Smart Reflection - Smart Mirror Project, get involved in the development of the Smart Mirror and then build your own with the free software and Raspberry Pi's

Smart Reflection is an intelligent mirror project developed by Nodes, an app development agency looking to improve the current ecosystem for smart mirrors by providing DIY hackers with optimal software and applications.

While there's plenty of tutorials and guides online showing how to build a smart mirror, Nodes is not primarily focusing on the hardware aspect, although they are building their own from the ground up, they particularly see the potential lying in the software development.

Most of the people having already built their own so-called magic mirrors are reporting a lack of interest after just a few short weeks, due to the limited functionality the mirrors provide without customized software.

While the mirror might look great, showing the latest news and weather forecasts, it is a rather expensive gadget for just that functionality on it's own, and one could just as easily read the news on one's smartphone, desktop or laptop for instance.

Nodes believes that where smart mirrors will shine, is when they're being paired with awesome applications that provide something new and innovative, such as voice and facial recognition which in turn will show that user his or her preferred shortcuts, and automatically tune in to their favorite radio station for instance.

Smart Reflection itself measures 28 inches in width and is 52inches high, with no less than three 32 inch Samsung monitors, each powered by their own Raspberry Pi 3B, behind the two-way mirror. But it's possible for third party developers and builders to design their own hardware concepts, and just use the software soon to be available on GitHub for free.


Exactly what software features are going to be available is still somewhat up for grabs, meaning that the Smart Reflection project is open for user submitted ideas, as well as pursuing different options internally.

Some basic features are available in the current version, such as weather forecasting with a 30 day look-back period, featuring simple machine learning for predicting the best set of clothes to wear throughout the day.

There's also a built-in software function that works together with an electronic scale, which can be placed under the floor tiles, allowing the user standing in front of the mirror to be identified by his or her weight and footprint.


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