL-safe base64 codec www
  • libmime-charset-perl

    Bookworm:(1.013.1-2) Bullseye:(1.012.2-1) module for MIME character set information www
  • libmime-ecoencode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-3) MIME encoding (economical) www
  • libmime-encwords-perl

    Bookworm:(1.014.3-4) Bullseye:(1.014.3-2) Perl interface to deal with RFC 2047 encoded words www
  • libmime-explode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.39-3+b8) Perl extension to explode MIME messages www
  • libmime-lite-html-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.24-3.1) Transform HTML page into MIME email www
  • libmime-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(3.033-1) Bullseye:(3.031-1) module for convenient MIME message creation www
  • libmime-lite-tt-html-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) module to create HTML mail with MIME::Lite and TT www
  • libmime-lite-tt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) module to generate MIME messages from Template Toolkit templates www
  • libmime-tools-perl

    Bookworm:(5.510-1) Bullseye:(5.509-1) Perl5 modules for MIME-compliant messages www
  • libmime-types-perl

    Bookworm:(2.24-1) Bullseye:(2.18-1) Perl extension for determining MIME types and Transfer Encoding www
  • libminion-backend-sqlite-perl

    Bookworm:(5.0.7-1) Bullseye:(5.0.4-1) SQLite backend for Minion job queue www
  • libminion-perl

    Bookworm:(10.25+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(10.19+dfsg-2) job queue for Mojolicious www
  • libmixin-extrafields-param-perl

    Bookworm:(0.022-1) Bullseye:(0.020-1.1) module to make classes provide a familiar "param" method www
  • libmixin-extrafields-perl

    Bookworm:(0.140003-1) Bullseye:(0.140001-1.1) module to add extra stashes of data to objects www
  • libmixin-linewise-perl

    Bookworm:(0.111-1) Bullseye:(0.108-1.1) module to handle general file input/output operations www
  • libmkdoc-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.75-6) Bullseye:(0.75-4) MKDoc XML Toolkit www
  • libmldbm-perl

    Bookworm:(2.05-4) Bullseye:(2.05-2.1) module for storing multidimensional hash structures in perl tied hashes www
  • libmldbm-sync-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-6) Bullseye:(0.30-4.1) Perl module for safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases www
  • libmock-quick-perl

    Bookworm:(1.111-2) Bullseye:(1.111-1) Perl module for quick side-effect free mocking of objects and classes www
  • libmock-sub-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2) module to mock subroutines for unit testing www
  • libmocked-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-6) Bullseye:(0.09-5.1) module to use real libraries from within mocked libraries www
  • libmodem-vgetty-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) Perl module for interfacing with vgetty (Modem::Vgetty)
  • libmodern-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20230106-1) Bullseye:(1.20200211-1) module for enabling all of the features of Modern Perl www
  • libmods-record-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) module for handling MODS records www
  • libmodule-build-cipux-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.0-7.1) build helper for the user and resource management framework CipUX www
  • libmodule-build-cleaninstall-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-4) Bullseye:(0.5-3.1) module for removing the old module before installing the new one www
  • libmodule-build-parse-yapp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-4) Bullseye:(0.1.2-2) module to build Parse::Yapp parsers from source www
  • libmodule-build-perl

    Bookworm:(0.423200-1) Bullseye:(0.423100-1) framework for building and installing Perl modules www
  • libmodule-build-pluggable-cpanfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) plugin for Module::Build::Pluggable to use cpanfiles www
  • libmodule-build-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) plugins for the perl module Module::Build www
  • libmodule-build-pluggable-ppport-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) module to generate a ppport.h file automatically www
  • libmodule-build-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.039-2) Bullseye:(0.039-1.1) tiny replacement for Module::Build www
  • libmodule-build-using-pkgconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1) Module::Build extension for using platform libraries provided by pkg-config www
  • libmodule-build-withxspp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-4) Bullseye:(0.14-3) XS++ enhanced flavour of Module::Build www
  • libmodule-build-xsutil-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) Module::Build class for building XS modules www
  • libmodule-bundled-files-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) perl module to access files bundled with your module www
  • libmodule-compile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-2) Bullseye:(0.38-1) Perl module providing a system to compile Perl modules www
  • libmodule-corelist-perl

    Bookworm:(5.20230220-1) Bullseye:(5.20210220-1) module to determine modules shipped with perl www
  • libmodule-cpanfile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1004-2) Bullseye:(1.1004-1) format for describing CPAN dependencies of Perl applications www
  • libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1) Perl module to generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution www
  • libmodule-depends-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-5) Bullseye:(0.16-3) Perl module to identify the dependencies of a distribution www
  • libmodule-extract-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) base class for working with Perl distributions www
  • libmodule-extract-use-perl

    Bookworm:(1.051-1) Bullseye:(1.047-1) Perl module to extract which modules some code uses www
  • libmodule-extract-version-perl

    Bookworm:(1.116-1) module to extract a module version safely www
  • libmodule-extractuse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.344-2) Bullseye:(0.343-1) Perl module to find out modules used by the specified Perl source www
  • libmodule-faker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.023-1) Bullseye:(0.022-1) module to build fake dists for testing CPAN tools www
  • libmodule-find-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) module to find and use installed Perl modules www
  • libmodule-implementation-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module for loading one of several alternate implementations of a module www
  • libmodule-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-2) Bullseye:(0.37-1) Perl module providing information about Perl modules www
  • libmodule-inspector-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) integrated API for inspecting Perl distributions www
  • libmodule-install-authorrequires-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) declare author-only dependencies www
  • libmodule-install-authortests-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-3) Bullseye:(0.002-2.1) designate tests only run by module authors www
  • libmodule-install-autolicense-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) automagically generate LICENSE files www
  • libmodule-install-automanifest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-5) Bullseye:(0.003-4) generate MANIFEST automatically www
  • libmodule-install-contributors-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) add an "x_contributors" section to your META.yml www
  • libmodule-install-copyright-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1.1) package a COPYRIGHT file with a distribution www
  • libmodule-install-doap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) generate META.yml data from DOAP www
  • libmodule-install-doapchangesets-perl

    Bookworm:(0.206-2) Bullseye:(0.206-1.1) write your distribution change log in RDF www
  • libmodule-install-extratests-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-3) Bullseye:(0.008-2) contextual tests that the harness can ignore www
  • libmodule-install-manifestskip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1.1) generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file www
  • libmodule-install-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-2) Bullseye:(1.19-1) framework for installing Perl modules www
  • libmodule-install-rdf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1.1) advanced metadata for your Perl packaging www
  • libmodule-install-readmefrompod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-4) Bullseye:(0.30-3) automatically convert POD to a README www
  • libmodule-install-rtx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-1) Bullseye:(0.38-1) RT extension installer www
  • libmodule-install-substitute-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-2) substitute values into files before install www
  • libmodule-install-trustmetayml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003-3) trust META.yml list of dependencies www
  • libmodule-install-xsutil-perl

    Bookworm:(0.45-3) Bullseye:(0.45-1.1) Module::Install extension for handling XS modules www
  • libmodule-load-conditional-perl

    Bookworm:(0.74-2) Bullseye:(0.74-1) module for looking up information about modules www
  • libmodule-manifest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2) Bullseye:(1.09-1) module for parsing and examining a Perl distribution MANIFEST file www
  • libmodule-manifest-skip-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.23-2) MANIFEST.SKIP management for Perl modules www
  • libmodule-math-depends-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3) convenience object for manipulating Perl module dependencies www
  • libmodule-metadata-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000037-2) Bullseye:(1.000037-1) Perl module to gather package and POD information from perl module files www
  • libmodule-optional-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Module::Optional - Breaking module dependency chains www
  • libmodule-package-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-4) Bullseye:(0.30-2.1) postmodern Perl module packaging www
  • libmodule-package-rdf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2) Bullseye:(0.014-1.1) drive your distribution with RDF www
  • libmodule-packaged-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.86-3) Report upon packages of CPAN distributions www
  • libmodule-path-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-3) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) module to get the full path to a locally installed Perl module www
  • libmodule-pluggable-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-4) Bullseye:(0.19-2.1) module for fast plugins with instantiation www
  • libmodule-pluggable-ordered-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-4) Bullseye:(1.5-2.1) Perl module to load plugins in a specified order www
  • libmodule-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(5.2-4) Bullseye:(5.2-1) module for giving modules the ability to have plugins www
  • libmodule-reader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003003-3) Bullseye:(0.003003-1) module to find and read perl modules like perl does www
  • libmodule-refresh-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) tool to refresh %INC files when updated on disk www
  • libmodule-runtime-conflicts-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) module to provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime www
  • libmodule-runtime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.016-2) Bullseye:(0.016-1) Perl module for runtime module handling www
  • libmodule-scandeps-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-2) Bullseye:(1.30-1) module to recursively scan Perl code for dependencies www
  • libmodule-signature-perl

    Bookworm:(0.88-2) Bullseye:(0.87-1) module to manipulate CPAN SIGNATURE files www
  • libmodule-starter-pbp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-3) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2.1) Perl module to create new perl modules following best practices www
  • libmodule-starter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.770+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.770+dfsg-1) simple starter kit for Perl modules www
  • libmodule-starter-plugin-cgiapp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-1.1) Bullseye:(0.44-1) template based module starter for CGI apps www
  • libmodule-starter-plugin-simplestore-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.144-1.1) template storage methods for Module::Starter www
  • libmodule-starter-plugin-tt2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.125-3) Bullseye:(0.125-2.1) module providing Template toolkit support for Module::Starter www
  • libmodule-starter-smart-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.9-2) Bullseye:(0.0.9-1) Module::Starter plugin to add new modules into existing distributions www
  • libmodule-used-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-3) Bullseye:(1.3.0-2.1) library to detect modules loaded by Perl code without running it www
  • libmodule-util-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-5) Bullseye:(1.09-3) Perl module to manipulate Perl module names www
  • libmodule-versions-report-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-4) Bullseye:(1.06-2) Report versions of all modules in memory www
  • libmodule-want-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-5) Bullseye:(0.6-2.1) module to check @INC only once for wanted modules www
  • libmojo-ioloop-readwriteprocess-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-1) Bullseye:(0.28-1) module to execute external programs or internal code blocks as separate process www
  • libmojo-jwt-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) JSON Web Token the Mojo way www
  • libmojo-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(4.27-1) Bullseye:(4.24-1) module to make PostgreSQL fun to use with Mojolicious www
  • libmojo-rabbitmq-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-3) Bullseye:(0.3.1-2) Mojo::IOLoop based RabbitMQ client www
  • libmojo-server-fastcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.50-2) Bullseye:(0.50-1.1) Mojolicious FastCGI Server www
  • libmojo-sqlite-perl

    Bookworm:(3.009-2) Bullseye:(3.005-1) tiny Mojolicious wrapper for SQLite www
  • libmojolicious-perl

    Bookworm:(9.31+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(8.71+dfsg-1) simple, yet powerful, Web Application Framework www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-assetpack-perl

    Bookworm:(2.14-1) Bullseye:(2.11-1) Mojolicious plugin for compressing and converting assets www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-authentication-perl

    Bookworm:(1.38-1) Bullseye:(1.33-1) module to make authentication a bit easier for Mojolicious www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-authorization-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0302-3) Bullseye:(1.0302-2.1) module to make authorization a bit easier for Mojolicious www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-basicauth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) basic HTTP auth helper for Mojolicious www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-bcrypt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-4) Bullseye:(0.14-2) module to bcrypt passwords for Mojolicious www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-cgi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.40-1) Mojolicious plugin to run CGI scripts www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-i18n-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-2) Bullseye:(1.60-1) internationalization plugin for Mojolicious 3.x and higher www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-mailexception-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20-1.1) Mojolicious plugin to send crash information by email www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-oauth2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-1) Bullseye:(1.59-2) Auth against OAuth2 APIs www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-openapi-perl

    Bookworm:(5.09-1) Bullseye:(3.41-1) OpenAPI/Swagger plugin for Mojolicious www
  • libmojolicious-plugin-renderfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-5) Bullseye:(0.12-4) "render_file" helper for Mojolicious www
  • libmojomojo-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12+dfsg-1) wiki- and blog-inspired content management system www
  • libmongodb-perl

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-2) Bullseye:(2.2.2-1) Mongo Driver for Perl www
  • libmongodbx-class-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.030002-1) flexible ORM module for MongoDB databases www
  • libmonitoring-availability-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.46-1) Calculate Availability Data from Nagios and Icinga Logfiles www
  • libmonitoring-icinga2-client-rest-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.4-1) Perl module providing REST integration with icinga2 www
  • libmonitoring-livestatus-class-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Object-Oriented interface for Monitoring::Livestatus www
  • libmonitoring-livestatus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.84-2) Bullseye:(0.84-1) Perl API for check_mk livestatus to access runtime www
  • libmonitoring-plugin-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.40-1) family of perl modules to streamline writing Monitoring plugins www
  • libmonkey-patch-action-perl

    Bookworm:(0.061-2) Bullseye:(0.061-1) module to monkey-patching subs from other packages, with restore www
  • libmonkey-patch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) scoped monkey-patching Perl module www
  • libmoo-perl

    Bookworm:(2.005005-1) Bullseye:(2.004004-1) Minimalist Object Orientation library (with Moose compatibility) www
  • libmoops-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.038-1) moops object-oriented programming sugar www
  • libmoose-autobox-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Perl autobox wrapper that understands Moose roles www
  • libmoose-perl

    Bookworm:(2.2203-1) Bullseye:(2.2014-2) modern Perl object system framework www
  • libmoosex-aliases-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Moose extension for easy aliasing of methods and attributes www
  • libmoosex-app-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-2) Bullseye:(0.34-1) Perl module combining App::Cmd and MooseX::Getopt www
  • libmoosex-app-perl

    Bookworm:(1.42-2) Bullseye:(1.41-2) helper for user-friendly Perl/Moose command line apps www
  • libmoosex-arrayref-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) blessed arrayrefs with Moose www
  • libmoosex-async-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) set of Moose metaclasses to support asynchronous operations www
  • libmoosex-attribute-chained-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-2) Bullseye:(1.0.3-1) Moose attribute that returns the instance to allow for chaining www
  • libmoosex-attribute-env-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) mechanism to set default value of an attribute to a value from %ENV www
  • libmoosex-attributehelpers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) Perl library to extend your attribute interfaces www
  • libmoosex-attributeshortcuts-perl

    Bookworm:(0.037-2) Bullseye:(0.037-1) Moose extension providing shorthands for common attribute options www
  • libmoosex-attributetags-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-1) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) tag your Moose attributes www
  • libmoosex-blessed-reconstruct-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1) Data::Visitor for creating Moose objects www
  • libmoosex-classattribute-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-1) module to declare class attributes Moose-style www
  • libmoosex-clone-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) Moose extension providing fine-grained cloning support www
  • libmoosex-compiletime-traits-perl

    Bookworm:(1.102570-3) Bullseye:(1.102570-2.1) Moose extension to allow role application at compile-time www
  • libmoosex-configfromfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) Moose role for setting attributes from a config file www
  • libmoosex-configuration-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-2) Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) module for defining attributes which come from configuration files www
  • libmoosex-daemonize-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-1) role for daemonizing your Moose based application www
  • libmoosex-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-2) Bullseye:(0.43-1) Moose extension providing a declarative syntax www
  • libmoosex-emulate-class-accessor-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009032-2) Bullseye:(0.009032-1.1) module to emulate Class::Accessor::Fast using Moose attributes www
  • libmoosex-followpbp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) Moose extension to name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo() www
  • libmoosex-getopt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.75-3) Bullseye:(0.74-1) Moose extension for processing command line options www
  • libmoosex-has-options-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-2) module for succinctly declaring options for Moose attributes www
  • libmoosex-has-sugar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000006-2) Bullseye:(1.000006-1) Moose extension for syntactic sugar in 'has' fields www
  • libmoosex-hasdefaults-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) Moose module to default "is" to "ro" or "rw" for all attributes www
  • libmoosex-insideout-perl

    Bookworm:(0.106-4) Bullseye:(0.106-3.1) Moose extension for non-intrusive subclassing www
  • libmoosex-lazyrequire-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Moose extension to delay errors for attribute declarations www
  • libmoosex-log-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.47-2) Bullseye:(0.47-1) logging role for Moose based on Log::Log4perl www
  • libmoosex-markasmethods-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-4) Bullseye:(0.15-2) moose extension to ark overload code symbols as methods www
  • libmoosex-meta-typeconstraint-forcecoercion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Perl modeule for forcing coercion when validating type constraints www
  • libmoosex-meta-typeconstraint-mooish-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) module to translate Moo-style constraints to Moose-style www
  • libmoosex-method-signatures-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-2) Bullseye:(0.49-1) Moose extension for method declarations with type constraints www
  • libmoosex-methodattributes-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.32-1) Moose extension for code attribute introspection www
  • libmoosex-multiinitarg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl library providing attributes with aliases for constructors www
  • libmoosex-multimethods-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-2) Moose extension enabling multi method dispatch www
  • libmoosex-mungehas-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) munge your "has" (works with Moo, Moose and Mouse) www
  • libmoosex-nonmoose-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2) Bullseye:(0.26-1.1) Moose extension to allow easy subclassing of non-Moose classes www
  • libmoosex-object-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0014-2) Bullseye:(0.0014-1) Perl module for adding plugin support to your Moose classes www
  • libmoosex-oneargnew-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1) Moose role that extends class' constructor to accept single arguments www
  • libmoosex-param-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-5) Bullseye:(0.02-3) simple Moose role providing a standard param method www
  • libmoosex-params-validate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1.1) Moose extension for validating method parameters www
  • libmoosex-poe-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.215-2) Moose wrapper around a POE::Session www
  • libmoosex-relatedclassroles-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) module for applying Moose roles to a related class www
  • libmoosex-role-parameterized-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-2) Bullseye:(1.11-1) Moose extension providing parameterized roles www
  • libmoosex-role-strict-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-3) Bullseye:(0.5-2.1) module for using strict 'roles' with Moose www
  • libmoosex-role-timer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) Moose role for measuring elapsed time with Time::HiRes www
  • libmoosex-role-withoverloading-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.17-2+b3) Moose extension for roles that support overloading www
  • libmoosex-runnable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) tag a class as a runnable application www
  • libmoosex-semiaffordanceaccessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) Perl module to generate accessors automatically www
  • libmoosex-setonce-perl

    Bookworm:(0.200002-2) Bullseye:(0.200002-1.1) module providing write-once, read-many attributes for Moose www
  • libmoosex-simpleconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configfile www
  • libmoosex-singlearg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module to instantiate Moose objects using a single argument www
  • libmoosex-singleton-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-2) Bullseye:(0.30-1) Moose extension to turn a class into a singleton www
  • libmoosex-storage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-2) Bullseye:(0.53-1) serialization framework for Moose classes www
  • libmoosex-strictconstructor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1) Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes www
  • libmoosex-traitfor-meta-class-betteranonclassnames-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002003-2) Bullseye:(0.002003-1.1) helper for MooseX::Util to generate anonymous class names www
  • libmoosex-traits-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-2) Moose extension to apply roles at object creation time www
  • libmoosex-traits-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) Moose extension for class precedence search of traits www
  • libmoosex-types-common-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001014-2) Bullseye:(0.001014-1) module with commonly used type constraints for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-datetime-morecoercions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3) Bullseye:(0.15-2) extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime www
  • libmoosex-types-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-2) Moose extension for DateTime-related constraints and coercions www
  • libmoosex-types-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1) email address validation type constraints for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-iso8601-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) ISO8601 date and duration string type constraints for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-json-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-1) Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) module providing JSON-constrained strings www
  • libmoosex-types-laxnum-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Moose type providing the loose behavior of Moose's old Num type www
  • libmoosex-types-loadableclass-perl

    Bookworm:(0.015-2) Bullseye:(0.015-1) ClassName type constraint with coercion to load the class www
  • libmoosex-types-netaddr-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) Moose extension for NetAddr::IP type constraints www
  • libmoosex-types-path-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) Path::Class type library for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-path-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.012-2) Bullseye:(0.012-1) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-perl

    Bookworm:(0.50-2) Bullseye:(0.50-1) Moose extension to organise types in libraries www
  • libmoosex-types-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.101344-1) Bullseye:(0.101343-1.1) Moose types that check against Perl syntax www
  • libmoosex-types-portnumber-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1) Moose extension for IANA Port Number types www
  • libmoosex-types-set-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2) Perl module providing a Set::Object type www
  • libmoosex-types-stringlike-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-2) Moose type constraints for strings or string-like objects www
  • libmoosex-types-structured-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-1.1) Moose extension for type constraints on structured types www
  • libmoosex-types-uri-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-1) Bullseye:(0.08-2) package provides URI related types and coercions for Moose www
  • libmoosex-types-varianttable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-3) Moose extension for a type-constraint based dispatch table www
  • libmoosex-undeftolerant-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1) makes Moose attribute(s) tolerant to undef initialization www
  • libmoosex-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) Moose::Util extensions www
  • libmoosex-xsaccessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1) use Class::XSAccessor to speed up Moose accessors www
  • libmoosex-yaml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) module to load Moose objects from YAML www
  • libmoox-aliases-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001006-2) Bullseye:(0.001006-1.1) easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moo www
  • libmoox-buildargs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-2) Perl role for saving the instantiation arguments www
  • libmoox-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.017-2) Bullseye:(0.017-1) easy Moo style way to make command organized CLI apps www
  • libmoox-configfromfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-3) Bullseye:(0.009-2) Moo extension for initializing objects from config file www
  • libmoox-file-configdir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-1) Bullseye:(0.007-2) Moo extension for File::ConfigDir www
  • libmoox-handlesvia-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001009-2) Bullseye:(0.001009-1) Moose Native Traits-like behavior for Moo www
  • libmoox-late-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100-2) Bullseye:(0.100-1) easily translate Moose code to Moo www
  • libmoox-locale-passthrough-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) Perl module to provide a translation API and passthrough www
  • libmoox-log-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004004-2) Bullseye:(0.004004-1.1) role to add Log::Any www
  • libmoox-options-perl

    Bookworm:(4.103-4) Bullseye:(4.103-3) explicit options extension for object class www
  • libmoox-role-cloneset-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.0-5) Perl Moo role for creating updated copies of immutable objects www
  • libmoox-role-logger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) provide logging via Log::Any www
  • libmoox-shorthas-perl

    Bookworm:(1.202040-2) Bullseye:(1.202040-1) Shortcuts for common Moo has attribute configurations www
  • libmoox-singleton-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-2.1) module for turning a Moo class into singleton www
  • libmoox-strictconstructor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-2) Bullseye:(0.011-1) make Moo-based object constructors blow up on unknown attributes www
  • libmoox-struct-perl

    Bookworm:(0.020-2) Bullseye:(0.020-1) simple lightweight record-like structures making sounds like cows www
  • libmoox-thunking-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Allow Moo attributes to be "thunked" www
  • libmoox-traits-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.005-2) module to automatically apply roles at object creation time www
  • libmoox-types-mooselike-numeric-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-2) Bullseye:(1.03-1) Moo types for numbers www
  • libmoox-types-mooselike-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-2) Bullseye:(0.29-1.1) module providing some Moosish types and a type builder www
  • libmoox-types-setobject-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2) Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) Set::Object type for Moo www
  • libmoox-typetiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002003-4) Bullseye:(0.002003-3) Optimized type checks for Moo + Type::Tiny www
  • libmouse-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5.10-1+b4) Bullseye:(2.5.10-1+b2) lightweight object framework for Perl www
  • libmousex-configfromfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) abstract Mouse role for setting attributes from a configfile www
  • libmousex-foreign-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.000-2) module to extend non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes www
  • libmousex-getopt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-2) Bullseye:(0.38-1) Mouse role for processing command line options www
  • libmousex-nativetraits-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-3) Bullseye:(1.09-2.1) extension for attribute interfaces for Mouse www
  • libmousex-strictconstructor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) Mouse extension for making object constructors die on unknown attributes www
  • libmousex-types-path-class-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Path::Class type library for Mouse www
  • libmousex-types-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) Mouse extension to organise types in libraries www
  • libmozilla-ldap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5.3-3+b7) Bullseye:(1.5.3-3+b3) LDAP Perl module for the OpenLDAP C SDK www
  • libmp3-info-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-1) Bullseye:(1.24-1.3) module to manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files www
  • libmp3-tag-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-1) Bullseye:(1.13-1.2) perl module for reading tags of MP3 audio files www
  • libmp4-info-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-1.2) Bullseye:(1.13-1.1) Fetch info from MPEG-4 files
  • libmqdb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.954-3) Bullseye:(0.954-2) MappedQueryDB toolkit for federated databases www
  • libmr-tarantool-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.24-2) perl driver for tarantool www
  • libmro-compat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1) mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5 www
  • libmsdw-smtp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-1.1) SMTP Client/Server modules from smtpprox www
  • libmsgcat-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-8+b1) Bullseye:(1.03-7+b4) perl module to access XPG4 message catalog functions www
  • libmsoffice-word-html-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-1) Bullseye:(1.05-1) module for writing MsWord documents in HTML format www
  • libmu-perl

    Bookworm:(1.191300-3) Bullseye:(1.191300-2) Moo but with less typing www
  • libmu-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000002-3) Bullseye:(0.000002-2) minimal variant of Mu www
  • libmultidimensional-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.014-1+b3) Perl pragma to disable multidimensional array emulation www
  • libmusicbrainz-discid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1+b3) Bullseye:(0.06-1+b1) Perl interface to the MusicBrainz libdiscid library www
  • libmysql-diff-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.60-1) module for comparing the table structure of two MySQL databases www
  • libnagios-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21.20-3) Bullseye:(0.21.20-2.1) module to parse and represent Nagios configuration as objects www
  • libnagios-plugin-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.36-2) family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios www
  • libnamespace-autoclean-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-2) Bullseye:(0.29-1) module to remove imported symbols after compilation www
  • libnamespace-clean-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-2) Bullseye:(0.27-1) module for keeping imports and functions out of the current namespace www
  • libnamespace-sweep-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-2.1) sweeps up imported subs in your classes www
  • libnanomsg-raw-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b5) low-level interface to nanomsg for Perl www
  • libnativecall-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-2) Perl 5 interface to foreign functions in Perl code without XS www
  • libnet-abuse-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-2) Bullseye:(0.27-1.1) Routines useful for processing network abuse www
  • libnet-address-ip-local-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-4) Bullseye:(0.1.2-3.1) Perl module for discovering the local system's IP address www
  • libnet-akamai-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) Perl module to interact with Akamai www
  • libnet-akismet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-3) Perl interface to Akismet - comment and trackback spam fighter www
  • libnet-amazon-ec2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-2) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Perl interface to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) www
  • libnet-amazon-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.62-2.1) Perl framework for accessing amazon.com via SOAP and XML/HTTP www
  • libnet-amazon-s3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.991-1) Bullseye:(0.97-1) Amazon S3 Perl API - Simple Storage Service www
  • libnet-amazon-s3-tools-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) Command line tools for Amazon AWS S3 www
  • libnet-amazon-signature-v4-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) module for the Amazon Web Services signature version 4 www
  • libnet-amqp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06~dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.06~dfsg-2.1) AMQP (de)serialization and representation www
  • libnet-appliance-session-perl

    Bookworm:(4.300005-2) Bullseye:(4.300005-1) module for running command-line sessions to network appliances www
  • libnet-arp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.12-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.11-1+b1) module to create ARP packets and lookup for ARP information www
  • libnet-async-fastcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1.1) FastCGI engine using IO::Async www
  • libnet-async-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.48-2) Bullseye:(0.48-1) module to use HTTP with IO::Async www
  • libnet-async-irc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) IRC client for use with IO::Async www
  • libnet-async-matrix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-3) Bullseye:(0.19-2) use Matrix with IO::Async www
  • libnet-async-mpd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-3) non-blocking interface to MPD (Perl module) www
  • libnet-async-tangence-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) module to use Tangence with IO::Async www
  • libnet-bluetooth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-4) Bullseye:(0.41-2+b5) Perl interface to Bluetooth libraries www
  • libnet-bonjour-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.96-2.1) Perl module for DNS service discovery www
  • libnet-cidr-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.22-1) module for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR address ranges www
  • libnet-cidr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) module to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation www
  • libnet-cidr-set-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4) Bullseye:(0.13-3) Net::CIDR::Set perl module to manipulate sets of IP addresses www
  • libnet-cisco-mse-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) Perl wrapper for Cisco MSE REST interface www
  • libnet-citadel-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.25-1) Citadel.org protocol coverage www
  • libnet-cli-interact-perl

    Bookworm:(2.300004-1) Bullseye:(2.300003-1) toolkit for CLI Automation www
  • libnet-cups-perl

    Bookworm:(0.64-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.64-1+b4) Perl module for printing through CUPS www
  • libnet-daap-dmap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.27-1.1) Perl module for reading and writing DAAP structures www
  • libnet-daemon-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-2) Bullseye:(0.48-2) Perl module for building portable Perl daemons easily www
  • libnet-dbus-glib-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33.0-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.33.0-3+b3) extension for the DBus GLib bindings www
  • libnet-dbus-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-2) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1+b1) Perl extension for the DBus bindings www
  • libnet-dhcp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.696+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(0.696+dfsg-1) Perl interface for handling DHCP packets www
  • libnet-dhcpv6-duid-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) OO interface to parse DHCPv6 Unique Identifiers www
  • libnet-dict-perl

    Bookworm:(2.22-2) Bullseye:(2.21-2) client API for accessing dictionary servers (RFC 2229) www
  • libnet-dns-async-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-4) Bullseye:(1.07-2.1) Asynchronous DNS helper for high volume perl applications www
  • libnet-dns-cloudflare-ddns-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.63.1-1.1) object orientated Dynamic DNS interface www
  • libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20190131-1.1) library to determine DNS server vendor, product and version www
  • libnet-dns-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2) pure-perl DNS resolver with support for timeout www
  • libnet-dns-native-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.22-2+b1) non-blocking system DNS resolver www
  • libnet-dns-perl

    Bookworm:(1.36-1) Bullseye:(1.29-1) module to perform DNS queries www
  • libnet-dns-resolver-mock-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20230216-1) Bullseye:(1.20200215-1) module to mock a DNS Resolver object for testing www
  • libnet-dns-resolver-programmable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1) programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS www
  • libnet-dns-resolver-unbound-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-1) Net::DNS resolver based on libunbound www
  • libnet-dns-sec-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.18-1+b1) DNSSEC extension to NET::DNS www
  • libnet-dns-zonefile-fast-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.24-4) fast BIND-style zonefile parser on top of Net::DNS www
  • libnet-domain-tld-perl

    Bookworm:(1.75-3) Bullseye:(1.75-1.1) list of currently available Top-level Domains (TLDs) www
  • libnet-dpap-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-4) Bullseye:(0.26-3.1) Perl module for cnnecting to iPhoto shares (DPAP) www
  • libnet-dri-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.96-1) interface to Domain Name Registries/Registrars/Resellers www
  • libnet-dropbox-api-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-2) Bullseye:(1.9-1.1) Perl module providing a dropbox API interface www
  • libnet-duo-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) Perl API for Duo multifactor authentication service www
  • libnet-easytcp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-6) Bullseye:(0.26-4) Easily create secure, bandwidth-friendly TCP/IP clients and servers www
  • libnet-epp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.22-1.1) module implementing the Extensible Provisioning Protocol www
  • libnet-facebook-oauth2-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1) simple Perl wrapper around Facebook OAuth v2.0 protocol www
  • libnet-fastcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) Perl toolkit to write FastCGI applications www
  • libnet-finger-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-6.2) Bullseye:(1.06-6.1) perl Module providing an API for Finger queries
  • libnet-frame-device-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-1) Bullseye:(1.11-1.1) module to get network device information www
  • libnet-frame-dump-perl

    Bookworm:(1.18-2) Bullseye:(1.18-1) base-class for a tcpdump like implementation www
  • libnet-frame-layer-icmpv6-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.11-1) module for encoding and decoding of the ICMPv6 layer www
  • libnet-frame-layer-ipv6-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-1.1) module for encoding and decoding of the IPv6 layer www
  • libnet-frame-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1) framework for crafting raw frames www
  • libnet-frame-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2) Bullseye:(1.09-1.1) module to make crafting network frames easier www
  • libnet-freedb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-2) Perl interface to freedb servers www
  • libnet-github-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-1) Bullseye:(1.01-1) Perl interface for GitHub www
  • libnet-gmail-imap-label-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.008-1) IMAP proxy for Google's Gmail that retrieves message labels www
  • libnet-google-authsub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-4) Bullseye:(0.5-2.1) module to interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub www
  • libnet-google-code-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.19-2) interface to projects on Google Code www
  • libnet-google-safebrowsing2-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-6.1) Perl extension for the Google Safe Browsing v2 API www
  • libnet-gpsd3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) Perl interface to the gpsd server daemon protocol version 3 (JSON) www
  • libnet-hiveminder-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-2) Perl interface to Hiveminder.com www
  • libnet-hotline-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.83-3.1) Hotline interface module for Perl www
  • libnet-http-perl

    Bookworm:(6.22-1) Bullseye:(6.20-1) module providing low-level HTTP connection client www
  • libnet-https-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-1) wrapper around Net::SSLeay www
  • libnet-https-nb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) low-level non-blocking HTTPS client www
  • libnet-httpserver-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-4) Bullseye:(1.1.1-3) extensible HTTP server framework for Perl www
  • libnet-ident-perl

    Bookworm:(1.25-2) Bullseye:(1.25-1) Perl module to lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection www
  • libnet-idn-encode-perl

    Bookworm:(2.500-3+b1) Bullseye:(2.500-1+b3) Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) www
  • libnet-idn-nameprep-perl

    Bookworm:(1.102+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1.102+dfsg-1) stringprep profile for Internationalized Domain Names (RFC 3491) www
  • libnet-ifconfig-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2) Bullseye:(0.26-1) multiplatform Perl wrapper for ifconfig www
  • libnet-imap-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9507-1) Bullseye:(0.9505-1.1) Perl module to communicate with IMAP servers www
  • libnet-imap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-12) Bullseye:(0.02-9.1) client interface to IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) www
  • libnet-imap-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2211-1) Perl module to manage an IMAP account www
  • libnet-imap-simple-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-5) Bullseye:(1.3-4) Subclass of Net::IMAP::Simple with SSL support www
  • libnet-inet6glue-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.604-1) glue module to make perl modules IPv6 ready www
  • libnet-interface-perl

    Bookworm:(1.016-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.016-1+b5) Perl module for manipulating host network interfaces www
  • libnet-ip-minimal-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) module to check if an IP address is version 4 or 6 www
  • libnet-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-3) Bullseye:(1.26-2) Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses www
  • libnet-ip-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1+b5) Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses (XS) www
  • libnet-ipaddress-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-5) Bullseye:(1.10-3.1) functions used to manipulate IP addresses, masks and FQDN's www
  • libnet-iptrie-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-4) Bullseye:(0.7-2.1) Perl module for building IPv4 and IPv6 address space hierarchies www
  • libnet-ipv6addr-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-1) Bullseye:(1.01-1) module to validate/manipulate IPv6 addresses www
  • libnet-irc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.79-4) Bullseye:(0.79-3) IRC (Internet Relay Chat) interface module for Perl www
  • libnet-irr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-1) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) perl interface to the Internet Route Registry daemon www
  • libnet-jabber-bot-perl

    Bookworm:(2.1.7-2) Bullseye:(2.1.5-1.1) automated Bot creation with safeties www
  • libnet-jabber-loudmouth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.07-3+b8) Perl interface for the loudmouth jabber library www
  • libnet-jabber-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0-9) Bullseye:(2.0-8) Perl modules for accessing the Jabber protocol www
  • libnet-jifty-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-1) interface to applications using the Jifty web framework www
  • libnet-ldap-filterbuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(1.200002-4) Bullseye:(1.200002-1) module to build LDAP filter statements www
  • libnet-ldap-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.6800+dfsg-1) client interface to LDAP servers www
  • libnet-ldap-server-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-2) Bullseye:(0.43-1) LDAP server-side protocol handling in Perl www
  • libnet-ldap-server-test-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.22-1) provides a test LDAP server for Net::LDAP testing www
  • libnet-ldap-sid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) module for Active Directory Security Identifier (SID) manipulation www
  • libnet-ldapapi-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.7-3) Bullseye:(3.0.7-2) Perl bindings for OpenLDAP C API www
  • libnet-ldns-perl

    Bookworm:(0.75-7+b1) Bullseye:(0.75-6+b2) Perl wrapper for the ldns DNS library www
  • libnet-libdnet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.99-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.98-2+b4) interface to libdumbnet's low-level network functions www
  • libnet-libdnet6-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) module to add IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet www
  • libnet-libidn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12.ds-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.12.ds-3+b4) Perl bindings for GNU Libidn www
  • libnet-libidn2-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2+b1) Perl bindings for GNU Libidn2 www
  • libnet-mac-perl

    Bookworm:(2.103622-3) Bullseye:(2.103622-2.1) module for representing and manipulating MAC addresses www
  • libnet-mac-vendor-perl

    Bookworm:(1.268-1) Bullseye:(1.265-1) module to look up the vendor by OUI www
  • libnet-managesieve-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-1) Perl client module for ManageSieve www
  • libnet-nbname-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-4) Bullseye:(0.26-2) NetBIOS Name Service Requests www
  • libnet-nessus-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-3) Bullseye:(0.7.0-1) REST interface for Nessus 6.0 www
  • libnet-nessus-xmlrpc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.30-2) module for communication with Nessus scanner(v4.2+) via XMLRPC www
  • libnet-netmask-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0002-2) Bullseye:(1.9104-2) module to parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks www
  • libnet-nis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.44-1+b8) Interface to Sun's Network Information Service www
  • libnet-nslookup-perl

    Bookworm:(2.04-4) Bullseye:(2.04-2) simple DNS lookup module for perl www
  • libnet-ntp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-3) Bullseye:(1.5-1.1) Perl module to query NTP servers www
  • libnet-oauth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-4) Bullseye:(0.28-3) implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol www
  • libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) implementation of an OAuth2 Authorization Server www
  • libnet-oauth2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.67-1) Bullseye:(0.66-1) implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol www
  • libnet-openid-common-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-2) Bullseye:(1.20-1) libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server www
  • libnet-openid-consumer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.18-2) Bullseye:(1.18-1) library for consumers of OpenID identities www
  • libnet-openid-server-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-4) Bullseye:(1.09-3) library for servers of OpenID identities www
  • libnet-opensrs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) Perl interface for domain registration via the Tucows OpenSRS HTTPS XML API. www
  • libnet-openssh-compat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) collection of compatibility modules for Net::OpenSSH www
  • libnet-openssh-parallel-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) run SSH jobs in parallel www
  • libnet-openssh-perl

    Bookworm:(0.83-1) Bullseye:(0.80-1) Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH www
  • libnet-oping-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10.0-1.21-5+b3) Bullseye:(1.10.0-1.21-4+b1) module for ICMP latency measurement www
  • libnet-patricia-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.22-1+b7) Perl module for fast IP address lookups www
  • libnet-pcap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-1) Bullseye:(0.18-3+b3) Perl binding to the LBL pcap packet capture library www
  • libnet-ph-perl

    Bookworm:(2.21-10) Bullseye:(2.21-8.1) Perl module for accessing Ph servers www
  • libnet-ping-external-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.13-1) Provide an interface to the system ping command
  • libnet-prometheus-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.11-1+b1) module to export monitoring metrics for Prometheus www
  • libnet-proxy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-6.2) Bullseye:(0.12-6.1) Framework for proxying network connections in many ways www
  • libnet-radius-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.103+dfsg-1.1) distribution of modules interfacing to the RADIUS protocol www
  • libnet-rawip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.25-2+b7) Perl interface to lowlevel TCP/IP www
  • libnet-rblclient-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-4) Bullseye:(0.5-3) module to query multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel www
  • libnet-remctl-perl

    Bookworm:(3.18-1+b2) Bullseye:(3.17-1) Perl client for Kerberos-authenticated command execution www
  • libnet-rendezvous-publish-backend-avahi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Perl module to publish zeroconf data with the Avahi library www
  • libnet-rendezvous-publish-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-4.1) Perl module to publish Rendezvous services www
  • libnet-route-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) portable interface to the routing table www
  • libnet-scp-expect-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) Wrapper for scp to send passwords via Expect www
  • libnet-scp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-4) Perl extension for secure copy protocol www
  • libnet-server-coro-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-2) co-operative multithreaded server using Coro www
  • libnet-server-mail-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) versatile and extensible mail server framework www
  • libnet-server-perl

    Bookworm:(2.013-2) Bullseye:(2.009-2) extensible, general perl server engine www
  • libnet-server-ss-prefork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) hot-deployable variant of Net::Server::PreFork www
  • libnet-sftp-foreign-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.93+dfsg-1) client for the Secure File Transfer Protocol www
  • libnet-sftp-sftpserver-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-7) Bullseye:(1.1.0-6) Secure File Transfer Protocol Server www
  • libnet-sieve-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1) implementation of managesieve protocol to manage sieve scripts www
  • libnet-sieve-script-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module to parse and write sieve scripts www
  • libnet-sip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.835-1) Bullseye:(0.828-1) framework for SIP modules www
  • libnet-smpp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-3) Bullseye:(1.19-2.1) implementation of Short Message Peer to Peer protocol over TCP www
  • libnet-smtp-server-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-7) Bullseye:(1.1-6) native Perl SMTP Server implementation for Perl www
  • libnet-smtp-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1) Perl module providing SSL support to Net::SMTP www
  • libnet-smtp-tls-butmaintained-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-2) Perl module for providing SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH www
  • libnet-smtp-tls-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4) Bullseye:(0.12-3) Perl SMTP client library supporting TLS and AUTH www
  • libnet-smtpauth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-6) Bullseye:(0.08-4.1) Perl module that provides SMTP authentication (Net::SMTP_auth) www
  • libnet-smtps-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::SMTP www
  • libnet-snmp-perl

    Bookworm:(6.0.1-7) Bullseye:(6.0.1-6) Script SNMP connections www
  • libnet-snpp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-7) Bullseye:(1.17-5) perl module for accessing SNPP servers www
  • libnet-socks-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-17) Bullseye:(0.03-15) Perl module providing an API to communicate with SOCKS servers www
  • libnet-ssh-authorizedkeysfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-4) Bullseye:(0.18-3) Read and modify ssh's authorized_keys files www
  • libnet-ssh-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-5) Bullseye:(0.09-4) Perl extension for secure shell www
  • libnet-ssh2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.73-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.72-3) Perl module for the SSH 2 protocol www
  • libnet-ssleay-perl

    Bookworm:(1.92-2+b2) Bullseye:(1.88-3+b1) Perl module for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) www
  • libnet-sslglue-perl

    Bookworm:(1.058-2) Bullseye:(1.058-1) module to add/extend SSL support for common perl modules www
  • libnet-statsd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) perl client for Etsy's statsd daemon www
  • libnet-stomp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.61-2) Bullseye:(0.60-1) Perl module providing a Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol client www
  • libnet-subnet-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-2) Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) Fast IP-in-subnet matcher module for IPv4 and IPv6 www
  • libnet-subnets-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) module for IPv4 subnet calculations www
  • libnet-syslogd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) Perl implementation of Syslog Listener www
  • libnet-tclink-perl

    Bookworm:(3.4.0-10+b1) Bullseye:(3.4.0-9+b6) Perl interface to the TrustCommerce payment gateway www
  • libnet-telnet-cisco-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-5.4) Bullseye:(1.10-5.3) Additional functionality to automate Cisco management www
  • libnet-telnet-perl

    Bookworm:(3.05-2) Bullseye:(3.04-1.1) Perl module to script telnetable connections www
  • libnet-tftp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1901-3) Bullseye:(0.1901-1.1) Perl module for accessing TFTP servers www
  • libnet-tftpd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) Perl extension for Trivial File Transfer Protocol Server www
  • libnet-trac-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) Perl client library for Trac www
  • libnet-traceroute-perl

    Bookworm:(1.15-3) Bullseye:(1.15-2) traceroute(1) functionality in perl www
  • libnet-traceroute-pureperl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-2.1) traceroute(1) functionality in perl via raw sockets www
  • libnet-twitter-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12008-2) Bullseye:(0.12008-1) interface to the Twitter API www
  • libnet-twitter-perl

    Bookworm:(4.01043-2) Bullseye:(4.01043-1) Perl interface to the Twitter social network www
  • libnet-upnp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4.6-2) Bullseye:(1.4.6-1) Perl extensions for UPnP www
  • libnet-vnc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-3) Bullseye:(0.40-2.1) Perl module implementing a simple VNC client www
  • libnet-whois-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-3) Bullseye:(1.19-2.1) Lookup whois entries of IP addresses with Perl www
  • libnet-whois-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) module for parsing whois information www
  • libnet-whois-raw-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.43-1.1) Perl Module providing an API to access whois database www
  • libnet-whois-ripe-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.23-2) RPSL whois client
  • libnet-works-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-1.1) Perl module providing improved APIs for IP addresses and networks www
  • libnet-write-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-3) Bullseye:(1.10-1.1) portable interface to open and send raw data to network www
  • libnet-xmpp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-2) Bullseye:(1.05-1.1) XMPP Perl library www
  • libnet-xwhois-perl

    Bookworm:(0.90-6) Bullseye:(0.90-4.1) Whois Client Interface for Perl5 www
  • libnet-z3950-simple2zoom-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) gateway between Z39.50 and SRU/SRW www
  • libnet-z3950-simpleserver-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-3) Bullseye:(1.21-2+b1) simple perl API for building Z39.50 servers www
  • libnet-z3950-zoom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.30-4) Bullseye:(1.30-3+b1) Perl extension implementing the ZOOM API for Information Retrieval via Z39.50 www
  • libnetaddr-ip-perl

    Bookworm:(4.079+dfsg-2+b1) Bullseye:(4.079+dfsg-1+b5) IP address manipulation module www
  • libnetapp-perl

    Bookworm:(500.002-3) Bullseye:(500.002-2) Perl modules for managing NetApp's NAS devices www
  • libnetdot-client-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-4) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) rESTful API for Netdot www
  • libnetpacket-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.2-2) Bullseye:(1.7.2-1) modules to manipulate network packets at the protocol level www
  • libnetsds-kannel-perl

    Bookworm:(1.300-7) Bullseye:(1.300-6.1) Service Delivery Suite framework - Kannel SMS gateway API www
  • libnetsds-perl

    Bookworm:(1.301-4) Bullseye:(1.301-3.1) Service Delivery Suite framework www
  • libnetsds-util-perl

    Bookworm:(1.045-2) Bullseye:(1.045-1) Service Delivery Suite framework - supplementary packages www
  • libnetserver-generic-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.03-9) module for developing internet servers in perl www
  • libnetwork-ipv4addr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10.ds-4) Bullseye:(0.10.ds-3.1) Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses www
  • libnews-article-nocem-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module to generate accurate NoCeM notices www
  • libnews-article-perl

    Bookworm:(1.27-12) Bullseye:(1.27-11) Perl modules for manipulating Usenet articles www
  • libnews-newsrc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-3) Bullseye:(1.11-1.1) Perl module to manage .newsrc files www
  • libnews-nntpclient-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-10) Bullseye:(0.37-9.1) Perl module to access NNTP servers www
  • libnews-scan-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.53-4.1) Perl module to report Usenet newsgroup stats www
  • libnhgri-blastall-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.66-4) Perl extension for running and parsing NCBI's BLAST 2.x www
  • libnkf-perl

    Bookworm:(1:2.1.5-1+b5) Bullseye:(1:2.1.5-1+b2) Network Kanji code conversion Filter for Perl www
  • libnmap-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.37-2) Bullseye:(1.37-1) module to parse nmap scan results with perl www
  • libnumber-bytes-human-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-1) module to convert byte count to human readable format and back www
  • libnumber-compare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module for performing numeric comparisons in Perl www
  • libnumber-format-perl

    Bookworm:(1.75-3) Bullseye:(1.75-1.1) Perl module to format numbers for display www
  • libnumber-fraction-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.4-1) Bullseye:(2.01-1) Perl extension to model fractions www
  • libnumber-phone-perl

    Bookworm:(3.9001-1) Bullseye:(3.6006-1) base class for parsing and dealing with phone numbers www
  • libnumber-range-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) Perl extension to work with ranges of numbers www
  • libnumber-recordlocator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-3) Bullseye:(0.005-2) Perl module that encodes integers into a short "locator string" www
  • libnumber-tolerant-perl

    Bookworm:(1.710-1) Bullseye:(1.708-2) module defining tolerance ranges for inexact numbers www
  • liboar-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5.9-1+b4) Bullseye:(2.5.9-1) OAR batch scheduler common library package www
  • liboauth-lite2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) OAuth 2.0 Library www
  • libobexftp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-9) Bullseye:(0.24-6+b3) perl binding to the object exchange file transfer library www
  • libobject-accessor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.48-5) Bullseye:(0.48-2) interface to create per object accessors www
  • libobject-authority-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.004-1) Perl module to add an AUTHORITY method to your class www
  • libobject-container-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module that provides a simple object container www
  • libobject-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) declarative object constructor www
  • libobject-destroyer-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-2) Bullseye:(2.01-1) module to make objects with circular references DESTROY normally www
  • libobject-event-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.230-2) Perl event callback interface www
  • libobject-extend-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-2) add and override per-object methods www
  • libobject-forkaware-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) module to make an object aware of process forks and threads www
  • libobject-id-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-3) Bullseye:(0.1.2-2.1) unique identifier for any object www
  • libobject-insideout-perl

    Bookworm:(4.05-2) Bullseye:(4.05-1) comprehensive inside-out object construction kit www
  • libobject-lazy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) create objects late from non-owned classes www
  • libobject-multitype-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-6) Bullseye:(0.05-4) Perl objects as Hash, Array, Scalar, Code and Glob at once www
  • libobject-pad-classattr-struct-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-1) declare an Object::Pad class to be struct-like www
  • libobject-pad-fieldattr-final-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) declare Object::Pad fields read-only after construction www
  • libobject-pad-fieldattr-isa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2+b1) apply class type constraints to Object::Pad fields www
  • libobject-pad-fieldattr-lazyinit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) lazily initialise Object::Pad fields at first read www
  • libobject-pad-fieldattr-trigger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2+b1) invoke an instance method after a :writer accessor www
  • libobject-pad-perl

    Bookworm:(0.78-1) Bullseye:(0.36-1) module providing a simple syntax for lexical field-based objects www
  • libobject-pluggable-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.29-2.1) base class for creating plugin enabled objects www
  • libobject-realize-later-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1) Perl module providing delayed creation of objects www
  • libobject-remote-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004001-3) Bullseye:(0.004001-1) module to call methods on objects in other processes or on other hosts www
  • libobject-role-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.001-1) base class for non-Moose roles www
  • libobject-signature-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.08-1) module perl for generate cryptographic signatures for objects www
  • libobject-tiny-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.09-1) module for building classes, simply www
  • libogg-vorbis-decoder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9-4+b2) Bullseye:(0.9-4) module for decoding Ogg Vorbis streams www
  • libogg-vorbis-header-pureperl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.05-1) pure Perl interface to Ogg Vorbis information fields www
  • libois-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.10-1+b4) Perl binding for the OIS C++ input framework www
  • libole-storage-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) simple class for OLE document interface www
  • libooolib-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.9-1.1) Perl library for creating OpenOffice.org documents (calc/writer)
  • libopenapi-client-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-1) client module for talking to an Open API powered server www
  • libopengl-image-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-2) Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) Image loader for OpenGL www
  • libopengl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7000+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(0.7000+dfsg-5+b1) Perl interface providing graphics display using OpenGL www
  • libopengl-xscreensaver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b8) Perl module for writing OpenGL-based XScreenSaver hacks www
  • libopenoffice-oodoc-perl

    Bookworm:(2.125-4) Bullseye:(2.125-3.1) module for working with Open Document Format files www
  • libopenscap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3.7+dfsg-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.3.4-1) libraries enabling integration of the SCAP line of standards - Perl bindings www
  • libopensrs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.0-1) OpenSRS Perl toolkit www
  • liboptimade-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10.2-2) Bullseye:(0.10.2-1) OPTIMADE filter language parser/composer www
  • liborlite-migrate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-4) Bullseye:(1.10-2) Perl helper module for SQLite-to-ORLite schema migration www
  • liborlite-mirror-perl

    Bookworm:(1.24-3) Bullseye:(1.24-1.1) ORLite extension to use remote SQLite databases www
  • liborlite-perl

    Bookworm:(1.98-4) Bullseye:(1.98-2) lightweight SQLite-specific ORM www
  • liborlite-statistics-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) ORLite extension providing simple statistics www
  • libossp-uuid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.2-1.5+b11) Bullseye:(1.6.2-1.5+b7) perl OSSP::UUID - OSSP uuid Perl Binding www
  • libouch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0501-2) Bullseye:(0.0501-1) exception handling module www
  • liboverload-filecheck-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-2) Perl module that provides a hook system to mock Perl filecheck operations www
  • libow-perl

    Bookworm:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4.1+b1) Bullseye:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4+b1) Dallas 1-wire support: Perl5 bindings www
  • libowl-directsemantics-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3) Bullseye:(0.001-2) representation of the direct semantics of OWL2 www
  • libownet-perl

    Bookworm:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4.1) Bullseye:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4) Perl module for accessing 1-wire networks www
  • liboxford-calendar-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.12-1) University of Oxford calendar conversion routines www
  • libpadwalker-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5-1+b3) Bullseye:(2.5-1+b1) module to inspect and manipulate lexical variables www
  • libpalm-pdb-perl

    Bookworm:(1.400-2) Bullseye:(1.400-1.1) modules to parse Palm database files www
  • libpalm-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.400-2) Bullseye:(1:1.400-1.1) modules for manipulating pdb and prc database files www
  • libpandoc-elements-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-6) Bullseye:(0.38-1) create and process Pandoc documents www
  • libpandoc-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-6) Bullseye:(0.9.0-1) wrapper for the mighty Pandoc document converter www
  • libpango-perl

    Bookworm:(1.227-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.227-3+b3) Perl module to layout and render international text www
  • libpar-dist-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-2) Bullseye:(0.51-1) perl module to create and manipulate PAR distributions www
  • libpar-packer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.057-1) Bullseye:(1.052-1+b1) utility for creating PAR archives and stand-alone executables www
  • libpar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.018-2) Bullseye:(1.017-1) Perl redistributable module packaging framework www
  • libparallel-forkmanager-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.02-1) simple parallel processing fork manager for Perl www
  • libparallel-iterator-perl

    Bookworm:(1.002-1) Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) module for simple parallel execution www
  • libparallel-prefork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-1) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) simple prefork server framework www
  • libparallel-runner-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-4) Bullseye:(0.013-2.1) Perl module to manage running things in parallel processes www
  • libparams-callbackrequest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-4) Bullseye:(1.20-2.1) handler for functional and object-oriented callbacks in Perl www
  • libparams-classify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.015-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.015-1+b3) Perl module for argument type classification www
  • libparams-coerce-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-1) Perl module to permit parameter coercion for classes www
  • libparams-util-perl

    Bookworm:(1.102-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.102-1+b1) Perl extension for simple stand-alone param checking functions www
  • libparams-validate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-1) Bullseye:(1.30-1+b1) Perl module to validate parameters to Perl method/function calls www
  • libparams-validationcompiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-1) Bullseye:(0.30-1) module to build an optimized subroutine parameter validator www
  • libparanoid-perl

    Bookworm:(2.10-1) Bullseye:(2.08-1) module for safer, more secure programming www
  • libparse-bbcode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) Perl module to parse BBCode and render it as HTML or text www
  • libparse-binary-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Binary data structure parser www
  • libparse-cpan-meta-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4414-1) module to parse META.yml and other similar CPAN metadata files www
  • libparse-cpan-packages-perl

    Bookworm:(2.40-2) Bullseye:(2.40-1.1) module to parse the CPAN Packages file www
  • libparse-debcontrol-perl

    Bookworm:(2.005-6) Bullseye:(2.005-4.1) parser for debian control-like files www
  • libparse-debian-packages-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) module for parsing the data from a Debian Packages.gz www
  • libparse-debianchangelog-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-13) parse Debian changelogs and output them in other formats www
  • libparse-dia-sql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1) module for parsing Dia diagram files and generating SQL www
  • libparse-distname-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) module to parse a CPAN distribution name www
  • libparse-dmidecode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) interface to SMBIOS using dmidecode www
  • libparse-edid-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.7-2) Bullseye:(1.0.7-1.1) extended display identification data (EDID) parser www
  • libparse-errorstring-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-3) Bullseye:(0.27-2) module for parsing error messages from the Perl interpreter www
  • libparse-exuberantctags-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-1+b7) exuberant ctags parser for Perl www
  • libparse-fixedlength-perl

    Bookworm:(5.39-3) Bullseye:(5.39-2) Perl module to parse a string containing fixed length fields www
  • libparse-http-useragent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-2) Bullseye:(0.42-1) parser for the HTTP User Agent string www
  • libparse-mediawikidump-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.6-4) Bullseye:(1.0.6-2) Perl module to parse MediaWiki dump files www
  • libparse-method-signatures-perl

    Bookworm:(1.003019-2) Bullseye:(1.003019-1) Perl module to parse Perl6-like method signatures www
  • libparse-mime-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006-2) Bullseye:(1.003-2) module to parse mime-types, match against media ranges www
  • libparse-nessus-nbe-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1-1.1) module to extract specific data from Nessus NBE files www
  • libparse-netstat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.150-1) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module to parse the output of the "netstat" command www
  • libparse-plainconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(3.05-3) Bullseye:(3.05-1.1) parser for plain-text configuration files www
  • libparse-pmfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-2) Bullseye:(0.43-1) module to parse .pm file as PAUSE does www
  • libparse-recdescent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.967015+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.967015+dfsg-2) Perl module to create and use recursive-descent parsers www
  • libparse-syslog-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-4) Bullseye:(1.10-3.1) perl module for parsing syslog entries www
  • libparse-win32registry-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-2) Bullseye:(1.1-1) Perl module for parsing Windows registry files www
  • libparse-yapp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-3) Bullseye:(1.21-2) Perl module for creating fully reentrant LALR parser OO Perl modules www
  • libparser-mgc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) builder for simple recursive-descent parsers www
  • libpass-otp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-2) Perl implementation of HOTP / TOTP algorithms www
  • libpasswd-unix-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.700-1.1) object-oriented and function interface to standard Unix files www
  • libpath-class-file-stat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) cache of stat calls for a Path::Class::File object www
  • libpath-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-4) Bullseye:(0.37-1) module for cross-platform path specification manipulation www
  • libpath-dispatcher-declarative-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-2) dispatcher module with syntactic sugar www
  • libpath-dispatcher-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.08-2) flexible and extensible dispatcher module www
  • libpath-finddev-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5.3-2) Bullseye:(0.5.3-1) Perl module to find a development source tree somewhere in an upper hierarchy www
  • libpath-isdev-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001003-3) Bullseye:(1.001003-1) Perl module to determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree www
  • libpath-iter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) module for simple efficient path iteration www
  • libpath-iterator-rule-perl

    Bookworm:(1.015-2) Bullseye:(1.014-1) iterative, recursive file finder www
  • libpath-router-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1.1) tool for routing paths www
  • libpath-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.144-1) Bullseye:(0.118-1) file path utility www
  • libpbkdf2-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-4) Bullseye:(0.005-2.1) Minimalist PBKDF2 (RFC 2898) with HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-SHA2 www
  • libpcp-import-perl

    Bookworm:(6.0.3-1.1) Bullseye:(5.2.6-1) Performance Co-Pilot log import Perl module www
  • libpcp-logsummary-perl

    Bookworm:(6.0.3-1.1) Bullseye:(5.2.6-1) Performance Co-Pilot historical log summary module www
  • libpcp-mmv-perl

    Bookworm:(6.0.3-1.1) Bullseye:(5.2.6-1) Performance Co-Pilot Memory Mapped Value Perl module www
  • libpcp-pmda-perl

    Bookworm:(6.0.3-1.1) Bullseye:(5.2.6-1) Performance Co-Pilot Domain Agent Perl module www
  • libpcsc-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4.14-5+b4) Bullseye:(1.4.14-5+b1) Perl interface to the PC/SC smart card library www
  • libpdf-api2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.044-1) Bullseye:(2.038-3) module for creating, modifying, and examining PDF files www
  • libpdf-api2-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.4u-3.1) simple interface for manipulating PDF files www
  • libpdf-api2-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.002-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.002-1) optional PDF::API2 add-on using XS to speed up expensive operations www
  • libpdf-builder-perl

    Bookworm:(3.025-1) Bullseye:(3.021-2) Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files www
  • libpdf-create-perl

    Bookworm:(1.46-2) Bullseye:(1.46-1) Perl module to create PDF files www
  • libpdf-fdf-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-3.1) Bullseye:(0.21-3) Perl module to read and write (Acrobat) FDF files www
  • libpdf-report-perl

    Bookworm:(1.36-2) Bullseye:(1.36-1.1) simplified PDF report generator www
  • libpdf-reuse-barcode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) Create barcodes for PDF documents with PDF::Reuse www
  • libpdf-reuse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-3) Bullseye:(0.39-1.1) Reuse and mass produce PDF documents www
  • libpdf-table-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.003-1) Bullseye:(1:1.002-1) utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object www
  • libpdf-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) PDF writer abstraction layer www
  • libpdl-ccs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23.20-2) Bullseye:(1.23.13-1) module to provide various utilities for PDL CSS www
  • libpdl-graphics-gnuplot-perl

    Bookworm:(2.023-1) Bullseye:(2.013-2) gnuplot-based plotting backend for PDL www
  • libpdl-io-hdf5-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.75-5) Bullseye:(1:0.73-6) PDL Interface to the HDF5 Data Format www
  • libpdl-io-matlab-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-5) Bullseye:(0.005-5+b1) PDL support to read/write Matlab format data files www
  • libpdl-linearalgebra-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.14-1+b1) Linear Algebra utils for PDL www
  • libpdl-netcdf-perl

    Bookworm:(4.24-1+b1) Bullseye:(4.20-7) Netcdf-IO for PDL www
  • libpdl-stats-perl

    Bookworm:(0.82-3) Bullseye:(0.76-1) collection of statistics modules in Perl Data Language www
  • libpdl-vectorvalued-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.21-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.9-2) module to provide some utilities for vector-valued PDLs www
  • libpegex-perl

    Bookworm:(0.75-2) Bullseye:(0.75-1) Acmeist PEG Parser Framework www
  • libperinci-cmdline-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000.0-2) Bullseye:(1.811.0-1) Rinci/Riap-based command-line application framework www
  • libperinci-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.311-2) Bullseye:(0.311-1) module that provides a object-oriented interface for Rinci www
  • libperinci-sub-normalize-perl

    Bookworm:(0.207-1) Bullseye:(0.200-1) Perl module to normalize Rinci function metadata www
  • libperinci-sub-util-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.470-1) Perl module that is a helper to write functions www
  • libperinci-sub-util-propertymodule-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-2) Bullseye:(0.46-1) module to detect which property modules are used with Perinci www
  • libperl-apireference-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-10) Perl module to programmatically query the perlapi www
  • libperl-critic-community-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) community-inspired Perl::Critic policies www
  • libperl-critic-freenode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.033-3) Bullseye:(0.033-1) transitional dummy package for migration to Perl::Critic::Community www
  • libperl-critic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.148-1) Bullseye:(1.138-2) Perl module to critique code for best practices www
  • libperl-critic-policy-variables-prohibitlooponhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1) Perl::Critic policy to avoid writing loops on hashes www
  • libperl-critic-pulp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(99-1) add-on policies for Perl::Critic www
  • libperl-critic-toomuchcode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) perlcritic add-ons that generally check for dead code www
  • libperl-destruct-level-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.02-2+b7) Perl module to change Perl's destruction level www
  • libperl-languageserver-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-1) Language Server and Debug Protocol Adapter for Perl www
  • libperl-metrics-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:(0.19-1) module to provide metrics of Perl code www
  • libperl-minimumversion-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-1) Bullseye:(0.18-2) Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code www
  • libperl-minimumversion-perl

    Bookworm:(1.40-1) Bullseye:(1.38-2) module to determine minimum required version of perl required www
  • libperl-osnames-perl

    Bookworm:(0.122-2) Bullseye:(0.122-1) Perl module to list possible $^O ($OSNAME) values with description www
  • libperl-ostype-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.002-1) Perl module mapping operating system names to generic types www
  • libperl-prereqscanner-notquitelite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9916-1) Bullseye:(0.9913-1) Perl module for scanning Perl code for prerequisites www
  • libperl-prereqscanner-perl

    Bookworm:(1.025-1) Bullseye:(1.023-1) module for extracting prerequisites from Perl code www
  • libperl-version-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.013-2) module to parse and manipulate Perl version strings www
  • libperl4-corelibs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-2) libraries historically supplied with Perl 4 www
  • libperl5i-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.13.2-1) pragma to fix as much of Perl 5 as possible www
  • libperl6-caller-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100-5) Bullseye:(0.100-3.1) Perl6-like OO caller() interface for Perl 5 www
  • libperl6-export-attrs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000006-2) Bullseye:(0.000006-1) Perl 6 'is export(...)' trait as a Perl 5 attribute www
  • libperl6-export-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-3) Bullseye:(0.009-1.1) implementation of the Perl 6 'is export(...)' trait www
  • libperl6-form-perl

    Bookworm:(0.090-2) Bullseye:(0.090-1.1) Perl 5 implementation of the Perl 6 'form' built-in www
  • libperl6-junction-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60000-3) Bullseye:(1.60000-1.1) module providing Perl6-style Junction operators in Perl5 www
  • libperl6-say-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1) module to print without newline needed www
  • libperl6-slurp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.051005-3) Bullseye:(0.051005-1.1) module implementing the Perl 6 'slurp' built-in www
  • libperlanet-perl

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.5-1) program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds www
  • libperlbal-perl

    Bookworm:(1.80-4) Bullseye:(1.80-3.1) Perlbal libraries; embed perlbal into another app www
  • libperlbal-xs-httpheaders-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.20-2+b9) Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers faster www
  • libperldoc-search-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-3.1) Index and Search local Perl Documentation www
  • libperlio-eol-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.17-1+b3) PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings www
  • libperlio-gzip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.19-1+b6) module providing a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip www
  • libperlio-layers-perl

    Bookworm:(0.012-3) Bullseye:(0.012-2) Perl module to query a filehandle's capabilities www
  • libperlio-utf8-strict-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-1) Bullseye:(0.008-1+b1) fast and correct UTF-8 Perl IO module www
  • libperlio-via-dynamic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module to create dynamic PerlIO layers www
  • libperlio-via-symlink-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-3.1) PerlIO layer for creating symlinks www
  • libperlio-via-timeout-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-1) PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to a handle www
  • libperlmenu-perl

    Bookworm:(4.0-5.2) Bullseye:(4.0-5.1) Menu and Template (curses-based) UI for Perl
  • libperlspeak-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.01-2) Perl Module for text to speech with festival, espeak, cepstral www
  • libperlude-perl

    Bookworm:(0.61-2) shell and powershell pipes, haskell keywords mixed with the awesomeness of perl www
  • libperlx-assert-perl

    Bookworm:(0.905-2) Bullseye:(0.905-1) yet another assertion keyword www
  • libperlx-define-perl

    Bookworm:(0.101-5) Bullseye:(0.101-4) cute syntax for defining constants www
  • libperlx-maybe-perl

    Bookworm:(1.202-1) Bullseye:(1.201-1.1) return a pair only if they are both defined www
  • libperlx-maybe-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-4) Bullseye:(1.001-2+b7) XS backend for PerlX::Maybe www
  • libpetal-perl

    Bookworm:(2.26-2) Bullseye:(2.26-1) Perl Template Attribute Language - TAL for perl www
  • libpetal-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-5) Bullseye:(0.06-4) Useful template modifiers for Petal www
  • libpg-hstore-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-4) Bullseye:(1.06-3+b1) Perl module for working with PostgreSQLs HSTORE data type www
  • libpg-perl

    Bookworm:(1:2.1.1-10+b2) Bullseye:(1:2.1.1-9+b1) PostgreSQL interface for Perl
  • libpgobject-perl

    Bookworm:(2.3.2-1) Bullseye:(2.2.0-1) base class for PG Object subclasses www
  • libpgobject-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(3.000002-2) Bullseye:(3.000002-1.1) minimalist stored procedure mapper based on LedgerSMB's DBObject www
  • libpgobject-simple-role-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000002-2) Bullseye:(2.000002-1.1) Moo/Moose mappers for minimalist PGObject framework www
  • libpgobject-type-bigfloat-perl

    Bookworm:(2.001-2) Bullseye:(2.001-1) Math::BigFloat wrappers for PGObject classes www
  • libpgobject-type-bytestring-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-2) Bullseye:(1.2.3-1) wrapper for raw strings mapping to BYTEA columns www
  • libpgobject-type-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000002-3) Bullseye:(2.000002-1) DateTime Wrappers for PGObject www
  • libpgobject-type-json-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000001-3) Bullseye:(2.000001-2) JSON wrappers for PGObject www
  • libpgobject-util-dbadmin-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.1-1) Bullseye:(1.4.0-1) PostgreSQL Database Management Facilities for PGObject www
  • libpgobject-util-dbchange-perl

    Bookworm:(0.050.4-2) Bullseye:(0.050.4-1) module to track applied change files in the PostgreSQL database www
  • libpgobject-util-dbmethod-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01.000-1) Bullseye:(1.00.003-1) object mappings for the PGObject Framework www
  • libpgobject-util-pseudocsv-perl

    Bookworm:(2-2) Bullseye:(2-1.1) PostgreSQL text representations parser www
  • libpgp-sign-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-1) Perl module to create detached PGP signatures www
  • libpgplot-perl

    Bookworm:(1:2.28-1+b1) Bullseye:(1:2.24-1+b3) perl interface to the pgplot plotting library www
  • libphp-serialization-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-4) Bullseye:(0.34-2) Perl module to manipulate serialized PHP data structures www
  • libpithub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01040-1) Bullseye:(0.01036-1) Github v3 API www
  • libpkgconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25026-2) Bullseye:(0.25026-1) Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config www
  • libplack-app-proxy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.29-1.1) Plack::App::Proxy - middleware-aware proxy application for Plack www
  • libplack-builder-conditionals-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Plack::Builder extension for Conditionals www
  • libplack-handler-anyevent-fcgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) asynchronous FCGI handler for PSGI using AnyEvent::FCGI www
  • libplack-handler-fcgi-ev-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) asynchronous PSGI handler using FCGI::EV www
  • libplack-middleware-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) Plack middleware for caching responses of certain URLs www
  • libplack-middleware-crossorigin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-2) Bullseye:(0.014-1) Plack middleware adding headers to allow CORS www
  • libplack-middleware-csrfblock-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) Bullseye:(0.10-2) Plack middleware to block CSRF (cross-site request forgery) www
  • libplack-middleware-debug-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.18+dfsg-1) Plack middleware for displaying request/response debug information www
  • libplack-middleware-deflater-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2) middleware to compress response body with gzip or deflate www
  • libplack-middleware-expires-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-2) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) mod_expires for plack www
  • libplack-middleware-file-sass-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-4.1) Sass and SCSS support for all Plack-based PSGI frameworks www
  • libplack-middleware-fixmissingbodyinredirect-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Plack::Middleware which ensures redirect response have a body www
  • libplack-middleware-header-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Plack middleware to modify HTTP response headers www
  • libplack-middleware-logany-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) use Log::Any to handle logging from your Plack app www
  • libplack-middleware-logerrors-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.003-1) map psgi.errors to psgix.logger or other logger www
  • libplack-middleware-logwarn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001002-2) Bullseye:(0.001002-1.1) converts warnings to log messages www
  • libplack-middleware-methodoverride-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) Plack::Middleware to override REST methods via POST www
  • libplack-middleware-removeredundantbody-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1) Plack::Middleware which removes an unnecessary HTTP response body www
  • libplack-middleware-reverseproxy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) module supporting apps to run as a reverse proxy backend www
  • libplack-middleware-session-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-2) Bullseye:(0.33-1) Perl module for Plack middleware session management www
  • libplack-middleware-status-perl

    Bookworm:(1.101150-3) Bullseye:(1.101150-2.1) Perl module for Plack middleware mapping URLs to status codes www
  • libplack-middleware-test-stashwarnings-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) module for testing plack application warnings www
  • libplack-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0050-1) Bullseye:(1.0048-1) interface between web servers and Perl web applications www
  • libplack-request-withencoding-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-1) Perl module subclass of Plack::Request which supports encoding www
  • libplack-test-agent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-2) Bullseye:(1.5-1) OO interface for testing low-level Plack/PSGI apps www
  • libplack-test-anyevent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) run Plack::Test on AnyEvent-based PSGI applications www
  • libplack-test-externalserver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) module for running HTTP tests on external live servers www
  • libplrpc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2020-2) Perl extensions for writing PlRPC servers and clients www
  • libplucene-perl

    Bookworm:(1.25-5) Bullseye:(1.25-4) Perl port of the Lucene search engine www
  • libpod-2-docbook-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-4) module for converting Pod data to DocBook SGML www
  • libpod-abstract-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20-3) abstract document tree for Perl POD documents www
  • libpod-constants-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.19-2) module for including constants from POD www
  • libpod-coverage-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.23-2) checker for comprehensiveness of perl module documentation www
  • libpod-coverage-trustpod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100006-1) Bullseye:(0.100005-2) module to support hints for Pod::Coverage www
  • libpod-elemental-perl

    Bookworm:(0.103006-1) Bullseye:(0.103005-1) module for manipulating POD elements www
  • libpod-elemental-perlmunger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.200007-1) Bullseye:(0.200006-1.1) Perl module that rewrites Perl documentation www
  • libpod-elemental-transformer-list-perl

    Bookworm:(0.102001-1) Bullseye:(0.102000-1.1) module to transform :list regions into =over/=back www
  • libpod-eventual-perl

    Bookworm:(0.094003-1) Bullseye:(0.094001-1.1) module to read a POD as a series of trivial events www
  • libpod-index-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-4) index and search PODs using X<> entries www
  • libpod-latex-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.61-3) module to convert Pod data to formatted LaTeX www
  • libpod-markdown-perl

    Bookworm:(3.300000-2) Bullseye:(3.300000-1) module to convert POD to the Markdown file format www
  • libpod-minimumversion-perl

    Bookworm:(50-3) Bullseye:(50-2) module to determine minimum Perl version of POD directives www
  • libpod-pandoc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-3) process Plain Old Documentation format with Pandoc www
  • libpod-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.65-1) Bullseye:(1.63-2) modules for parsing/translating POD format documents www
  • libpod-plainer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-2) Perl extension for converting Pod to old-style Pod www
  • libpod-pom-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-4) Bullseye:(2.01-3) module providing a Pod Object Model www
  • libpod-pom-view-restructured-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.000003-1) view for Pod::POM that outputs reStructuredText www
  • libpod-projectdocs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.53-1) module to generate CPAN like project documents from POD www
  • libpod-pseudopod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1) framework for parsing PseudoPod www
  • libpod-readme-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.3-1) Perl module to convert POD to README file www
  • libpod-sax-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-7) Perl module for generating SAX events from POD www
  • libpod-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(3.43-1) Bullseye:(3.42-1) framework for parsing files in the Pod markup language www
  • libpod-simple-wiki-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-3) Bullseye:(0.20-1) Perl class for creating Pod to Wiki filters www
  • libpod-spell-perl

    Bookworm:(1.25-1) Bullseye:(1.20-2) formatter to easily check the spelling of POD www
  • libpod-strip-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100-2) Bullseye:(1.100-1) remove POD documentation from Perl code www
  • libpod-tests-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-1) Perl extension for excts embedded tests and code examples from POD www
  • libpod-thread-perl

    Bookworm:(3.01-1) Convert POD to thread, an HTML macro language www
  • libpod-tree-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-2) Bullseye:(1.31-1) module for creating a static syntax tree for a POD www
  • libpod-weaver-perl

    Bookworm:(4.019-1) Bullseye:(4.015-1) Perl module to weave together a Pod document from an outline www
  • libpod-weaver-plugin-ensureuniquesections-perl

    Bookworm:(0.163250-2) Bullseye:(0.163250-1.1) Pod::Weaver plugin to check for duplicate Pod section headers www
  • libpod-weaver-section-contributors-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1.1) Pod::Weaver plugin for a section listing contributors www
  • libpod-weaver-section-generatesection-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1.1) Pod::Weaver plugin to add Pod sections from a template text www
  • libpod-weaver-section-legal-complicated-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-1) Bullseye:(1.22-1.1) Pod::Weaver plugin for per module authors, copyright holders, and license www
  • libpod-weaver-section-support-perl

    Bookworm:(1.013-2) Bullseye:(1.013-1) Dist::Zilla plugin to add a SUPPORT section to your POD www
  • libpod-webserver-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.11-1.1) miniature web server for reading Pod in web browsers www
  • libpod-wordlist-hanekomu-perl

    Bookworm:(1.132680-3) Bullseye:(1.132680-2.1) collection of stop words to spell check POD documents www
  • libpod-wsdl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.063-2) Bullseye:(0.063-1.1) creator of WSDL documents from (extended) POD www
  • libpod-xhtml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.61-3) module for translating POD to XHTML www
  • libpod2-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.043-3) Bullseye:(0.043-2.1) module for translations of Perl documentation www
  • libpoe-api-peek-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2000-1) module to peek into the internals of a running POE environment www
  • libpoe-component-client-dns-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.054-2) Bullseye:(1:1.054-1.1) POE Component for performing asynchronous DNS queries www
  • libpoe-component-client-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.949-4) Bullseye:(0.949-2) POE Component for running asynchronous HTTP transactions www
  • libpoe-component-client-ident-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-2) Bullseye:(1.07-2.3) POE component that provides non-blocking ident lookups www
  • libpoe-component-client-keepalive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2720-3) Bullseye:(0.2720-1.1) POE component that manages and keeps alive client connections www
  • libpoe-component-client-mpd-perl

    Bookworm:(2.001-4) Bullseye:(2.001-3) client library for MPD (Music Player Daemon) www
  • libpoe-component-client-ping-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.177-1) ICMP ping client component for POE www
  • libpoe-component-dbiagent-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.26-3.1) POE Component for running asynchronous DBI calls www
  • libpoe-component-ikc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2402-1) Perl module for POE Inter-Kernel Communication www
  • libpoe-component-irc-perl

    Bookworm:(6.93+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(6.90+dfsg-1) POE Component for manipulating IRC sessions www
  • libpoe-component-jabber-perl

    Bookworm:(3.00-5) Bullseye:(3.00-4.1) pOE Component for communicating over Jabber www
  • libpoe-component-jobqueue-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5710-2) Bullseye:(0.5710-1) POE component to manage queues and worker pools www
  • libpoe-component-pcap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-3.1) POE Interface to Net::Pcap www
  • libpoe-component-pool-thread-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.015-2) POE Managed Boss/Worker thread pool www
  • libpoe-component-pubsub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) generic publish/subscribe POE::Component www
  • libpoe-component-resolver-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.921-1) POE Component for domain name resolution www
  • libpoe-component-rssaggregator-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-2) Bullseye:(1.11-1.1) POE component to watch multiple RSS feeds www
  • libpoe-component-schedule-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.95-3) Schedule POE events using DateTime::Set iterators www
  • libpoe-component-server-http-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2) foundation of a POE HTTP Daemon www
  • libpoe-component-server-jsonrpc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-3) POE tcp and http based JSON-RPC 1.0 server www
  • libpoe-component-server-simplehttp-perl

    Bookworm:(2.28-2) Bullseye:(2.28-1) simple HTTP server for POE www
  • libpoe-component-server-soap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-3) Bullseye:(1.14-2.1) POE component to publish event handlers via SOAP over HTTP www
  • libpoe-component-sslify-perl

    Bookworm:(1.012-2) Bullseye:(1.012-1.1) module for SSL connection handling in POE Components www
  • libpoe-component-syndicator-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) POE component base class which implements the Observer pattern www
  • libpoe-filter-http-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-2) Bullseye:(1.08-1) POE filter for HTTP clients or servers www
  • libpoe-filter-ircd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.44-2) parser for the IRC protocol www
  • libpoe-filter-ssl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-3) Bullseye:(0.41-1+b4) module to make SSL in POE easy and flexible www
  • libpoe-filter-stomp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) Perl extension for the POE Environment to provide a Stomp filter www
  • libpoe-filter-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.140700-2) Bullseye:(1.140700-1.1) POE Filter for parsing XML www
  • libpoe-loop-event-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.305-1) POE event loop implementation using Event www
  • libpoe-loop-tk-perl

    Bookworm:(1.305-3) Bullseye:(1.305-1.1) POE event loop implementation using Tk www
  • libpoe-perl

    Bookworm:(2:1.3700-1) Bullseye:(2:1.3680-1) event-driven component architecture for Perl www
  • libpoe-test-loops-perl

    Bookworm:(1.360-3) Bullseye:(1.360-1.1) test framework for POE event loops www
  • libpoet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) modern Perl web framework for Mason developers www
  • libpoex-role-sessioninstantiation-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.102610-1) Moose Role for turning objects into POE Sessions www
  • libpoex-types-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.100910-1) Perl module to provide MooseX::Types for POE www
  • libponapi-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002012-2) Bullseye:(0.002012-1) client to a JSON:API v1.0 service www
  • libposix-2008-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.16-1+b5) Perl interface to POSIX.1-2008 www
  • libposix-atfork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.02-1+b8) hook registrations at fork(2) www
  • libposix-strftime-compiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-3) Bullseye:(0.44-1) GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers www
  • libposix-strptime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.13-1+b6) Perl extension to the POSIX date parsing strptime(3) function www
  • libpostfix-parse-mailq-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-3) Bullseye:(1.005-1.1) module to parse the postfix mail queue www
  • libpostscript-file-perl

    Bookworm:(2.23+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.23+dfsg-1) module for creating Adobe PostScript files www
  • libpostscript-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-3.1) Perl module to generate PostScript code www
  • libpostscript-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) Perl library for generating postscript files www
  • libppi-html-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-2.1) module to highlight Perl code using PPI www
  • libppi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.276-1) Bullseye:(1.270-1) module to parse, analyze and manipulate Perl code www
  • libppi-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.910-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.910-1+b3) Perl module to accelerate the Perl Parsing Interface (PPI) www
  • libppix-documentname-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-1) Bullseye:(0.001003-1.1) utility to extract a name from a PPI Document www
  • libppix-editortools-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1) set of tools for editors to use for manipulating Perl via PPI www
  • libppix-quotelike-perl

    Bookworm:(0.023-1) Bullseye:(0.015-1) module to parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things www
  • libppix-regexp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.087-1) Bullseye:(0.078-1) module to parse regular expressions www
  • libppix-utilities-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001000-4) Bullseye:(1.001000-2.1) Perl module containing extensions to PPI www
  • libppix-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) utility functions for PPI www
  • libpragmatic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7-4) Bullseye:(1.7-3) Adds pragmata to Exporter www
  • libprefork-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-2) Bullseye:(1.05-1) pragma for optimized module loading for forking or non-forking processes www
  • libprelude-perl

    Bookworm:(5.2.0-5+b4) Bullseye:(5.2.0-3+deb11u1) Security Information and Events Management system [ Perl bindings ] www
  • libprivileges-drop-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-4) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) module to make it simple to drop all privileges www
  • libprobe-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module to obtain information about the currently running Perl interpreter www
  • libproc-background-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-1) Bullseye:(1.21-1) generic interface for Unix and Win32 background process management www
  • libproc-daemon-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1) module for running scripts as daemons www
  • libproc-fastspawn-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.2-1+b3) module to fork+exec, or spawn, a subprocess as quickly as possible www
  • libproc-fork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.807-1) Bullseye:(0.806-1.1) Perl interface to the fork() system call www
  • libproc-guard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) process runner with RAII pattern www
  • libproc-invokeeditor-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13-3) Bullseye:(1.13-1.1) Perl extension for starting a text editor www
  • libproc-pid-file-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.27-4.1) Perl module for managing process id files www
  • libproc-processtable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.634-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.59-2+b1) Perl library for accessing process table information www
  • libproc-queue-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.23-1.1) Perl module to limit the number of child processes www
  • libproc-reliable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-4) Bullseye:(1.16-2) Perl module to run external processes reliably www
  • libproc-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.32-3) Bullseye:(1.32-1) Perl interface to launch and control background processes www
  • libproc-syncexec-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4) Bullseye:(1.01-3) module to spawn processes but report exec() errors properly www
  • libproc-terminator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-3) Bullseye:(0.5-2) module to conveniently terminate processes www
  • libproc-wait3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b6) Perl interface to the wait3() system call www
  • libproc-waitstat-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-7) Bullseye:(1.00-5) module to interpret and act on wait() status values www
  • libprogress-any-output-termprogressbarcolor-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.249-1) module to output progress to terminal as color bar www
  • libprogress-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.220-1) Bullseye:(0.219-1) Perl module to record progress to any output www
  • libprometheus-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1) tiny module to export monitoring metrics for Prometheus www
  • libprometheus-tiny-shared-perl

    Bookworm:(0.026-2) tiny Prometheus client with a shared database behind it www
  • libprophet-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.750-1) distributed, peer-to-peer replicated database system www
  • libprotocol-acme-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-3) Perl Interface to the Let's Encrypt ACME API www
  • libprotocol-http2-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) HTTP/2 protocol implementation with client and server libraries www
  • libprotocol-irc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.12-3) IRC protocol handling www
  • libprotocol-osc-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) module to implement (de)coding and processing of OSC packets www
  • libprotocol-websocket-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-3) Bullseye:(0.26-2) Perl library that implements WebSocket protocol www
  • libprpc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1005-23) Bullseye:(0.1005-22.1) Perl extensions for writing pRPC servers and clients www
  • libqdbm-perl

    Bookworm:(1.8.78-12) Bullseye:(1.8.78-10) QDBM Database Libraries for Perl www
  • libquantum-entanglement-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-5) Bullseye:(0.32-3) Quantum Mechanic entanglement of variables in perl www
  • libquantum-superpositions-perl

    Bookworm:(2.03-2) Bullseye:(2.03-1) Quantum Mechanic-like superpositions for Perl www
  • libquota-perl

    Bookworm:(1.8.2+dfsg-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.8.1+dfsg-1+b1) Perl interface to file system quotas www
  • libraritan-rpc-perl

    Bookworm:(4.0.20+ds-2) Bullseye:(3.6.1+ds1-1) Perl module for the Xerus™ JSON-RPC interface www
  • librcs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-6) Bullseye:(1.05-5.1) Perl Object Class for Revision Control System (RCS) www
  • librdf-acl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.104-2) Bullseye:(0.104-1.1) access control lists for the semantic web www
  • librdf-aref-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Bullseye:(0.28-1) another RDF Encoding Form www
  • librdf-closure-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-5) Bullseye:(0.001-4) pure Perl RDF inferencing www
  • librdf-crypt-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.002-3) semantic cryptography www
  • librdf-doap-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1.1) write DOAP data quickly and easily www
  • librdf-doap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.105-1) Bullseye:(0.104-2) object-oriented interface for DOAP data www
  • librdf-endpoint-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) SPARQL Protocol Endpoint implementation www
  • librdf-generator-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-3) Bullseye:(0.003-2) Perl module to generate RDF from an HTTP request www
  • librdf-generator-void-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-4) Bullseye:(0.16-3.1) generate VoID descriptions based on data in an RDF model www
  • librdf-helper-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-1) consistent, high-level API for working with RDF with Perl www
  • librdf-helper-properties-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1.1) shortcuts to retrieve certain information www
  • librdf-icalendar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) convert between RDF and iCalendar www
  • librdf-kml-exporter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1) export RDF geo data to KML (Google Earth) www
  • librdf-ldf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25.1-1) Bullseye:(0.25-2) Linked Data Fragments client www
  • librdf-linkeddata-perl

    Bookworm:(1.940-3) Bullseye:(1.940-1.1) simple Linked Data implementation www
  • librdf-microturtle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.001-2) parser for MicroTurtle www
  • librdf-ns-curated-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-3) Bullseye:(1.004-2) curated set of RDF prefixes www
  • librdf-ns-perl

    Bookworm:(20190227-2) Bullseye:(20190227-1) just use popular RDF namespace prefixes from prefix.cc www
  • librdf-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl language bindings for the Redland RDF library www
  • librdf-prefixes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) simple way to turn URIs into QNames www
  • librdf-query-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.114-2) get data from W3C SPARQL Protocol 1.0 servers www
  • librdf-query-perl

    Bookworm:(2.918-3) Bullseye:(2.918-1.1) complete SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for RDF::Trine www
  • librdf-queryx-lazy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) avoid all those boring PREFIX definitions www
  • librdf-rdfa-generator-perl

    Bookworm:(0.200-2) Bullseye:(0.200-1) generate data for RDFa serialization www
  • librdf-rdfa-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.097-2) Bullseye:(1.097-1) flexible RDFa parser www
  • librdf-trin3-perl

    Bookworm:(0.206-3) Bullseye:(0.206-2.1) notation 3 extensions for RDF::Trine www
  • librdf-trine-node-literal-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-2.1) RDF Node class for XML Literals www
  • librdf-trine-perl

    Bookworm:(1.019-3) Bullseye:(1.019-2) RDF Framework for Perl www
  • librdf-trine-serializer-rdfa-perl

    Bookworm:(0.101-2) Bullseye:(0.101-1.1) RDFa Serializer for RDF::Trine www
  • librdf-trineshortcuts-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.104-1) totally unauthorised module for cheats and charlatans www
  • librdf-trinex-compatibility-attean-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.100-1.1) compatibility layer between Attean and RDF::Trine www
  • librdf-trinex-functions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) shortcut functions for RDF::Trine's object-oriented interface www
  • librdf-trinex-serializer-mockturtlesoup-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) RDF/Turtle serializer pleasant for humans to look at www
  • librdf-vcard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.012-2) Bullseye:(0.012-1.1) convert between RDF and vCard www
  • libre-engine-re2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.14-1) RE2 regex engine www
  • libreadonly-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.050-3) facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays and hashes www
  • libreadonly-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(4-3) Perl module to provide simple, correct readonly values www
  • libreadonly-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-1+b10) Bullseye:(1.05-1+b7) faster Readonly implementation www
  • libreadonlyx-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-4) Bullseye:(1.04-2) faster facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes www
  • librecommended-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Bullseye:(0.003-1.1) Load recommended Perl modules on demand when available www
  • libredis-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34+dfsg-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.29+dfsg-1) Perl binding for Redis database www
  • libredis-perl

    Bookworm:(2:2.000-1) Bullseye:(2:1.9980-2) persistent key-value database with network interface (Perl client library) www
  • libref-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.204-2) Bullseye:(0.204-1) set of utility functions for checking references www
  • libref-util-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.117-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.117-1+b3) XS implementation for Ref::Util www
  • librefdb-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.18-1) RefDB-Client module for perl www
  • librefdb-perlmod-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-2) RefDB-perlmod module for perl www
  • librefdb-sru-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7-2) RefDB-SRU module for perl www
  • libregexp-assemble-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-2) Bullseye:(0.36-1.1) Perl module to merge several regular expressions www
  • libregexp-common-email-address-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-6) Bullseye:(1.01-5) Regexp::Common extension for matching e-mail addresses www
  • libregexp-common-net-cidr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1) provide patterns for CIDR blocks www
  • libregexp-common-perl

    Bookworm:(2017060201-3) Bullseye:(2017060201-1) module with common regular expressions www
  • libregexp-common-time-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Regexp::Common extension for date and time matching www
  • libregexp-debugger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002006-2) Bullseye:(0.002006-1) Perl module to visually debug regexes in-place www
  • libregexp-grammars-perl

    Bookworm:(1.058-2) Bullseye:(1.057-1) Perl module to add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes www
  • libregexp-ipv6-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-3) Regular expression for IPv6 addresses www
  • libregexp-log-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-3.1) base class for log files regexp builders www
  • libregexp-optimizer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) modules for optimizing regular expressions www
  • libregexp-pattern-defhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3) Regexp patterns related to DefHash www
  • libregexp-pattern-license-perl

    Bookworm:(3.9.4-3) Bullseye:(3.4.0-1) regular expressions for legal licenses www
  • libregexp-pattern-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.14-2) Bullseye:(0.2.14-1) convention/framework for modules that contain collection of regexes www
  • libregexp-reggrp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.002001-1.1) Perl module for grouping regular expressions www
  • libregexp-shellish-perl

    Bookworm:(0.93-4) Bullseye:(0.93-2.1) module for shell-like regular expressions www
  • libregexp-stringify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) Perl module to stringify a Regexp object www
  • libregexp-trie-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl module for building a trie-ized regular expression www
  • libregexp-wildcards-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2) converts wildcard expressions to Perl regular expressions www
  • librelative-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) Load modules with relative names www
  • libreligion-islam-prayertimes-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-2) Perl module that calculates Muslim Prayers Times and Sunrise www
  • libreply-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-2) Bullseye:(0.42-1.1) lightweight extensible Perl REPL www
  • librest-application-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.992-4) framework for building RESTful web-applications www
  • librest-client-perl

    Bookworm:(281-1) Bullseye:(273-1.1) simple client for interacting with RESTful HTTP/HTTPS resources www
  • librestfuldb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.15.2+dfsg-1) Web frontend for relational databases - Perl modules www
  • libreturn-multilevel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-1) Bullseye:(0.05-2) Perl module to enable returning from a nested call stack www
  • libreturn-type-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) specify a return type for a function (optionally with coercion) www
  • libreturn-value-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.666004-1) Perl module for polymorphic return values www
  • libreverseproxy-formfiller-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-2) Bullseye:(0.5-1.1) ModPerl module to fill and submit any html form www
  • librg-blast-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-9+b3) Bullseye:(0.03-7) very fast NCBI BLAST parser - binding for Perl www
  • librg-exception-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-5) Bullseye:(1.0.3-4) RG::Exception Perl module www
  • librg-reprof-bundle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-8) Bullseye:(1.0.1-7) protein secondary structure and accessibility predictor (perl module) www
  • librg-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.43-8) Bullseye:(1.0.43-7) parsers and format conversion utilities used by (e.g.) profphd www
  • librinci-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.103-1) Bullseye:(1.1.96-1) module that provides a language-neutral metadata for your code www
  • librivescript-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0.4-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-1) simple trigger/response language primarily used for chatbots www
  • librole-basic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-4) Bullseye:(0.13-2.1) simple implementation of roles www
  • librole-commons-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.104-1.1) roles that can be commonly used, for the mutual benefit of all www
  • librole-eventemitter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) Perl module providing an event emitter role www
  • librole-hasmessage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.006-1.1) Moose roles to summarize the message of an object www
  • librole-hooks-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) role callbacks www
  • librole-identifiable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-1) Bullseye:(0.007-1) Moose roles to identify things www
  • librole-rest-client-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.23-1) REST Client Role www
  • librole-tiny-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.002004-1) Perl module for minimalist role composition www
  • libroman-perl

    Bookworm:(1.24-3) Bullseye:(1.24-1.1) Perl module for converting between Roman and Arabic numerals www
  • libromana-perligata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-1.4) Bullseye:(0.55-1.3) perl module for writing in Latin www
  • libropkg-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-1.4) Bullseye:(0.4-1.3) general purpose classes for simba www
  • librose-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.540-2) Bullseye:(0.540-1.1) collection of Perl modules for manipulating DateTime dates www
  • librose-db-object-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.820-2) Bullseye:(1:0.819-1) framework providing an extensible high-performance ORM www
  • librose-db-perl

    Bookworm:(0.785-1) Bullseye:(0.783-1) Perl DBI wrapper and abstraction layer www
  • librose-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.860-2) Bullseye:(0.860-1.1) simple Perl object base class www
  • librose-uri-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) module for an easy manipulation of URI components www
  • librouter-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) simple HTTP router for web applications www
  • librpc-xml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.82-1) Perl implementation of the XML-RPC protocol www
  • librplay-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-18) rplay network audio system - perl modules www
  • librrd-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.44-4) simple interface to create and store data in RRD files www
  • librrdp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.2-4) Bullseye:(1.7.2-3) time-series data storage and display system (Perl interface, piped) www
  • librrds-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7.2-4+b4) Bullseye:(1.7.2-3+b2) time-series data storage and display system (Perl interface, shared) www
  • librrdtool-oo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-3) Bullseye:(0.36-2) object-oriented interface to RRDTool www
  • librt-client-rest-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.60-2) Bullseye:(1:0.60-1) RESTful Perl interface to RT installations www
  • librtf-document-perl

    Bookworm:(0.64-12) Bullseye:(0.64-11.1) Perl extension for generating Rich Text Format (RTF) files www
  • librtf-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-5) Bullseye:(1.11-3) module for creating RTF files www
  • librtsp-server-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) Lightweight RTSP/RTP streaming media server (library) www
  • librun-parts-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2.1) Offers run-parts' functionality in Perl www
  • librunapp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-2.1) generic module to run web-applications www
  • librunning-commentary-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000005-2) Bullseye:(0.000005-1.1) Perl module to call system() with tracking messages www
  • libsafe-hole-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-1+b4) Bullseye:(0.14-1+b1) Perl module which makes a "hole" in the Safe compartment
  • libsafe-isa-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.000010-1) module for safely calling isa and friends on things that may not be objects www
  • libsah-schemas-rinci-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Sah schemas for Rinci www
  • libsane-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b10) Bullseye:(0.05-2+b8) Perl bindings for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project www
  • libsbml5-perl

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library - Perl bindings www
  • libsbuild-perl

    Bookworm:(0.85.0) Bullseye:(0.81.2+deb11u1) Library for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
  • libscalar-defer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3) Bullseye:(0.23-2.1) module providing lazy evaluation for Perl www
  • libscalar-does-perl

    Bookworm:(0.203-2) Bullseye:(0.203-1.1) like ref() but useful www
  • libscalar-list-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(1:1.63-1+b1) Bullseye:(1:1.55-1+b1) modules providing common scalar and list utility subroutines www
  • libscalar-listify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-4) Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) module that produces an array/arrayref from a scalar value or array ref www
  • libscalar-properties-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100860-3) Bullseye:(1.100860-1) perl module to add run-time properties on scalar variables www
  • libscalar-string-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.003-1+b3) Perl module concerning the string aspects of scalars www
  • libscalar-util-numeric-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.40-1+b6) Perl module containing numeric tests for Perl datatypes www
  • libscgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-3) Bullseye:(0.6-2) SCGI server library for perl www
  • libschedule-at-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15-1.1) OS independent interface to the Unix 'at' command www
  • libschedule-cron-events-perl

    Bookworm:(1.96-2) Bullseye:(1.96-1) module to find out the times at which a cron entry would run www
  • libschedule-cron-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-1) Bullseye:(1.01-1) simple but complete cron like scheduler www
  • libschedule-ratelimiter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-5) Bullseye:(0.01-2) Perl library to prevent events from happening too quickly www
  • libscope-guard-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-2) Bullseye:(0.21-1.1) lexically scoped resource management www
  • libscope-upper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-1) Bullseye:(0.32-1+b3) module to manipulate upper scopes www
  • libscrappy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.94112090-3) Bullseye:(0.94112090-2.1) powerful web spidering, scraping, creeping crawling framework www
  • libscriptalicious-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-4) Bullseye:(1.17-1.1) module to simplify writing of Perl scripts www
  • libsdl-perl

    Bookworm:(2.548-3+b1) Bullseye:(2.548-1+b3) SDL bindings for the Perl language www
  • libsearch-elasticsearch-client-1-0-perl

    Bookworm:(6.81-2) Bullseye:(6.81-1) Module to add client support for Elasticsearch 1.x www
  • libsearch-elasticsearch-client-2-0-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.81-1) Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 2.x APIs www
  • libsearch-elasticsearch-perl

    Bookworm:(8.00-1) Bullseye:(7.30-1) Perl client for Elasticsearch www
  • libsearch-estraier-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-5) pure perl module to use Hyper Estraier search engine www
  • libsearch-gin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-2) Perl module for Generalized Inverted Indexing www
  • libsearch-queryparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-2) Bullseye:(0.95-1) Perl module to parse search query strings into a data structure www
  • libsearch-xapian-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl bindings for the Xapian search library www
  • libsemver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10.0-2) Bullseye:(0.10.0-1) Perl implementation of the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Specification www
  • libsendmail-milter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-9+b1) Bullseye:(0.18-8+rpi1+b1) Interface to Sendmail's Mail Filter API www
  • libsendmail-pmilter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-1.2) Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) Perl implementation of the Sendmail Milter protocol
  • libsereal-decoder-perl

    Bookworm:(5.003+ds-1) Bullseye:(4.018+ds-1+b1) fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization module www
  • libsereal-encoder-perl

    Bookworm:(5.003+ds-1) Bullseye:(4.018+ds-1+b1) fast, compact, powerful binary serialization module www
  • libsereal-perl

    Bookworm:(5.003-1) Bullseye:(4.018-1) fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization module wrapper www
  • libserver-starter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-2) Bullseye:(0.35-1) superdaemon for hot-deploying Perl server programs www
  • libsession-storage-secure-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000-1) Bullseye:(0.011-1.1) module implementing a secure way to encode session data www
  • libsession-token-perl

    Bookworm:(1.503-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.503-1+b5) secure, efficient, simple random session token generation www
  • libset-crontab-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) Expand crontab-style integer lists
  • libset-infinite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.65-3) Bullseye:(0.65-1) module for sets of intervals www
  • libset-intervaltree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.12-1+b3) Perform range-based lookups on sets of ranges www
  • libset-intspan-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-3) Bullseye:(1.19-1.1) module to manage sets of integers www
  • libset-nestedgroups-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-5) Bullseye:(0.01-3.1) Simple implementation of nested groups www
  • libset-object-perl

    Bookworm:(1.42-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.41-1) collection of objects without duplications www
  • libset-scalar-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-3) Bullseye:(1.29-2) Perl interface for operations on finite sets www
  • libset-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1) module for simple sets of strings www
  • libsgml-dtdparse-perl

    Bookworm:(2.00-3) Bullseye:(2.00-1.1) Perl modules and scripts for manipulating SGML and XML DTDs www
  • libsgml-parser-opensp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.994-6) Bullseye:(0.994-3+b7) OpenSP Parser of SGML documents www
  • libsgmls-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03ii-38) Bullseye:(1.03ii-36) Perl modules for processing SGML parser output www
  • libsharyanto-file-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.56-2) Bullseye:(0.56-1.1) SHARYANTO's module of file related utilities www
  • libsharyanto-string-util-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.26-2) SHARYANTO's module for string processing utilities www
  • libsharyanto-utils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.77-2) Bullseye:(0.77-1) SHARYANTO's temporary modules for various routines www
  • libshell-command-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-6) Bullseye:(0.06-4) cross-platform functions emulating common shell commands www
  • libshell-config-generate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-1) Perl module to generate config file for any shell www
  • libshell-guess-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl module to make an educated guess about the shell in use www
  • libshell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.73-3) Bullseye:(0.73-1) run shell commands transparently within perl www
  • libshell-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0026-2) Bullseye:(0.0026-1) read-eval-print loop in Perl www
  • libshell-posix-select-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-1) POSIX Shell's "select" loop for Perl www
  • libsignal-mask-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-3) Bullseye:(0.008-1.1) module for easy handling of signal masks www
  • libsignatures-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.14-1+b2) Perl pragma for subroutine signatures www
  • libsisimai-perl

    Bookworm:(4.25.15-1) Bullseye:(4.25.10-1) Perl module to analyze bounce mails www
  • libsitesummary-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.56~deb12u2) Generate site summary of submitting hosts (Perl module) www
  • libslurm-perl

    Bookworm:(22.05.8-4+deb12u2) Bullseye:(20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1) Perl API for Slurm www
  • libslurmdb-perl

    Bookworm:(22.05.8-4+deb12u2) Bullseye:(20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1) Perl API for the Slurm database www
  • libsmart-comments-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-3) Bullseye:(1.06-1) Perl module for comments that do more than just sit there www
  • libsms-aql-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-3) Bullseye:(1.02-2.1) Perl extension to send SMS text messages via AQL's SMS service www
  • libsms-send-aql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) SMS::Send driver to send messages via AQL (www.aql.com) www
  • libsms-send-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-4) Bullseye:(1.06-3) driver-based API for sending SMS messages www
  • libsnmp-extension-passpersist-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) Generic pass/pass_persist extension framework for Net-SNMP www
  • libsnmp-info-perl

    Bookworm:(3.92-1) Bullseye:(3.71-1) Object Oriented Perl5 Interface to Network devices and MIBs through SNMP www
  • libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-3) MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2 www
  • libsnmp-multi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1-4.1) Perform SNMP operations on multiple hosts simultaneously www
  • libsnmp-perl

    Bookworm:(5.9.3+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.9+dfsg-4+deb11u1) SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Perl5 support www
  • libsnmp-session-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14~git20221124T101957-1) Bullseye:(1.14~git20201002.0dedded-1) Perl support for accessing SNMP-aware devices www
  • libsnowball-norwegian-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-4) Bullseye:(1.2-2) Stemming algorithm for Norwegian www
  • libsnowball-swedish-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2-6) Bullseye:(1.2-4) Stemming algorithm for Swedish www
  • libsoap-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(1.27-3) Bullseye:(1.27-1) Perl implementation of a SOAP client and server www
  • libsoap-wsdl-perl

    Bookworm:(3.004-2) Bullseye:(3.004-1) Perl module for SOAP with WSDL support www
  • libsocialtext-resting-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.38-1) simple tool to use Socialtext RESTful API www
  • libsocialtext-resting-utils-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.21-3) collection of utilities for Socialtext REST APIs www
  • libsocket-getaddrinfo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-5) Bullseye:(0.22-3) module implementing getaddrinfo and getnameinfo www
  • libsocket-linux-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.01-2+b7) module for using socket constants defined in Linux www
  • libsocket-msghdr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b4) sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations www
  • libsocket-multicast6-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-3+b6) base module for IPv4 and IPv6 multicast socket operations www
  • libsocket-perl

    Bookworm:(2.036-1+b1) Bullseye:(2.031-1) networking constants and support functions www
  • libsocket6-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-3) Bullseye:(0.29-1+b3) Perl extensions for IPv6 www
  • libsoftware-copyright-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Perl module to manage copyright statements www
  • libsoftware-license-orlaterpack-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10.2-2) Use GNU licenses with "or later" clause in Software::License www
  • libsoftware-license-perl

    Bookworm:(0.104002-1) Bullseye:(0.103014-2) module providing templated software licenses www
  • libsoftware-licensemoreutils-perl

    Bookworm:(1.009-1) Bullseye:(1.005-1) More utilities and a summary for Software::License www
  • libsoftware-release-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Perl class representing a release of software www
  • libsolv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7.23-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.7.17-1+deb11u1) dependency solver using a satisfiability algorithm (Perl bindings) www
  • libsort-fields-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-3) Bullseye:(1.001-1) module to sort lines containing delimited fields www
  • libsort-key-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.33-2+b3) module to sort a list of values by a calculated key www
  • libsort-key-top-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4+b3) Bullseye:(0.08-4) Perl module to select and sort top n elements of a list www
  • libsort-maker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-2) helper to create efficient sort subs www
  • libsort-naturally-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-4) Bullseye:(1.03-2) Sort naturally - sort lexically except for numerical parts www
  • libsort-versions-perl

    Bookworm:(1.62-3) Bullseye:(1.62-1) Perl module for sorting of revision (and similar) numbers www
  • libspecio-library-path-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-1) Bullseye:(0.04-3) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Specio www
  • libspecio-perl

    Bookworm:(0.48-1) Bullseye:(0.47-1) Perl module providing type constraints and coercions www
  • libsphinx-search-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.31-2) Bullseye:(1:0.31-1) Perl module for Sphinx search engine www
  • libspiffy-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.46-1) Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You www
  • libspoon-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-2) Spiffy Application Building Framework www
  • libspork-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.21-1) create slide presentations with Kwiki markup www
  • libspread-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.17.4-4+b2) Perl bindings for the Spread messaging service www
  • libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6500-4~deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.6500-1.1+deb11u1) Perl module to access information from Excel Spreadsheets www
  • libspreadsheet-parseexcel-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-4) Bullseye:(1.04-3) simple interface to Excel data www
  • libspreadsheet-parsexlsx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.27-3+deb12u2) Bullseye:(0.27-2.1+deb11u2) Perl module to parse XLSX files www
  • libspreadsheet-read-perl

    Bookworm:(0.87-1) Bullseye:(0.84-1) reader for common spreadsheet formats www
  • libspreadsheet-readsxc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-1) Bullseye:(0.34-1) reader for OpenOffice 1.x and OpenDocument spreadsheets www
  • libspreadsheet-wright-perl

    Bookworm:(0.107-5) Bullseye:(0.107-3) simple spreadsheet worker www
  • libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl

    Bookworm:(2.40-4) Bullseye:(2.40-1.1) module to create Excel spreadsheets www
  • libspreadsheet-writeexcel-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) module providing simple creation of single-sheet Excel documents www
  • libspreadsheet-xlsx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1) Bullseye:(0.15-2) Perl extension for reading MS Excel 2007 files www
  • libsql-abstract-classic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.91-4) module to generate SQL from Perl data structures - classic version www
  • libsql-abstract-limit-perl

    Bookworm:(2:0.14.3-1) Bullseye:(2:0.14.2-1) portable LIMIT emulation www
  • libsql-abstract-more-perl

    Bookworm:(1.39-1) Bullseye:(1.37-1) extension of SQL::Abstract with more constructs and more flexible API www
  • libsql-abstract-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000001-2) Bullseye:(1.87-1) module to generate SQL from Perl data structures www
  • libsql-abstract-pg-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-2) PostgreSQL features for SQL::Abstract www
  • libsql-reservedwords-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-3) Bullseye:(0.8-2.1) Perl extension that indicates if words are reserved by SQL www
  • libsql-splitstatement-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00023-2) Bullseye:(1.00020-4) Split any SQL code into atomic statements www
  • libsql-statement-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.414-1) module for parsing and processing SQL statements www
  • libsql-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1) simple SQL-building library www
  • libsql-tokenizer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-8) simple SQL tokenizer www
  • libsql-translator-perl

    Bookworm:(1.62-3) Bullseye:(1.62-1) SQL translation library www
  • libsru-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-2.1) framework for Search and Retrieval by URL www
  • libstar-parser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.59-4) STAR compliant data file parser for Perl www
  • libstat-lsmode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.50-7.1) Perl module to format file modes like ls -l www
  • libstatistics-basic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6611-3) Bullseye:(1.6611-1.1) collection of very basic statistics modules www
  • libstatistics-contingency-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module to calculate precision, recall, F1, accuracy, etc. www
  • libstatistics-descriptive-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0800-1) Perl module for basic descriptive statistical functions www
  • libstatistics-distributions-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) module for calculating some values of common statistical distributions www
  • libstatistics-linefit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) least squares line fit module for Perl www
  • libstatistics-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.62-1.1) Perl module for simple statistical analysis www
  • libstatistics-normality-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module for testing normal distribution of data www
  • libstatistics-online-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) module to perform statistic operations on large datasets www
  • libstatistics-pca-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.1-2) perl module for principal component analysis (PCA) www
  • libstatistics-r-io-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0002-2) Perl interface to serialized R data www
  • libstatistics-r-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-1) Bullseye:(0.24-1.1) Control the R interpreter with perl www
  • libstatistics-regression-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53+ds-2) weighted linear regression package (line+plane fitting) www
  • libstatistics-test-randomwalk-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) module to perform a Random Walk statistical test www
  • libstatistics-test-sequence-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2) Perl module that tests correlation of random numbers www
  • libstatistics-topk-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) implementation of the top-k streaming algorithm www
  • libstatistics-welford-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) Standard statistics using Welford's algorithm www
  • libstfl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-3+b3) Bullseye:(0.22-2+b3) Perl bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library www
  • libstore-opaque-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.03-1+b8) module for opaque objects to prevent accidental leaking www
  • libstream-buffered-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) temporary buffer to store strings in a seekable filehandle www
  • libstrictures-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.000006-1) Perl module to turn on strict and make all warnings fatal www
  • libstring-approx-perl

    Bookworm:(3.28-2+b1) Bullseye:(3.28-1+b3) Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching) www
  • libstring-bufferstack-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-1.1) framework for storing nested buffers www
  • libstring-camelcase-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1) Perl module to convert strings to and from CamelCase www
  • libstring-compare-constanttime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.321-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.321-1+b4) module for protecting string comparison from timing attacks www
  • libstring-copyright-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003014-1) Bullseye:(0.003006-1) representation of text-based copyright statements www
  • libstring-crc-cksum-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.91-1.1) Perl extension for calculating cksum-compatible checksums www
  • libstring-crc32-perl

    Bookworm:(2.100-2+b1) Bullseye:(2-1) Perl interface for cyclic redundancy check generation www
  • libstring-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-2) simple diff for strings www
  • libstring-dirify-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-1.1) utility converting string to a safe format www
  • libstring-elide-parts-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) module for eliding strings with multiple parts of different priorities www
  • libstring-errf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-1) Bullseye:(0.008-1.1) Perl module that provides a simple sprintf-like dialect www
  • libstring-escape-perl

    Bookworm:(2010.002-3) Bullseye:(2010.002-2) module for manipulating escaped strings www
  • libstring-expand-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-3) string utility functions for expanding variables in self-referential sets www
  • libstring-flogger-perl

    Bookworm:(1.101246-1) Bullseye:(1.101245-2) module to munge strings for loggers www
  • libstring-format-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.18-1) module for flexible printf-like string formatting www
  • libstring-formatter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.235-1) Bullseye:(0.102084-1.1) module to build sprintf-like formatting routines www
  • libstring-glob-permute-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-3) Expand {foo,bar,baz}[2-4] style string globs www
  • libstring-hexconvert-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Converts ASCII strings to hexadecimal and reverse www
  • libstring-interpolate-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.33-1) wrapper for the builtin Perl interpolation engine www
  • libstring-koremutake-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-7) Bullseye:(0.30-5.1) Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings www
  • libstring-license-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-1) detect source code license statements in a text string www
  • libstring-mkpasswd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Perl module implementing a random password generator www
  • libstring-parity-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-3) Bullseye:(1.34-1) Perl library for parity functions www
  • libstring-print-perl

    Bookworm:(0.94-2) Bullseye:(0.94-1) module providing (s)printf alternatives www
  • libstring-random-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.32-2) Bullseye:(1:0.31-1) Perl module for generating random strings www
  • libstring-rewriteprefix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-1) Bullseye:(0.008-1) module to rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes www
  • libstring-scanf-perl

    Bookworm:(2.1-3) Bullseye:(2.1-1.1) module to implement C-like sscanf() in Perl www
  • libstring-shellquote-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-1) module to quote strings for passing through the shell www
  • libstring-similarity-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.04-2+b3) Perl module for calculating the similarity of two strings www
  • libstring-tagged-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1) string buffers with value tags on extents www
  • libstring-tagged-terminal-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1) module to format terminal output using String::Tagged www
  • libstring-toidentifier-en-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1) module to convert strings to English program identifiers www
  • libstring-tokenizer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-3) Bullseye:(0.06-1) simple string tokenizer www
  • libstring-trim-more-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Perl module with various string trimming utilities www
  • libstring-trim-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-4) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) trim whitespace from your strings www
  • libstring-truncate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.100603-1) Bullseye:(1.100602-1.1) Perl module to truncate long strings www
  • libstring-tt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-3) Bullseye:(0.3-2) Perl module to use TT to interpolate lexical variables www
  • libstring-util-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-2) string processing utility functions www
  • libstruct-compare-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-5) Bullseye:(1.0.1-4.1) Perl module providing recursive diff for perl structures www
  • libstruct-dumb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-1) Bullseye:(0.12-1) module to create simple lightweight record-like structures www
  • libsub-current-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2+b6) Bullseye:(0.03-2+b3) Perl module to determine the executing subroutine www
  • libsub-delete-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00002-3) Bullseye:(1.00002-2.1) Perl module to delete subroutines www
  • libsub-exporter-formethods-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100055-1) Bullseye:(0.100052-1) Sub::Exporter extension for handling methods www
  • libsub-exporter-globexporter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1) module for exporting shared globs www
  • libsub-exporter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.989-1) Bullseye:(0.987-1) sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines www
  • libsub-exporter-progressive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001013-3) Bullseye:(0.001013-1) module for using Sub::Exporter only if needed www
  • libsub-handlesvia-perl

    Bookworm:(0.050000-1) Bullseye:(0.016-1) alternative handles_via implementation for Moo, Moose, and more www
  • libsub-identify-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-1+b3) module to retrieve names of code references www
  • libsub-infix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) create a fake infix operator www
  • libsub-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-3) Bullseye:(0.002-1.1) helper module for inspecting subroutines www
  • libsub-install-perl

    Bookworm:(0.929-1) Bullseye:(0.928-1.1) module for installing subroutines into packages easily www
  • libsub-name-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.26-1+b1) module for assigning a new name to referenced sub www
  • libsub-override-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-4) Bullseye:(0.09-2) Perl module used to temporarily override subroutines www
  • libsub-prototype-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1+b1) module to set a subroutine's prototype www
  • libsub-quote-perl

    Bookworm:(2.006008-1) Bullseye:(2.006006-1) helper modules for subroutines www
  • libsub-recursive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) Perl module for memory-leak free recursive anonymous subroutines www
  • libsub-strictdecl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2+b2) module to detect undeclared subroutines in compilation www
  • libsub-uplevel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2800-3) Bullseye:(0.2800-1.1) module to spoof the Perl call stack www
  • libsub-wrappackages-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-1) Bullseye:(2.01-1) module to wrap subroutines in packages www
  • libsubtitles-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2) utilities to fix subtitles timing www
  • libsubunit-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.0-3) perl parser and diff for Subunit streams www
  • libsuper-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20190531-1) Bullseye:(1.20141117-1) control superclass method dispatch www
  • libsvg-graph-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-3) module to visualize data in SVG format www
  • libsvg-perl

    Bookworm:(2.87-1) Bullseye:(2.85-1) perl module to generate SVG images www
  • libsvg-tt-graph-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1) module for creating vector graphs www
  • libsvn-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-2) perl object oriented interface for Subversion workspaces www
  • libsvn-dump-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) module for parsing Subversion dumps www
  • libsvn-hooks-perl

    Bookworm:(1.36-1) Bullseye:(1.34-2) framework for implementing Subversion hooks www
  • libsvn-look-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-1) Bullseye:(0.42-1) module providing access to svnlook data www
  • libsvn-notify-mirror-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04000-3) Bullseye:(0.04000-2) module to keep a mirrored working copy of a repository path www
  • libsvn-notify-perl

    Bookworm:(2.87-2) Bullseye:(2.87-1) Subversion activity notification www
  • libsvn-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14.2-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.14.1-3+deb11u1) Perl bindings for Apache Subversion www
  • libsvn-svnlook-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-3.1) module to aid using svnlook in Subversion hooks www
  • libsvn-web-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63-3.1) Bullseye:(0.63-3) Subversion repository web frontend www
  • libswagger2-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.89-1) Perl module for generating, parsing and transforming swagger API documentation www
  • libswish-api-common-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Perl interface to the SWISH index engine www
  • libswiss-perl

    Bookworm:(1.80-1) Bullseye:(1.79-3) Perl API to the UniProt database www
  • libswitch-perl

    Bookworm:(2.17-3) Bullseye:(2.17-2.1) switch statement for Perl www
  • libsymbol-get-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-3) module for reading Perl’s symbol table programmatically www
  • libsymbol-global-name-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) module to find name and type of a global variable www
  • libsyntax-highlight-engine-kate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.14+dfsg-1) Perl port of Kate's syntax highlighting engine www
  • libsyntax-highlight-engine-simple-languages-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2) Perl module collection providing syntax highlighting
  • libsyntax-highlight-engine-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2) Perl framework to generate syntax highlighted code www
  • libsyntax-highlight-perl-improved-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-8) Bullseye:(1.01-5.1) Highlighting of Perl Syntactical Structures www
  • libsyntax-highlight-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-2) Highlighting of Perl Syntactical Structures www
  • libsyntax-keyword-dynamically-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.07-1) module to dynamically change the value of a variable www
  • libsyntax-keyword-gather-perl

    Bookworm:(1.003002-2) Bullseye:(1.003002-1) syntax extension for the "gather" keyword www
  • libsyntax-keyword-junction-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003008-3) Bullseye:(0.003008-1.1) Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5 www
  • libsyntax-keyword-match-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-1) match/case syntax plugin for perl www
  • libsyntax-keyword-multisub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) multiple subroutine dispatch syntax extension www
  • libsyntax-keyword-try-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) try/catch/finally syntax for perl www
  • libsyntax-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) pragma for activating syntax extensions www
  • libsys-cpu-perl

    Bookworm:(0.61-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.61-2+b5) module for getting CPU information www
  • libsys-cpuaffinity-perl

    Bookworm:(1.13~03-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.13~03-1) module to set CPU affinity for processes www
  • libsys-cpuload-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-1+b3) Bullseye:(0.31-1+b1) module which retrieves load average of a machine www
  • libsys-filesystem-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.408-1) Perl module to retrieve list of filesystems and their properties www
  • libsys-gamin-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.1-2+b8) Perl interface to Gamin (File Access Monitor implementation) www
  • libsys-hostip-perl

    Bookworm:(2.120-3) Bullseye:(2.120-1) Perl module to determine local machine's IP address www
  • libsys-hostname-long-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-3) Bullseye:(1.5-2) module tp determine the long (fully-qualified) hostname www
  • libsys-info-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7807-4) Bullseye:(0.7807-3) fetch basic information from the host system www
  • libsys-info-driver-linux-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7905-3) Bullseye:(0.7905-2) Linux driver for Sys::Info www
  • libsys-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7811-3) Bullseye:(0.7811-2) module to fetch information from the host system www
  • libsys-meminfo-perl

    Bookworm:(0.99-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.99-1+b4) module to query the total free and used physical memory www
  • libsys-mmap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.20-1+b1) module for using POSIX mmap www
  • libsys-sigaction-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) Perl extension for consistent signal handling www
  • libsys-statistics-linux-perl

    Bookworm:(0.66-5) Bullseye:(0.66-3) Perl module to collect system statistics www
  • libsys-syscall-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-7) Bullseye:(0.25-6) module to access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to www
  • libsys-utmp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.8-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.8-1+b3) perl module to query UTMP files www
  • libsys-virt-perl

    Bookworm:(9.0.0-1) Bullseye:(7.0.0-1) Perl module providing an extension for the libvirt library www
  • libsysadm-install-perl

    Bookworm:(0.48-2) Bullseye:(0.48-1) module for typical installation tasks of system administrators www
  • libsystem-command-perl

    Bookworm:(1.122-1) Bullseye:(1.121-1) Perl class for running system commands www
  • libsystem-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.063-1) Bullseye:(0.060-1) package to obtain basic system information www
  • libsystem-sub-perl

    Bookworm:(0.162800-3) Bullseye:(0.162800-2.1) wrap external command with a DWIM sub www
  • libtaint-runtime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-4+b2) Bullseye:(0.3-3+b5) module to enable taint checking at runtime www
  • libtaint-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.08-3+b3) Perl module to manipulate the Perl internal taint flag www
  • libtainting-perl

    Bookworm:(0.031-1) Bullseye:(0.02-1) Perl pragma to enable taint mode lexically (deprecated) www
  • libtaktuk-perl

    Bookworm:(3.7.7-3) Bullseye:(3.7.7-2) Perl bindings for taktuk www
  • libtangence-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-2) Bullseye:(0.25-2) attribute-oriented server/client object remoting framework www
  • libtangram-perl

    Bookworm:(2.12-4) Bullseye:(2.12-3) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Relational Databases www
  • libtap-formatter-html-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(0.11+dfsg-2.1) TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output www
  • libtap-formatter-junit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Perl module for converting TAP output to JUnit XML output www
  • libtap-harness-archive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-4) Bullseye:(0.18-1) module for creating an archive of TAP test results www
  • libtap-harness-junit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.42-3) Bullseye:(0.42-2) module to generate JUnit compatible output from TAP results www
  • libtap-parser-sourcehandler-pgtap-perl

    Bookworm:(3.36-2) Bullseye:(3.35-2) Unit testing tools for pgTAP www
  • libtap-simpleoutput-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-2) Bullseye:(0.009-1.1) simple closure-driven TAP generator www
  • libtask-kensho-all-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides all Task::Kensho tasks (metapackage) www
  • libtask-kensho-async-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Async www
  • libtask-kensho-cli-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::CLI www
  • libtask-kensho-config-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Config www
  • libtask-kensho-dates-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Dates www
  • libtask-kensho-dbdev-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::DBDev www
  • libtask-kensho-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Email www
  • libtask-kensho-excelcsv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::ExcelCSV www
  • libtask-kensho-exceptions-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Exceptions www
  • libtask-kensho-hackery-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Hackery www
  • libtask-kensho-logging-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Logging www
  • libtask-kensho-moduledev-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::ModuleDev www
  • libtask-kensho-oop-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::OOP www
  • libtask-kensho-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) recommended modules for Enlightened Perl development www
  • libtask-kensho-scalability-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Scalability www
  • libtask-kensho-testing-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Testing www
  • libtask-kensho-toolchain-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::Toolchain www
  • libtask-kensho-webcrawling-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::WebCrawling www
  • libtask-kensho-webdev-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::WebDev www
  • libtask-kensho-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-2) Bullseye:(0.40-3) provides modules recommended for Task::Kensho::XML www
  • libtask-weaken-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.06-1) module for ensuring that a platform has weaken support www
  • libtcl-perl

    Bookworm:(1.27+ds-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.27+ds-1+b2) Tcl extension module for Perl www
  • libtelephony-asterisk-ami-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-2) Simple Asterisk Manager Interface client (Perl module) www
  • libtemplate-alloy-perl

    Bookworm:(1.022-2) Bullseye:(1.020-1.1) TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine www
  • libtemplate-autofilter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.143050-3) Bullseye:(0.143050-1.1) Template::Toolkit subclass with automatic filtering www
  • libtemplate-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.47-3) Bullseye:(0.47-2) module for Perlish declarative templates www
  • libtemplate-multilingual-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) multilingual templates for Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-perl

    Bookworm:(2.27-1+b5) Bullseye:(2.27-1+b3) "Template Toolkit" template processing system in Perl www
  • libtemplate-plugin-calendar-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-2) Bullseye:(1.00-1) simple calendar plugin for perl Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module for calling methods of arbitrary classes in Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-clickable-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) plugin to make clickable e-mail addresses with Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-clickable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-4) Bullseye:(0.06-3.1) Make URLs clickable in HTML www
  • libtemplate-plugin-comma-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) TT plugin for using commas in numbers www
  • libtemplate-plugin-cycle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1.1) Cyclically insert into a Template from a sequence of values www
  • libtemplate-plugin-datetime-format-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module for formatting DateTime objects from TT with DateTime::Format www
  • libtemplate-plugin-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06002-2) Bullseye:(0.06002-1.1) plugin to use DateTime objects in the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-dbi-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.65-2.1) DBI plugin for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-digest-md5-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) interface to the MD5 Algorithm for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-gd-perl

    Bookworm:(2.66-4) Bullseye:(2.66-3) GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-gettext-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-1) Gettext Support For the Template Toolkit Version 2 www
  • libtemplate-plugin-gravatar-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1.1) Template Toolkit plugin for generating Gravatar URLs www
  • libtemplate-plugin-html-strip-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-2) plugin to remove HTML for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-ipaddr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) plugin handling IP addresses for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-javascript-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) Perl module to sanitize text for JavaScript www
  • libtemplate-plugin-json-escape-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2-1.1) module for embedding JSON strings in Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-latex-perl

    Bookworm:(3.12-2) Bullseye:(3.12-1) LaTeX support for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-lingua-en-inflect-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) interface to Lingua::EN::Inflect for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-number-format-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.06-1.1) Number formatting plugin for perl Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-posix-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Template Toolkit plugin to access Perl POSIX functions www
  • libtemplate-plugin-stash-perl

    Bookworm:(1.006-2) Bullseye:(1.006-1.1) Template::Toolkit plugin that exposes the template's stash www
  • libtemplate-plugin-textile2-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-6) Bullseye:(1.21-5.1) textile plugin for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-utf8decode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) UTF8 decoder filter for Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(2.17-6) Bullseye:(2.17-5) XML plugins for the Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-plugin-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-3) Bullseye:(1.23-2) simple Template Toolkit Plugin Interface to the YAML module www
  • libtemplate-provider-encoding-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-3) Template plugin to specify encoding www
  • libtemplate-provider-fromdata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-2) module to load templates from your __DATA__ section www
  • libtemplate-stash-autoescaping-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0303-2) Bullseye:(0.0303-1.1) Template::Stash subclass for automatically escaping HTML strings www
  • libtemplate-timer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) rudimentary profiling module for Template Toolkit www
  • libtemplate-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-2) Bullseye:(1.13-1) lightweight implementation of Template Toolkit www
  • libtenjin-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000001-2) Bullseye:(1.000001-1) fast templating engine with support for embedded Perl www
  • libterm-choose-perl

    Bookworm:(1.760-1) Bullseye:(1.713-1) module to choose items from a list interactively www
  • libterm-clui-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.76-1) Perl module offering a Command-Line User Interface www
  • libterm-editoredit-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16-2) module for editing a document via $EDITOR www
  • libterm-encoding-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1) Perl module to detect encoding of the current terminal www
  • libterm-extendedcolor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.504-2) Bullseye:(0.504-1) module to color screen output using extended escape sequences www
  • libterm-filter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) Perl module to run an interactive terminal session, filtering input and output www
  • libterm-progressbar-perl

    Bookworm:(2.23-1) Bullseye:(2.22-1) Perl module to print a progress bar www
  • libterm-progressbar-quiet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) only show a progress meter if run interactively www
  • libterm-progressbar-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) simple but featureful terminal progress bar www
  • libterm-prompt-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2.1) Perl module for prompting a user for information www
  • libterm-query-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0-11) Bullseye:(2.0-10) Perl module for subroutines that handle simple tty-based UI www
  • libterm-readkey-perl

    Bookworm:(2.38-2+b1) Bullseye:(2.38-1+b3) perl module for simple terminal control www
  • libterm-readline-gnu-perl

    Bookworm:(1.45-1) Bullseye:(1.37-1) Perl extension for the GNU ReadLine/History Library www
  • libterm-readline-perl-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0303-2.1) Perl implementation of Readline libraries www
  • libterm-readline-ttytter-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-3.1) Term::ReadLine driver with special features for microblogging www
  • libterm-readline-zoid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-4) Bullseye:(0.07-3) Pure Perl implementation of Readline libraries www
  • libterm-readpassword-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-6) Bullseye:(0.11-3.1) prompt user for a password www
  • libterm-shell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1) Perl module for writing shell-like interfaces www
  • libterm-shellui-perl

    Bookworm:(0.92-5) Bullseye:(0.92-4) Perl module for fully-featured shell-like command line environment www
  • libterm-size-any-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1) unified interface to retrieve the terminal size from Perl www
  • libterm-size-perl

    Bookworm:(0.211-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.211-1) Perl extension for retrieving terminal size www
  • libterm-size-perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.031-2+b2) Bullseye:(0.031-1+b3) pure Perl extension for retrieving the terminal size www
  • libterm-sk-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Perl extension for displaying a progress indicator on a terminal www
  • libterm-slang-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-14+b1) Bullseye:(0.07-13+b3) Perl interface to the S-Lang terminal library www
  • libterm-table-perl

    Bookworm:(0.016-2) Bullseye:(0.015-2) module to format a header and rows into a table www
  • libterm-termkey-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.17-1+b4) perl wrapper around libtermkey www
  • libterm-title-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module for setting the terminal titlebar www
  • libterm-ttyrec-plus-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) module for reading a ttyrec www
  • libterm-twiddle-perl

    Bookworm:(2.73-4) Bullseye:(2.73-2.1) Perl module to twiddle a thingy while-u wait www
  • libterm-ui-perl

    Bookworm:(0.50-1) Bullseye:(0.46-1.1) Term::ReadLine UI made easy www
  • libterm-visual-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) split-terminal user interface for Perl www
  • libterm-vt102-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-3) Bullseye:(0.91-2.1) module to emulate a DEC VT102 terminal www
  • libtest-abortable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-1) Bullseye:(0.002-1.1) module to handle subtest failures with exceptions www
  • libtest-api-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1) test a list of subroutines provided by a module www
  • libtest-apocalypse-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) bundle of tests with a common interface www
  • libtest-assertions-perl

    Bookworm:(1.054-5) Bullseye:(1.054-3) simple set of building blocks for unit and runtime testing www
  • libtest-async-http-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) unit test code that uses Net::Async::HTTP www
  • libtest-autoloader-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5) Bullseye:(0.03-4) testing utility for autosplit/autoloaded modules www
  • libtest-base-perl

    Bookworm:(0.89-2) Bullseye:(0.89-1) data driven testing framework for Perl www
  • libtest-bdd-cucumber-perl

    Bookworm:(0.83-1) Bullseye:(0.75-1) Cucumber-style acceptance testing framework in Perl www
  • libtest-bits-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) Perl module for testing binary data www
  • libtest-block-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-5) Bullseye:(0.13-3) module for specifying tests with a finer granularity www
  • libtest-carp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2-2.1) module to test your code for calls to Carp functions www
  • libtest-checkchanges-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-2) module to validate a Changes file www
  • libtest-checkdeps-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-4) Bullseye:(0.010-2.1) check for presence of dependencies www
  • libtest-checkmanifest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.43-1) Bullseye:(1.42-1) module to check if your manifest matches your distribution www
  • libtest-class-most-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) module to reduce boilerplate code when testing classes www
  • libtest-class-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.52-1) module for creating test classes in an xUnit style www
  • libtest-classapi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-2) Bullseye:(1.07-1) Perl extension for basic first-pass API testing for class trees www
  • libtest-cleannamespaces-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-1) module to check for uncleaned imports www
  • libtest-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-3) Bullseye:(1.09-1) perl module which provides a testing framework www
  • libtest-command-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2.1) Perl module for testing external commands www
  • libtest-command-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Perl module to test external commands www
  • libtest-compile-perl

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-1) Bullseye:(2.4.1-1) test module for checking that scripts and modules compile www
  • libtest-consistentversion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-1.1) module to ensure consistent versions in a package www
  • libtest-corpus-audio-mpd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.120990-2.1) module to fake mpd for testing purposes www
  • libtest-cpan-meta-json-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1.1) module to validate CPAN META.json files www
  • libtest-cpan-meta-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-3) Bullseye:(0.25-1.1) test module to validate package metadata for CPAN www
  • libtest-cpan-meta-yaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) test module to validate a META.yml file www
  • libtest-cukes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) test framework inspired by Cucumber www
  • libtest-data-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.243-1) module to check properties and values of data and variables www
  • libtest-database-perl

    Bookworm:(1.113-2) Bullseye:(1.113-1) support for testing against multiple unspecified databases www
  • libtest-databaserow-perl

    Bookworm:(2.04-2) Bullseye:(2.04-1.1) module for simple database tests www
  • libtest-dbic-expectedqueries-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.002-2) test module for expected DBIx::Class queries www
  • libtest-dbix-class-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2) Perl module for creating test cases for DBIx::Class applications www
  • libtest-debian-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) perl tests for debian www
  • libtest-deep-fuzzy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) fuzzy number comparison with Test::Deep www
  • libtest-deep-json-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) Test::Deep plugin for comparing JSON data www
  • libtest-deep-perl

    Bookworm:(1.204-1) Bullseye:(1.130-1) Perl module for extremely flexible deep comparisons www
  • libtest-deep-type-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-2) Bullseye:(0.008-1.1) Test::Deep plugin for validating type constraints www
  • libtest-deep-unorderedpairs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-3) Bullseye:(0.006-1) Test::Deep plugin for comparing lists as if they were hashes www
  • libtest-dependencies-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-2) Bullseye:(0.30-1) module to verify dependencies listed in Makefile.PL www
  • libtest-diaginc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.008-2) List modules and versions loaded if tests fail www
  • libtest-differences-perl

    Bookworm:(0.69-1) Bullseye:(0.67-1) Perl module to test string and data structure differences www
  • libtest-dir-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-1) module for testing directory attributes www
  • libtest-distmanifest-perl

    Bookworm:(1.014-3) Bullseye:(1.014-2) Perl module for verifying CPAN MANIFEST files www
  • libtest-distribution-perl

    Bookworm:(2.00-7) Bullseye:(2.00-5) perform tests on all modules of a distribution www
  • libtest-effects-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001005-3) Bullseye:(0.001005-2) Perl module to test various effects at once www
  • libtest-email-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) email contents test module www
  • libtest-eol-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-2) Bullseye:(2.02-1) module to check for non-Unix line endings www
  • libtest-exception-lessclever-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-4) Bullseye:(0.009-1) simplified Test::Exception alternative www
  • libtest-exception-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-3) Bullseye:(0.43-1) module for testing exception-based code www
  • libtest-exit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) Perl module for testing whether code exits without terminating www
  • libtest-expect-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-1) module for automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs www
  • libtest-exports-perl

    Bookworm:(1-2) Perl module to test that modules export the right symbols www
  • libtest-failwarnings-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-4) Bullseye:(0.8-1) module for adding test failures if warnings are caught www
  • libtest-fake-httpd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) fake HTTP server www
  • libtest-fatal-perl

    Bookworm:(0.017-1) Bullseye:(0.016-1) module for testing code with exceptions www
  • libtest-file-contents-perl

    Bookworm:(0.242-1) Bullseye:(0.23-1) Perl module for testing the contents of files www
  • libtest-file-perl

    Bookworm:(1.993-1) Bullseye:(1.444-1) Perl module to test file attributes www
  • libtest-file-sharedir-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001002-2) Bullseye:(1.001002-1) Perl module to create fake ShareDirs www
  • libtest-filename-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) portable filename comparison www
  • libtest-files-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15-1) module to ease testing with files and directories www
  • libtest-fitesque-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2) FITesque framework www
  • libtest-fitesque-rdf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.018-2) module to formulate Test::FITesque fixture tables in RDF www
  • libtest-fixme-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Perl module to check code for FIXME declarations www
  • libtest-fork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) module for testing code which forks www
  • libtest-harness-perl

    Bookworm:(3.44-1) Bullseye:(3.42-2) module to run standard Perl test scripts with statistics www
  • libtest-hasversion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.014-3) Bullseye:(0.014-1) Perl library to check that Perl modules have version numbers www
  • libtest-hexdifferences-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.001-2) module for testing binary data as hexadecimal strings www
  • libtest-hexstring-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module that tests binary strings with hex dump diagnostics www
  • libtest-html-content-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2) Perl extension for testing HTML output www
  • libtest-html-w3c-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) wrapper around W3C HTML validation testing service www
  • libtest-http-localserver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.74-1) Bullseye:(0.71-1) local HTTP server for testing other perl modules www
  • libtest-http-server-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple www
  • libtest-http-server-simple-stashwarnings-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) module to catch forked web server's warnings in Test::More tests www
  • libtest-identity-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-4) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) test module that asserts the referential identity of a reference www
  • libtest-if-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) module to conditionally use other test modules www
  • libtest-image-gd-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-4) module for testing images using GD www
  • libtest-indistdir-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.112071-1.1) test environment setup for development with IDE www
  • libtest-inline-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.214-1) Perl extension for embed tests and code examples in POD www
  • libtest-inter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-2) Bullseye:(1.09-1) framework for more readable interactive test scripts www
  • libtest-is-perl

    Bookworm:(20140823.1-3) Bullseye:(20140823.1-1.1) Perl module to skip tests in a declarative way www
  • libtest-json-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-2.1) module for testing JSON data www
  • libtest-json-schema-acceptance-perl

    Bookworm:(1.019-1) Bullseye:(1.003+ds-1) acceptance testing for JSON-Schema based validators like JSON::Schema www
  • libtest-kwalitee-perl

    Bookworm:(1.28-2) Bullseye:(1.28-1) module to test the quality of a Perl module distribution www
  • libtest-leaktrace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.17-1) Perl test module for tracing memory leaks www
  • libtest-lectrotest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5001-5) Bullseye:(0.5001-3) easy, automatic, specification-based testing system www
  • libtest-lib-perl

    Bookworm:(0.003-2) module to use libraries from a t/lib directory www
  • libtest-log-dispatch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-2.1) Log::Dispatch object to test what is being logged www
  • libtest-log-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.32-3) Bullseye:(0.32-1.1) module to test Log::Log4perl www
  • libtest-log4perl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1001-5) Bullseye:(0.1001-4.1) test module for checking Log::Log4perl code www
  • libtest-longstring-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) module to test for string equality www
  • libtest-lwp-useragent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.036-1) Bullseye:(0.034-1) module for simulating and testing network calls www
  • libtest-manifest-perl

    Bookworm:(2.023-1) Bullseye:(2.022-1) Perl module for interacting with a test manifest file www
  • libtest-memory-cycle-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.06-1) Perl module that verifies code hasn't left circular references www
  • libtest-memorygrowth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-4) Bullseye:(0.04-1) module to assert that code does not cause growth in memory usage www
  • libtest-metrics-any-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-2) module to assert that code produces metrics via Metrics::Any www
  • libtest-minimumversion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.101083-1) Bullseye:(0.101082-2) Perl test module to check the version of perl required www
  • libtest-mock-cmd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7-2) module to mock system(), exec(), and qx() for testing www
  • libtest-mock-guard-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10-2.1) Simple mock test library using RAII. www
  • libtest-mock-lwp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) module for easy mocking of LWP packages www
  • libtest-mock-redis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.22-1) test stub for Redis databases www
  • libtest-mock-time-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-4) Bullseye:(0.1.7-3) module for deterministic time & timers in event loop tests www
  • libtest-mockclass-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-3) module to provide mock classes and mock objects for testing www
  • libtest-mockdatetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-4) Bullseye:(0.02-2) module to mock DateTime->now calls during tests www
  • libtest-mockdbi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.70-3) Bullseye:(0.70-1.1) mocked DBI interface for testing purposes www
  • libtest-mockfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.035-2) Perl module that allows tests to validate code, without requiring a file system www
  • libtest-mockmodule-perl

    Bookworm:(0.177.0-1) Bullseye:(0.176.0-1) Perl module to override subroutines in a module for unit testing www
  • libtest-mockobject-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20200122-4) Bullseye:(1.20200122-1) Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces www
  • libtest-mockrandom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) module to replace random number generation with non-random number generation www
  • libtest-mocktime-datecalc-perl

    Bookworm:(7+ds-2) Bullseye:(7+ds-1) testing utility to fake time for Date::Calc www
  • libtest-mocktime-hires-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Time::HiRes compatible version of Test::MockTime www
  • libtest-mocktime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1) module to simulate time in tests www
  • libtest-modern-perl

    Bookworm:(0.013-3) Bullseye:(0.013-2.1) precision testing for modern perl www
  • libtest-module-used-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2.6-3) Bullseye:(0.2.6-1.1) module for testing whether a module is used www
  • libtest-mojibake-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-3) Bullseye:(1.3-1) module to check source for encoding misbehavior www
  • libtest-moose-more-perl

    Bookworm:(0.050-3) Bullseye:(0.050-1) collection of tools for testing Moose packages www
  • libtest-more-utf8-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) enhance Test::More for UTF8-based projects www
  • libtest-most-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-1) Bullseye:(0.37-1) Perl module with the most commonly needed test functions and features www
  • libtest-name-fromline-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-3) Bullseye:(0.13-1.1) auto fill test names from caller line www
  • libtest-needs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002010-1) Bullseye:(0.002006-1) module to skip tests when modules are not available www
  • libtest-needsdisplay-perl

    Bookworm:(1.07-4) Bullseye:(1.07-3) module to ensure that tests needing a display have one www
  • libtest-net-ldap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1) Net::LDAP subclass for testing www
  • libtest-nicedump-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-3) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) module for nice and human readable dumps of objects in tests www
  • libtest-nobreakpoints-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1) module to test that files do not contain soft breakpoints www
  • libtest-notabs-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.02-1) module for scanning for hard tabs in files www
  • libtest-nowarnings-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-2) Bullseye:(1.04-2) module to make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing www
  • libtest-number-delta-perl

    Bookworm:(1.06-4) Bullseye:(1.06-1) module to compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance www
  • libtest-object-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-1) module for thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers www
  • libtest-output-perl

    Bookworm:(1.033-2) Bullseye:(1.033-1) perl module to test stdout and stderr messages www
  • libtest-perl-critic-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1) module to use Perl::Critic in test scripts www
  • libtest-perl-critic-progressive-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) module that allows gradual enforcement of coding standards www
  • libtest-pod-content-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.6-4) Bullseye:(0.0.6-2.1) Perl module for testing POD content www
  • libtest-pod-coverage-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-3) Bullseye:(1.10-2) module to check for pod coverage in a distribution www
  • libtest-pod-no404s-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) test utility checking POD for HTTP 404 links www
  • libtest-pod-perl

    Bookworm:(1.52-2) Bullseye:(1.52-1) module to test for POD errors www
  • libtest-poe-client-tcp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.26-2) Bullseye:(1.26-1) POE Component providing TCP client services for test cases www
  • libtest-poe-server-tcp-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-3) Bullseye:(1.20-1.1) test framework for TCP client libraries using POE www
  • libtest-portability-files-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) Perl module to check that file names in a distribution are portable www
  • libtest-postgresql-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-1) Bullseye:(1.28-1) sets up and destroys temporary PostgreSQL instances for testing www
  • libtest-prereq-perl

    Bookworm:(2.003-3) Bullseye:(2.003-1) Perl module to check if Makefile.PL has the right pre-requisites www
  • libtest-randomresult-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-3) Bullseye:(0.001-2) module to test that results of a running code look random www
  • libtest-rdf-doap-version-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-2) Bullseye:(0.010-1.1) tests 'meta/changes.ttl' is up to date www
  • libtest-rdf-perl

    Bookworm:(1.22-2) Bullseye:(1.22-1.1) Test RDF data for validity and equality www
  • libtest-redisserver-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-1) Bullseye:(0.21-2) redis-server runner for tests www
  • libtest-refcount-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-1) Perl module to assert reference counts www
  • libtest-regexp-pattern-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-1) Bullseye:(0.006-2) test Regexp::Pattern patterns www
  • libtest-regexp-perl

    Bookworm:(2017040101-3) Bullseye:(2017040101-1) Perl module to test regular expressions www
  • libtest-regression-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) test library for regression testing output www
  • libtest-reporter-perl

    Bookworm:(1.62-2) Bullseye:(1.62-1.1) Perl module to send test results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www
  • libtest-requires-git-perl

    Bookworm:(1.008-2) Bullseye:(1.008-1.1) module to check the available version of Git www
  • libtest-requires-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1) utility module for tests to check whether modules are available www
  • libtest-requiresinternet-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-3) module to easily test network connectivity www
  • libtest-roo-perl

    Bookworm:(1.004-2) Bullseye:(1.004-1.1) module for composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo www
  • libtest-routine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.031-1) Bullseye:(0.027-1) Perl test framework for tests as composable units of assertion www
  • libtest-script-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-2) Bullseye:(1.27-1) Perl test module for scripts www
  • libtest-script-run-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-2) Perl module for testing scripts as subprocesses www
  • libtest-sharedfork-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-3) Bullseye:(0.35-1) module to run tests in multiple processes and merge results www
  • libtest-sharedobject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2) Data sharing in multi processes www
  • libtest-signature-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-4) Bullseye:(1.11-1.1) Perl module that provides automatic SIGNATURE testing www
  • libtest-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.302192-1) Bullseye:(1.302183-1) set of basic utilities for writing tests in Perl www
  • libtest-simpleunit-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.21-5) simplified Perl unit-testing framework www
  • libtest-skip-unlessexistsexecutable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.041-2) module to skip tests unless executable exists www
  • libtest-spec-perl

    Bookworm:(0.54-2) Bullseye:(0.54-1) Perl module to write tests in a declarative specification style www
  • libtest-spelling-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-2) Bullseye:(0.25-1) Perl module for spellchecking pod formatted text www
  • libtest-strict-perl

    Bookworm:(0.52-2) Bullseye:(0.52-1) test module for checking the syntax of use strict and test coverage www
  • libtest-subcalls-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) Perl module to count subroutine calls www
  • libtest-synopsis-expectation-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-3) test that SYNOPSIS code produces expected results www
  • libtest-synopsis-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Perl module to test SYNOPSIS code in PODs www
  • libtest-sys-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-3) Bullseye:(0.23-2) centralized test suite for Sys::Info www
  • libtest-tabledriven-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) write tests, not scripts that run them www
  • libtest-tabs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-3) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) check the presence of tabs in your project www
  • libtest-taint-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.08-1+b3) Module to test taintedness www
  • libtest-tcp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.22-2) module to test TCP/IP programs www
  • libtest-tempdir-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl module that creates temporary files for testing www
  • libtest-tempdir-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.018-2) Bullseye:(0.018-1) test module for temporary directories that stick around when tests fail www
  • libtest-tester-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.109-1) module for testing test Perl modules built with Test::Builder www
  • libtest-time-perl

    Bookworm:(0.092-1) Bullseye:(0.08-4) module to override the time() and sleep() functions for testing www
  • libtest-timer-perl

    Bookworm:(2.12-2) Bullseye:(2.11-1) Perl module to test/assert code response times www
  • libtest-trap-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.5-1) Bullseye:(0.3.4-1) test module to trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc. www
  • libtest-unit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-7) Bullseye:(0.25-5) unit testing framework for Perl www
  • libtest-unixsock-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4-2) Bullseye:(0.4-1) test module for UNIX domain sockets www
  • libtest-use-ok-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1) Module to test if a Perl module loads ok www
  • libtest-useallmodules-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) test module to do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules www
  • libtest-utf8-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) Bullseye:(1.02-1) handy perl module for testing strings with utf8 www
  • libtest-valgrind-perl

    Bookworm:(1.19-4) Bullseye:(1.19-1) module to test Perl code through valgrind www
  • libtest-version-perl

    Bookworm:(2.09-2) Bullseye:(2.09-1) module for checking the sanity of versions in modules www
  • libtest-warn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.37-2) Bullseye:(0.36-1) test module for checking which warnings are generated www
  • libtest-warnings-perl

    Bookworm:(0.031-2) Bullseye:(0.030-1) Perl module to test for warnings and the lack of them www
  • libtest-weaken-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.022000-1.1) Perl module to test that freed memory objects were actually freed www
  • libtest-without-module-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-1) Bullseye:(0.20-1) test fallback behaviour in absence of modules www
  • libtest-www-declare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-7) Bullseye:(0.02-4) declarative testing module for web apps www
  • libtest-www-mechanize-catalyst-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.62-1) module for automated testing for Catalyst applications www
  • libtest-www-mechanize-cgiapp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-4.1) Test CGI::Application apps using WWW::Mechanize www
  • libtest-www-mechanize-mojo-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.21-2) module for testing web applications built using Mojolicious www
  • libtest-www-mechanize-perl

    Bookworm:(1.60-1) Bullseye:(1.54-1) module for testing web applications www
  • libtest-www-mechanize-psgi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-2) Bullseye:(0.39-1) test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize www
  • libtest-www-selenium-perl

    Bookworm:(1.36-3) Bullseye:(1.36-2) Perl test framework using Selenium Remote Control www
  • libtest-xml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-3.1) compare XML in perl tests www
  • libtest-xml-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-3) Bullseye:(1.05-2) Perl testing framework for XML data www
  • libtest-xpath-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-1) Bullseye:(0.19-1) test XML and HTML content and structure with XPath expressions www
  • libtest-yaml-meta-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-2) transitional dummy package for obsolete Test::YAML::Meta www
  • libtest-yaml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-1) test module for YAML implementations www
  • libtest-yaml-valid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-3) Bullseye:(0.04-2.1) module to test for valid YAML www
  • libtest2-asyncsubtest-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.000020-1) module for asynchronous subtests www
  • libtest2-harness-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000151-1) new and improved test harness with better Test2 integration www
  • libtest2-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.000044-1) framework for writing perl test tools www
  • libtest2-plugin-memusage-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002003-2) Perl module to collect and display memory usage information www
  • libtest2-plugin-nowarnings-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl testing plugin to fail tests if warnings are generated www
  • libtest2-plugin-uuid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002001-2) mechanism to use real UUIDs in the Test2 suite www
  • libtest2-suite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.000145-1) Bullseye:(0.000139-1) set of tools built upon the Test2 framework www
  • libtest2-tools-command-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) test simple unix commands www
  • libtest2-tools-explain-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Perl module with explain tools for Perl's Test2 framework www
  • libtest2-workflow-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.000018-1) module structuring tests using composable units www
  • libtex-encode-perl

    Bookworm:(2.010-2) Bullseye:(2.009-1) Perl module to transform UTF-8 strings into TeX www
  • libtext-affixes-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3) Bullseye:(0.09-1) Perl module for extracting prefixes and suffixes from a text www
  • libtext-aligner-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.07-1+b2) Justify strings to various alignment styles www
  • libtext-ansi-util-perl

    Bookworm:(0.233-2) Bullseye:(0.230-2) routines for text containing ANSI color codes www
  • libtext-asciitable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-3) Bullseye:(0.22-1) Perl module to create a table using ASCII characters www
  • libtext-aspell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.09-2+b2) Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library www
  • libtext-autoformat-perl

    Bookworm:(1.750000-2) Bullseye:(1.750000-1) module for automatic text wrapping and reformatting www
  • libtext-balanced-perl

    Bookworm:(2.06-2) Perl module for extraction of delimited text from strings www
  • libtext-bibtex-perl

    Bookworm:(0.89-1) Bullseye:(0.88-3+b3) Perl extension to read and parse BibTeX files www
  • libtext-bibtex-validate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-1) validator for BibTeX format www
  • libtext-bidi-perl

    Bookworm:(2.15-3+b2) Bullseye:(2.15-2+b1) Unicode bidi algorithm for Perl using libfribidi www
  • libtext-brew-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1.1) perl implementation of Brew edit distance www
  • libtext-capitalize-perl

    Bookworm:(1.5-2) routines for title-like formatting of strings www
  • libtext-charwidth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-11) Bullseye:(0.04-10+b1) get display widths of characters on the terminal www
  • libtext-chasen-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-5+b9) Bullseye:(1.04-5+b6) Japanese Morphological Analysis System module for Perl www
  • libtext-clip-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-2) module to clip and extract text in clipboard-like way www
  • libtext-context-eitherside-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-3) Bullseye:(1.4-2.1) Perl module to get context around a keyword www
  • libtext-context-perl

    Bookworm:(3.7-3) Bullseye:(3.7-2.1) Perl module to highlight search result context snippets www
  • libtext-csv-encoded-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-4) Bullseye:(0.25-2) encoding-aware comma-separated values manipulator www
  • libtext-csv-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-2) Bullseye:(2.00-1) comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) www
  • libtext-csv-unicode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.400-2) mechanism for comma-separated values manipulation routines, with Unicode support www
  • libtext-csv-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.49-1) Bullseye:(1.45-1) Perl C/XS module to process Comma-Separated Value files www
  • libtext-dhcpleases-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-3) Bullseye:(1.0-2.1) Perl module to parse DHCP leases file from ISC dhcpd www
  • libtext-diff-formattedhtml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Perl module to generate a colorful HTML diff of strings/files www
  • libtext-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(1.45-2) Bullseye:(1.45-1) Perl module to find differences in files and record sets www
  • libtext-english-perl

    Bookworm:(1.606-4) Bullseye:(1.606-1.1) Perl module implementing the Porter Stemming algorithm www
  • libtext-findindent-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-1) module to heuristically determine indentation style www
  • libtext-flow-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) module providing generalized text wrapping www
  • libtext-format-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.62-1) module for formatting plain text www
  • libtext-formattable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) Perl module to format text tables www
  • libtext-german-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-5) Bullseye:(0.06-3) German grundform reduction www
  • libtext-glob-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-1) Perl module for matching globbing patterns against text www
  • libtext-greeking-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) Perl module for generating meaningless filler text www
  • libtext-header-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03+pristine-2) Bullseye:(1.03+pristine-1.1) RFC 822/2068 header and unheader functions www
  • libtext-hogan-perl

    Bookworm:(2.03-2) Bullseye:(2.03-1) mustache templating engine statement-for-statement cloned from hogan.js www
  • libtext-hunspell-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16-1+b1) Bullseye:(2.14-1+b3) Perl interface to the GNU Hunspell library www
  • libtext-iconv-perl

    Bookworm:(1.7-8) Bullseye:(1.7-7+b1) module to convert between character sets in Perl www
  • libtext-kakasi-perl

    Bookworm:(2.04-5+b3) Bullseye:(2.04-4+b7) KAKASI interface for scripting language perl
  • libtext-levenshtein-damerau-perl

    Bookworm:(0.41-3) Bullseye:(0.41-1.1) Edit distance calculator with Damerau Levenshtein algorithm www
  • libtext-levenshtein-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-1) Bullseye:(0.13-1) implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance www
  • libtext-levenshteinxs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.03-4+b7) XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance www
  • libtext-lorem-perl

    Bookworm:(0.34-3) Bullseye:(0.34-1) random faux Latin text generator www
  • libtext-markdown-discount-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.12-1+b1) Perl interface to Discount, an implementation of Markdown www
  • libtext-markdown-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000031-4) Bullseye:(1.000031-3) module to convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML www
  • libtext-markdowntable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-2) module to write Markdown syntax tables from data www
  • libtext-markup-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.24-1) Parse text markup into HTML www
  • libtext-mecab-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20016-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.20016-2+b4) alternate MeCab Interface for Perl www
  • libtext-mediawikiformat-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2.1) module that converts Mediawiki markup into other text formats www
  • libtext-metaphone-perl

    Bookworm:(20160805-2+b1) Bullseye:(20160805-1+b5) modern soundex module providing phonetic encoding of words www
  • libtext-micromason-perl

    Bookworm:(2.23-4) Bullseye:(2.23-1) simple and extensible templating module www
  • libtext-microtemplate-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-3) Bullseye:(0.24-1.1) Micro template engine with Perl5 language www
  • libtext-multimarkdown-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000035-3) Bullseye:(1.000035-2) module to convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML www
  • libtext-names-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-2) module for proper name parsing, normalization, recognition and classification www
  • libtext-ngram-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.15-2+b3) efficient XS-Based n-gram spectrum analysis module www
  • libtext-ngrams-perl

    Bookworm:(2.006-2) Bullseye:(2.006-1) Perl module for flexible N-gram analysis of text www
  • libtext-password-pronounceable-perl

    Bookworm:(0.30-3) Bullseye:(0.30-2.1) Perl module to generate pronounceable passwords www
  • libtext-patch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.8-3) Bullseye:(1.8-2) module for patching text with a given patch www
  • libtext-pdf-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-3) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) relatively low-level interface for manipulating PDFs www
  • libtext-qrcode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b5) module for generating text based QR Codes www
  • libtext-quoted-perl

    Bookworm:(2.10-2) Bullseye:(2.10-1) Perl module to extract the structure of a quoted mail message www
  • libtext-recordparser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6.5-4) Bullseye:(1.6.5-2) module to parse record-oriented data in a text file www
  • libtext-reflow-perl

    Bookworm:(1.17-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.17-1+b4) Perl module for reflowing files using Knuth's algorithm www
  • libtext-reform-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-5) Bullseye:(1.20-3) Perl module for manual text wrapping and reformatting www
  • libtext-rewriterules-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.25-1.1) system for rewriting text using regexp-based rules www
  • libtext-roman-perl

    Bookworm:(3.5-4) Bullseye:(3.5-2.1) Allows conversion between Roman and Arabic algarisms www
  • libtext-sass-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-3) Bullseye:(1.0.4-2) implementation of the Sass CSS meta-language www
  • libtext-simpletable-autowidth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1.1) simple eyecandy ASCII tables with auto-width selection www
  • libtext-simpletable-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.07-1) Perl module for creating simple eyecandy ASCII Tables www
  • libtext-soundex-perl

    Bookworm:(3.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(3.05-1) implementation of the soundex algorithm www
  • libtext-sprintfn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.090-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support www
  • libtext-string-hexconvert-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) Converts ASCII strings to hexadecimal and reverse www
  • libtext-table-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.132-1) Create tables that adapt to alignment requirements www
  • libtext-tabulardisplay-perl

    Bookworm:(1.38-3) Bullseye:(1.38-1.1) Perl module to display text as a formatted table www
  • libtext-template-perl

    Bookworm:(1.61-1) Bullseye:(1.59-1) perl module to process text templates www
  • libtext-textile-perl

    Bookworm:(2.13-4) Bullseye:(2.13-2) Perl extension to format text using a simple style of markup www
  • libtext-trac-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-1) module for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style www
  • libtext-trim-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-2) Bullseye:(1.04-1) module for remove leading and/or trailing whitespace from strings www
  • libtext-typography-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-5) Bullseye:(0.01-3.1) markup ASCII text with correct typography for HTML www
  • libtext-undiacritic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) module to remove diacritics from a string www
  • libtext-unicode-equivalents-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) module to build Unicode canonically equivalent strings www
  • libtext-unidecode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.30-3) Bullseye:(1.30-1) US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text www
  • libtext-vcard-perl

    Bookworm:(3.09-2) Bullseye:(3.09-1.1) module to parse, edit and create multiple vCards www
  • libtext-vfile-asdata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-2) Bullseye:(0.08-1.1) generic perl module to read and write vfile files www
  • libtext-vimcolor-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-2) syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim www
  • libtext-wagnerfischer-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) implementation of the Wagner-Fischer edit distance www
  • libtext-wikicreole-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-3) Bullseye:(0.07-2) module to convert Wiki Creole 1.0 markup to XHTML www
  • libtext-wikiformat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.79-1.2) Bullseye:(0.79-1.1) translates Wiki formatted text into other formats
  • libtext-worddiff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module to track changes between documents www
  • libtext-wrapi18n-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-10) Bullseye:(0.06-9) internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap www
  • libtext-wrapper-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-4) Bullseye:(1.05-2) simple word wrapping routine www
  • libtext-xslate-perl

    Bookworm:(3.5.9-1+b2) Bullseye:(3.5.8-1+b1) scalable template engine for Perl 5 (C/XS accelerated) www
  • libtfbs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.7.1+ds-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.7.1-3+b2) scanning DNA sequence with a position weight matrix www
  • libtheschwartz-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.12-1) reliable job queue www
  • libthread-conveyor-monitored-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) module to monitor a conveyor belt for specific content www
  • libthread-conveyor-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.20-1) thread-safe conveyor belt for any data-structure www
  • libthread-pool-perl

    Bookworm:(0.35-3) Bullseye:(0.35-1) group of threads for performing similar jobs www
  • libthread-pool-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-4) Bullseye:(0.25-2.1) Perl implementation of a simple thread pool www
  • libthread-queue-any-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-3) Bullseye:(1.16-1) module implementing thread-safe queues for any data-structure www
  • libthread-queue-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.12-1) Perl module for thread-safe queues www
  • libthread-serialize-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02-1) module to serialize data-structures between threads www
  • libthread-sigmask-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.004-2+b6) module for thread specific signal masks www
  • libthread-tie-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-2) Bullseye:(0.15-1) alternative separate thread implementation of shared variables www
  • libthrift-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.13.0-6+rpi1) Perl language support for Thrift www
  • libthrowable-perl

    Bookworm:(1.001-1) Bullseye:(0.200013-1.1) role for classes that can be thrown www
  • libticket-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.2-4.1) basic ticket system www
  • libtickit-app-plugin-escapeprefix-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-2) Tickit application plugin for Escape-prefixed shortcut keys www
  • libtickit-async-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.24-2+b1) module to use Tickit with IO::Async www
  • libtickit-console-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.09-1) module to build full-screen console-style applications www
  • libtickit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.73-1) Bullseye:(0.71-3+b1) Terminal Interface Construction KIT www
  • libtickit-widget-entry-plugin-completion-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-1) word-completion plugin for Tickit::Widget::Entry www
  • libtickit-widget-floatbox-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.08-1) module to manage a collection of floating widgets www
  • libtickit-widget-scrollbox-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Bullseye:(0.09-1) widget allowing a single child widget to be scrolled www
  • libtickit-widget-scroller-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-1) Bullseye:(0.25-1) scroller widget for Tickit www
  • libtickit-widget-tabbed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.027-1) Bullseye:(0.023-1) basic tabbed window support for Tickit www
  • libtickit-widgets-perl

    Bookworm:(0.36-1) Bullseye:(0.31-1) collection of Tickit::Widget implementations www
  • libtie-array-iterable-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-2) module allowing creation of iterators for lists and arrays www
  • libtie-array-sorted-perl

    Bookworm:(1.41-5) Bullseye:(1.41-3.1) Perl array which is kept sorted www
  • libtie-cache-lru-perl

    Bookworm:(20150301-3) Perl module for Least-Recently Used cache www
  • libtie-cache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.21-3) Bullseye:(0.21-1) module for LRU cache in memory www
  • libtie-cphash-perl

    Bookworm:(2.000-3) Bullseye:(2.000-1.1) module for managing a case preserving but case insensitive hash table www
  • libtie-cycle-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.226-1) module for cycling through a list of values via a scalar www
  • libtie-cycle-sinewave-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) mechanism to cycle through a series of values on a sinewave www
  • libtie-dbi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-2) Bullseye:(1.08-1) module tying hashes to relational databases www
  • libtie-dxhash-perl

    Bookworm:(1.05-4) Bullseye:(1.05-2.1) Perl module that keeps insertion order in hash www
  • libtie-encryptedhash-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.24-2) module for encrypted hashes and objects based on hashes www
  • libtie-handle-offset-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) module to provide tied handle that hides the beginning of a file www
  • libtie-hash-expire-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) Perl module providing hashes with keys that expire after a user-set period www
  • libtie-hash-indexed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08+ds1-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.08-1) Ordered hashes for Perl www
  • libtie-hash-regex-perl

    Bookworm:(1.14-2) Bullseye:(1.14-1) module to match hash keys using regular expressions www
  • libtie-ical-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-4) Bullseye:(0.15-2.1) module for tieing iCal files to Perl hashes www
  • libtie-ixhash-perl

    Bookworm:(1.23-4) Bullseye:(1.23-2.1) Perl module to order associative arrays www
  • libtie-persistent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-3) Bullseye:(1.00-2.1) tied interface to persistent file www
  • libtie-refhash-weak-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-2.1) Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys www
  • libtie-shadowhash-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) Merge multiple data sources into a hash www
  • libtie-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-4) Bullseye:(1.04-1) simple way to tie Perl variables www
  • libtie-toobject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-6) Bullseye:(0.03-4) module for tying to an existing object www
  • libtime-clock-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-1) twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision www
  • libtime-duration-parse-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.15-1) module to parse a string that represents a time duration www
  • libtime-duration-perl

    Bookworm:(1.21-2) Bullseye:(1.21-1) module for rounded or exact English expression of durations www
  • libtime-fake-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-3.1) Perl module for simulating different times without changing your system clock www
  • libtime-format-perl

    Bookworm:(1.16-2) Bullseye:(1.16-1) module for easy date/time formatting www
  • libtime-hr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.02-2+b5) Perl interface to high-resolution timer www
  • libtime-human-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-6) Bullseye:(1.03-4.1) convert localtime() format to "speaking clock" time www
  • libtime-local-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2000-1) module to efficiently compute time from local and GMT time www
  • libtime-mock-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.2-7) shift and scale time Perl module www
  • libtime-moment-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.44-1+b3) Perl C/XS module representing date and time of day with UTC offset www
  • libtime-olsontz-download-perl

    Bookworm:(0.009-3) Bullseye:(0.009-1) Olson timezone database source module www
  • libtime-out-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-3) Bullseye:(0.11-1.1) module to easily timeout long running operations www
  • libtime-parsedate-perl

    Bookworm:(2015.103-4) Bullseye:(2015.103-3) collection of Perl modules for time/date manipulation www
  • libtime-period-perl

    Bookworm:(1.25-3) Bullseye:(1.25-1) Perl library for testing if a time() is in a specific period www
  • libtime-piece-mysql-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-2.1) module adding MySQL-specific methods to Time::Piece www
  • libtime-progress-perl

    Bookworm:(2.12-3) Bullseye:(2.12-1.1) perl module for elapsed and estimated finish time reporting www
  • libtime-stopwatch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.00-7) Bullseye:(1.00-6.1) Perl module to use tied scalars as timers www
  • libtime-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.08-3) Bullseye:(1.08-1.1) time object, with as little code as possible www
  • libtime-warp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.55-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.54-1+b3) module to provide control over the flow of time www
  • libtime-y2038-perl

    Bookworm:(20100403-7+b1) Bullseye:(20100403-6) Perl module with time functions working beyond 2038 www
  • libtimedate-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3300-2) collection of modules to manipulate date/time information www
  • libtitanium-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-5) Bullseye:(1.04-4) strong, lightweight web application framework for Perl www
  • libtk-codetext-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-2) Tk::TextUndo widget with capabilities syntax highlighting www
  • libtk-dirselect-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-4) Bullseye:(1.12-3) cross-platform directory selection widget www
  • libtk-doubleclick-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Bullseye:(0.04-1) Perl/Tk function to handle double and single clicks www
  • libtk-filedialog-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3-6) Bullseye:(1.3-5.1) highly configurable file dialog widget for Perl/Tk www
  • libtk-fontdialog-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) Bullseye:(0.18-1.1) font dialog widget for perl/Tk www
  • libtk-gbarr-perl

    Bookworm:(2.08-3) Bullseye:(2.08-2.1) various Tk Perl widgets www
  • libtk-histentry-perl

    Bookworm:(0.45-2) Bullseye:(0.45-1) Tk entry widget with history www
  • libtk-objeditor-perl

    Bookworm:(2.009-2) Bullseye:(2.009-1) Perl/Tk widget to edit recursively a data structure www
  • libtk-objscanner-perl

    Bookworm:(2.017-2) Bullseye:(2.017-1) Tk viewer for perl data structures www
  • libtk-pod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.9943-2) Bullseye:(0.9943-1) Tk Pod browser widget with hypertext capability www
  • libtk-splashscreen-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0-5) Bullseye:(1.0-4.1) Toplevel mega widget to display a splashscreen www
  • libtk-tablematrix-perl

    Bookworm:(1.29-1) Bullseye:(1.26-1+b1) Table/matrix widget extension to Perl/Tk www
  • libtkx-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.09-1) Yet another Tk interface www
  • libtokyocabinet-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.34-2+b7) Perl Binding of Tokyo Cabinet www
  • libtoml-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-2) Bullseye:(0.91-1) simple toml parser www
  • libtoml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.97-2) Bullseye:(0.97-1) Perl module for reading and writing TOML files www
  • libtoml-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-1) Bullseye:(0.11-1) minimal, pure perl TOML parser and serializer www
  • libtoolkit-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-4) Bullseye:(0.0.2-2.1) Keep your handy modules organized www
  • libtransmission-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0806-2) Bullseye:(0.0806-1) Perl interface to Transmission www
  • libtravel-routing-de-vrr-perl

    Bookworm:(2.19-2) Bullseye:(2.19-1) unofficial interface to the efa.vrr.de German itinerary service www
  • libtree-dagnode-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.32-1) Perl (super)class for representing nodes in a tree www
  • libtree-multinode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.14-0.1) Bullseye:(1.0.10-2.1) a multi node tree object www
  • libtree-r-perl

    Bookworm:(0.072-3) Bullseye:(0.072-1.1) Perl extension for the R-tree data structure and algorithms www
  • libtree-rb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.500006-3) Bullseye:(0.500006-1) Perl implementation of the Red/Black tree www
  • libtree-redblack-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-4) Bullseye:(0.5-2.1) Perl implementation of Red/Black tree, a balanced tree www
  • libtree-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-2) Bullseye:(1.34-1) implementation of a simple tree object www
  • libtree-simple-visitorfactory-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-3) Bullseye:(0.16-1) collection of dispensing visitor objects for Tree::Simple www
  • libtree-xpathengine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) re-usable XPath engine www
  • libtrue-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) automatically return a true value when a file is required www
  • libtry-tiny-byclass-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-3) Bullseye:(0.01-2.1) selectively catch exceptions by class name www
  • libtry-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.30-1) module providing minimalistic try/catch www
  • libtry-tiny-smartcatch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.5-3) Bullseye:(0.5-1.1) lightweight Perl module for powerful exceptions handling www
  • libtrycatch-perl

    Bookworm:(1.003002-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.003002-2+b6) first class try catch semantics for Perl www
  • libtwatch-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.7-1.1) watch torrent trackers and automatically download new torrents www
  • libtwiggy-tls-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0020-2) Twiggy server with TLS support www
  • libtwitter-api-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0006-1) Bullseye:(1.0005-1) Twitter REST API library for Perl www
  • libtype-tie-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.015-1) tie a variable to a type constraint www
  • libtype-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(2.002001-1) Bullseye:(1.012001-2) tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint www
  • libtype-tiny-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.025-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.022-1) boost for some of Type::Tiny's built-in type constraints www
  • libtypes-datetime-perl

    Bookworm:(0.002-2) Bullseye:(0.002-1) type constraints and coercions for datetime objects www
  • libtypes-path-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(0.006-2) Bullseye:(0.006-1) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo www
  • libtypes-serialiser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1) module providing simple data types for common serialisation formats www
  • libtypes-uri-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-2) Bullseye:(0.007-1) type constraints and coercions for URIs www
  • libtypes-uuid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-2) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) type constraints for UUIDs www
  • libtypes-xsd-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.007-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) type constraints based on a subset of XML schema datatypes www
  • libtypes-xsd-perl

    Bookworm:(0.008-1) Bullseye:(0.007-1) type constraints based on XML schema datatypes www
  • libui-dialog-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.21-0.1) UI::Dialog a wrapper for various dialog applications www
  • libunicode-casefold-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.01-1+b5) module for Unicode case-folding www
  • libunicode-collate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.31-1+b2) Bullseye:(1.29-1+b1) Unicode collation algorithm built with fast XSUB www
  • libunicode-escape-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-5) Bullseye:(0.0.2-4.1) escape and unescape Unicode characters www
  • libunicode-japanese-perl

    Bookworm:(0.49-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.49-1+b6) module for converting Japanese encodings www
  • libunicode-linebreak-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0.20190101-1+b5) Bullseye:(0.0.20190101-1+b2) UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm www
  • libunicode-map-perl

    Bookworm:(0.112-13+b1) Bullseye:(0.112-12+b3) Perl module for mapping charsets from and to UTF16 Unicode www
  • libunicode-map8-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13+dfsg-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.13+dfsg-4+b7) module to map 8bit character sets to Unicode www
  • libunicode-maputf8-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.14-1) Perl module for converting between any character sets and UTF8 www
  • libunicode-string-perl

    Bookworm:(2.10-2+b1) Bullseye:(2.10-1+b5) Older Perl modules for Unicode string manipulation www
  • libunicode-stringprep-perl

    Bookworm:(1.105+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1.105+dfsg-1.1) Perl module for preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454) www
  • libunicode-utf8-perl

    Bookworm:(0.62-2) Bullseye:(0.62-1+b2) encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form www
  • libuniversal-can-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20140328-3) Bullseye:(1.20140328-1.1) safer version of UNIVERSAL::can www
  • libuniversal-exports-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-4) Bullseye:(0.05-3.1) module for lightweight, universal variable exporting www
  • libuniversal-isa-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20171012-3) Bullseye:(1.20171012-1.1) safer version of UNIVERSAL::isa www
  • libuniversal-moniker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-10) Bullseye:(0.08-8.1) Methods to output nicer names for your Perl modules/classes www
  • libuniversal-ref-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-5+b1) Bullseye:(0.14-4+b4) turns ref() into a multimethod www
  • libuniversal-require-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-3) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Load modules from a variable (deprecated) www
  • libunix-configfile-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-3) Bullseye:(0.6-2.1) Perl interface to various Unix configuration files www
  • libunix-mknod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-6+b1) Bullseye:(0.04-4+b3) Perl extension for mknod, major, minor, and makedev www
  • libunix-processors-perl

    Bookworm:(2.046-3+b1) Bullseye:(2.046-2+b1) interface to processor (CPU) information www
  • libunix-syslog-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1-4+b1) Bullseye:(1.1-3+b3) Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls www
  • libups-nut-perl

    Bookworm:(2.8.0-7) Bullseye:(2.7.4-13) network UPS tools - Perl bindings for NUT server www
  • libur-perl

    Bookworm:(0.470+ds-2) Bullseye:(0.470+ds-1) object/relation mapper library www
  • liburi-cpan-perl

    Bookworm:(1.008-2) Bullseye:(1.007-2) module providing URLs for CPAN elements www
  • liburi-db-perl

    Bookworm:(0.20-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) module to support database URI standard www
  • liburi-encode-perl

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1.1-1) Perl module to encode and decode strings to URIs www
  • liburi-escape-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.14-1+b5) drop-in XS replacement for URI::Escape www
  • liburi-fetch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-1) Bullseye:(0.13-2) smart URI fetching/caching client www
  • liburi-find-delimited-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1) Find URIs which may be wrapped in enclosing delimiters www
  • liburi-find-perl

    Bookworm:(20160806-3) Bullseye:(20160806-2) module to find URIs in arbitrary text www
  • liburi-find-simple-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.07-1) simple interface to URI::Find www
  • liburi-fromhash-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2) Bullseye:(0.05-1) module to build a URI from a set of named parameters www
  • liburi-namespacemap-perl

    Bookworm:(1.10-3) Bullseye:(1.10-1) namespace URI management classes for Perl www
  • liburi-nested-perl

    Bookworm:(0.10-4) Bullseye:(0.10-2.1) module for handling nested URIs www
  • liburi-normalize-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.002-2) Perl module to normalize URI paths www
  • liburi-perl

    Bookworm:(5.17-1) Bullseye:(5.08-1) module to manipulate and access URI strings www
  • liburi-query-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) module for manipulating URI query strings www
  • liburi-smarturi-perl

    Bookworm:(0.032-3) Bullseye:(0.032-2) subclass of URI which add an hostless object www
  • liburi-template-perl

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.24-0.1) module to handle URI templates in perl www
  • liburi-title-perl

    Bookworm:(1.904-1) Bullseye:(1.902-2) common interface to get the titles of things on the web www
  • liburi-todisk-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-3) Bullseye:(1.12-2.1) module to provide mapping between URIs and on-disk storage www
  • liburi-ws-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) WebSocket support for URI package www
  • liburl-encode-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-3) Bullseye:(0.03-2) module to encode/decode to/from application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding www
  • liburl-encode-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.03-2+b1) XS implementation of URL::Encode www
  • liburl-search-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-1) Bullseye:(0.000005-2) module to search for URLs in plain text www
  • libusb-libusb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-2+b3) Bullseye:(0.09-2+b1) Perl interface to the libusb-1.0 API www
  • libuser-identity-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-1) Bullseye:(1.00-1) module to manage a person's identities/roles www
  • libuser-perl

    Bookworm:(1.9-1.2) Bullseye:(1.9-1.1) Provides user data in an OS independent manner
  • libuser-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.45-3) Bullseye:(1.45-2.1) module for simple user sessions management www
  • libutf8-all-perl

    Bookworm:(0.024-3) Bullseye:(0.024-1) Perl pragma to turn on UTF-8 everywhere www
  • libutil-h2o-perl

    Bookworm:(0.22-1) module to turn hashrefs into objects with accessors for keys www
  • libuuid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.28-1+b2) Perl extension for using UUID interfaces as defined in e2fsprogs www
  • libuuid-tiny-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0400-3) Bullseye:(1.0400-2) pure Perl module to generate v1, v3, v4, and v5 UUIDs www
  • libuuid-urandom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001-2) Bullseye:(0.001-1.1) Perl module to provide UUIDs based on /dev/urandom www
  • libv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.13-2) module for printing the version of specified perl module(s) www
  • libvalidate-net-perl

    Bookworm:(0.6-4) Bullseye:(0.6-2.1) Perl module for validating Net:: related strings www
  • libvalidate-yubikey-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1) module to validate Yubikey OTPs www
  • libvalidation-class-perl

    Bookworm:(7.900058-1) Bullseye:(7.900057-2) module for centralized, simplified input validation www
  • libvar-pairs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004001-2) Bullseye:(0.004001-1) Perl module implementing iterators and pair constructors for variables www
  • libvariable-disposition-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-2) module to dispose of variables www
  • libvariable-magic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.62-1+b3) module to associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl www
  • libvcs-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-1) Minimal version control system www
  • libvendorlib-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) pragma to enforce only core and vendor libraries are used www
  • libverilog-perl

    Bookworm:(3.480-2+b1) Bullseye:(3.474-1+b1) framework providing Verilog support www
  • libversion-compare-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(:Compare can be used to compare version strings; returning the bigger) Perl module for comparing version strings www
  • libversion-next-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(:Next provides a simple, correct way to increment a Perl module) Perl module for simply incrementing Perl module version numbers www
  • libversion-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.9929-1+b2) Bullseye:(1:0.9928-1+b1) Perl extension for Version Objects www
  • libversion-util-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(:Util provides several convenient functions related to version) Perl module that provides version-number utilities www
  • libvi-quickfix-perl

    Bookworm:(1.135-3) Bullseye:(1.135-1.1) Perl support for vim's QuickFix mode www
  • libvideo-capture-v4l-perl

    Bookworm:(0.902-5+b4) Bullseye:(0.902-5+b1) Perl interface to the Video4linux framegrabber interface www
  • libvideo-fourcc-info-perl

    Bookworm:(1.005-5) Bullseye:(1.005-4) Perl module to find information about codecs from its FourCC www
  • libvideo-info-perl

    Bookworm:(0.993-5) Bullseye:(0.993-4) Perl module to examine video files www
  • libvideo-ivtv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-10+b2) Bullseye:(0.13-8+b7) Perl extension for using V4l2 in the ivtv perl scripts www
  • libvitacilina-perl

    Bookworm:(0.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2-2) Perl feed aggregation library www
  • libvm-ec2-perl

    Bookworm:(1.28-4) Bullseye:(1.28-2) module providing controls on Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus www
  • libvm-ec2-security-credentialcache-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-1) Bullseye:(0.23-1.1) EC2 credential cache respecting expiration time for IAM roles www
  • libvuser-google-api-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-1.1) Perl module that implements the Google Apps Provisioning API www
  • libwant-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.29-1+b5) generalisation of wantarray www
  • libwarnings-illegalproto-perl

    Bookworm:(0.001003-2) Bullseye:(0.001003-1.1) pragma to disable illegal prototype warnings on old Perls www
  • libweasel-driverrole-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) API definition for Weasel's driver wrappers www
  • libweasel-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-1) Bullseye:(0.27-1) PHP's Mink inspired multi-protocol web-testing library for Perl www
  • libweasel-widgets-dojo-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-1) Dojo Widgets for Weasel www
  • libweather-com-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.3-3) CPAN's Weather::Com module for fetching data from weather.com
  • libweather-google-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) interface to Google's Weather API www
  • libweb-api-perl

    Bookworm:(2.7-2) Bullseye:(2.7-1) simple base module for implementing RESTful APIs www
  • libweb-id-perl

    Bookworm:(1.927-3) Bullseye:(1.927-2.1) implementation of WebID (a.k.a. FOAF+SSL) www
  • libweb-machine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) Perl port of Webmachine www
  • libweb-mrest-cli-perl

    Bookworm:(0.284-2) Bullseye:(0.283-1.1) CLI components for Web::MREST-based applications www
  • libweb-mrest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.290-1) Bullseye:(0.288-1.1) minimalistic REST server www
  • libweb-query-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.39-1) perl web scraping library like jQuery www
  • libweb-scraper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-2) Bullseye:(0.38-1.1) Web Scraping Toolkit using HTML and CSS Selectors or XPath expressions www
  • libweb-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.033-2) Bullseye:(0.033-1) simple web framework www
  • libweb-solid-auth-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-1) Solid authentication perl library www
  • libwebinject-perl

    Bookworm:(1.94-2) Bullseye:(1.94-1) Perl Module for testing web services www
  • libwebservice-cia-perl

    Bookworm:(1.4-4) Bullseye:(1.4-3.1) get information from the CIA World Factbook via Perl www
  • libwebservice-ils-perl

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) Bullseye:(0.18-1) Standardised library discovery/circulation services www
  • libwebservice-musicbrainz-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-2) XML based Web service API to the MusicBrainz database
  • libwebservice-solr-perl

    Bookworm:(0.44-2) Bullseye:(0.44-1) Perl interface for the Solr (Lucene) web service www
  • libwebservice-validator-css-w3c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3-2) Bullseye:(0.3-1.1) interface to the W3C CSS Validator www
  • libwebservice-validator-html-w3c-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-3) Bullseye:(0.28-2.1) Perl interface to access the W3C's online HTML validator www
  • libwebservice-youtube-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.3-4.1) Perl module that provides an interface to YouTube services www
  • libwhisker2-perl

    Bookworm:(2.5-1.2) Bullseye:(2.5-1.1) Perl module geared for HTTP testing www
  • libwiki-toolkit-formatter-usemod-perl

    Bookworm:(0.25-1.1) Bullseye:(0.25-1) UseModWiki-style formatting for CGI::Wiki www
  • libwiki-toolkit-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.86-1) Toolkit for building Wikis www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-categoriser-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.08-2) Category management for Wiki::Toolkit www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-diff-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-4.1) Bullseye:(0.12-4) format differences between two Wiki::Toolkit pages www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-json-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1.1) Wiki::Toolkit plugin to output RecentChanges JSON www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-locator-grid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5.1) Bullseye:(0.05-5) A Wiki::Toolkit plugin to manage co-ordinate data www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-ping-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-2) "ping" various services when nodes are written www
  • libwiki-toolkit-plugin-rss-reader-perl

    Bookworm:(1.6-4) Bullseye:(1.6-3.1) module to retrieve RSS feeds for inclusion in Wiki::Toolkit nodes www
  • libwin-hivex-perl

    Bookworm:(1.3.23-1) Bullseye:(1.3.20-1) Perl bindings to hivex www
  • libwin32-exe-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-3) Bullseye:(0.17-2) module to manipulate Win32 executable files www
  • libwordnet-querydata-perl

    Bookworm:(1.49-2) Bullseye:(1.49-1) Perl interface to WordNet database www
  • libwww-bugzilla-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-2.1) Perl module to manipulate a Bugzilla database www
  • libwww-cnic-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.38-2) interface to the CentralNic domain registry system www
  • libwww-csrf-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.00-1.1) Perl module to generate and check tokens to protect against CSRF attacks www
  • libwww-curl-perl

    Bookworm:(4.17-10) Bullseye:(4.17-7+b1) Perl bindings to libcurl www
  • libwww-curl-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.100191-3) Bullseye:(0.100191-2) simpler interface to WWW::Curl www
  • libwww-dict-leo-org-perl

    Bookworm:(2.02-3) Bullseye:(2.02-2) interface module to dict.leo.org online dictionary www
  • libwww-facebook-api-perl

    Bookworm:(0.4.18-3) Bullseye:(0.4.18-2.1) Facebook API implementation www
  • libwww-finger-perl

    Bookworm:(0.105-2) Bullseye:(0.105-1) get useful data from e-mail addresses www
  • libwww-form-urlencoded-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-2) Bullseye:(0.26-1) parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded format www
  • libwww-form-urlencoded-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-1+b1) Bullseye:(0.26-1+b1) XS implementation of application/x-www-form-urlencoded parser/builder www
  • libwww-freshmeat-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-2.1) module to automate searches on Freshmeat.net www
  • libwww-google-auth-clientlogin-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-2) Perl module to interact with Google's ClientLogin protocol www
  • libwww-google-calculator-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07-2.1) Perl interface for Google calculator www
  • libwww-indexparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-2) Bullseye:(0.91-1.1) fetch and parse the directory index from a web server www
  • libwww-mechanize-autopager-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) plugin for WWW::Mechanize for automatic pagination www
  • libwww-mechanize-formfiller-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-1) Bullseye:(0.12-1) framework to automate HTML forms www
  • libwww-mechanize-gzip-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) Perl module to fetch webpages with gzip-compression www
  • libwww-mechanize-perl

    Bookworm:(2.16-1) Bullseye:(2.03-1) module to automate interaction with websites www
  • libwww-mechanize-shell-perl

    Bookworm:(0.59-2) Bullseye:(0.59-1) interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize www
  • libwww-mechanize-treebuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20000-2) Bullseye:(1.20000-1.1) Perl module integrating WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder www
  • libwww-mediawiki-client-perl

    Bookworm:(0.31-2.2) Bullseye:(0.31-2.1) simple CVS-like interface for editing MediaWiki websites
  • libwww-nicovideo-download-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-2) Download FLV/MP4/SWF files from nicovideo.jp www
  • libwww-oauth-perl

    Bookworm:(1.000-2) Bullseye:(1.000-1.1) portable OAuth 1.0 authentication module www
  • libwww-opensearch-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.17-1.1) search OpenSearch compatible web sites www
  • libwww-orcid-perl

    Bookworm:(0.0402-2) client for the ORCID 2.0 API www
  • libwww-perl

    Bookworm:(6.68-1) Bullseye:(6.52-1) simple and consistent interface to the world-wide web www
  • libwww-robotrules-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.02-1) database of robots.txt-derived permissions www
  • libwww-search-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.51.90+~cs6.78-2) Perl modules which provide an API to WWW search engines www
  • libwww-shorten-5gp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.030-1.1) Perl library for short URLs using http://5.gp www
  • libwww-shorten-github-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.7-1.1) shorten GitHub URLs using GitHub's URL shortener www
  • libwww-shorten-perl

    Bookworm:(3.094-2) Bullseye:(3.094-1) interface to URL shortening sites www
  • libwww-shorten-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-1) factory wrapper around WWW::Shorten to avoid imports www
  • libwww-topica-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-5) Perl module to read emails from a Topica mailing list www
  • libwww-wikipedia-perl

    Bookworm:(2.05-2) Bullseye:(2.05-1) perl module that provides an automated interface to Wikipedia www
  • libwww-youtube-download-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.65+dfsg-1) module for downloading video from YouTube www
  • libwww-zotero-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-2) Perl interface to the Zotero API www
  • libwwwbrowser-perl

    Bookworm:(2.23-4) Bullseye:(2.23-3.1) Platform independent means to start a WWW browser www
  • libwx-glcanvas-perl

    Bookworm:(0.09-7) Bullseye:(0.09-5+b3) Perl interface to wxWidgets' OpenGL canvas www
  • libwx-perl

    Bookworm:(1:0.9932-8+b1) Bullseye:(1:0.9932-5+b4) interface to wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit www
  • libwx-perl-datawalker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-3) Bullseye:(0.02-2) Perl data structure browser www
  • libwx-perl-processstream-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.32-1.1) Wx::Perl module to access IO of external processes via events www
  • libwx-scintilla-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-6) Bullseye:(0.39-4+b3) source code editor component for wxWidgets www
  • libx11-freedesktop-desktopentry-perl

    Bookworm:(0.04-5) Bullseye:(0.04-4.1) perl interface to Freedesktop.org .desktop files www
  • libx11-guitest-perl

    Bookworm:(0.28-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.28-2+b3) collection of functions for X11 GUI testing/interaction www
  • libx11-keyboard-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-7) keyboard support functions for X11 www
  • libx11-protocol-other-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(31-1) miscellaneous X11::Protocol helpers www
  • libx11-protocol-perl

    Bookworm:(0.56-9) Bullseye:(0.56-7.1) Perl module for the X Window System Protocol, version 11 www
  • libx11-windowhierarchy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-3) Bullseye:(0.004-1.1) Perl module for retrieving the current X11 window hierarchy www
  • libx11-xcb-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.18-1+b3) perl bindings for libxcb www
  • libx12-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.80-4) Bullseye:(0.80-2) Perl module for parsing X12 Transaction files www
  • libx2go-config-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl X2Go::Config package www
  • libx2go-log-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl X2Go::Log package www
  • libx2go-server-db-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl X2Go::Server:DB package www
  • libx2go-server-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl X2Go::Server package www
  • libx2go-utils-perl

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl X2Go::Utils package www
  • libx500-dn-perl

    Bookworm:(0.29-6) Bullseye:(0.29-5) Perl parser and formatter for RFC 2253 style DN strings www
  • libxml-atom-fromowl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.102-2) Bullseye:(0.102-1.1) export RDF data to Atom www
  • libxml-atom-microformats-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-3) parse microformats in Atom content www
  • libxml-atom-owl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.104-2) Bullseye:(0.104-1.1) parse an Atom file into RDF www
  • libxml-atom-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-1) Bullseye:(0.42-2.1) module for manipulating Atom feeds www
  • libxml-atom-service-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16.2-3) Bullseye:(0.16.2-2.1) Atom Service Document object www
  • libxml-atom-simplefeed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.905-3) Bullseye:(0.904-1) Perl module for generation of Atom syndication feeds www
  • libxml-autowriter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.40-5) Bullseye:(0.40-4.1) Perl module to produce DOCTYPE-based XML output www
  • libxml-bare-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.53-1+b7) Perl module to parse XML into a Perl hash www
  • libxml-catalog-perl

    Bookworm:(1.03-3) Bullseye:(1.03-2.1) Perl module for resolving public and remapping system identifiers www
  • libxml-checker-perl

    Bookworm:(0.13-7) Bullseye:(0.13-6.1) Perl modules for validating XML www
  • libxml-commonns-perl

    Bookworm:(0.06-5) Bullseye:(0.06-4.1) list of commonly used XML namespaces www
  • libxml-compacttree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) fast parser of XML document into nested arrays www
  • libxml-compile-cache-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1) module that keeps the cache of compiled XML schemas www
  • libxml-compile-dumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1.1) module to help saving and loading the compiled XML processors www
  • libxml-compile-perl

    Bookworm:(1.63-3) Bullseye:(1.63-2) Perl module to translate between XML and Perl based on XML schemas www
  • libxml-compile-soap-perl

    Bookworm:(3.28+ds-1) Bullseye:(3.26+ds-1) Perl module to handle SOAP 1.1 messaging (client and server) www
  • libxml-compile-tester-perl

    Bookworm:(0.91-2) Bullseye:(0.91-1) Perl module to support regression testing of "XML::Compile" modules www
  • libxml-compile-wsdl11-perl

    Bookworm:(3.08-2) Bullseye:(3.07-1) Perl module to handle SOAP messaging with WSDL version 1.1 www
  • libxml-csv-perl

    Bookworm:(0.15-10) Bullseye:(0.15-9.1) Perl module for transforming CSV documents into XML www
  • libxml-descent-perl

    Bookworm:(1.04-6) Bullseye:(1.04-5) Perl module for recursive descent XML parsing www
  • libxml-dom-perl

    Bookworm:(1.46-2) Bullseye:(1.46-1) Perl module for building DOM Level 1 compliant doc structures www
  • libxml-dom-xpath-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-4) Bullseye:(0.14-3) adds XPath support to XML::DOM, using XML::XPathEngine www
  • libxml-dt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.69-2) Bullseye:(0.69-1) module for down translation of XML files www
  • libxml-dtdparser-perl

    Bookworm:(2.01-6) Bullseye:(2.01-5.1) perl module providing a quick and dirty DTD parser www
  • libxml-dumper-perl

    Bookworm:(0.81-1.4) Bullseye:(0.81-1.3) Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML
  • libxml-easy-perl

    Bookworm:(0.011-3+b1) Bullseye:(0.011-2+b2) Perl module for XML processing with a clean interface www
  • libxml-easyobj-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12-3) Perl module for easy XML object navigation www
  • libxml-encoding-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.11-1) Perl module for parsing encoding map XML files www
  • libxml-feed-perl

    Bookworm:(0.63+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.61+dfsg-1) syndication feed parser and auto-discovery Perl module www
  • libxml-feedpp-mediarss-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.02-2.1) Perl module providing Media RSS support for XML::FeedPP www
  • libxml-feedpp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.95-1) module to parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds www
  • libxml-filter-buffertext-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-7) Bullseye:(1.01-6) Perl module for putting all characters into a single event www
  • libxml-filter-detectws-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-8.1) Perl module for detecting ignorable whitespace www
  • libxml-filter-reindent-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.03-8.1) Perl module for reformatting whitespace for pretty printing XML www
  • libxml-filter-saxt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-9) Bullseye:(0.01-8.1) Perl module for replicating events to several event handlers www
  • libxml-filter-sort-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-4) Perl module that implement a SAX filter for sorting XML elements www
  • libxml-filter-xslt-perl

    Bookworm:(0.03-10) Bullseye:(0.03-9.1) Perl module for XSLT as a SAX Filter www
  • libxml-generator-perl

    Bookworm:(1.11-1) Bullseye:(1.04-2) Perl module for generating XML files www
  • libxml-generator-perldata-perl

    Bookworm:(0.95-3) Bullseye:(0.95-1.1) module for generating SAX2 events from nested Perl data structures www
  • libxml-grddl-perl

    Bookworm:(0.004-4) Bullseye:(0.004-2) transform XML and XHTML to RDF www
  • libxml-grove-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46alpha-14) Bullseye:(0.46alpha-13.1) Perl module for accessing parsed *ML instances www
  • libxml-handler-composer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-10) Bullseye:(0.01-9) Perl module for generating XML output www
  • libxml-handler-printevents-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-8.1) Perl module for printing PerlSAX events (for debugging) www
  • libxml-handler-trees-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-9) Bullseye:(0.02-7) Perl module for building tree structures using PerlSAX handlers www
  • libxml-handler-yawriter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.23-8) Bullseye:(0.23-7) Perl module for writing XML documents www
  • libxml-hash-lx-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0603-1.1) module to convert hash to xml and vice versa using LibXML www
  • libxml-hash-xs-perl

    Bookworm:(0.56-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.56-1) Perl XS module to fastly convert XML from/to hash www
  • libxml-libxml-debugging-perl

    Bookworm:(0.103-4) Bullseye:(0.103-2.1) get debugging information from XML::LibXML www
  • libxml-libxml-iterator-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1) Iterator for XML parse-trees generated by XML::LibXML www
  • libxml-libxml-lazybuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-3) Bullseye:(0.08-2.1) easy and lazy way to create XML documents for XML::LibXML www
  • libxml-libxml-perl

    Bookworm:(2.0207+dfsg+really+2.0134-1+b2) Bullseye:(2.0134+dfsg-2+b1) Perl interface to the libxml2 library www
  • libxml-libxml-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-3) Bullseye:(1.01-1) Perl module that uses the XML::LibXML parser for XML structures www
  • libxml-libxslt-perl

    Bookworm:(2.002001-1) Bullseye:(1.99-1+b1) Perl interface to the GNOME libxslt library www
  • libxml-mini-perl

    Bookworm:(1.38-5) Bullseye:(1.38-3.1) Perl implementation of the MiniXML XML generator and parser www
  • libxml-namespace-perl

    Bookworm:(0.02-5) Bullseye:(0.02-3.1) simple support for XML namespaces www
  • libxml-namespacefactory-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-2) Bullseye:(1.02-1.1) simple factory objects for SAX namespaced names www
  • libxml-namespacesupport-perl

    Bookworm:(1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.12-1.1) Perl module for supporting simple generic namespaces www
  • libxml-node-perl

    Bookworm:(0.11-11) Bullseye:(0.11-9) Perl module for parsing XML files node based www
  • libxml-nodefilter-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-8) Bullseye:(0.01-7.1) Perl module for a generic node-filter class for DOM traversal www
  • libxml-opml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.26-4) Bullseye:(0.26-3.1) Perl module to create and update OPML files www
  • libxml-opml-simplegen-perl

    Bookworm:(0.07-2) Bullseye:(0.07-1.1) module for creating OPML using XML::Simple www
  • libxml-parser-easytree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.01-2) Bullseye:(0.01-1.1) easier tree style for XML::Parser www
  • libxml-parser-lite-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.722-1) lightweight regexp-based XML parser www
  • libxml-parser-lite-tree-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-3) Bullseye:(0.14-2.1) lightweight XML tree builder www
  • libxml-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(2.46-4) Bullseye:(2.46-2) Perl module for parsing XML files www
  • libxml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.08-4) Bullseye:(0.08-3.1) Perl modules for working with XML www
  • libxml-qofqsf-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.05-1) convert personal data to and from QSF XML files www
  • libxml-quote-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02-5+b1) Bullseye:(1.02-4+b3) XML quote/dequote functions www
  • libxml-regexp-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.04-1.1) Perl module for regular expressions for XML tokens www
  • libxml-rpc-fast-perl

    Bookworm:(0.8-2) Bullseye:(0.8-1) fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC client and server www
  • libxml-rss-feed-perl

    Bookworm:(2.212-1.4) Bullseye:(2.212-1.2) Perl module for Persistent XML RSS (RDF Site Summary) Encapsulation www
  • libxml-rss-libxml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.3105+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(0.3105+dfsg-2.1) module for creating, parsing, updating RSS files with XML::LibXML www
  • libxml-rss-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.62-1) Perl module for managing RSS (RDF Site Summary) files www
  • libxml-rss-simplegen-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(11.11-6) Perl module for easily writing RSS files www
  • libxml-rsslite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.17+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.15+dfsg-3.1) lightweight, "relaxed" RSS (and XML-ish) parser www
  • libxml-sax-base-perl

    Bookworm:(1.09-3) Bullseye:(1.09-1.1) base class for SAX drivers and filters www
  • libxml-sax-expat-incremental-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-3) Bullseye:(0.05-2.1) XML::SAX::Expat subclass for non-blocking (incremental) parsing www
  • libxml-sax-expat-perl

    Bookworm:(0.51-2) Bullseye:(0.51-1) Perl module for a SAX2 driver for Expat (XML::Parser) www
  • libxml-sax-expatxs-perl

    Bookworm:(1.33-3+b1) Bullseye:(1.33-2+b6) Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser www
  • libxml-sax-machines-perl

    Bookworm:(0.46-2) Bullseye:(0.46-1.1) Perl module collection for managing SAX processors www
  • libxml-sax-perl

    Bookworm:(1.02+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1.02+dfsg-1) Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML processors www
  • libxml-sax-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.57-2) Bullseye:(0.57-1.1) Perl module for a SAX2 XML writer www
  • libxml-saxon-xslt2-perl

    Bookworm:(0.010-4) Bullseye:(0.010-3) process XSLT 2.0 using Saxon 9.x www
  • libxml-semanticdiff-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0007-2) Bullseye:(1.0007-1) Perl extension for comparing XML documents www
  • libxml-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(2.25-2) Bullseye:(2.25-1) Perl module for reading and writing XML www
  • libxml-simpleobject-enhanced-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-4) Bullseye:(0.53-3) Perl module which enhances libxml-simpleobject-perl www
  • libxml-simpleobject-libxml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-4) Bullseye:(0.53-3) Simple oo representation of an XML::LibXML DOM object www
  • libxml-simpleobject-perl

    Bookworm:(0.53-4) Bullseye:(0.53-3) Objectoriented Perl interface to a parsed XML::Parser tree www
  • libxml-smart-perl

    Bookworm:(1.78-4) Bullseye:(1.78-2.1) Perl module for access to parsed XML trees www
  • libxml-stream-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.24-4) module for manipulating streaming XML data www
  • libxml-struct-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.27-1) represent XML as data structure preserving element order www
  • libxml-structured-perl

    Bookworm:(1.01-4) Bullseye:(1.01-3) module to convert XML data into a predefined Perl data structure and back www
  • libxml-tidy-perl

    Bookworm:(1.20-2) Bullseye:(1.20-1) module for tidy indenting of XML documents www
  • libxml-tmx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.39-1) Bullseye:(0.36-1) Perl extensions for managing TMX files www
  • libxml-tokeparser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-5) Bullseye:(0.05-3.1) Simplified interface to XML::Parser www
  • libxml-treebuilder-perl

    Bookworm:(5.4-3) Bullseye:(5.4-2.1) XML parser providing XML::Elements DOM similar to HTML::Element www
  • libxml-treepp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.43-3) Bullseye:(0.43-1) Pure Perl module for parsing/writing XML files www
  • libxml-treepuller-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-2) Bullseye:(0.1.2-1.1) pull interface to work with XML document fragments www
  • libxml-twig-perl

    Bookworm:(1:3.52-2) Bullseye:(1:3.52-1) Perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode www
  • libxml-um-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.01-9.1) Perl module for converting UTF-8 strings www
  • libxml-validate-perl

    Bookworm:(1.025-4) Bullseye:(1.025-3) xml validator factory www
  • libxml-validator-schema-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10-2.1) Perl module to validate XML against a subset of W3C XML Schema www
  • libxml-writer-perl

    Bookworm:(0.900-2) Bullseye:(0.900-1) Perl module for writing XML documents www
  • libxml-writer-simple-perl

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.12-1.1) simple API to create XML files www
  • libxml-writer-string-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1-3) Bullseye:(0.1-1.1) Capture output from XML::Writer www
  • libxml-xpath-perl

    Bookworm:(1.48-1) Bullseye:(1.44-1) Perl module for processing XPath www
  • libxml-xpathengine-perl

    Bookworm:(0.14-2) Bullseye:(0.14-1) re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees www
  • libxml-xql-perl

    Bookworm:(0.68-9) Bullseye:(0.68-8) Perl module for querying XML tree structures with XQL www
  • libxml-xslt-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.48-5) Perl module for processing XSLT www
  • libxml-xupdate-libxml-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.0-3.1) Perl module that implements XUpdate modification language www
  • libxmlrpc-lite-perl

    Bookworm:(0.717-5) Bullseye:(0.717-4) client and server implementation of the XML-RPC protocol www
  • libxmltv-perl

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-1) modules related to the XMLTV file format for TV listings www
  • libxray-absorption-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-4) Bullseye:(3.0.1-3) x-ray absorption data for the elements www
  • libxray-scattering-perl

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-3) Bullseye:(3.0.1-2.1) x-ray scattering data for the elements www
  • libxray-spacegroup-perl

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-4) Bullseye:(0.1.1-3.1) symmetry operations for the crystal space groups www
  • libxrd-parser-perl

    Bookworm:(0.201-5) Bullseye:(0.201-3) parse XRD and host-meta files into RDF::Trine models www
  • libxs-object-magic-perl

    Bookworm:(0.05-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.05-1+b1) module for opaque, extensible XS pointer backed objects using sv_magic www
  • libxs-parse-keyword-perl

    Bookworm:(0.33-1) XS functions to assist in parsing keyword syntax www
  • libxs-parse-sublike-perl

    Bookworm:(0.16-1+b2) Bullseye:(0.11-1) XS functions to assist in parsing sub-like syntax www
  • libxstring-perl

    Bookworm:(0.005-2+b1) Bullseye:(0.005-1+b1) module containing isolated string helpers from B www
  • libxxx-perl

    Bookworm:(0.38-1) Bullseye:(0.35-1) debug viewer for Perl data structure www
  • libyahc-perl

    Bookworm:(0.035-4) Bullseye:(0.035-3) Yet another HTTP client www
  • libyaml-appconfig-perl

    Bookworm:(0.19-2) Bullseye:(0.19-1.1) module to manage configuration files with YAML www
  • libyaml-libyaml-perl

    Bookworm:(0.86+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.82+repack-1+b1) Perl interface to libyaml, a YAML implementation www
  • libyaml-perl

    Bookworm:(1.30-2) Bullseye:(1.30-1) YAML Ain't Markup Language www
  • libyaml-pp-perl

    Bookworm:(0.035-1) Bullseye:(0.026-1) pure-perl YAML framework www
  • libyaml-shell-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.71-2.1) YAML test shell www
  • libyaml-syck-perl

    Bookworm:(1.34-2+b1) Bullseye:(1.34-1+b1) Perl module providing a fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper www
  • libyaml-tiny-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.73-1) Perl module for reading and writing YAML files www
  • libzabbix-api-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.009-2) abstraction layer over the JSON-RPC API provided by Zabbix www
  • libzerg-perl

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-8+b3) Bullseye:(1.0.4-8) fast perl module for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs www
  • libzmq-constants-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-1) Perl module that provides libzmq constants www
  • libzmq-ffi-perl

    Bookworm:(1.18-2) Bullseye:(1.17-2) version agnostic Perl bindings for zeromq using ffi www
  • libzonemaster-ldns-perl

    Bookworm:(3.1.0+ds-1) Perl wrapper for the ldns DNS library www
  • libzonemaster-perl

    Bookworm:(4.6.2-1) Bullseye:(1.0.16-2.1) tool to check the quality of a DNS zone www
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  • M

  • mapivi

    Bookworm:(1.2+svn356-1) Bullseye:(0.9.7-1.2) photo viewer and organizer with emphasis on IPTC fields www
  • markdent

    Bookworm:(0.40-1) Bullseye:(0.39-1) event-based Markdown parser toolkit - command-line tool www
  • mha4mysql-manager

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.58-1.1) Master High Availability Manager and Tools for MySQL, Manager Package www
  • mha4mysql-node

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.58-1.1) Master High Availability Manager and Tools for MySQL, Node Package www
  • minilla

    Bookworm:(3.1.21-1) Bullseye:(3.1.11-1) CPAN module authoring tool www
  • mon-client

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-2.1) modules for interfacing with the mon package www
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  • O

  • openguides

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.84-1) web application for managing a collaboratively-written city guide www
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  • P

  • parcimonie

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12.0-2) privacy-friendly helper to refresh a GnuPG keyring www
  • perl

    Bookworm:(5.36.0-7+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.32.1-4+deb11u3) Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language www
  • perl-base

    Bookworm:(5.36.0-7+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.32.1-4+deb11u3) minimal Perl system www
  • perl-openssl-defaults

    Bookworm:(7+b1) Bullseye:(5) version compatibility baseline for Perl OpenSSL packages
  • perl-stacktrace

    Bookworm:(0.09-4+b1) Bullseye:(0.09-3+b3) Create stack traces of a running perl processes www
  • perl-tk

    Bookworm:(1:804.036-1+b2) Bullseye:(1:804.035-0.1+b1) Perl module providing the Tk graphics library www
  • perlbrew

    Bookworm:(0.96-1) Bullseye:(0.91-1) script to manage perl installations in your $HOME www
  • perlimports

    Bookworm:(0.000050-1) tool to automate the maintenance of Perl import statements www
  • perlindex

    Bookworm:(1.606-4) Bullseye:(1.606-1.1) Perl manual pages index and query application www
  • perlmagick

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: Perl interface to ImageMagick -- dummy package www
  • perlrdf

    Bookworm:(0.004-3.1) Bullseye:(0.004-3) RDF command line utils www
  • perltidier

    Bookworm:(1.18-6) tweaks to Perl::Tidy to support some syntactic sugar www
  • pinto

    Bookworm:(0.14000-2) Bullseye:(0.14000-1) application for curating a repository of Perl modules www
  • plsense

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.4-1.1) Omni Completion Tool for Perl www
  • pmuninstall

    Bookworm:(0.33-1) Bullseye:(0.30-3.1) script to uninstall modules installed from CPAN www
  • pod2pandoc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-3) convert POD documents with Pandoc www
  • pod2pdf

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.42-5.2) Plain Old Documentation to Portable Document Format converter www
  • podbrowser

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2) Documentation browser for Perl
  • prolix

    Bookworm:(0.03-2) Bullseye:(0.03-1.1) tool to interactively filter chatty command output www
  • prt

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.22-1) Command line Perl Refactoring Tool www
  • publican

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3.2-3) Tool for publishing material authored in DocBook XML www
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  • R

  • rename

    Bookworm:(2.01-1) Bullseye:(1.13-1) Perl extension for renaming multiple files www
  • rt-extension-assets-import-csv-common

    Bookworm:(2.3-1) Import Assets from CSV files (common) www
  • rt4-extension-assets-import-csv

    Bookworm:(2.3-1) Import Assets from CSV files (for RT4) www
  • rt4-extension-assettracker

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.0-1) asset tracking extension for Request Tracker www
  • rt4-extension-authenexternalauth

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.26-1) External authentication module for request tracker 4 www
  • rt4-extension-calendar

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) Calendar view for Request Tracker 4 www
  • rt4-extension-customfieldsonupdate

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02-1) edit ticket's custom fields on reply/comment (Request Tracker) www
  • rt4-extension-jsgantt

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.06-1) Gantt charts for your tickets (for RT4) www
  • rt4-extension-nagios

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.01-1.1) merge and resolve Nagios tickets in RT www
  • rt4-extension-repeatticket

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.11-1) Repeat tickets in Request Tracker 4 based on schedule www
  • rt4-extension-smsnotify

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-1.1) Send SMS notifications from RT via SMS::Send www
  • rt4-extension-spawnlinkedticketinqueue

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.06-1.1) quickly spawn linked tickets in different queues (Request Tracker) www
  • rt5-extension-assets-import-csv

    Bookworm:(2.3-1) Import Assets from CSV files (for RT5) www
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  • S

  • sd

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.75-1) peer-to-peer bug tracker www
  • sepia

    Bookworm:(0.992-8) Bullseye:(0.992-7) Simple Emacs-Perl InterAction www
  • simba

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.4-6) next generation mirroring tool www
  • slic3r

    Bookworm:(1.3.0+dfsg1-5+b2) Bullseye:(1.3.0+dfsg1-5) G-code generator for 3D printers www
  • slic3r-prusa

    Bookworm:(2.5.0+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(2.3.0+dfsg-1) Transitional package for prusa-slicer www
  • solid-auth

    Bookworm:(0.91-1) Solid authentication tool www
  • sqitch

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0000-1) sensible database change management www
  • starlet

    Bookworm:(0.31-2) Bullseye:(0.31-1.1) simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server www
  • starman

    Bookworm:(0.4016-1) Bullseye:(0.4015-1) high-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server www
  • strip-nondeterminism

    Bookworm:(1.13.1-1) Bullseye:(1.12.0-1) file non-deterministic information stripper — stand-alone tool www
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  • T

  • tagcloud

    Bookworm:(1.4-1.3) Bullseye:(1.4-1.2) Visualize tagged notes as a cloud www
  • twiggy

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1026+dfsg-1) AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI (like Thin) www
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  • W

  • w3c-linkchecker

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.81-10) tool to verify the links in a web page are still valid www
  • wdq

    Bookworm:(0.4.4-3) command line access to Wikidata Query Service www
  • weblint-perl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.32+dfsg-1.1) syntax and minimal style checker for HTML www
  • websimba

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.4-6) web interface for simba www
  • whiff

    Bookworm:(0.008-1) Bullseye:(0.005-1.1) helper to find the first executable of a series of alternatives www
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  • X

  • xml-twig-tools

    Bookworm:(1:3.52-2) Bullseye:(1:3.52-1) command line tools for processing XML documents www
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  • Z

  • zonemaster-cli

    Bookworm:(5.0.2-1) Bullseye:(1.0.5-1.1) run Zonemaster tests from the command line www