Pi Supply is an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi adding an on/off power switch and power managment features.

Switching the Raspberry Pi on and off at the plug socket works perfectly well and keeps you environmentally friendly as there is no standby but if you have your power supply under the desk or behind the TV unit then it's not so easy to unplug the power socket. I have the pleasure of crawling behind the TV unit to pull the plug out with my finger tips so a power switch would be a welcome addition.


The Pi Supply is a small board that you plug your existing power suplply into. A supplied USB cable then connects the Pi Supply to the Raspberry Pi and a single wire connects to the GPIO port.

The Pi Supply has a Power On switch and a separate Off switch. The off switch is only used when your system freezes up and you have no choice but to cut the power. In normal use shortly after you choose shutdown from the Desktop or issue the Shutdown command  the Pi Supply will cut the power to the Raspberry Pi. Just hit the On button to boot up and you off again.


The Pi Supply comes as a soilder kit so you soilder the components to the board.


The Pi Supply kit is available from www.pi-supply.com





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