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GPIO Pin layout cheat sheet for the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Microcontroller

I have drawn this map of the Pico GPIO features and pin layout with colour codes for pin features. This was created for my own use but if you find this useful you can download a copy.  Downloads available as a PDF file, PNG image and a Jpg image.

RaspberryPi Pico GPIO Layout Sheet

small example image

Download and Printout

PDF Landscape: RaspberryPi-Pico-GPIO-Layout.pdf

PDF Portrait: RaspberryPi-Pico-GPIO-Layout-Portrait.pdf

PNG: RaspberryPi-Pico-GPIO-Layout.png

JPG: RaspberryPi-Pico-GPIO-Layout.jpg

 These files can be shared

 Creative Commons Licence
RaspberryPi-Pico-GPIO-Layout-Sheet by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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