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Psiora: Psion II Emulator
Created by Scott Richards


The Psion Organiser II is the second series of Psion Inc's Personal Handheld
Computers. These were created during the 1980's and are still used in some places
today. The organiser not only gave features such as calendar, world clock and a
notepad. But also allowed the user to write they own programs and store them ether
on internal memory, or an external device known as a datapak.
I used to use the psion emulator Org2Beta for all my debugger needs. However the
emulator remains incomplete and has not been developed on since 1998. The emulator
was designed to run in DOS and as a result, does not run well on modern day
computers. Because of this I have decided to write my own updated emulator for
both myself and to release to the psion community.

This emulator has been written for the psion community ( as an updated
emulator to work on current systems and replace the old DOS one.

Features include:

> Full emulation of CPU & timings
> Emulation of semi-custom chips and wake ups
> LCD and UDG drawing
> Seamless PC keyboard to Psion keypad conversion
> Read & Write access of 8-64KB Ram/Datapaks
> ROM Auto-detection
> Raspberry PI, Windows, Linux
Documents and Files available here


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I will continue support once I can spare the time again.
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